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Distillation of an alkyl nitrite. 

Nitrites are not the best for health, especially volatile organic nitrites. Amyl nitrite and other alkyl nitrites are used in medicine for the treatment of heart diseases. They are potent vasodilators; they expand blood vessels, resulting in lowering of the blood pressure under seconds.

The distillate contains a lower deep blue layer and an upper yellowish thing. The yellow oil is the nitrite and the blue thing at the bottom is dinitrogen trioxide (N2O3). It was formed from the minor decomposition of the nitrite. N2O3 forms upon mixing equal parts of nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide and cooling the mixture. 

25 Days of Outlander Day 5 - Favorite Claire Outfit

I have very simple tastes when it comes to Claire’s outfits. My favorite dress will probably always be her blue and green tartan dress from season one as worn in The Garrison Commander and quarter day in Lallybroch (which she wears again in season two briefly at Lallybroch), but I don’t feel like I should pick that dress again––especially since she only wears it briefly.

So instead I’m going with what I think of as the Parisian equivalent: her pink and blue day dress from 2x03 Useful Occupations and Deceptions. 

The colors are––like the blue and green tartan dress––perfectly suited to my aesthetic tastes. A rose dress with a luscious blue overcoat/dress thing (I’m not even close to being right on the terminology, I know). It’s not restrictive or flashy; she is comfortable wearing it to work at l’hopital (and is kind of reminiscent of a more “modern” nurse’s uniform; candy striper maybe?). 

Honorable Mention:

Have to give an honorable mention to the way Claire’s costumes mirror each other in the transition scene of 2x01 Through a Glass Darkly too. The hat and bag matching her cape, the same brown color for her traveling suit/dress; there’s even a slight floral pattern to the blouse or scarf that she’s wearing under her jacket that matches the bodice of her 1745 dress (and the pattern on her purse is reminiscent of the clasp on her cape). All those similarities help to emphasize the main difference between the two times: Frank and Jamie.

25 Days of Outlander- Day 5: Favorite Claire Outfit

These are just a few of my favorite Claire outfits of S2. Obviously I have a thing for blue. The dress she wore during Faith is probably my absolute favorite of the entire season though. The color and the detail on it is just stunning.

And honorable mention for the real MVP of S2- The shift and this deleted scene. SorryNotSorry. Gif credit to @thesassenach.

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Dark Blue (for the Fic title thing)

Dark Blue (Milex)

Miles Kane is a famous casino owner who just opened up his casino in Las Vegas. Usually at night instead of physically scanning the building, he stands in his office and overlooks the casino in the comfort of it. One night while overlooking a crowd, he happened to spot someone who he thought stood out. Alex, a guest at the casino who wore a dark blue suit that looked nearly skin tight. Hugging his curvy figure perfectly. Though Miles soon seemed disappointed once he saw Alex was with someone, a woman. He’s gonna have to change that.

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