Phi Beta Sigma ; Bucky Barnes [1]

WARNINGS: FratBoy!Bucky, Avengers!CollegeAU, nsfw !! content, protected sex, intoxicated cheating…

summary: The stereotypical narrative of what college is like –consisting much of fraternities, intimacy, and heartbreaks. So what happens if the infamous womanizer of Phi Beta Sigma mistakenly sleeps with his girlfriend’s roommate?

A/N: this most likely will be a series so ye haha… i might include a taglist here since its a series

Phi Beta Sigma is a very well known fraternity in the Avengers campus. It was filled with all the womanizers you could ever think of and was led by Steve Rogers and James “Bucky” Barnes. Surprisingly Steve wasn’t much of a flirt, he was as pure as an angel and soft as a cotton; however James was the exact opposite. He would exchange girls here and there without conscience, playing them as if they were a bunch of toys.

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How would the gang dress in modern time?

Oh fuck I gotta think

Darry— same work attire, loose blue jeans and plain tees, work boots, henleys
Steve— loose ripped dark blue jeans, Abercrombie, timberlands, forest green, snapbacks,
Soda— joggers everywhere, hoodies, nikes, North Face windbreakers, typical fuckboy attire
Pony— beanies even after 2013, awkward skinny jeans but not actually skinny jeans, graphic tees, zip-ups, H&M
Johnny— joggers, black jeans, Vans, also H&M
Dallas— all these little blog hoes need to stop saying ya boy would be an emo little rat like he wouldn’t be caught dead wearing skinny jeans after 2011 ok
Two-Bit— fucking hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts every day, nasty lil colorful nikes, the stupidest graphic tee shirts,


Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Request: @constellationsniall “Hey!!! I just had an idea for a linxreader fic, and i was wondering if you would be willing to write it??? so my idea is that lin is hosting a ham4ham show before one of the shows. He is in love with the reader, but the reader doesn’t know it, and on the ham4ham show that day he brings out a lot of the cast to sing some sort of love song (you could choose), and he seems to be singing more directly to the reader than anyone else?”

A/N: So this is my second Song fic and my third hamilcast fic so, I hope y’all like it! Requests are always open!

You took a steadying breath, looking out the window of your dressing room down at the quickly gathering crowd. Excitement bubbled up and formed into a small smile that settled upon your lips. But, along with that excited feeling, a sense of dread soon followed at the inevitable ending that would be coming in less than five hours.

It was your last performance as Peggy Schuyler and Maria Reynolds.

Sure, you’d only been playing the roles for a little over a month, but at two shows a day six days a week, you’d grown quite a fondness for, as Lin liked to call the characters, “Sober (Y/N), and drunk (Y/N)”. You’d disagreed with a scoff, but you hadn’t exactly done anything to prove him wrong. Although you hated to admit it, you knew the role wasn’t the only thing you’d miss. You’d miss the cast. 

You’d quickly grown fond of your quirky partners-in-crime, there was something in each of them that drew you. To your happy surprise, they were just as ready to accept you into their family, not hesitating to give you a chance as soon as Lin excitedly went on and on about your vocal range after he’d heard you at a karaoke bar one night. If you’d have known he’d be there that night, you would’ve sang something less sexual than “Earned It”. But maybe not. You’d never forget the way he rushed up to you after the song, rambling on about his show and how, “You’d be perfect for the role of a forgotten sister and an seductive mistress”. You shrugged an okay.

Now, two months later, you were here. Sitting at the window peering down at Ham4Ham fans with a boatload of memorable shows stored forever in your mind. Shows where you played Peggy, the innocently adorable little sister. Shows where you played Maria, the not-so-innocent young mistress of Alexander Hamilton. Shows where you got to repeatedly kiss Lin…

You shook your head, a dark blush settling on your cheeks. They were just stage kisses, that’s all. You told yourself. Even if you had felt something in those kisses, there’s no way Lin did. No way he’d felt those fireworks you’d felt since the first rehearsal, since the first time his hand caressed your sides and you felt his breath on your neck, since the first time you’d entangled your fingers into his jet-black locks, since the first time you had told him to stay.

He would’ve said something by now, Lin wasn’t one to hide things. Even on a TMI level. 

“Yooo,” A familiar head of curls appeared in the doorway, “How’s it going?” Daveed, dressed in a gray tank-top with ‘Fuck Gender Roles’ written in a white graffiti font and dark blue jeans, walked towards the window you were standing at.

“It’s going…” You shrugged, turning your eyes from the crowded street below to him.

He smiled, ruffling your hair like an older brother. Daveed had become one of your closests friends in the past two months as well as a protecitve big-brother. He’d constantly insist on walking you home, even if you already had an Uber. he’d walk you to the car and make you sure had enough money to get back to your small studio apartment. “Gonna miss this place? I won’t ask if you’ll miss me, I mean, that’s kind of inevitable.” He tossed his hair back with an aura of cockiness.

You rolled your eyes, still smiling. “Are you Jefferson or Daveed?”

“Neither.” He bent down, mock whispering in your ear. “I am actually Lafayette.”He made his typical French accent even thicker, causing you to giggle. “There’s my girl, no being sad on your last performance. I mean, Maria Reynolds was sad but you’ve gotta wait until The Reynolds Pamphlet to show that. Until then, you’ve got to be all ‘Hey Lin, let me kiss you and seduce you with my curves and shit’” He ran his hands slowly up and down his sides and pretended to swoon.

The action should’ve sent you into a fit of laughter, but all it did was cause your cheeks to catch fire and your eyes to widen. “I-I’m not trying to seduce Lin, I-I’m just playing the part.” You quickly explained, hoping he wouldn’t notice the blush spreading down your neck.

He cocked a brow, stopping his show. “I was just kid-” His eyes widened, “Holy shit. You like Lin. Like, like-like him.”

You rolled your eyes, internally cursing yourself for being able to blush so easy. “How eloquent Diggs.”

“And she doesn’t deny it!” He grinned, clapping his hands.

Anthony walked in, his hair already tied back but still wearing his usual plain navy-blue tee and black jeans. “Doesn’t deny what?”

You groaned. “Daveed don-”

“Her crush on Lin.”

Anthony nodded, shrugging his shoulders. “You’re just now catching onto that?”

You furrowed your brows. “Wait, what?” You sighed, rubbing your temples. “Does anyone else know?”

“Yeah, practically the whole cast can see the chemistry between you two up there. It’s kind of awkwards sometimes when we don’t know if y’alll are actually gonna start getting it on.” He chuckled, dodging the box of tissues you threw at him.

“Well, tell the man how you feel girl!” Daveed blurted.

You rolled your eyes. “Great idea Diggs, ‘Hey, I know we only met like two months ago and you’ve had to kiss me almost every night since then but I actually really like you so since I’m leaving and your schedule will be far too busy for me, want to go grab coffee? Oh, you don’t feel that way towards me and I’ve just ruined our friendship? Okay, excuse me while I go and pass out in shame.’ “ You shook your head. “No.”

Anthony smiled at Daveed, pulling out his phone and typing something. A minute later, Daveed’s phone buzzed and he started typing. This went on for a few minutes and finally you rolled your eyes. 

“Guys, i’m standing right here. You aren’t as slick as you’d like to think.”

“Shh! No time for that now, we’ve got a ham4ham to perform in!” Ant declared, grabbing your hand. Daveed gave you no time to respond, quickly ushering you out and down to the back door.

“I don’t know what the hell you two are up to, but I swear if you-” Anthony opened the door and pulled you out before you could finish your threat. John had just finished his rendition of “Helpless” with Lin, the audience erupting in a mix of cheers and laughs. You couldn’t help the smile that fell upon your lips at John making eyes at Lin and Lin making eyes right back.

“Alright alright! John, stop fawning over Lin and make some noise for (Y/N)(Y/L/N)!” Anthony declared, pulling you next to Lin. The audience cheered at you, Daveed and Ant’s appearance. You gave a little wave and a smile, facing the audience so you wouldn’t have to look into Lin’s hypnotizing eyes.

“So,” Daveed began, grabbing the megaphone from Lin, “We all know it’s (Y/N)’s last show.” The audience erupted in cheers and groans, something that made your eyes start to tear. “I know, I know, we’ll all miss her. Some of us more than others.” He more muttered the last part, eyes darting momentarily to Lin before continuing. “On that note, who thinks (Y/N) and Lin need to have one last song?” The crowd cheered and clapped, screaming excited Yes!’s. You glared at Daveed, mouthing, ‘What the hell are you two up to?’ to Anthony. 

He responded with a smile and shrug, taking the megaphone Daeed held out. What the hell were they planning? You looked over at Lin, who appeared just as lost as you felt. “Anybody from the audience have any suggestions?” He cupped his ear and leaned to the side as the crowd shouted so many songs at the same time. “Did I hear someone shout “Sunrise”?”  Shouts of agreeance and excitement erupted and your stomach dropped. Sunrise. One of the biggest love songs from ‘In The Heights’.

You sent a glare at both Ant and Daveed, hoping they felt the fire you were trying to shower them with. This is what they’d been planning. You turned back to Lin, who smiled and shrugged.

“I’m down. Come on Nina, let’s do this!” 

His confidence and smile melted your heart and you found yourself only able to nod, grabbing a mic that one of the crew handed you. You and Lin walked about five feet from each other, the audience quieting and the cast gathering around behind the two of you. Lin sent yo a thumbs up and tied his hair back. Shame, it always looked so nice down, but it looked really cute up, too.

You sent one back, clearing your throat and beginning. Are you ready to try again?”

Lin smiled, nodding. “I think I’m ready.”

“Okay, here we go. Esquina.”

“Corner.” He sang back.

“Tienda?” You cocked a brow.




“You sure?” you teased, smirking at the crowd. You turned back to him just as he playfully rolled his eyes and answered.

“I’m sure.”

“Three outta three, you did alright.” 

“Well teach me a little more…” He took a step closer, making the space between you smaller. You took a quick breath, heart pounding at the fact that by the end of the song, you two would be mere inches from each other. 

“Calor.” You took a small step forward, the crowd slowly fading as your eyes focused on him.

“Heat.” His smile grew smaller, but still remained.


“Last night.” He sang, winking at you.

You felt calor fall upon your cheeks again, but suddenly didn’t care whether he saw or not. This is the time you’d be able to express how you felt to his face, without really telling him at all. You weren’t really sure if you were Nina singing to Benny, or you singing to Lin. “Dolor.” Your voice dipped, and you tried not to let the emotions through too much. Just enough to put on a belivable show.

“Pain.” He nodded, walking forward then stopping.

You bit your lip, looking down. “That’s right.” You glanced up at him through your lashes. “Llamame.”

“Call me.”

“Azul.” It was your turn to walk, but you suddenly felt glued to your spot. You were afraid that if he saw the way you were looking at him, the way your heart was coming out in every lyric, he’d back away.

“Blue.” He moved forward.

“Amame?” You tried to make it come out as a question, but it sounded more like a plea.

Lin was only a foot away now, and he reached out and grabbed your hand. Your eyes shot up, this wasn’t part of the plan. “…Love me?” His plea matched yours and suddenly, your courage rose along with your voice.

You nodded slowly. “Perhaps…I do.”

He paused for a moment, pulling you gently to him by the hand. You couldn’t speak, couldn’t ask if this was part of the act or not in fear that if his answer was yes, you wouldn’t be able to finish the song. “Well,” He tilted your chin up so your eyes met and brushed a strand of hair behind your ear, “How do you say, “Kiss me”?”

“Besame.” You whispered into the mic you were white-knuckling.

“And how do you say, “Hold me”?” He held his hand on the small of your back, holding you as close to him as he could.

“Abrazame. Al amanecer. At sunrise.” You tore your eyes away, looking up and past the audience at the sun, hanging high in the sky.

He guided your chin back and looked deeply into your eyes, smiling nervously and tilting his head slightly. You took a breath, preparing to sing with him. 

“Anything at all can happen just before the sunrise.” The cast echoed the last word, everything flowing in perfect synch.

“Sunrise.” You repeatedly, your nervous smile matching his.

Now it was his line.

You waited, along with the cast and the audience, time itself standing still. Everyone waited tensely for Lin to continue the song, you waited to continue so you could focus on something other than the way his lips were only an eyelash length away from yours or the way his chocolate eyes were gazing down into yours or-

Suddenly, his lips were on yours. And he kissed you like no one had before, slowly, tenderly, lovingly. Your eyes shut as you wrapped your arms aroujd his neck, melting into the kiss. His lips seemed to be speaking the only language you ever wanted to use after this, one of understanding, of care, of passion.

You only noticed the cheers and whoops of the audience and cast after you pulled away, breathless. You opened your eyes, unable to keep a smile from your face. Luckily, he was beaming just as hard as you were.

“Benny, I think it’s your line.” You chuckled, some of the crowd laughing with you and most of the crowd still “aww”ing and snapping photos. 

“Right.” He rested his forehead against yours. “At Sunrise.” He sang.

A whole new meaning coming to the word.

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This is random but I really like reading your responses to these questions, so I wanna know...what are some clothing items or fashion styles that you associate with your mutuals!

Fuck Yes My Demon

@mochisgrl - 90′s casual (jean jackets, patches, ect.)

@younhgyun - thrift fashion (overalls, turtle necks, ect.)

@btslesbian - lesbian looks (bomber jackets, flannels, ect)

@otpvmin - classic clothes (black dresses, silver jewelry ect.)

@happykrysday - summer time (sun dresses, bright colors, ect)

@sugaas - college kid throw ons (oversized tees, hoodies, ect.)

@btsgoth - am i still punk ? (band tees, ripped jeans, ect.)

@jenniesgaygf - im trying to look put together (fishnets, layers, ect.)

@devilsgf - sporty prep wannabe (track pants, caps, ect.)

@babygukk - simplistic (plain tees, blue jeans, ect.)

@jjksboy - bf on the go (oversized tees, beanies, ect.)

@adoreumv - comfort is key (leggings, big sweaters, ect)

Mirror, Mirror: Part 4 (Dean x Reader Soulmate AU)

Summary: Normal. Despite it being such a broad word, you’re nearly the definition of it: being 17 and nearly finishing up high school. Nothing set you apart from anyone else your age, but when you start seeing a mysterious man in place of your reflection, you soon realize your life is going to become anything but ordinary.
Soulmate AU where after your soulmate dies, you see them in every reflection and only you can hear them.


Notes: I hope you enjoy :) The story picks up right where it left off.

Word Count: 1155

Song: Sóley - Pretty Face

Warnings: Angst at the end.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Your name: submit What is this?

My name is Y/N.

“ I walked back into the motel room with my dad, right?” Dean was smiling a wide smile the whole time he was telling the story, knowing you were as well in anticipation as you listened. For nearly half an hour, Dean had been telling you stories, and nearly every one of them made you cry of laughter. Both of you had been sitting there ever since you woke up, talking about different things without even realizing how much time had actually passed by.

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New Year New Me Collection: Your 2014 Style

For these looks:

Look at the different pictures and styles, decide which one works best for you and below are different pieces and articles of clothing you can use to help get the look!

Remember: Don’t Worry about what will “look best on you”. You will look beautiful in the style that you feel most comfortable in and expresses you the best. This is the new year. Challenge yourself to open up to different styles and pieces you were previously afraid to try!


External image

♥ Tights

♥ Cardigans and Sweaters

♥ Lace

♥ Lots of beige, white, pale pinks, and simple colors

♥ Accessorize- small pieces like lockets or stud earrings

♥ Dresses and skirts

Store for you: TopShop or H&M!



ღ Bows!

ღ Dresses (definitely!)

ღ In the winter- comfy sweaters, skater dresses, patterned tights

ღ In the summer- high waisted shorts, flowly skirts, tank tops

ღ Light colors like pastels. Especially light pinks, light blues, and yellows

ღ Floral

Store for you: Forever 21!



External image

Combat boots


Flannel and denim

Graphic tees and band shirts

Chunky jewelry and lots of braclets

Even dye your hair a fun color like purple or blue! (It draws all eyes to you and you become the immediate center of attention, you also come off as fun and bubbly!)

Store for you: Hot Topic, Thrift Shops, Society 6



External image

✌ Beanies and Snapbacks

✌ Vans and Keds

✌ Graphic tees with cut outs (you can do it yourself even!) and a neon colored sports bra underneath!

✌ Short shorts

✌ Knee high sport socks in neon colors

✌ Straighten your hair (just a suggestion!)

✌ Chunky necklaces and feather earrings

✌ Ankle braclets (they’re so cute)

✌ Varsity Jackets and hoodies

Store for you: American Eagle, Hollister, Wet Seal



External image

☯Big varsity shirts with leggings

☯ Blue jeans

☯ Plain white tees

☯Sneakers. I recommend Keds

☯Gray sweat pants

☯Beanies and baseball caps

☯ Fun scarves to add color!

Stores for you: Urban Outfitters and Attitude 



External image

☮ Flower crowns, bandanas, and scraves

☮Wear Nuetral colors: Browns, tans, grays and blues with certain color pieces that bring the look together

☮Feather earrings and ear cuffs

☮ Big statement jewelry pieces

☮ Flowy skirts

☮ Two inch strap tank tops

☮ Maxi dresses and High-Low dresses

☮ Sandals and combat boots

Store for you: Thrift Shops, JCPenny, and Free People



External image
▲ Bright colors (reds, yellows, oranges, bright greens, and hot pink)

▲chunky, gaudy jewelry

▲ Ripped jeans

▲ Leather pants and high wasted shorts

▲Throw overs and big sweaters

▲Lots of rings (get a lot at the thrift store- they look good and cost less)

▲ Leather boots and high tops

Store for you: Macey’s, Roxy, and Pacsun



❥Remember: In any fashion choice you must back it up. Wear it with confidence and when people try to tell you it doesn’t look good on you or it doesn’t seem like you, just remind them it’s your life and you will wear what you want to. Let 2014 become your year to find yourself and completely express yourself. You can even mix and match pieces from different looks and create your own, original style.

❥Send me an ASK if you have questions about any of the pieces or stores!

❥Want advice or tips? Message me.

NaLu AU: Not Useless

A/N: I know; the title doesn’t sound fluffy. It’s not even fluff. I actually don’t know what to call this. Maybe it’s angst…I don’t know. Shhh. ._.

Anywaysies, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAIFU (AKA. @giupear)! Welcome to the twenties! This is a birthday present from me to you, and I actually finished it early! Huzzah! It’s the sequel to your first present, When She Smiles, and I hope you like this one, too!

This is not only a birthday present, but also a thank-you gift—for being the best waifu anyone could ask for. Thank you so much for always being there for me; you’re the greatest. ;w; I’m so glad that we got to meet and become friends (and waifus!), and here’s to many more fun times for us ahead! Have an amazing birthday; I love you!

Read the prequel When She Smiles right here!

Rated: T (Trigger Warning: Mention of abandonment)
Genre: Friendship/Hurt/Comfort
Character(s): Lucy, Natsu
Pairing(s): NaLu
Synopsis: There are many things that make up a relationship—and reciprocation is a key component.

Hey Lucy, are you awake? the message read.

Lucy sighed and rolled over onto her stomach, staring at the message on her phone blankly for about a minute before she bothered to check the time.

7:44 AM.

Lucy blinked again and sat up on her bed, letting her blanket slip down onto the mattress as she quickly texted back.

Yeah, I’m awake. Question is, why’re YOU up so early? Send.

She sat there and stared at her blank screen in the dark, wondering to herself that same question even as she’d sent it. Natsu was never up this early—not even for school days. And it was a weekend, too…

Her phone buzzed hardly a minute later. She quickly checked the message.

Couldn’t sleep, he’d texted back.

Lucy frowned to herself, worry beginning to slowly coil in the pits of her stomach. She’d never dreamed that she’d ever hear him say that. If anything, he slept too much.

Did something happen? she typed hurriedly. It isn’t like you to not be able to sleep.

Her phone buzzed again.

Actually…that’s kind of why I messaged you, he’d replied.

Lucy furrowed her brow in confusion. What do you mean? she asked.

About why I can’t sleep, the reply read.

Frustration began building up in spite of the concern. Can you tell me what it is? she typed, just barely avoiding the use of an angry emoticon.

She flopped back down onto her pillow and waited for his answer, her thoughts whirling uncontrollably. He was acting strangely…something was definitely wrong…but what could it be? She couldn’t even take a guess. This’d never been an issue with Natsu, even before they’d started dating.

Lucy wasn’t sure for how long she was letting her mind wander, but it occurred to her that Natsu hadn’t yet replied. She checked her last message—it’d been over fifteen minutes. Had he finally fallen asleep? Had he chickened out?

Her phone buzzed right as those thoughts came to her—and Lucy was faced with a huge wall of text.

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The Date

I have no idea if anyone even remembers a fic that I made in October of last year called ‘chance meeting’. It was something I did when I started writing and I actually wince when I read it because I can see all the mistakes I make, but a lot of you seemed to of liked it! So this has been sitting in my drafts for way to long so I decided to quickly finish it because I know a few of you were hoping for a part 2 so this is it! I actually really like this fluffy little parter. I just need a break from my other writing and this was perfect! Hopefully you like it and ill tag the first half as well, which you will need to read to understand this!

p.s I have only tagged the people from the first half and i would tag people that asked to be tagged in the second half but it wont let me access my notes for the fic & mind my spelling it can be shocking at times!

Chance meeting


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Mckirk Prompt: High School AU! where Jim is popular kid and Bones is nerd. Jim bets on with Cupcake that he will date nerd!Bones for a week and later he will break his heart, but Jim falls in love with Bones.

Jim Kirk raised a questioning eyebrow at Hendorff. The larger boy was smirking as he pointed one thick finger over Jim’s shoulder. Jim twisted on the bench seat to look behind him. The cafeteria was teeming with hungry teenagers, all trying to fit as much socialization, food, and homework into the 30 minute lunch period as they could. Really, Hendorff could have been pointing at anyone, but considering their conversation up to that point, Jim had a pretty good idea who it was.

The dark-haired boy sitting two tables down was hunched over a biology textbook, jotting down notes continuously as his eyes scanned the pages. He was wearing plain blue tee shirt and light blue jeans. The thin-rimmed glasses that perched on his nose would have been stylish if anything else about him had said “stylish” in the first place. Leonard McCoy. Who shared Jim’s AP chem and calc classes. Who only acknowledged anything Jim said with a roll of his eyes and a scowl. 



“Aw, Cupcake,” Jim whined as he twisted back around. “Come on, the kid hates me.” 

Hendorff shrugged, never losing his smirk. “You said anyone. I choose McCoy.” 

Jim looked over his shoulder at McCoy again and sighed. He had said anyone, and Jim Kirk didn’t back down from bets. 

“Fine. What’s the deal?”

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