make sure you come back alive, all right?

“We need… to leave… soon. He – he is on his way to take the Earth – once and – once and for all. I do not… know… what he plans to do… with it.” Maxlin the Accuser

Cover art for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4 #018

Art by Arthur Adams and Jason Keith

Things I want in Red Vs Blue Season 15

• Junior
• 479er
• Locus pretending to be a woman named Lola
• More Kimball
• More Grey
• 479er
• Grey and Kimball. Together.
• The Triplets
• 479er
• All the Sister (Okay maybe not ALL)
• Chris Sabat to voice some purple armoured robo floozy.
• Jen Taylor to voice an AI. (Twist: It’s a male AI)
• and oh! DID I NOT MENTION 479ER???

anonymous asked:

omg its the female lance from yesterdayy, lmaooo i forgot to mention i was bi??? this seems to be a recurring trend for the blue lion lmao!!!! do u have any theories on y?

i dont seem to pay attention to the sexualities revolving around the paladins…but my guess is that we’re just cooler like that 😎✌🏼💙💜💖


so i see su critical stuff sometimes which i can see tbh and one thing i saw was the whole thing with blue diamond’s design and how it changed so i wanted to make this?

 i guess? from what i remember her looking like in the answer i guess (though i know she was under that thing so her palette would be a bit darker and muted) but yeah