Aleca is doing something she’d never thought she’d do. BJJ and Muay Thai at RCW has become a core component of her life. She’s fit, healthy and makes the dudes contort into silly faces. She’s one of our newest blue belts which means she has over 160 hours of classes. Everyone can learn martial arts especially when you’re having as much fun as we do at #rivercitywarriors #bjj #bluebelt #womensselfdefense #martialarts #muaythai #graciegirl #lakeoswego #tigard

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That douchey blue belt...

That douchey blue belt…

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Warning serious bitching’ ahead…

I often forget I’m a girl during my training, I do all the exercises all the other guys do, I don’t get offended by the uncomfortable positions, I don’t really notice when someones butt is in my face (literally) I just think about passing guard and not being tapped. But the other day I was reminded what it is to be the girl in the group.
I’m not trying to just nag,…

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A blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu really means that you are a serious student of the art. Nothing more, nothing less. When I see a blue belt I know that is someone who has put in a significant amount of time and effort towards improving their game. It doesn’t really say anything about their ability to fight, or how many moves they know. It simply means that they are a serious student.
—  Solo un estudiante, via Bill Thomas

Blue belt. In my school it’s proving that you understand the fundamentals of all positions and you are a very difficult opponent to grapple with on an intermediate level. You are also an amazingly tough person on the inside and the outside.

Is this you?

—  Keith Owen - How I treat my bluebelts

Here is a good video for those new to BJJ or current white belts that need a bit of knowledge and encouragement in this long journey.  This is Dave Camarillo, a well known name in the bjj, judo, and mma world.

Trust on your guard

- “You need to trust on your guard. It will be your main challenge as a blue belt. Trust on you, trust on your abilities. Even if you are in a difficult position. If you finally tap is ok, clear your mind and start again. But do not forget that is your guard that will make you better, not your energy, not any crazy stuff. Your technic, focus on your technic” (advise from a senior brown belt in my academy)

Thank you Han Gyul