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I was tagged by the lovely feedback giving follower, @idonthavehusbandsihavelovers who even though I don't talk to, I still love cause she’s too nice. ( Did you watch The Accidental Husband because I was shitposting it?!)

Relationship status: I am single af, but I totally accept it.

Favorite Color: Blue

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick

Last Movie I watched: The Accidental Husband

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Top Three Tv Shows: (No order)

House of Cards

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The Man in The High Castle

The Walking Dead

Top Three Characters: (No Order)

Frank Underwood

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Hans Landa

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Top Three Ships: I don’t really have any besides myself and every JDM characer and…

The Underwoods

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Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.
Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.
You claim to love her, inside and out, but the only time you call her beautiful is when it’s 3 in the morning and I’ve already turned you down.
—  girls tell each other everything, c.j.n.