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Request: First date with Chris!

Chris’ confession came into your life like a tornado out of the blue, setting your heart a beating wreck and stirring emotions within you for him.

Nevertheless, you accepted him, and it shocked him too, and now here you are, preparing for a date with him to the nearby café. You were slightly nervous, it was your first date after all, you weren’t that sure how to dress, what to say, you didn’t exactly planned out a proper date either, but you told yourself it was going to be alright- it doesn’t matter whether the date is perfect or not, the most important thing to a date is to have fun after all.

You figured you should dress casually, and you decided to head out to the café to meet your boyfriend. Unsurprisingly however, he was already there, saving a seat for you, considering the naturally punctual kind of person he is. But what brought a smile on your face were the lovely bouquet of lilies he was holding in his hands for you.

He had a charming smile on his face, as he handed the bouquet over to you, saying he bought those for you because he thought you reminded him of the innocent beauty of those pure white flowers. You can’t help but to blush at the kind, soothing words of his, as you mumbled a thanks, while looking away to hide your blushing, embarrassed face. But he merely smiles at the sight, saying that you look endearing and there’s no need to be embarassed, and he messes your hair a little to calm you down. You jokingly scolded him, saying that he messed up your hair but you don’t really hate it at all, in fact, it was comforting.

Chris couldn’t help but to laugh softly at that, and you can’t help to think that he has one of the most radiant smiles when he truly smiled.

He passes you a menu, asking you to order anything you like. You flipped through the menu, a parfait captured your attentions and you didn’t hesitate to order the large dessert but we all know that’s a lie, all parfaits are just a physical manifestation of diabetes. Even so, Chris smiled at your enthusiasm for sweets as he ordered a plain cup of tea.

While waiting for your dessert to arrive, you started talking to Chris, asking him why in the world would he fall for someone as plain as you, someone as boring such as yourself.

Chris merely shakes his head, and placed his hand gently upon yours, comforting heat emanating from them. He says with a smile on his face, that he found beauty within the simplicity you held. He urges you not to call yourself ‘plain’ or ‘boring’, for none of those bland words suit you at all. You were as beautiful as the bouquet of flowers in his eyes, and you blushed at the kind words of his.

Soon, the parfait arrived, and his tea as well. You happily consumed the parfait, as the taste of sweetness spread through your tongue. Chris wondered if the parfait was truly that delicious.

Out of the blue, he asks you to feed it to him. You blush at the sudden request and hesitated slightly. Chris chuckled softly at your reaction. He said he was merely joking but, you can’t help but to make to make him eat his words and you do exactly as he says.

It shocks him momentarily, but nevertheless, he complies, accepting the spoonful of syrupy sugar, impressed at your boldness. You could only smirk as he complimented how dauntless you were, even though his request was a joke.

You finished up your parfait and he drank his tea as well. He offered to pay for you, but you insist on splitting the bill because you felt slightly guilty for having him to pay for everything. He figured it’d be useless to argue further, so he let you pay a part of the bill as well.

He escorted you on your way home, his hand in yours all this while, fingers intertwined in his; you could feel the warmth spreading to your hand, you feel your heart pounding in your chest at the intimacy and closeness. You found it difficult to face him, and he merely laughed lightly at you, saying that you look adorable and endearing.

You swore this man will be the death of your heart. You know it the moment he said those kind words that touched your heart, the intimacy of his actions- kissing your hand, leaving kisses lingering on your fingers, his kind, gentle smile, his protective nature; you really like him.

He kisses you on the forehead gently when you both arrived at your place, before saying to you, that he enjoyed the time he spent with you on your date with him. You smilied back at him, thanked him and told him that you would look forward to the next time you could hang out with him again. Before he could say goodbye or anything else, you mustered your courage and you kissed him on the cheek, leaving him a flustered, blushing mess. He could only flush in embarrassment, before leaving, saying that he promised to bring you somewhere else for a date again next week, and you agreed to that, smiling back at him.

How you loved him so.

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