San Antonio, TX

Had a blast at the show last night. Chino and crew always deliver whether it’s Deftones, Team Sleep, Crosses, or whatever. Thank you!

Side note, peep the ice grill from homie down below. He wasn’t happy that I climbed the support beam to shoot this and threatened to try and stomp. Fuccit. We all got a job to do. No hard feelings bro.


Gun Rights Rally.
The Alamo, DTSA
(Set 1)

Yesterday morning I headed out to DTSA to catch the Gun Rights Rally at the Alamo. There are a lot of mixed feelings, emotions, and perspectives on the objectives and legitimacy of this rally, however what I do here is not meant to share any political bias on any available side. Honestly, I simply wanted to see what Downtown San Antonio looked like with tons of people carrying long-range and assault rifles throughout the streets. It was a great reminder that I am back in Texas. Suffice to say, the event went on just fine without any shots fired and I am sure it provided many a tourists with some “Holy shit!” stories to tell their friends and family upon their return to thier home states and home lands.

Welcome to San Antonio, folks…

(Another bundle of photos will be up after editing.)