San Antonio, TX

This past Spring I was able to catch a slice [Juan Alderete] of The Mars Volta here in town through Deltron. But this past Saturday, I was able to capture the core! Omar and Cedric came in tow with David Elitch of their new band Antemasque. Having heard a few jams online for the past month, I was beyond excited to see this new incarnation. I along with hundreds of others were pleasantly rewarded with an INCREDIBLE show. This music truly is as if ATDI made a baby with TMV. It’s energetic, rough, and gritty. It has a throwback feel to it that I can’t quite put my words on. So many have tried to label it with so many sub-genres but honestly, it’s just pure rock and roll. PERIOD. Just good fucking music. Catch them on tour if you can, you will love what you see and hear.

Thank you Cedric and Omar for blessing this city and my ears and soul with this wonderful new music. 

San Antonio, TX

Had a blast at the show last night. Chino and crew always deliver whether it’s Deftones, Team Sleep, Crosses, or whatever. Thank you!

Side note, peep the ice grill from homie down below. He wasn’t happy that I climbed the support beam to shoot this and threatened to try and stomp. Fuccit. We all got a job to do. No hard feelings bro.