Bearded Chicken Breeds-Dutch Owlbeard

The Owlbeard is a very old, if not the oldest, Dutch poultry breed dating back to the early seventeenth century. It appeared in many paintings from Old Dutch masters. They have no wattles and instead we find a beard and muffs, which cover the “chin and cheeks.” They also have a very striking horned V-shaped comb.  The eye color is brown-red and the earlobes are white. The color of the beak depends on the color variety. This also is the case with the leg color, which is white pinkish for the Cuckoo variety, light blue-grey for the White and slate blue for the Golden Spangled variety. The Owlbeard is known in Black, White, Black-laced Blue, Cuckoo, Golden and Silver Spangled, Yellow-white Spangled, Golden Pencilled, and Silver Pencilled varieties as well as the so-called Moorhead. The latter is known in White, Blue, Golden and Buff varieties with a totally black head. 

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SoulmateAU Divergent [Eric x Reader]

AN: Just a drabble I got lying around.

You traced the skin over your right ribcage, the slightly wonky but elegant cursive stood in stark contrast to your skin. You were born with those words and one day in the future, someone will say it to you and you will know that he, or she, is your soulmate.

You shoved your tank top down angrily. You hated this. You hated the fact that fate had taken your choice and chosen someone for you. You were always free-spirited, daring and reckless. You hated order and you always had a problem with authority. And to think that someone was destined for you and you for them just irked you senseless. Especially when that someone might not even be of your own faction.

Shrugging on a jacket, you exited your house and went to the roof to wait for the train. You have a test today.

You jumped off the train and rolled to your feet, years of habit making the action flawless. You saw your friends already heading to the lines and made your way over to them.

“What’d you guys think the test is gonna be?” You asked as Lia wrapped her arm around your shoulder. Ally on her other side shook her head. “I don’t know. But I heard someone got so scared a few years back and had a heart attack!”

Both you and Lia turned to your best friend, expressions incredulous. When Ally burst into laughter, you rolled your eyes.

The three of you walked, slowly navigating through your peers as you entered the building for a brief talk about Chicago’s history and the formation of the factions. You were about to enter the room when you collided with a tall body clad in blue.

“Watch where you’re going, Dauntless!”

You looked up into hard slate blue eyes and glared. 

“Make me, Erudite!”

The moment those words left your lips, a hot searing pain erupted from your side. You gasp, stepping away from Lia and clutching your ribcage. The boy in front of you was almost in the same position except that he was clutching his right arm. The pained expressions on your face was mirrored in his.

And then, it was over. Straightening up, you saw him lifting his sleeve up. There, wrapped around his bicep was your words. The words that came out of your mouth just seconds ago. Realization hit you harder than Big Bo’s power punch. It was him. Bile rose up from your stomach and you nearly turned green. But then, one of the test officials pushed you into the room and him into the room next to you.

“Dude, what the fuck?” Lia asked.

You sat down but your attention was not on the film being played out in front of you. Frantic, you pulled up the hem of your tank top to reveal your tattoo, Seared on your skin and marking you as bonded forever. You looked at your friends.


Sleep didn’t come to you that night, both from anxiety and excitement. You didn't​ see him again until the next day. You had already been called and you had already chosen your faction. The sting of the silver knife felt like nothing after you heard​ your blood sizzling on the coals and the roar of your brothers and sisters behind you.

And then, came the Erudites’ turn. One by one was called and to you it was just white noise. Until, Jeannine’s voice called out a name and you froze.

“Eric Coulter.”

You watched him like he was the only person there, cataloging everything about him. From his long blond hair, tied in a ponytail, to his broad shoulders all the way to his confident gait. You held a breath when he cut himself and watched him stand between the coals of Dauntless and the clear water of Erudite.

He turned a fraction and his eyes roved up the Dauntless section until they landed on you. You kept his gaze but your hand was clenching Ally’s. Then, a smirk tugged at his lips and the spell broke. Your gaze hardened and your jaw clenched.

He turned back to the bowls and let his blood drip on the coals.

A Small List of Names

Alien/Robot Names
• Pluto
• Mars
• Digit
• Code
• Luna
• Eclipse
• Aero
• Moon
• Circuit
• Bott
• Alpha
• Pyro
• Hyper

Berry/Food names
• Mango
• Peach
• Grape
• Cookie
• Pie
• Cherry
• BubbleGum
• Pumpkin
• Sauce
• Acorn
• Choco
• Milk
• Strawberry
• Guava
• Popcorn
• Peanut
• Juice
• Blueberry
• Raspberry
• Sushi
• Squid
• Mustard
• Bean
• Tea
• Coffee
• Jelly
• Jello
• Salsa

Random cute words
• String
• Cloud
• Midnight
• Sunny
• Cotton
• Blossom
• Pill
• Blade
• Tree
• Ache
• Grunge
• Rusty
• Worm
• Blue
• Fern
• Fairy
• Wolf
• Slate
• Boo
• Neon
• Bomb
• Flash
• Arcade
• Fisher
• Light
• Lantern
• Luck
• Moss
• Cob
• Cactus

—    bold   all   physical   traits   that   apply   to   your   muse.

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eyes (general):     large   /   small   /   narrow   /   sharp   /   squinty   /   round   /   wide-set   /   close-set   /   deep-set   /   sunken   /   bulging   /   protruding   /   wide   /   hooded   /   heavy-lidded   /   bright   /   sparkling   /   glittering   /   flecked   /   dull   /   bleary   /   rheumy   /   cloudy   /   red-rimmed   /   beady   /   bird-like   /   cat-like   /   jewel-like   /   steely   /   hard   /   long lashes   /   sweeping eyelashes   /   thick eyelashes

eyes (color):     chestnut   /   chocolate brown   /   cocoa brown   /   coffee brown   /   mocha   /   mahogany   /   sepia   /   sienna brown   /   mink brown   /   copper   /   amber   /   cognac   /   whiskey   /   brandy   /   honey   /    tawny   /   topaz   /   hazel   /   obsidian   /   onyx   /   coal   /   raven   /   midnight   /   sky blue   /   sunny blue   /   cornflower blue   /   steel blue   /   ice blue   /   arctic blue   /   glacial blue   /   crystal blue   /   cerulean   /   electric blue   /   azure   /   lake blue   /   aquamarine   /   turquoise   /   denim blue   /   slate blue / slate gray   /   storm blue / storm gray   /   silver   /   silver gray   /   chrome   /   platinum   /   pewter   /   smoky gray   /   ash gray   /   concrete gray   /   dove gray   /   shark gray   /   fog gray   /   gunmetal gray   /   olive   /   emerald   /   leaf green   /   moss green

eyebrows:     arched   /   straight   /   plucked   /   sparse   /   trim   /   dark   /   faint   /   thin   /   thick   /   unruly   /   bushy   /   heavy

skin (general):     lined   /   wrinkled   /   seamed   /   leathery   /   sagging   /   drooping   /   loose   /   clear   /   smooth   /   silken   /   satiny   /   dry   /   flaky   /   scaly   /   delicate   /   thin   /   translucent   /   luminescent   /   baby-soft   /   flawless   /   small pores   /   large pores   /   glowing   /   dewy   /   dull   /   velvety   /   fuzzy   /   rough   /   uneven   /   mottled   /   dimpled   /   doughy   /   firm   /   freckled   /   pimply   /   pockmarked   /   blemished   /   pitted   /   scarred   /   bruised   /   veined   /   scratched   /   sunburned   /   weather-beaten   /   raw   /   tattooed

skin (color):     amber   /   bronze   /   cinnamon   /   copper   /   dark brown   /   deep brown   /   ebony   /   honey   /   golden   /   pale   /   pallid   /   pasty   /   fair   /   light   /   cream   /   alabaster   /   ivory   /   bisque   /   milk   /   porcelain   /   chalky   /   sallow   /   olive   /   peach   /   rosy   /   ruddy   /   florid   /   russet   /   tawny   /   fawn

face structure:     square   /   round   /   oblong   /   oval   /   elongated   /   narrow   /   heart-shaped   /   cat-like   /   wolfish   /   high forehead   /   broad forehead   /   prominent brow ridge   /   protruding brow bone   /   sharp cheekbones   /   high cheekbones   /   angular cheekbones   /   hollow cheeks   /   square jaw   /   chiseled   /   sculpted   /   craggy   /   soft   /   jowly   /   jutting chin   /   pointed chin   /   weak chin   /   receding chin   /   double chin   /   cleft chin   /   dimple in chin   /   visible adam’s apple

nose:     snub   /   dainty   /   button   /   turned-up   /   long   /   broad   /   thin   /   straight   /   pointed   /   crooked   /   aquiline   /   roman   /   bulbous   /   flared   /   hawk   /   strong

mouth/lips:     thin   /   narrow   /   full   /   lush   /   cupid’s bow   /   rosebud   /   dry   /   cracked   /   chapped   /   moist   /   glossy   /   straight teeth   /   crooked teeth   /   gap between teeth   /   gleaming white teeth   /   yellowed teeth   /   braces   /   overbite   /   underbite   /   dimples

facial hair:     clean-shaven   /   smooth-shaven   /   beard   /   neckbeard   /   goatee   /   moustache   /   sideburns   /   mutton-chop sideburns   /   stubble   /   a few days’ growth of beard   /   five o’ clock shadow

hair (general):     long   /   short   /   shoulder-length   /   loose   /   limp   /   dull   /   shiny   /   glossy   /   sleek   /   smooth   /   luminous   /   lustrous   /   spiky   /   stringy    /   shaggy   /   tangled   /   messy   /   tousled   /   windblown   /   unkempt   /   straggly   /   neatly combed   /   parted   /   slicked down   /   slicked back   /   cropped   /   clipped   /   buzzed   /   buzz cut   /   curly   /   bushy   /   frizzy   /   wavy   /   straight   /   lanky   /   dry   /   oily   /   greasy   /   layers   /   corkscrews   /   spirals   /   ringlets   /   braids   /   dreadlocks   /   widow’s peak   /   bald   /   shaved   /   comb-over   /  thick   /   luxuriant   /   voluminous   /   full   /   wild   /   untamed   /   bouncy   /   wispy   /   fine   /   thinning

hair (color):     black   /   blue-black   /   jet black   /   raven   /   ebony   /   inky black   /   midnight   /   sable   /   salt and pepper   /   silver   /   silver gray   /   charcoal gray   /   steel gray   /   white   /   snow-white   /   brown   /   brunette   /   chocolate brown   /   coffee brown   /   ash brown   /   brown sugar   /   nut brown   /   caramel   /   tawny brown   /   toffee brown   /   red   /   ginger   /   auburn   /   copper   /   strawberry blonde   /   butterscotch   /   honey   /   wheat   /   blonde   /   golden   /   sandy blond   /   flaxen   /   fair-haired   /   bleached   /   platinum

body type:     tall   /   average height   /   short   /   petite   /   tiny   /   compact   /   big   /   large   /   burly   /   beefy   /   bulky   /   brawny   /   barrel-chested   /   heavy   /   heavy-set   /   fat   /   overweight   /   obese   /   flabby   /   chunky   /   chubby   /   pudgy   /   pot-bellied   /   portly   /   thick   /   stout   /   lush   /   plush   /   full-figured   /   ample   /   rounded   /   voluptuous   /   curvy   /   hourglass   /   plump   /   leggy   /   long-legged   /   gangling   /   lanky   /   coltish   /   lissome   /   willowy   /   lithe   /   lean   /   slim   /   slender   /   trim   /   thin   /   skinny   /   emaciated   /   gaunt   /   bony   /   spare   /   solid   /   stocky   /   wiry   /   rangy   /   sinewy   /   stringy   /   ropy   /   sturdy   /   strapping   /   powerful   /   hulking   /   fit   /   athletic   /   toned   /   muscular   /   chiseled   /   taut   /   ripped   /   herculean   /   broad-shouldered   /   sloping shoulders   /   bowlegged

hands:     delicate   /   small   /   large   /   square   /   sturdy   /   strong   /   smooth   /   rough   /   calloused   /   elegant   /   plump   /   manicured   /   stubby fingers   /   long fingers   /   ragged nails   /   grimy fingernails   /   ink-stained

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Plz I need a bennguin fic rec

ok so i’m literally going to copy&paste this one doc i’ve been sharing with my friends + some fics i’ve found over the last few weeks!

  • All this learning here is by you // this is it. The ultimate fic. Tyler the trainwreck ft sharpy ft jamie benn ft lots of nerds being uni teachers. Its been weeks and i still think of this fic. it haunts me just like those drunk tyler seguin pictures
  • Colder weather // this broke my heart to tiny pieces then mended it back together THEN made me feel like all in the world was good ft retired jamie brooding in Canada
  • Your hand in my hand // regency au ft demisexual!jamie and slow burn of some sorts

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My Mate

AN: This ended up being a lot longer than I thought it would be. And it’s not as funny as the original post, BUT this is how this particular conversation would go in my head. This is Rhys telling Cassian and Azriel and Amren about Feyre for the first time. And many thanks goes to @fuckyeahazriel for inspiring me to write this fic <3 (You are one of my new favorite people).

“By the Cauldron, Rhys,” Cassian said, finally breaking into a grin, his wings perking back up from where they’d fallen limply on the ground at the sight of his High Lord and friend, “by the Cauldron, it’s good to see you.”

He and Azriel had both frozen in their spots when Rhys had walked through the door of the House of Wind, both unaware that the fight was over for now, both unaware that Amarantha had been killed. Both unaware that Rhys and the rest of the High Lords had finally, finally been released.

Both unaware of how and why Rhys was returning to them.

Amren had just given him a polite nod and gone straight back to drinking the blood of whatever the butcher in Velaris had happened to have that day.

Rhys gave Cassian a half grin that only part of him felt—the part of him that hadn’t disappeared with Feyre. “Fifty years, and that’s all you have to say to me?”

From her spot before the fire, sprawled over a plush-looking armchair and picking at her teeth with a delicate nail, Mor snorted. She’d entered with Rhys and simply sauntered past a gaping Cassian and Azriel. “Cassian’s not one for eloquent language and big speeches,” she said, crossing one ankle over the other and letting her head fall back on the armrest. Her golden hair seemed to shimmer in the firelight. Rhys didn’t remember his cousin being so beautiful. Or he did, but he’d been so distracted by another beauty…a different kind of beauty…

Cassian shrugged. “Why waste my precious air on extraneous words and sentences that don’t need to be nearly as long as they are?”

Azriel flicked an eyebrow up, his hands clasped behind his back. “You’re immortal.”

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Worth the Wait

FFXV Nyx/Reader Fic (Complete)

Word count: 11,089

Rating: Explicit (NSFW)

Summary: You had never gotten along with your fellow Glaive Nyx Ulric; everything about him grated on your nerves, from that mouth of his that never knew when to shut up, to the way he always seemed to be right in your path whenever he wasn’t wanted. The two of you were like oil and water. But he finds you irresistible, and he won’t stop until you finally give in.

(Originally posted on Archive of Our Own.)

Disclaimer: I do not own FFXV or any related characters, nor do I own you. No money is made from the writing of this story.

Inspired by @hypaalicious and her Gladio fic “F**K You”. It got me wanting to write some angry smut of my own, and this is what came of it.

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Author: me (honestground on AO3)
Rating: K+
Words: 1,400~
Pairing: BotW!Zelink (postgame)
Notes: Your weekly reminder that I’m actually garbage. Also this could totally turn smutty so if anyone wants to request that I’ll totally do it. Okay, I did it.
Edit: Now on AO3 with the smut attached for convenience. 

He knows he can’t protect her from everything, but Hylia be damned if he isn’t going to try. He asks, “Are you warm enough?”

The winter chill seemed to have settled over Hateno early that year; trees turned bare and wind turned icy, weather swiftly transitioning from cold to colder. It meant more maintenance on the house, and keeping a closer eye on supplies, and Link had about fifty more things to do before the snow really set in, but he couldn’t be happier. 

It was one of their rare weekends off, and while it was too cold out to really get much done, Link was entirely content in doing nothing with Zelda tonight, to listen to her happily thumb through the Sheikah Slate while he cooked them both dinner, the house smelling like good food and comfort and warmth.

“Link,” Zelda calls to him from her favourite chair by the fire. She sounds curious and pleasantly distracted, and Link smiles at her voice, the way his name sounds different, better, coming out of her mouth, somehow. “What does this—”

She’s abruptly cut off, an odd but familiar hum of energy smothering whatever she had been about to ask, and Link turns around just in time to see her vanish in a shower of shimmering blue lights.

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Are you sure that the spaceman is from the Garrison ? I like to believe that but couldnt he be a rebel too ?

This guy? This guy is blatantly Garrison. That said, it seems to be a Garrison uniform we haven’t seen before. First, it has the Garrison’s gray and white with orange color scheme. (and I just noticed, it’s asymmetrical- on one side, the striped material goes all the way up the arm, while on the other, it has a gray section on the upper arm, it also seems to have a belt across the right thigh)

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i don’t know why out of all the rare pairings in this fanbase i find myself shipping allura x swirn but listen

first, picture swirn without her jellyfish. i imagine she looks a lot like her fellow mermaids. but with slate blue skin, a cute rounded nose, full lips, and long billowing brown mermaid hair similar to florona’s

i’m assuming too that while the mermaids are all one species, there are different ethnicities among them, and so swirn wears her golden bracelets on her wrists at all times, as a way to remember and represent her culture

anyway. she meets allura when allura and lance (her diplomat in training) return to queen luxia’s underwater kingdom to speak with the queen and invite her to join their growing rebel alliance

and when allura and lance are let in to meet with the queen, plaxum and blumfump are there and they are so happy and excited to see lance again. but swirn is just kinda curious about who the girl is he brought with him


ong seong woo • iphone lockscreens (8)

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creds to respective owners (midnight blue, 950825com, slate, orionk, re: ong, brisk up, slate in love, here today, fairypitta, blue forest, fine wood, august rush, igloo & seal, ong seongwoo chinese bar, ong2ne_studio)

part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here, part 5 here, part 6 here, part 7 here, part 9 here

1940s style, my favorite.  Of all the feminine looks of the last century, the 1940s was the most distinctive to me.  It’s a combination of the hairstyles, the cut of the dresses, and that confident flair that women just seemed to have during a tumultuous decade.  I like to think their style, grace, and glamour helped carry us through one of the toughest decades there was.  And that’s not even mentioning the tremendous sacrifices they made trying to hold things together on the domestic front and supporting the troops overseas.  

This is a simple front curl with a cascading back, punctuated with a flower on one side.  The slip is a Barbizon taffreda one with a lacy bodice and a full skirt.  Slate blue with a side zipper.  Sort of a waste to hide such a gem of a slip underneath a dress.  

If you’re interested in 40s hairstyles and makeup, here’s one of several videos that inspired me.   Go on and try it – make a splash.

Stripped (Part 2)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 2974
Warnings: Fluff, mentions of death, some Bucky feels

Summary: You are a SHIELD agent working undercover in a strip club whose owner is involved with organized crime. When you find out he might be in talks with HYDRA Bucky is brought in to help.

You wake up a few hours later with the sudden urge to use the bathroom. You look down to find Bucky’s head resting on the peaks of your breasts with his arms holding onto you. He looks so sweet and peaceful. You hate the thought of disturbing him, especially after his rough night but you have to. You try to wiggle your way out from under the super soldier to no avail.

“Bucky,” you call, as you gently nudge him. He stirs slightly but does not wake up. You call his name again with a firmer voice and he opens his eyes. His gaze is directed at your hardened nipple pressing against your tank top. He seems surprised by his position, stuttering slightly as if to apologize but he’s not getting up fast enough. “Bucky please move. I have to pee so badly!”

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Promptis Drabble--Nightmares

@thatkanragirl​ gave me the prompt– “Noctis has a nightmare and won’t tell Prompto what it was about, but he’s visibly shaken and refuses to let him leave the bed.”

Word Count: 940

Prompto had only been gone for a few minutes to get a glass of water, woken by the intense heat of Insomnia’s summer that even Noct’s state-of-the-art apartment couldn’t completely keep out. When he heard Noct in the other room screaming he almost broke the glass as he tossed it back into the sink.

Noct was screaming his name.

Just as Prompto slid back through the doorway, he saw Noct hit the floor with a painful thud, long pale legs tangled in the black silken sheets, his hair slick and stuck to his neck with sweat. The prince’s eyes were wide with shock, rimmed with unspent tears, and his chest heaved as if someone had held him underwater. Prompto was there in an instant, holding Noct’s face between his palms to get him to look at him. Noct’s pulse fluttered between Prompto’s callous fingertips, and it took an excruciatingly long moment for Noct to recognize his best friend.

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A New Friend?

word count: 3 203
warnings: none

summary: You got sent to the Prison World, thinking you’re all alone. But one day you meet Kai Parker, the sole reason why you had been sent to this Prison World and didn’t get your own. 
notes: since people asked me to write something where your part of the Gemini Coven, again - here it is || sorry I’m still taking so long with the requested imagines, but I needed a break to do something different

*gif by me

Dear Diary,

it’s my 100th day since I got sent to this damn Prison World. 100 days I had spent on my own trying to figure out a way to get out of here, to get back my old life. Not that I have anything or anyone waiting there for me, but at least I wouldn’t be alone anymore. Because it feels like the loneliness is slowly killing me - it destroys my hope of ever finding a way back. It shatters my will to live.

But anyway, I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I finally reached Los Angeles! It does have some perks to be all alone and be able to do magic, for example, I could easily steal a car. And I never have to pay for anything I get, that’s actually a big plus point.

Lately, I have a strange feeling, though. It feels like somebody’s watching me, following my every step. That’s the reason I wanted to leave Portland, but it seems that whatever is here - whatever I think is here - has followed me all the way to L.A.

You snapped the diary shut, putting it back under your pillow. A quiet sigh left your lips as you reached for a book on the nightstand and placed it on your crossed legs. It was an old grimoire of your family, filled with all the knowledge and information they had acquired over the centuries it was in your family’s possession.  

Since the moment you had finally found it you had spent every free moment of trying to find a way out of this damn place of a hell. Fortunately, you soon had figured out where you were and could start to find a way back. But until now you hadn’t seen anything useful at all.

Concentrated you skimmed over the pages of the book, searching for the page you lastly had left off, not realizing someone’s eyes lay upon you.

Kai stood right in the middle of the room, hidden only by a cloaking spell he could master after siphoning your magic when you hadn’t noticed it - during a little nap right after you had chosen your home for the next few months until you’d have enough of L.A. His gaze was on you, watching even the slightest movements of your fingertips on the yellowed pages, the way you bit your lip as you read a certain passage.

He had followed you since you had arrived in this Prison World, always being in proximity in case he decided to reveal himself. But until now nothing had given him a reason to, so he had stayed hidden. Until he had found out you were a witch and therefore his possible way, his only way of getting out.

Suddenly, you heard something. A distant sound of something you couldn’t quite recognize. You scanned your whole room, your eyes stopped at a particular place, staring right at Kai without knowing it.

Phasmatos Oculacs.” You mumbled, not completely surprised as the spell revealed the secret visitor.

He looked at you, his lips curling into a wicked grin.

“Oh hello.” He said casually like hasn’t just been caught standing in your bedroom, staring at you. He waited for you to scream, push him out of the room, do anything. But you didn’t. Instead, you slowly got up from your bed, eyes narrowing in suspicion.

Somehow, the stranger looked familiar. Only you couldn’t remember why or where you had seen him before. You walked closer to him, stopped right in front of him with your arms crossed in front of your chest.

A light chuckle escaped his mouth yet he didn’t do anything else than standing here.

“Come on, little witch. It’s time to do something besides staring at me. Although I can totally understand why you’re doing it.” He smirked.

Right at that moment, it made click inside your head. You finally figured out why he looked so strangely familiar. Slowly, you walked circles around him, not gazing anywhere else. Again you stopped in front of him and leaned closer to him, your lips nearly brushing his ear as you spoke.

Always so full of yourself, Kai.” Your voice merely a whisper, but you felt him shift, tightly grabbing your wrist. A quiet whimper left your mouth as a stinging feeling spread through your arm, coming directly from the place he was touching you.

“So I was right. You do know me.” He chuckled, feeling your magic rush like electricity through his veins. His other arm wrapped around your waist, holding you in place as he siphoned you. You still whimpered at the constant pain, squirming, feeling your strength leaving your body.

Now it was his turn to lean into you, his lips brushing against your ear as he spoke in a soothing voice while you tried to wiggle your way out of his tight grip.

“Shh, don’t be afraid. I won’t kill you… now.”

With this, you went limp in his arms, your mind going blank and everything around you turning into darkness as you lost your consciousness.

You opened your eyes, not knowing where you were or how long you were out. A groan left your mouth as you slightly tilted your head to the sight, immediately being met by the view of Kai Parker hovering above you.

“You’re finally awake.” He stated cheerfully before he took a seat on the lounge chair across from you. You propped yourself up on your elbows, still feeling dizzy and confused.

“What happened?” You asked, your voice sounded like you hadn’t spoken in days.

“Well, you passed out when I siphoned you. Then, when you woke up I had to knock you out again and again, and the last time I siphoned from you, you just… died.” He enumerated in a casual tone, counting the things he had done to you on his fingers.

“Wait, what?” You exclaimed, suddenly wide awake, unbelieving of what he had just told you. “You killed me?”

“No, silly. It was the magic. Must’ve taken too much from you, happens sometimes.” He shrugged as if he was not even bothered by being responsible for killing someone. What he indeed wasn’t, you figured out, remembering what he had done to get sent to this Prison World.

You lounged back into the couch, letting out a sigh. You stared at the white ceiling, avoiding to look into Kai’s direction who was still sitting on the lounge chair. He held a small book in his hand, browsing through the pages.

Meanwhile, you got lost in thought, planning a way to get away from him. Everyone had told you he was dangerous, unpredictable: your parents, your friends, your coven. Every single one had warned you about him or better about siphoners in general. They were abominations, loopholes in nature’s law. Yet you have had been naive enough to believe there was kindness in them.

There is in my sister, you thought, getting lost in your own mind as you remember why you had been sent here. Some would say she was responsible for it, but you knew better. You knew she had no say in what she was born as and therefore couldn‘t be blamed for you being here. It was rather you than her you blamed.

“Why do you even know so much about Prison Worlds? Only Gemini’s know about them.” Kai suddenly asked, interrupting the silence.  

“I’m a member of the Gemini Coven. Or better was but… - hey, is that my diary?” You replied as you shot him a glance, recognizing the book in his hands. “Give it back!”

He only laughed as you outstretched your hand, using a spell to lift it out of his reach and bring it to you. You shifted into a sitting position, holding it tight in your grip.

Freak.” You muttered more to yourself, but he must’ve heard it anyway since only for a few seconds you could’ve sworn there was something different in his eyes. Hurt? Anger? You didn’t know, but within seconds his typical mischievous spark reappeared.

“Yeah, I’ve read it. Why do people even feel the need to write every little thing down? It’s not like these memories here were so pleasant anyway. At least not until I came along.” He blinked at you to which you only responded with an eye-roll.

“It’s because sometimes that’s our way of dealing with emotions. We write things down to memorize things and be able to relive what has happened on that day. Not that you’d understand one thing about emotions, right?” You blinked at him now, remembering that your parents had referred to him as a sociopath. Unable to feel, unable to deal with emotions.

“By the way, can I go now? I really want to go back; there are so many things I wanted to do in L.A.” You said, staring into his slate blue eyes. The corner’s of his mouth dropped, the smile vanished from his face.

Even if it was only for a few seconds before he smirked again, you already knew his answer. He wouldn’t let you go. Now that he didn’t need to hide anymore he would keep you in his proximity for as long as you’d be imprisoned.

“Oh, but you can’t go. Since we are the only two people in this wasteland I thought we’d spend some time together, get to know each other. And since you didn’t notice, we aren’t exactly in L.A. anymore.” He replied, and you shot up.

Immediately you went to the nearest window and looked out, seeing giant skyscrapers and lots and lots of buildings and streets. Far away you caught a glimpse of something green.

“You brought me to New York?” You asked, turning around. Your breath got caught in your throat as he was only inches away from you, so close that if he just leaned in a bit, your noses would brush against each other.

“Yes. We arrived here on a private flight piloted by yours truly. What do you think why I had to knock you out twice after you regenerated from having your magic taken?” He answered.

His breath tickled against your soft skin, and you had to look up to look him in the eyes. At that moment it felt like sparks were flying between you, tension growing stronger with each passing second.

Right now, you couldn’t deny that even without really knowing him and him being the reason you died one time, there was something about him that drew you in - his creepily charming nature he was well indeed aware of and knew how to use. But you wouldn’t give up so quickly, wouldn’t give him an opportunity to think that he was ahead of you. No, you needed to be better than this.

Weeks had passed, and to your own surprise, you stayed. Probably because you figured that even if you disappeared, Kai would follow you, find you wherever you were.

At least he agreed that you could choose your own home and didn’t have to stay with him. Although you had warmed up to him in these past weeks, you still didn’t want to have him around 24/7. Well, you still weren’t sure if you really did start actually to like him or if it was only due to the fact he was the only person around. The only person you’d be around for the rest of your life. Trapped in this damn Prison World together. 

You would’ve tried to escape it but you both knew you needed Bennett blood to do so and neither of you had an idea where you could find some. So you would have to stay here forever. 

Currently, you were sitting in the living room as you heard a door snap. You didn’t even bother to shift in your position or even to look up, knowing it could only be Kai who came for his daily visits. At first, they had annoyed you, but now you kinda got used to it, started to like it even - though you’d never tell him that. You still behaved like you couldn’t possibly like him although your heart started beating like crazy whenever he was around, your mind drifting off thinking about all the things he could do to you. All the dirty, little things

When Kai walked into the living room, he immediately, silently took a seat on your small couch, lifting your legs up and placing them back on his lap. Automatically, you rolled your eyes while he absently stroked your bare skin. Unfortunately, you were still only wearing a far too large shirt which was showing more than it hid. 

“I thought maybe we should go to Portland.” You said, interrupting the uncomfortable silence that had built between you. Simultaneously you looked up from your book; Kai turned his head to face you.

Confusion showed on his face, a non-understanding why on all the places on the earth you would want to go to the one place where everything started. Where his story had begun. Even though he still hadn’t told you everything about the things that happened, he thought he knew enough to know that it wasn’t his greatest wish to go back home. 

You rolled your eyes as you noticed his strange expression.

“Look, we both know the Bennett’s lived in Portland in 1994. So maybe we can find something which can be used for a locator spell and perhaps we can find a way to get out of here.” You explained. 

“Don’t you think I haven’t tried it yet? I’m in here since nearly eighteen years, I did everything to get out of here.” He said, his voice growing louder with every word. 

These past eighteen years had been pure torture for him. The moment he had realized his sister had tricked him into doing the merge just to have their father send him here, he swore revenge. Anger had burned inside of him, controlled his mind, giving himself a simple mantra he had repeated over and over in his head:

If I get out of here, I’ll give the Gemini Coven an excruciating death. If I get out of here, I’ll give the Gemini Coven an excruciating death. 

This was what had kept him going, keeping him sane (as far as his sanity went). He had searched his old home, quickly found the Ascendant and had tried to use it by harnessing the power of the eclipse. Although it didn’t work since he didn’t have Bennett blood. He kept the Ascendant, traveling everywhere trying to find magical places or artifacts he could siphon to have at least a bit magic. He even learned to fly a plane to get to places far away: Australia or Asia for example. 

Only when he figured nothing worked he did the possible worst thing, the one thing that had even destroyed his last flicker of hope, his last shred of humanity. He had killed himself. Multiple times, multiple ways. 

He hadn’t told you anything about it, not wanting to destroy that kind of bond that had built in these past few weeks. Even though it was a weak bond, built on lies and mistrust, it was the thing that brought up a little hope again. Hope that maybe your magic was strong enough to find a way to work around the Bennett problem. 

“Are you even listening to me?” You asked, noticing how Kai had drifted off into his own thoughts or better memories which came rushing through, seemed like a video being played in front of his eyes. 

“What?” Kai woke up from his trance, looking at you. Startled, confused. 

Again you rolled your eyes like you did so many times, showing him a perfectly annoyed look. 

“I said that if we really intend to do it, we should get going. You’ll need to fly again and this time - no knocking out. Promise me you won’t kill me, knock me out or hurt me in any other way. If you break the promise remember who’s the one with magic, remember I can do the same things you do. And if you break your promise, I promise to make you regret ever laying a finger on me.” You said, stressing some of the words with a dangerous undertone. 

There was a spark in your eyes Kai hadn’t seen before. Excitement mixed with anger mixed with severity. He knew you meant what you said, but he also knew that he was stronger than you, quicker, more experienced in these kinds of things. In making threats. In making good on his threats. 

Nevertheless, he wanted you to feel safe. Leading you to believe that he wouldn’t try anything, that you could trust him.

So he had a big smile on his face, as he said: “I promise.”

To you, it was enough, for a moment at least. But you did know better than to believe that the one person who didn’t even shy away from killing his sibling in some of the most gruesome ways was really there promising not to hurt you. Emotions often get the better of people, you recalled something your mother had often told you. 

That’s true, your inner voice answered. It was the love to your sister that made you forget about everything. About every rule that had ever been set, about everything you had learned. It was the love to your sister that had brought you here. Trapped in this damn hell. 

You slightly shook your head, fighting off the voice trying to reason with you. What had been done was done and couldn‘t be turned back again. Even if you could you wouldn‘t since - as strange as it may sound - there was a part deep inside of you that was happy to have Kai by your side. 

Even if he was… well, Kai. Unpredictable. Dangerous. Nonetheless, a different side seeped through his facade sometimes. Deep down you knew he was just a boy looking for the most normals things in life: love, appreciation, trust. Something he had never experienced in his whole lifetime. 

“Two hours.” Kai suddenly said and stopped rubbing slow circles on your smooth skin (until now neither of you had even realized he had still been doing it). “Two hours before we meet here again and start our trip to Portland.” Our trip home, he added in his mind, a bitter taste adding in his mouth. 

He hadn’t thought about his home in quite some time so it hit him that just in a few hours you would both be there together. 

“Fine.” You nodded and got up from the couch, heading right into your bedroom. Not caring if Kai really left the house but as soon as you heard a door snap, you knew he was gone again. 

You exhaled deeply and leaned against the doorframe. Fear added to the excitement and hope you felt. Fear of the things that possibly could go wrong. Fear about Kai not keeping his promise. Fear of really being trapped in here for all eternity stuck with someone you could never fully trust. Right?