Fury From The Heavens
Fury From the Heavens

Okay so here’s everyone that’s in so far for the Fury From the Heavens arcthat’ll be coming up. I’m doing to tag a bunch of the active Justice League roleplayers that I can think of and hope will be interested. I’m going to tag you all, strictly so we can start to get an idea if this is a good time to start this up, if the idea is good, and if people are even interested so far.

Members so far:

- Myself (Scarlettspeedster)

- Detectivebat

- Neitherbirdnorplane

- Redplanethunter

- Thisisyourfuture

I’m going to go ahead and tag everyone we’re hoping to join, you can message any of us and let us know if you’re interested, not interested, or any time constraints you might have.