Elke the Stallion “Blue Tide” – MJ Flix @ElketheStallion

Elke the Stallion “Blue Tide” – MJ Flix I told Elke the Stallion I’d would have been more than satisfied if her teaser video with Jenna Shea on Valentine’s was all we ever got to see. Now that I know more in coming I’m already gearing up. Seen first on…

“You’re my whole world, babe”

Pairing: Calum & Y/N 

Words: 700+

Warning: sfw 

I have had such bad writers block so i know this isn’t fantastic, but pls be nice bc it was so hard to even write this 


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Blue Tide


鲨 - Most didn’t visit the outside pool. It’s position making it a little out of the way for most, and any who would seek out the waters… Well, there weren’t many aquatic Faunus that moved away from main waters that they typically lived closer to.

   So she would give him credit about finding the place, if nothing else. It didn’t mean that she was happy about it though. A scowl revealing sharp teeth over lip as she stood there on the edge of the water with her arms crossed over her chest.

   Well, it wasn’t as if it was private property or anything like that. Still, she liked this place because it was quiet and mostly personal. Still, no point taking out her long day on this boy, and no matter how girly he looked, she could smell it. That was a young male.

First, the sea glowed an invitingly brilliant blue. But then a killer bacteria moved along the coastline of Sonoma, California.

A thick blood-red algae decimated sea life in August and scientists still don’t know why. The red tide swiftly killed crabs, urchins, starfish, mollusks and even up to 70% of the abalone in some patches.

Sadly, the waters along the Sonoma coast are again discoloring, signaling the risk of another mysterious attack.

“We’ve never had an event like this,” said Gary Cherr, a University of California, Davis, professor. “When something like this happens, you suddenly realize that you’re vulnerable.”

Toxins produced by the red tide could affect human health, but there have been no official reports to date. However, there have been anecdotal reports of swimmers and surfers suffering flu-like symptoms after passing through.

As August’s dead marine life rots along beaches, scientists will know this week whether the red tide has returned to the Sonoma coast again.