today is fasnachts tuesday also called kids fasnacht and to be very honest I am super excited that fasnacht is over tomorrow. I live in the city center and therefore I hear the piccolo day and night :( if there were just drummers it would be a totally different story.

so let me get back to my question: cats or hats? the internet is full of funny cute cat pictures and I am sure that you could look at different pictures for months and you would not have been able to see them all :) I am a hat person and I can not get enough hats. my most favorite hat is swiss-made by RISA and I could easily wear it every day.

Elvire Thouvenot-Nitzan made this lovely illustration for the blog and unfortunately I can not link you to her page as she has none but in case you are interested please contact me and I will forward your messages to her or write her a direct email to elvire (at) for inquiries. 

instead of a funny cat I wanna show you another hat outfit wearing my lovely beige C&A hat, besides that I am wearing my lovely skirt from le MOUTON a 5 PATTES - my beloved Vintage FENDI bag - my suede booties from NAVYBOOT - my Vintage BALLY jacket and my H&M gloves and shirt!

Winter fashion, on the way to Trader Joe’s…

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Day 360

Inspired by Michael Cera, The Nerdchild of Hollywood, in the latest Rolling Stones.

Five more days. But guess what; i leave for XC camp tomorrow for 3 days. So i guess i won’t be finishing in 5 days. Poop.

Plus, i haven’t been a very good contact for the last 2 weeks. I apologize, but i just can’t do it right now.

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Day 360 cultura 360, 365, bare feet, blue, day, girl, hat, paper, rooftop, self, sweater, tint, tones, wool #360, #365, #BareFeet, #Blue, #Day, #Girl, #Hat, #Paper, #Rooftop, #Self, #Sweater, #Tint, #Tones, #Wool #cultura

Latest Chester Barrie Men Ready-to-Wear Dresses 2015-16.Hello friends today my article is about the last men Chester Barrie 2015-16 ready to wear dresses. Chester Barrie is the name of the prestigious tailor and semi-veteran regarding the world of the 1935 design that made Savile Row, London, UK. Today I will bring huge elegant and futuristic 2015 men wear winter pole is completely planned by Chester Barrie and includes men three pieces, wheezing dress, layer with the right shirt, tweed-covered, wraps , coat collar jacket, outer part of the dress with high neck, long neck like Jubbah, covered with printed lining, hats, double cape and many others. Second clarify in this article on the types of clothing and evening wear the most remarkable men present architectural education Route Chester Barrie. Surprisingly, see these beautiful winter types described by Chester Barrie able profitable and extraordinary clothes and everything is included dressed in blue shirt with navy dress panting camel shade and wear neck jumped wool. To complete the team finishes tied striking blue tie and energetic tones and wonderful hanged printed collar (suppressor) with edges hanging chains Vogue. Really it’s huge and fascinating vital interest winter frilly dress style.

Latest Chester Barrie Men Ready-to-Wear Dresses 2015-16 Latest Chester Barrie Men Ready-to-Wear Dresses 2015-16.Hello friends today my article is about the last men Chester Barrie 2015-16 ready to wear dresses.