This or That?

Do you wear socks inside or no socks inside? Tea or coffee? Ocean or space? Guitar or ukulele? Rivers or lakes? Hugs or kisses? Pastel pink or pastel blue? Do you like watching movies at home or at the theatre? Do you like the feeling of grass or sand in between your toes? Long nails or short nails? Piercings or tattoos? Jam or jelly? Dogs or cats?

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Relationship status: single :(
Favorite color: pale pink
Lipstick or chapstick: lipstick, but I usually use lip balm more 
Last song you listened to: Eyes on Fire - Blue Foundation
Last movie watched: Howl (it was…surprisingly not terrible tbh)
Top three characters: Allison Argent, Scott McCall, Daisy Johnson 
Top three ships: Allirica, Sterek, QuakeMorse (idk if that’s the ship name, but Daisy x Bobbi) 
Books I am currently reading: Rereading Hard Times as part of my revision prep, rereading a collection of Grimms fairytales for fun 

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I remember I watched blue velvet and that movie itself felt like an acid trip™...haven't watched Mulholland dr but considering your last ask it seems as weird as blue velvet but despite the weirdness is it worth watching? I barely get any time to watch movies so

it’s weirder and way better than blue velvet in my humble hoe opinion, also one of my favorite movies so i’d say yes it’s worth watching, you should check it out

Princess looking for her Daddy

Name: Amber

Little Names: Princess, Little one, any nickname they want to call me.

Role: Little

Age: 19

Little Range: 4-5

Location: Florida 

About Yourself: I’m really shy until I get to know you. But I love Disney, I like going to the beach or the park, I don’t always like to stay home. I’m really short or so I’ve been told. I don’t really know what else.

Big Hobbies/Interest: I like reading and doing crafts, I’m actually trying to start a craft business, and I really enjoy baking.

Little Hobbies /Interest

♡fav color: Pink, purple, blue

♡activities: Cuddling, watching Disney movies, coloring, singing.

♡fav tv shows/movies: Disney movies, cartoons from the 90’s.

♡ stuffie names: I have a lot but a cat named Luna.

♡snacks/candy: Goldfish, sour candy, chocolate, ice cream.

♡little gear: Stuffies! and sometimes a pacifier 

Partner Preference: Male

Partner Preference Age: 19-27

Partner Preference Role: Daddy

What do you look for in a Partner: I need him to be loving, caring, but strict when need be. I can be a handful sometimes and I need him to be able to put up with me. I would Like him to be in Florida but he doesn’t have to be.

I’am Looking for a Sexual/Nonsexual/TBD relationship: Sexual

What Names do you Like to Call Your Caregiver: Daddy or anything he likes me to call him.

I Like When My Caregiver Does: Cuddles me, plays with my hair, watches movies with me gives me all his attention.

I Don’t Like: When Daddy is in a bad mood or is busy or doesn’t have time to play with me.

Best way to get in touch with you is: Message me on here @akittenslittleworld and then I can give you my kik.

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blue and ronan headcanons ???

  • actual bffs blue sargent and ronan lynch
  • ronan loves blue’s sense of humor and pretty much any time she makes a joke he bursts out laughing. once she insulted gansey and ronan was on the floor cracking up
  • blue and ronan in the back seat of the pig after a long day, with adam and gansey in the front. at one point adam turns around to ask them something and he sees blue, asleep with her head on ronan’s shoulder, and ronan beginning to doze off too. ronan mouths ‘dont wake her up’ at adam before falling asleep himself
  • ronan taking blue to get her first tattoo!!! he goes to the same parlor where he got his and makes sure she’s alright while the needle is on her and supports her throughout the appointment
  • days at monmouth where its just the two of them (and possibly noah): blue and ronan watching movies all day or playing with chainsaw or talking about their crushes (adam nd gansey u know) and playing card games
  • when its winter and really really cold in virginia but of course they have to keep looking for glendower anyway, so there they are, all sitting together in the pig, adam and gansey up front as usual and ronan and blue in the back. gansey offers blue his jacket and scarf because shes shivering, but of course she refuses, so instead she stuffs her cold hands up ronan’s sleeve. two birds with one stone, she says; making ronan cold and making herself warm
  • i dont know how or when but i guarantee at leaST one time ronan has fallen asleep with his head in blue’s lap
  • ronan dreams blue a bunch of cool fabrics with these intricate designs that she cant find in stores for her to make clothes or decorate with
  • if u want to be sad please imagine blue and ronan after gansey dies. ronan would push blue away and want to grieve by himself but blue would insist that they stay together, that its what gansey would have wanted
  • basically blue sargent and ronan lynch are bffs for life thank u for ur time

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Nickname: Ky or Erik here

Zodiac sign: Aries!

Height: 5′ 2″

Last Thing You Googled: gime or gimme (I wanted to know how to spell it)

Favourite Music Artists: Death Cab for Cutie, Dodie, Radical Face

Song Stuck In My Head: River by Bishop Brigs (thanks @ezra-blue)

Last Movie you watched: Full movie? (because I have a few half started) Grand Budapest hotel

What are you wearing right now: Pjs

Why did you choose your URL: I had a Phantom of the Opera phase

Do you have any other blogs:Techincally yes but they’re RP blogs I haven’t been on in years

What did your last relationship teach you: Nothing because I never had one

Religious or spiritual: N/A

Favorite color: Blue and Red

Average hours of sleep: 6-8 consistently

Lucky Number: 15 or 17

Favorite Characters: Currently? Gojyo, Kanda, Goku, Mikey, and more

How many blankets do you sleep with: Two currentl

Dream Job: Literary Agent

20 people I want to get to know better: @ezra-blue, @baronvonriktenstein @nerdqueenmari  @seedling-lotus @ricco4 @zombiesrulevampiresdrool and whoever wants to fill it out

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Have any of the little ones heard of one-man hide and seek? >:3



Scans - George Harrison (and director Richard Lester) on the set of Help!, Bahamas, possibly 7 or 8 March 1965; scanned from Remember.

Photos: Mike McCartney

“‘A cup of Rosie Lee, George?’ With a Bahamian cop in the background, holding his cup of tea between takes on the Help! set, George gives me a 'Here you are again, cheeky monkey’ look. He was essentially a shy, private young man, but when you got a smile out of George, it lit up the page.”

“On the set of Help! George is looking over the shoulder of Dick Lester, who directed both the Beatles’ movies. Filmmaking can be an incredibly boring process; we’d hang around for hours waiting for something to happen. To pass the time we used to watch blue movies in one of the boys’ dressing rooms, but even those were boring… unless you ran them backwards! They were supposed to be hugely erotic but we were on the floor, rolling around laughing at all the naughty bits they were doing… back to front!” - Mike McCartney, Remember

things to do if you’re feeling blue:

- watch lifetime movies underneath a million blankets

- actually, make a pillow fort

- blog your life away, a little each day

- take a bath with mountains of bubbles

- put on a fluffy robe

- make a million little macarons 

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Headcanon where MC has many different nick names for her s/o whether it be cute (maybe something she says on the daily to said person) mean (when she is mad at them) or funny (when she is making fun of them) (please and thank you~)


-everyday you called him your shooting star 

-you knew his server name was shooting star 

-and there was a meteor named after him 

-and meteor’s where always mistaken for shooting stars 

-you loved him so much he was your wish come true 

-you just hoped he’d stick around unlike a meteor 

-you wanted to spend forever with him 


-you jokingly called her a robot all the time 

-she had the most expressionless face when she was working 

-and sometimes she’d work so fast it was terrifying 

-she’d pout and mutter that’s she’s human and you’d kiss her cheek 

-”Sure Jaehee that’s what the robots want us to think” 

-she’d laugh and hug you knowing you were just playing 


-when you were angry at you’d call him the Rich Pussy Gay 

-the most confused look would flash across his face 

-and than you’d laugh

-and you’d both forget what you’re fighting about and you’d both hug 

-you’d give him a kiss and say you didn’t mean it 

-”You better not have”

-”I didn’t! Please don’t marry Elizabeth instead of me” 


-you jokingly call him Pretty Boy 

-or Work of Art 

-especially when he’s being narcissistic 

-although he always take it’s as a compliment 

-you can’t help but sigh cause your sarcasm always goes right over his head 


-you call him MegaMind 

-and Defender of Justice 

-”Isn’t MegaMind the name of that blue villain we watched a movie about?” 

-”yeah and you look like him with that giant forehead of yours” 

-”…well played MC, well played” 

imagine sasuke being unable to say no to their daughter

her bed time is strictly 8:30pm. naruto is still out doing co-hokage bussiness and lets sasuke go home to put her to bed. she looks up at him with her big blue eyes “can’t we watch a movie together daddy, please?”

naruto comes home at 11pm to see sasuke and their baby girl passed out on the couch, popcorn kernels and pieces of candy everywhere, the tv still displaying the end credits of the movie

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Relationship: Single
Favourite Colour: Black, Blue, Purple
Pets: 2 dogs
Wake Up At: Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays I wake up at 4:30 am, Tuesdays and Wed. I wake up 7:30 am. Or I don’t fucking sleep at all because all the fucking lab reports one has to do. And on weekends I wake up 10:30 am or at the time I need to get up.
Cats or Dogs: Both
Coke or Pepsi: Neither, only Doctor Pepper, Bitch!
Day or Night: Night
Text or Call: Text
Lipstick or Chapstick: I don’t use make up?
Last Book I Read: Genomes by Brown.
Last song I listened to:  Dark Wood Circus
Last Movie I Watched:Blue exorcist the movie
Top 3 TV Shows: South Park, Doctor Who and Rick and Morty
Top 3 Characters: Doctor, Kenny and Jack from Samurai Jack.
Top 3 Ships: Creek, Yuri x Victor, TsukiRoppi ( Durara alters ).

I tag: @ghostnightmare13, @tweekers-tucker, @ginger-psychic-in-denial

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so, im around 5'4 im white, i have really fluffy blackish hair and blue eyes, i like watching movies together and suffering

God me 2…. also heh ur shorter than m-

Uhh u seem like youd b cool? Id give it a try probabl Wait is t his meg