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19, dirty blonde hair, deep blue eyes, i play soccer, I love watching movies, cuddling, reading books, writing, singing, nature, love going on random trips or take you out to beautiful places, from London

we love all the same things, and I love exploring places, date!

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Time and date: 5pm, may 26th, 2015 
Average amount of sleep: 7 – 8 hours

Last thing I googled: some translation site
Nickname: my friends like to call me Nemesis (the godess of revenge)
Birthday: january 30th
Gender: female
Height: good question :p
Favorite Colors: black 
One place that makes me happy: idk, my room I guess

How many blankets do you sleep under: 1 
What I’m wearing right now: a dark blue dress
Favorite food: pizza

Last movie I watched in theaters: step up 5
Dream vacation: Scotland or Australia
Dream job: architect or lawyer

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Time and Date: May 26, 2015. 8:38 am
Average amount of sleep: 4-5 hours
Last thing I googled: homestuck
Nickname: Hanny, Bananas
Birthday: December 22
Gender: female
Height: 5'2 or 5/3
Favorite colors: blue and black
One place that makes me happy: Omaha 
How many blankets do I sleep under: 2
What I’m wearing right now: A blue t-shirt and blue skinny jeans 
Favorite food: Pomegranate 
Last movie I watched in theaters: Avengers: Age of Ultron
Dream vacation: Italy
Dream job: Writer/Poet
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Films seen for the first time in May, 2015. Part 2/2. (A nice Bollykecks thing)

15. Stand By Me, 16. Two Night Stand, 17. Whiplash, 18. Kill Your Darlings, 19. The One I Love, 20. Blue is the Warmest Color, 21. The Way He Looks, 22. Beginners, 23. It Follows, 24. Frances Ha, 25. Stuck In Love, 26. Short Term 12, 27. One Day, 28. Nick Offerman: American Ham

Although it is technically not even the end of the month, I need to slow down on the movie watching so here is my second half of the movies I’ve seen for the first time in May. I loved almost all of these films, although admittedly didn’t particularly enjoy Whiplash, The One I Love or Frances Ha. Infact, I hated Frances Ha a lot and didn’t finish it because it was just white, privileged 20-somethings complaining (basically an elevated version of Girls but with Adam Driver playing an even bigger dickhead). If you’re looking for a movie not to watch, it’s that one. 

On the other hand I absolutely loved Kill Your Darlings, Blue is the Warmest Color, The Way He Looks, Beginners and Short Term 12. The last two in particular were 10/10, beautiful cinematography, emotional scripts, wonderful actors and stunning colour palettes. I also included American Ham, because even though I didn’t intend to put the stand up I’ve been watching in, he did a really good piece about supporting local makers and how making / creating things is good for your soul. I also watched Donald Glover’s ‘Weirdo’ and Aziz Ansari’s ‘Dangerously Delicious’, if you’re looking for some more light-hearted stand up to watch.

So for a summary: DO watch Kill Your Darlings, Blue is the Warmest Color, The Way He Looks for incredible LGBT storylines, make sure you watch Beginners and Short Term 12 regardless of your taste because there is something sublime to learn from both. DON’T watch Frances Ha unless you love white people complaining and probably don’t put Whiplash to the top of your list because it’s quite shit (sorry).

If you want to see the other half of this list or track them in future, I’ll be tagging them with #movies i watched. I also linked all of the movies to their IMDB pages so go and watch some because lots are really cool independent films that you’ll probably love as much as I did.


Mac Miller at Oakdale Theater (Cont.)

Download Mac’s newest project ‘Faces’ right here!

Purchase his sophomore album ‘Watching Movies With the Sound Off’ over here!
Check out Mac’s latest release ‘Boo’ over here!

-Photos by Timothy Hunt

Stars would fall for Him.
But She is the Heartbreaker.

Resilient, Wild, Determined.
You’d never know it.

A girl in a faded blue dress. She reads Steinbeck and watches black and white movies.

He will tell her he loves her.
And her eyes will light up a smile.

But she is already gone.
After all,
There was an entire world to fall in love with.

—  A scribbler // She is The Heartbreaker

Mac Miller at Oakdale Theater

Download Mac’s newest project ‘Faces’ right here!

Purchase his sophomore album ‘Watching Movies With the Sound Off’ over here!

Check out Mac’s latest release ‘Boo’ over here!

-Photos by Timothy Hunt

~~~**OKAY SO YEAH here are my favorite Pixar movies**~~~

Have fun watching them and tell me if something’s not working // you’re looking for another movie. Take care <3

  1. A Bug’s Life 
  2. The Blue Umbrella
  3. Brave
  4. Cars
  5. Cars II
  6. Dug’s Special Mission
  7. Finding Nemo
  8. The Incredibles
  9. Jack-Jack Attack
  10. Luxo Jr.
  11. Monsters, Inc.
  12. Monsters University
  13. One Man Band
  14. Ratatouille
  15. Red’s Dream
  16. Toy Story I
  17. Toy Story II
  18. Toy Story III
  19. Up
  20. WALL-E
Sunday Six
  • I took a late flight out of Baltimore on Friday. It’s a non-stop 5 hour and 15 minute flight, and everything was going smoothly until right before take off when the flight attendant said we had to wait for a group of 34 people who had just arrived at the airport. Ugh. A half hour later a gaggle of sweaty middle school kids rushed onto the plane. I sent a text to Scott that said, “And of course it’s middle school kids. Perhaps the most annoying people on the planet. I’m gonna trip the kid with the blue crew cut carrying a giant stuffed elephant.”
  • I watched three movies on the plane this week. I was kind of disappointed in Wild. I loved the book, so perhaps it was bound to fall short for me. I can’t quite articulate what was lacking. Reese Witherspoon was great, and Laura Dern was brilliant. I think I wanted more scenes from the trail. Or maybe I was so unexpectedly delighted by Birdman the last time I flew across the country I was hoping for the same experience.
  • I also saw American Sniper. I thought Bradley Cooper was really wonderful, but this is a prime example of a movie being way over-hyped. I can’t tell you how many people on my Facebook feed fell all over themselves about this movie when it opened. It was good, but I’ve seen better and more gut-punching war movies. The Hurt Locker took my breath away.
  • Two hours before I landed I bought Pitch Perfect. I’ve seen it, but it was well worth the $3.99, because it made those last painful hours of a long day quite tolerable. I think Anna Kendrick is a national treasure, and I might actually go see Pitch Perfect 2 in the theater. I know! 
  • We got new neighbors today. We chatted with them this morning on our way out for our walk. They are already fixing up the front yard, so woo hoo! They’ve been out there all day. I’d offer to help, but I wouldn’t want them to get the wrong impression about me. Like that I’m nice.
  • I’m actually pretty nice. I just don’t enjoy physical labor. Or neighbors.