Of course I decided to write a small little fic type thing about Washington sneezing like a kitten, idk what you expected.

It had been raining all morning and they hadn’t been anticipating it, the base was currently anything but rainproof, they hadn’t even had time to finish that since the crash mere days earlier. Washington and Tucker were rummaging around in the cargo unit for any rain tarps they could find to cover up the leaking cracks and holes in the makeshift base.
“Wash, I think I see some over here!” Tucker perked up, running across the wall to a pile of boxes covered in a bright blue watertight tarp. The thing was huge and could easily cover about half the roof, exactly what they needed. Tucker went to go pick it up, grabbing the edges of it and yanking it back with a swift pull. Washington realized all too late that the tarp was coated in a thick layer of dust, something he hadn’t accounted for. He turned his head away from the cloud of dust that had puffed into the air but it was too late. He inhaled some and it tickled at his sinuses, and he started to inhale rapidly.
“Aaa- Ah- AEEAH-!!”
“Wash, are you o-”
“… chu!” Wash stood, staring at the ground and blushing, he could feel Tucker’s eyes on his back, incredibly thankful that he couldn’t see his face.
“Awh! That was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard, you sneeze like a kitten!” Tucker gushed, overjoyed at the fact that his superior with the extreme tough guy act could sound so adorable. Washington practically squeaked at this, he’d never wanted to run out of a situation with Tucker as much as he did this one.
“I- it’s just, I trained myself to n-not sneeze so loud in case I had to on a mission or something…” Wash trailed off in an attempt to cover himself. Tucker snorted, Wash could almost see the adorable amused grin on his stupid face.
“Yeah, sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night.” Tucker said, turning back to folding the tarp. Wash finally turned to look at him, blush still not fading from his face as he searched the room for more tarps.

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Blue Hair Dye

  • Blue Hair Dye: One thing you like about your appearance?

Currently… I like my hair, cut and colour. It reminds me of Chara and Max from LiS, and I love both characters a lot!! Other than that… maybe my eyes? I used to be bitter about them being ‘boring’ brown eyes. One time I walked into a clothes shop and got the courage to tell the cashier lady I loved her hair and she told me she loved my eyes, noticed them when I came in and said I had ‘doe-like’ eyes, haha

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You know Niall saw the Harry photos and thought "shit I'm going to have to up my game in the Narry battle!" and so we have almost brunette scruffy faced golf Niall in that damn blue shirt/puffy thing that makes his eyes ridiculously blue and his shoulders insanely wide, laughing with Bill fricking Murray and just being as cute as fu*k! Then you know at the end of the day he's thinking "Alright Harold the Narry girls are mine again, whatta you got now?" and Harry's article drops....

Harry won

Get to know you tag!

(it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these things and since @memetasticshrig tagged me I figured I’d give it a go)

🐷Name : Dinoburger/Dino/Silvia 

🚺Gender: kinda 

🎊Height: 5"5 (I thiiink….)

🐟Favorite color(s): Yellow, blue, purple 

✨Last thing I googled : 
don’t hug me i’m scared 3 (god I’m so predictable…)

👀Fictional characters I’d want for a sibling: yellow guy maybe… I just wanna protect the little guy…. Q o Q

💤Number of blankets : 2 

🎤Favorite bands: New Order, uhh, I’ve mentioned Kikuo (they’re not really a band, just an artist on their own = < =), blank blank blankity blank yeah Emillie Autumn ‘s good… Dead or Alive…

🌺Dream Vacation: New Zealand is so gorgeous, but I think Italy might be nice to visit one day 

👑What I’m wearing right now: ripped jeans, pink sweater, uhh, Nightvale t-shirt…

 🎀 When I made this account: about four years ago… yeah four years ago

 🎉How many blogs do you follow: 


💬 What I post: shitposting, art, illustrated shitposting, good stuff B) (usually related to cartoons) 

❓Asks on a regular basis?: here and there, I’ve been getting quite a few lately actually… (really cute ones too ehehehehe)

💎Aesthetic: water, bathrooms (they feel so strange yet safe to me), candy, flowers 

❤️Tags! : eeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh…….. >_> I can’t think of anyone….

I was tagged by the lovely @daslebenistgut, thank you. ♥

Rules: Tag 20 people you want to know better.

Name/Nicknames:  Charlie - Charmender, Turtle, Cat Turtle… does Charles count?

Gender: Male.

Height: 165 cm (5′5′’) I think? idk I haven’t checked in a while.

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff.

Favourite colour: Blue or green.

Last thing I googled: “Brooklyn diners” cause I’m neck deep in this dumb Stucky fic that might not even get posted but I’m writing it anyway.

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