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Of All the Flowers

Title: Of All the Flowers

Pairings: Gruvia

SummaryOf all the flowers, you’re my absolute favorite. Flower Shop AU. 

She flipped the sign ‘open’

At exactly eight o’clock, The Lockser’s Flower Shop opened. Next with the waking of the big and bright sun, their flowers proudly showed their beauty. The fragrant of flowers wafted inside the shop, filling every corner with their aura. The rays of the sun that seeped right through the glass windows and door kissed variety of petals. Lined up in a cue, beautiful symmetry, pots that held beautiful creations of nature. 

Juvia Lockser, eighteen year old, the only daughter of the owner’s shop, tied her hair up in a messy bun as she took the sprinkler with her. Her pale and dainty fingers gripped the handle with gentleness, and sprayed waters on the plants. She liked doing this. Watering and nourishing the plants was like relishing her thirst. She always felt like a mother, spoiling her child with love. Her azure eyes that could rival the bluebells, stared at the picture in front of her, she skipped like a little child as she hugged the pots before her. Her olfactory senses pleasured with the scents.

She tied her apron tightly; unaware of the sudden emphasis it did on her small waist. She glided her way towards the counter, she was about to sit down when her mother called her. The flower shop was an extension of their house.

“Juvia? Dear? Have you eaten your breakfast?” a beautiful blunette emerged from the back, her face serene and kind, everyone had commented that Juvia took most of her mother’s looks.

“Yes, mama, how about you and papa?” she answered back, and watched as her mother went back inside. “I did, but your father is still asleep.”  Yep, he was still asleep alright; he was never a fan of waking early.

She just sat behind the counter for the few minutes and watched as other people awaken. She knew that flowers weren’t as most sought by buyers, not when there’s an occasion. They usually opened a little later when it was not the season for flowers, but this time they opened; earlier, for their favorite customer ordered another bouquet of flowers and she would pick it up maybe 8:30 or so.

Their customer was on her forties but even with her age, she was still as beautiful as the flowers bloomed under the sun, her long white hair tied up in a ponytail, her dark blue pools held warmth and love, she always bought flowers in their shop. Juvia always wondered what she did with the flowers she bought, when she had courage to ask, she simply stated that she painted them and that she also loved having her home with their scent. 

Also the lady was a frequent visitor of hers.

The lady was really lovely, always complimenting Juvia. And the younger woman would only blush and stammered a thank you. She also had bodyguards around her the other times, sometimes she would visit alone. And she would always tell Juvia that she had a son, a year older than her.

Juvia would only smile and arranged the flowers; just like how she arranged the others she bought, as she listened to her.


She mentioned her name. And Juvia complimented how lovely her name was. But Mika would only answer in a very teasing voice that Juvia’s name would be even lovelier if the blunette had her son’s surname.

Juvia would only smile awkwardly and blushed tenfold. The older woman would just drape an arm over her and told her not to be shy. Mika even offered for Juvia to call her mother.

The blunette only sighed. Even if Mika-san loved teasing her, Juvia still liked her. Her hands arranged the bluebells that Mika-san specifically asked for. She could not help but be enamored by the flower in front of her. It was definitely her favorite. When Mika asked her what flower was her favorite she told her the bluebells, and Mika told her she wanted bluebells, also, she added that she trusted Juvia’s keen eyes.

She was so absorbed by its beauty when the bell from the door chimed. Juvia quickly stood up; ready to face the lovely White-haired woman, but what she saw sent her heart running in a marathon.

She had never seen a man like him.

He walked inside their shop with a nonchalant look, his hair messy and looked like he just gotten out of bed, but that did not make him less appealing even so it made him more…exquisite. His eyes dark and seemed like it would pull you into enchantment. His nose lined and high, his lips sketched into a line, and she had to bit her lip as her eyes went towards his body, how could he look indecent even from wearing a shirt? His muscles rippled beneath it, his arms toned and etched with firm strength.

When her eyes landed back at his, she could not help the blood that danced around her cheeks, instantly heating her up. She did not know if why but he looked taken aback as well.

“G-Good M-Morning.” She greeted, her hands fumbling with her apron in front.

“Um…Yeah.” Oh. Juvia felt her knees go buckled up upon hearing his voice. His voice sounded so manly. Husky, deep and rich, she could only imagine how he would mention her name in a drunken passion of heat and lust; she bit her lip and silently berated herself. A woman should not think of something perverse.

“An-no, Mr—“


She lifted her eyes, a question danced in it. “Huh?”

“My name, it is Gray.” He coolly stated, his initial shock gone, and she made up her thought that the room got suddenly hot, because he was flushed as well.

“Yes. G-G-Gray—sama. How may Juvia help Gray-s-sama?” she offered as she timidly walked out of the counter, ready to show him their flowers. It was rare to have other customer aside from Mika-san, she had to get serious. Who knew? This guy might have a girlfriend, and the thought made her depressed, what more was the reason he was inside of their shop, of course to buy flowers, she shook her thoughts away.

Juvia could not help but tilt her head to the side when he just stood there, like her question was the hardest he encountered. “Gray-sama?” she called.

He cleared his throat, a way to lightly soothe the atmosphere. “You see, my mother sent me to get the flowers she bought.” After saying those, he looked away, and Juvia could swear she heard him say, ‘damn, she did this on purpose’

Juvia wondered who this she he was cursing. “May Juvia know the name of your mother?”



Yes, Oh. The woman who always teased her, who always complimented her, who was their frequent customer, who was adamant to have her as a daughter-in-law, was the same woman who mothered this…this..Hottie.

She gave him the flowers, but before she could retreat her hand, he grasped it with his own. Feeling his large warm hands enveloped her dainty ones, brought her stomach tingling and made her head go dizzy.

He felt like he wanted her to look at him, so she obliged, she stared at his dark pools, her heart gone berserk inside her ribcage, he stared back with same intensity, red-faced as hers. “I….I….like…”

She held her breath like what she usually did whenever she went diving; she waited for him to finish…

Blue.” He finished lamely and immediately cringed when a bitter taste clung on his tongue. Wimp.

He could not help but saw the disappointment that passed her face. Slowly and gently as ever, he retracted his hands away from hers. The last thing Juvia remembered was his broad back facing her, and a bundle of money on top of the counter.

As the clock ticked by, seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours, and closing time came.

Before Juvia closed the shop, she heard her mother calling her, when she reached her mother she was surprise to see the same bluebells that Gray took.

Her mother gave it to her, a soft smile graced her features, “A very handsome young man left it for you.”

Her mother’s soft laughter echoed inside her ears, as her face resembled of tomato. She could not help but thought about Gray. She flipped the card that it had and there it was written.

Of all the flowers, you’re my absolute favorite.



“So how was the visit?” his mother asked as he walked inside their house, she was there sitting so casually while sipping tea.

He narrowed his eyes on her “You knew about this don’t you?”

 His mother choked on her drink and Gray immediately went towards her, her hand on top of her chest and her face resembled of shock, that Gray had keep himself from rolling his eyes because his mother was a great actress “Me?, you must be joking, why not ask your father.” He just did not know how his parents found out his feelings for the girl, when he always kept his emotions in check.

And almost on cue, his father’s head poked from the door, the same shocked expression on his face “Why me? It is not my fault the Flower shop’s daughter was a sweetheart—“

“And not to mention, beautiful, dear” his mother backed up as his father went towards them.

“You’re right, dear” His father agreed and his mother gave him a smug smile.

“Don’t you agree with us, huh? Gray?” she slyly asked as she elbowed him on his side.

The couple raised an eyebrow when Gray looked away and covered half of his face, ”Well…Yeah, she is” When he said that he immediately walked away but not before his parents caught a glimpse of his red-face.

And his parents turned into shrieking banshees, he even heard them talked about sending the wedding invitations and how many grandchildren they wanted to have. He could only sigh; he had this sudden urge to see her once more.


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