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hi, can you recommend me some books? preferably that are not too cheesy and about romances.

hey! sooo some of these aren’t heavily romance focused but they do have them


On who tf is Rose Quartz.

Are we ever going to know the truth? That episode was basically a feels scape tube so the story can move forward and progress without having a protagonist in a state of stagnation.

BUT, it also pops the question: Are we EVER going to get the truth about Rose? O this ep, Steven calls her a liar, an affirmation that is never fully contradicted in the remaining of the episode, but it’s not exactly validated either, as Steven retracts of what he said. So we still don’t know just how much of a liar Rose was?

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In the episode, we are presented with a Steven’s version of Rose, based on what he’s heard of her: Kindness and dorkiness and eternal marvel of earth and living beings on it; but it’s also made clear that we’re NOT seeing Rose Quartz. And the things that weigh on Steven’s mind, the calirification we need on where she stood regarding things like shattering and plotting and lying and deception, are- once again- left unresolved.

This could mean that 1) Rose is a Dumbledore figure and we’re eventually going to get insight on her plans and her mind, either by first hand (a diary or something), second source(someone who knew, like Snape in HP); or someone just being really smart and figuring it out. OR

2) She’s NOT a Dumbledore figure and we’re actually NEVER going to find out  if there is even an ulterior motive to anything she did. We’re only ever going to know her by tainted versions of people who met her.

The past episode’s narrative seems to hint at the second option, Steven experiences something he’s been yearning for, but it doesn’t move “The Rose” plot any forward. And at the end of it, Steven yells at a hologram version of his mother- which is him basically yelling at himself- makes relative peace with the burden placed on his shoulders by her, and leaves that part of him behind in the subconscious (The Room).

Only to have us inmediately introduced to Steven’s “real” family, his present family: Dad and the CG, they remind us that these are the ones that matter, Steven’s look of nostalgic gratitute reinforces us that even though Rose is gone and that weighs on Steven, whatever happened with her doesn’t really matter because she’s gone, there’s nothing anyone can do about it, and sometimes, you just have to let things go and accept what you have and focus on the present, you know, no use on crying over spilled milk.

What the show could be trying to tell us, should this be true, is that shit happens, sometimes we (Steven) can’t get the whole truth about a person or situation, sometimes things will remain blurring and incomplete, and it’ll have to be enough for us (Steven), move past that, and get on living with the doubt. So you’re gonna live with this particular doubt for ever.

Just a thought i had.

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