This or That?

Do you wear socks inside or no socks inside? Tea or coffee? Ocean or space? Guitar or ukulele? Rivers or lakes? Hugs or kisses? Pastel pink or pastel blue? Do you like watching movies at home or at the theatre? Do you like the feeling of grass or sand in between your toes? Long nails or short nails? Piercings or tattoos? Jam or jelly? Dogs or cats?


Scans - George Harrison (and director Richard Lester) on the set of Help!, Bahamas, possibly 7 or 8 March 1965; scanned from Remember.

Photos: Mike McCartney

“‘A cup of Rosie Lee, George?’ With a Bahamian cop in the background, holding his cup of tea between takes on the Help! set, George gives me a 'Here you are again, cheeky monkey’ look. He was essentially a shy, private young man, but when you got a smile out of George, it lit up the page.”

“On the set of Help! George is looking over the shoulder of Dick Lester, who directed both the Beatles’ movies. Filmmaking can be an incredibly boring process; we’d hang around for hours waiting for something to happen. To pass the time we used to watch blue movies in one of the boys’ dressing rooms, but even those were boring… unless you ran them backwards! They were supposed to be hugely erotic but we were on the floor, rolling around laughing at all the naughty bits they were doing… back to front!” - Mike McCartney, Remember

“Happy International Lesbian Day!”

~ ~ ~ ~

Kara rereads the caption, glances at the date in the corner of her laptop and grins widely, jumping out of her chair, causing it to screech loudly against the wooden floor in her endless excitement.

She races to her bedroom, tapping into her superpowers to search for her phone. Kara darts back and forth between articles of clothing and blankets, only to give a celebratory ‘aha!’ as she found the device underneath her pillow.

Kara zipped back to the kitchen and stared at the screen as she called her favorite person— hoping that today might be the day that things would go back to the way they were again— wide smile taking up half of her face as she bounced on the balls of her feet with impatience. The monotone ringing is abruptly cut off by a familiar voice, deep and raspy from the time of day Kara had called, indicating that the owner of the voice had been woken up by the call.

“Hello?” Alex groggily begins, obviously annoyed that anyone would be awake at such a godawful hour and have enough balls to contact her.

Kara stifles the giggles that rise up at the sound of the agent’s voice. “Hey sleepyhead,” Kara quips back softly, mindful of the fact that Alex had just woke up.

She hears a muffled curse, followed by a dull thud sound. “Kara, uh, hey, what’s up?” Alex responds with a much more attentive tone, but a bit breathy.

Almost unable to contain herself, Kara blurts out, “Happy International Lesbian Day!”

~ ~ ~ ~

“So, what do you plan on doing tonight?”

Alex removes her gaze from the romantic comedy movie playing on the screen and looks down at the blonde snuggled up to her side. Alex pretends to think about the question for a good minute, humming thoughtfully, before shrugging.

“I don’t know. I was thinking about hanging out with this girl I know that has blonde hair and bright blue eyes, maybe watch a few movies, eat potstickers, laugh and have fun for a bit,” Alex muses, “maybe I’ll sleepover, but I haven’t decided yet.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Alex sees Kara deflate for a split second before popping back up with a strained smile etched across her face. She drops her act immediately, turning around fully to face Kara completely.

“I’m talking about you, by the way,” she gently reassures the alien, who’s face comically brightens up with genuine glee. Alex sees the pout coming and prepares herself for the careful punch thrown to her shoulder.

“You’re a jerk,” Kara states, mumbling as she reaches for another potsticker and pulls the blanket away from Alex pettily. She purposefully keeps her gaze directed toward the film playing, showing a man hopelessly falling head over heels over his romantic interest for the movie as he first catches sight of them.

Alex can’t help the burst of laughter that makes its way out of her mouth.

Kara pouts, but as Alex wraps her arms around the kryptonian, she senses the giggle that replaces it with a smile. Alex ignores the flutter in her stomach as the alien ends up shoving her face down on the scientist’s neck, the giggles rumble through Kara’s body.

Her laughs fade away as Alex simply hugs Kara close to her. She feels Kara do the same, the room growing quieter, with the exception of the film playing on the television.

They sit there for a while, relaxing and taking in this special moment they have together.

Recently, Alex had been spending more and more time at work, for reasons she doesn’t want to think about just yet, and on missions that could very well cost Alex her life. She had been reluctant to accept Kara’s invitation to spend time together, seeing as every time Alex saw the alien, thoughts and feelings that she wouldn’t dare identify rose up from deep inside of her.

However, the bubbly kryptonian had sounded so excited and happy to celebrate with her, even if it were to be for a few minutes.

Alex didn’t have it in her to deny Kara this time.

So she had called J’onn and told him that she’d need a day off, to which he had completely agreed wholeheartedly, not even putting up much of a fight or asking questions. Alex rolled her eyes when he had told her to take it easy right before he hung up.

By the time Alex had made it to Kara’s apartment, the sun was high in the sky, shining down its rays, reminding the brunette of the cheery blonde she loves dearly.

Alex remembers that her knuckles barely connected with the door before a blonde puppy had slammed into her, squeezing her tightly, a bit of super strength bleeding through. She was used to the way Kara could allow herself to let go around Alex, so it didn’t bother her as much as it had surprised her, in fact, Alex loves when the alien would let go in moments like these— in moments with her— because she knows how much pressure it is for Kara to measure her strength every time she makes contact with something new or foreign, or on rough days where everything becomes too much for her.

Alex snaps out of her thoughts as Kara breaks the comfortable silence between them.

“Are you really gonna spend the night with me?” Kara mumbles against Alex’s skin, ignorant to the shiver it sends down the brunette’s spine.

Alex breaths in shakily, “Yeah, of course.” She keeps her breathing as steady as possible, but with Kara’s lips pressed against her neck, her nerves were set on fire and it just wasn’t easy to pretend that her heart wasn’t hammering against her chest rapidly.

She makes an effort to refocus on the movie, only to tear her eyes away so fast she may have gotten whiplash. Alex accidentally hits her head against Kara’s, which would’ve been fine if Kara wasn’t a literal goddess that couldn’t be harmed by a puny human such as herself.

Alex hisses in pain as Kara scrambles back to sit on the agent’s lap, frantic apologies tumbling past her lips. Alex shakes her head, opening her eyes to find Kara’s concerned blue eyes staring at her lips.

She blinks, sees that Kara continues to gaze at her lips, and brings one of her fingers against her lower lip, only to wince at the sting it caused. Alex looks down at the finger, a droplet of blood coating the tip, and sighs.

“Kara, it’s okay, it wasn’t your fault.”


“No, it wasn’t,” Alex interrupts, “it was my fault for not thinking straight.”

Alex freezes in horror, immediately wishing she could take back her words the moment they left her traitorous mouth.

Kara snorted, “I didn’t know you could think straight.”

Alex groans, but inwardly lets out a breath of relief. She didn’t want Kara to blame herself for something Alex caused. As she lays back down on the couch, Alex feels the tips of her ears heat up as she remembers the explicit scene between two women on the screen and finds herself comparing it to her position with Kara, who’s currently still sitting directly on her lap.

Alex holds her breath as Kara follows her lead and lays her head back down against the scientist’s neck. She wishes she could blame the blanket and the addition of the kryptonian’s body heat for the rise in temperature in her body, but that would be a blatant lie.

“Why’d you move so fast anyways?” Kara asks, as innocent as ever, with a concerned tone.

Alex bites the inside of her cheek as Kara’s breath hits her heated skin.

“I-It was nothing, just saw something I wasn’t expecting.”

Kara hums against her neck, bringing Alex an inch closer to an internal death. She tenses up, hoping the kryptonian wouldn’t be able to hear her blood rush through her ears or the thundering of her heart.

That wasn’t the case, however, as Kara lifts her head up from the agent’s neck with a worried expression on her face.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Kara places a hand where Alex’s heart is located, but keeps her gaze locked with the brunette’s panicked, brown eyes.

Alex doesn’t trust herself to speak at this point, so she nods dumbly.

Kara looks skeptical, “Your heart is beating faster than normal.”

Hastily, Alex scrambles to her feet, finding that the closer she is to Kara the harder it gets to think coherently, and the agent can’t afford to lose herself in her twisted desires.

“I should,” Alex’s voice breaks in her rush to leave the apartment, “I have to go. There’s something I have to do at the D.E.O, and it’s really important, so I have to go. Right now.”

Alex hears a scoff behind her, before the angered alien blocks her path.

She sees Kara ball up her hands into clenched fists. “Why have you been avoiding me?” Kara barks out weakly, blue eyes begging for an answer that Alex can’t give.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Alex protests stubbornly, unwilling to face the growing feelings for the woman in front of her.

Kara gives a short, mirthless laugh.

“You haven’t looked me in the eye for weeks, not until today,” Kara says with a resigned tone, “I thought— hoped, really— that things would go back to normal. That, whatever it is you’re going through, you’d tell me so I could help you, or at the very least try to. But you won’t let me in, and it hurts.”

Alex raises her brown-eyed gaze from the floor and looks into those teary blue eyes and makes an impulsive decision. It’s her fault that Kara is hurting, her fault that she’s crying.

She fidgets with the ends of her signature leather jacket, “I don’t know how to say it.” Alex finds herself subconsciously inching herself closer and closer to Kara, desperate to find a way to comfort her.

“Then I don’t know how to help you,” Kara whispers as Alex stops directly in front of her, an arm’s length away.

Alex loses herself in Kara’s eyes, a war raging inside of her as she tries to put thoughts and feelings together in a way that she could communicate to Kara, but a desire— a need— overwhelms Alex. The internal war pauses, any coherent thoughts dissipate as Alex presses a tender kiss against Kara’s lips.

It’s gentle and soft, barely considered a kiss, but it’s enough for Alex. Her body moves without her consent, hand coming up to cup the frozen kryptonian’s cheek. A knot inside of her stomach untangles as Alex relaxes into the kiss, feeling ever so right for the first time in weeks.

Then Alex catches a whiff of Kara’s familiar scent— the scent of home— and she backs away slowly as her thoughts race back to her.

The thought of what exactly she had just done slaps her back into reality.

Alex’s heart beats wildly against her ribs, threatening to leave bruises. “I-I didn’t, that wasn’t what I—”

Her words are cut off by the soft smile that Alex loves connecting with hers in one delicate move.

~ ~ ~ ~

Blue and Sans Watching a Horror movie

Blue: Come on Sans, Its not THAT scary.

Sans: SAYS YOU! Fuck this!!

Blue: Language. But come on lets just finish the movie.

Sans: *whimpers*


This is honestly the best shading I have ever done. I ask for something to draw in my discord group, a some friends said Sans and Blue watching a horror movie while Sans is clinging to Blue, Sans completely terrified while Blue wasn’t fazed at all. But I couldn’t do the clinging so I did this instead xD

I loved drawing this lmao, I love drawing Blue soooo much.

Welp, Hope y’all like it!~ <3

anonymous asked:

blue and ronan headcanons ???

  • actual bffs blue sargent and ronan lynch
  • ronan loves blue’s sense of humor and pretty much any time she makes a joke he bursts out laughing. once she insulted gansey and ronan was on the floor cracking up
  • blue and ronan in the back seat of the pig after a long day, with adam and gansey in the front. at one point adam turns around to ask them something and he sees blue, asleep with her head on ronan’s shoulder, and ronan beginning to doze off too. ronan mouths ‘dont wake her up’ at adam before falling asleep himself
  • ronan taking blue to get her first tattoo!!! he goes to the same parlor where he got his and makes sure she’s alright while the needle is on her and supports her throughout the appointment
  • days at monmouth where its just the two of them (and possibly noah): blue and ronan watching movies all day or playing with chainsaw or talking about their crushes (adam nd gansey u know) and playing card games
  • when its winter and really really cold in virginia but of course they have to keep looking for glendower anyway, so there they are, all sitting together in the pig, adam and gansey up front as usual and ronan and blue in the back. gansey offers blue his jacket and scarf because shes shivering, but of course she refuses, so instead she stuffs her cold hands up ronan’s sleeve. two birds with one stone, she says; making ronan cold and making herself warm
  • i dont know how or when but i guarantee at leaST one time ronan has fallen asleep with his head in blue’s lap
  • ronan dreams blue a bunch of cool fabrics with these intricate designs that she cant find in stores for her to make clothes or decorate with
  • if u want to be sad please imagine blue and ronan after gansey dies. ronan would push blue away and want to grieve by himself but blue would insist that they stay together, that its what gansey would have wanted
  • basically blue sargent and ronan lynch are bffs for life thank u for ur time

imagine sasuke being unable to say no to their daughter

her bed time is strictly 8:30pm. naruto is still out doing co-hokage bussiness and lets sasuke go home to put her to bed. she looks up at him with her big blue eyes “can’t we watch a movie together daddy, please?”

naruto comes home at 11pm to see sasuke and their baby girl passed out on the couch, popcorn kernels and pieces of candy everywhere, the tv still displaying the end credits of the movie

yaoi-hime  asked:

Headcanon where MC has many different nick names for her s/o whether it be cute (maybe something she says on the daily to said person) mean (when she is mad at them) or funny (when she is making fun of them) (please and thank you~)


-everyday you called him your shooting star 

-you knew his server name was shooting star 

-and there was a meteor named after him 

-and meteor’s where always mistaken for shooting stars 

-you loved him so much he was your wish come true 

-you just hoped he’d stick around unlike a meteor 

-you wanted to spend forever with him 


-you jokingly called her a robot all the time 

-she had the most expressionless face when she was working 

-and sometimes she’d work so fast it was terrifying 

-she’d pout and mutter that’s she’s human and you’d kiss her cheek 

-”Sure Jaehee that’s what the robots want us to think” 

-she’d laugh and hug you knowing you were just playing 


-when you were angry at you’d call him the Rich Pussy Gay 

-the most confused look would flash across his face 

-and than you’d laugh

-and you’d both forget what you’re fighting about and you’d both hug 

-you’d give him a kiss and say you didn’t mean it 

-”You better not have”

-”I didn’t! Please don’t marry Elizabeth instead of me” 


-you jokingly call him Pretty Boy 

-or Work of Art 

-especially when he’s being narcissistic 

-although he always take it’s as a compliment 

-you can’t help but sigh cause your sarcasm always goes right over his head 


-you call him MegaMind 

-and Defender of Justice 

-”Isn’t MegaMind the name of that blue villain we watched a movie about?” 

-”yeah and you look like him with that giant forehead of yours” 

-”…well played MC, well played” 

things to do if you’re feeling blue:

- watch lifetime movies underneath a million blankets

- actually, make a pillow fort

- blog your life away, a little each day

- take a bath with mountains of bubbles

- put on a fluffy robe

- make a million little macarons