Birthday Heartache...Part 3

I am so glad that you guys have enjoyed this little story about Rossi.  Be on the lookout for more!  I’ve got ideas abound.

(Part 1  Part 2)

As David raced down the highway, his eyes shedding tears and his mouth mumbling a string of curses unto himself, he careens off of the highway 3 and a half hours later, following the signs for the Holiday Inn Express.

Only 10 more miles.

“Come on,” he murmurs as he gets behind a slow-moving car, his hand rearing up ready to press down on his horn as his impatience bubbles over the top.

Until something out of the corner of his eye catches his attention.

Turning his head, he flips his turn signal on as he careens over to his right, swerving into the parking lot as he squeals to a stop in the closest parking lot to the mall entrance.

Usually he wasn’t one to partake in the “mall experience,” but with much groveling to do, he didn’t want to show up empty-handed.

Whipping out his cell phone, he rushes into the mall entrance as he texts you, asking you for your room number so he wouldn’t have to make yet another pit-stop at the front desk.

And then, he barreled into the first store.


Sitting anxiously on the hotel suite couch as your legs begin to jiggle up and down, you raise up quickly and rush to the bathroom, inspecting yourself once again before fluffing your hair up a bit.

You had decided to put yourself together before he arrived.

And you were anxious for him to be here.

Studying yourself in the mirror as you huff lightly, you decide against your better nature and pull your sparse make-up bag over, unzipping the pouch as you begin to pull out the barely there contents.

You usually didn’t wear make-up, but you figured this would constitute as a special occasion.

You didn’t even get the cap off of your foundation before a knock on your door rang out.

And suddenly, you couldn’t breathe.

Listening to the knock sound again, you hear something rustling outside of the door before you hear your phone ringing on the couch.

Come on, Y/N.  Pull yourself together.

Giving yourself a deep sigh, you cut the bathroom light off as you rush to the door, smoothing out your shirt one more time before unlocking the latches on your door.

Slowly swinging the door open, your haggard eyes surveying the man in front of you, a twitch of a smile slowly begins to caress your cheeks as David smiles broadly in front of you.

“Hey there,” he says, his words that he had rehearsed failing him as his eyes rake over your body, taking stock of the lightly bloodshot eyes and the slightly slumped posture.

You were tired.

Meaning you hadn’t slept the night before.

Because of him.

He felt his heart drop to his stomach.

“Would you like to come in?” you breathe, stepping aside as the man quickly crosses through the threshold, making his way to the small kitchen table as he drops the bags on his arms into the chairs.

Quickly turning back to you, he sees your eyelids droop in a blink, raising a bit slower than most as he begins to take tentative steps towards you.

“You’re tired,” he states.

“You’re here,” you muse.

He stopped in front of you, his arms dangling at his sides as he finds himself yet again at a loss for words.

“I had those whole speech planned out and-”

Swallowing hard as you watch him struggle, you take a small step towards him as you take a long breath through your nose.

“Why are you here, David?” you ask, your voice weak and tired.

“Because I know you aren’t here, in a hotel in North Carolina, because of a bad date,” he states.

“Then why am I here?” you ask, taking yet another tiny step towards him as his eyes quickly shift to your feet, then back to your eyes.

“Because someone broke your h-…heart,” he says, his voice breaking ever so lightly.

“And you’ve come to do what?  Sweep me off my feet?” you ask, cocking your tired body lightly as your eyes dance slowly down his body before caressing back up.

“No,” he breathes as he takes a step forward, his hand reaching out lightly as he places it on your arm before slowly sliding it down, catching your hand within his as your cheeks begin to flush a pale shade of pink.

“I’ve come to apologize,” he murmurs, pulling you to his body as his other hand comes up to your cheek, warming your face as your lips fall desperately into his, your free hand snaking around his waist and pressing into the small of his back…trying to get as close to him as you can.

To breathe as much of him as you can.

To taste as much of him as he would allow.

And all too soon, the kiss was done, and as you felt him pulling back lightly your eyes flutter open, meeting with his as his eyes dance in between yours.

“I can’t believe I was so blind,” he whispers, his breath hot on your skin as you close your eyes once more, taking in the smell of mint and coffee as he raises his lips and presses them against your forehead.

“Mio angelo, mi dispiace molto,” he murmurs into your skin.

“Tu sei qui ora. Questo è tutto quello che conta,” you lull, giggling lightly as David’s eyes widen and connect back with yours.

“Surprise,” you whisper sheepishly as your cheeks deepen in color.

The gaze in his eyes…the look he was giving you…you had only ever seen it once before.

And it was back when Strauss was still alive.

“I have a few surprises of my own,” he says lowly, his hand reluctantly pulling away from your cheek as he side-steps, his hand gliding around your back in one swift motion as he urges you to walk up to the kitchen table.

“I figured you just went grocery shopping,” you muse playfully.

“We’ll get to food, bellissimo,” he says smoothly.

His voice made your back muscles shiver.

As your eyes dance upon the bags in the chairs, you see his hands come into view as they grasp the handles of one.

“Start here,” he says.

Taking the bag from him as a smile encompasses your face, you open it up as you stick your hand down into the tissued bag, your fingertips grazing across a soft, silky material as you grasp it and pull it out.

Dropping the bag as you hold it up, the fabric falls down, cascading to the floor as your lips lightly part in shock.

“David, how did you-?”

“I have my talents,” he says smugly, your hands reaching for the tag in the back of the dress as you chuckle breathlessly and shake your head.

He knew your dress size.

“What is this for?” you ask, furrowing your brow as your eyes continue to take in the beautiful royal blue, asymmetrical, one-shouldered dress with glistening silver accents.

“For this,” he says, handing you a card in your hand, complete with a reservation time for Sunday evening.

“But you have work on Monday?” you question, your eyes shooting up to him as you lay the beautiful dress over your forearm.

“No I don’t,” he says, his eyes locking with yours as you hold each other’s gaze for a few seconds longer.

“So…what are the rest of these?” you ask, thumbing behind you as David takes the dress from you.

“Open them.  I’m gonna go find a hanger for this.”

And off he went.

Turning back towards the bags, you pick one up as you begin to remove items from them, your eyes glistening over as you begin to unwrap and unravel the most beautiful pieces of jewelry you had ever seen.

A beautiful set of sapphire, tear-drop, dangling earrings.  A pearl necklace with a small clear crystal separating each pearl.  A dainty clutch purse, conveniently the same color as your dress.

And a pair of beautiful royal blue flats, a bow adorned upon the top of each.

“I’ve never seen you wear heels,” he says from the doorway of your bedroom, your head whipping up as tears begin to drip down your face.

And his face fell.

“Oh amore mio,” he murmurs, striding across the room and wrapping you within his arms, “tell me what’s wrong.”

“These are….they’re…they’re beautiful, Da-David.  So…so so beautiful.”

Peeling away from him as you sniffle, you bring your hand up to wipe at your nose as you try desperately to calm your sobs.

“Why are you doing all of this?” you whisper, your eyes squinting in confusion as you lift your furrowed gaze up to Rossi, “Where’s-…where’s your girl from last night?”

And all of a sudden, his speech flooded back into his mind.

“I don’t know where she is.  And I don’t know who she is.  And that doesn’t reflect well on me as a man, but it doesn’t dictate the kind of man I can be.”

Feeling him take the shoes from your arms, he sets them on top of the kitchen table as he reaches for your hands, taking them within his as he steps closer to you.

“You are, without a doubt, one of the only women I’ve met that I felt was truly out of my league.  I could begin listing all the ways you are, but we would be here for quite a while.”

You snickered lightly as the sentiment as you feel his hand let go, trailing up to your face as his finger begins to brush away the wetness of your tears.

“I never pursued you because I never saw you as an option.  I never saw a woman like you…much less you…ever saying ‘yes’ to a dinner date.  I never saw you allowing me to slip my arm around your waist, or buy you gifts, or hold you close.  I never saw you picking up my phone calls late at night, or staying over, or letting me hold you close to me.”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing.

The great David Rossi believed you to be too good for him.

How considerably wrong he was.

“And when you pile that insecurity on top of our age difference…” he trails off.

You had heard enough.

Raising your free hand up to his cheek, you cup his face as your loving eyes dance along his features, taking in every hair, and every crevice, and every movement as you watch his own eyes water.

“It kills me that I don’t know what you’re thinking,” he whispers, turning his head as he presses a light kiss into the palm of your hand.

And then you found your courage.

“I’m thinking that I don’t have to wear that dress until tomorrow night,” you lull, a shadow of a grin twitching your cheek as you lock your eyes with his.

“And I’m thinking that a California king-sized bed is a pretty big bed,” you continue, squeezing the hand of his you were already holding as you begin to turn him around, your body slowly backing towards the darkened bedroom door.

“And I’m thinking that we have a lot of time to account for,” you lower your voice, turning around and walking him, hand-in-hand, slowly towards the room.

But then, you feel an arm snake around your waist, a hand settling on your stomach as it splays across your midsection, urging you to stop walking.

Then, you felt his chest press into you.

And then…?  His breath in the crook of your neck.

The feeling alone made your eyes flutter closed.

“You aren’t obligated to do anything like this,” he whispers into your ear, his breath causing the air escaping between your lips to audibly flush as your chest begins to lightly heave.

“Don’t you dare take this from me, David,” you breathe as you twirl around in his arms, your stern eyes connecting with his as you watch his expression morph from worry to shock.

“I’ve watched you parade woman after woman around in your life.  I’ve shaken their hands knowing exactly where they would be that night.  I’ve greeted them at the door knowing exactly where their mouths had been.  I’ve seen the gleaming smile on your face knowing exactly why you’re happy.”

Feeling the hot tears of embarrassment rise up again in your eyes, you close them and swallow hard as you feel David’s hand push a stray strand of hair back away from your face.

“Let me love you, David,” you whisper desperately, opening your eyes as tears begin to race down your face once more.

“Just let me love you,” you urge breathlessly.

And as David’s lips collide into yours, his shaking arms snaking around your body as he rakes you closer to him, you raise your legs up and wrap them around his body as he walks you through the threshold of the hotel bedroom, your arm reaching out to shut the door as darkness falls upon both of your pulsating, writhing, gasping bodies.

The two of you didn’t even make it to the bed.

12 Days of Sanvers Christmas, Day 5

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4

The return of Lucy Lane, Cat Grant, and Sanvers bathroom sex during L Corp’s holiday party. Need I… say more?

Alex had told her to wear something nice – it was L Corp’s fancy ass holiday party, after all – but damn, did Maggie follow through.

A sleeveless black number, ending just at mid-thigh, hair done up so no one could miss the delicate twitches of her muscular back slipping into view from the completely backless dress.

Winn had to nudge Alex in the ribs to get her to close her jaw and prevent her from drooling.

“You… clean up nice,” she choked out, reversing the first time that Maggie had assured her she wasn’t all business. Maggie beamed.

“So do you, with the hair and the shoes and the – ” She gestured up and down to Alex’s entire body – a one-shouldered blue dress that clung to every curve perfectly, that stopped just shy of indecently short – and trailed off. Instead of the embarrassment that Alex would normally feel at someone reminded her of how she’d stammered, at a loss for words, she instead felt light, happy, cared for, listened to: Maggie had remembered exactly what she’d said. She’d cared. She’d listened. She’d remembered. And judging by the look on her face – the pure holiday giddiness mixed with dangerous desire – she’d found it much more than endearing.

Maggie paused a step or two in front of Alex, not knowing if she’d want to kiss in front of her friends yet. She did, and Maggie’s pulse bounded as Alex brought her hand to her cheek and kissed her quickly, but with slightly parted lips that made Maggie’s heart race and stop all at the same time.

“Hi,” she whispered shyly when Alex pulled away, and Alex echoed the greeting back.

Maggie tore her eyes away from Alex – if she didn’t stop looking at her now, she never would, and if she didn’t stop looking, she wouldn’t stop touching her, and if she didn’t stop touching her, she’d have to arrest herself for public indecency – and glanced over at a widely grinning Winn and a politely eyes-averted James.

“Where’s Kara?”

Winn choked and James thumped him on the back. “She’s uh… pulling double duty tonight.”

Maggie pursed her lips and leaned in to whisper to the boys. “So Lena invited Supergirl, too, huh?”

They spluttered and Alex, not hearing, arched an eyebrow: Maggie just winked broadly before lacing her fingers through Alex’s and leading her into the fully decked out L Corp lobby.

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Belated (John Laurens X Reader)

Prompt: (Not that I was really sent this but I had it from an old rp and thought it’d be cute.) Y/N has never really celebrated their birthday, her family didn’t acknowledge it so neither did she. Laurens finds out he missed her birthday like a week later and freaks out about missing it.

Word Count: 1,973

This is the first fic I’ve written in a damn while. Let me know what you think babes.


There was one thing good about not having many female friends to hang out with: it wasn’t very likely that creeps were gonna come up and bother you. From when you went out with just Angelica it was an entirely different story. It was worse when you went out alone. You had decided to treat yourself to a birthday drink last week and no less than five guys offered to buy you another round only to call you a bitch when you refused.But now you were out with Lafayette and Hercules, waiting for Alex and John to show up. And nobody approached you. It was nice. You weren’t sure if you should be bothered about the fact or not. Instead you pushed the thought from your minds, tuning in to whatever conversation your friends where having.Fighting was a better word for it. They did this a lot. You all did, get into the biggest arguments over the stupidest things.

“Mon ami, I am French. There is no other country that bakes like we do. It does not become a cupcake just because you put frosting on it. Ask the owner of any pâtisserie and they will tell you ze same thing.”

“I don’t give a fuck about what the French thing. Don’t y'all eat snails? Y/N back me up. Muffins are just cupcakes without icing, yeah?”

“Escargots is amazing. And just-”

“ Gilbert, when did you change your name to Y/N?” You interrupted him, noting Herc’s laugh and turning to him “You’re wrong though. A cake without icing isn’t bread, right?”

“Y/N! You were supposed to have my back!”

“About what?” Alexander came up behind you, clapping a hand down on your shoulder and sending you jumping out of your seat.

“Jesus Christ, you did that on purpose!” You swatted Alexander’s hand away, rolling your eyes at his amused grin. He went to sit down, and you very quickly occupied the seat next to you with your bag. You shrugged and gestured to the seat opposite next to Hercules,throwing his smirk right back at him.

“That’s just petty.” He rolled his eyes, moving to sit on the crowded side of the table.

“She’s just using it as an excuse my friend. She wants Laurens next to her.” Lafayette remarked, raissing his eyebrows at you. You rolled your eyes at it, but that didn’t stop the other two from rolling a few remarks your way. Get drunk and try to kiss the guy one time and you still haven’t lived it down. Didn’t matter that you had a tiny crush on John, that you had maybe spent one or two nights wishing you were curled up next to him in bed. They sure as hell didn’t need to know that.

“Where is he, anyways? Thought you were coming together.”

“He probably got lost. He walked in before me.” Alex shrugged, looking around. “He’ll find us eventually.”

You turned your head towards the bar, eyes landing on John’s ponytail, chatting up some girl you didn’t know at the bar. “ Seems really lost to me.” You noted, ignoring the slight pang you felt hit your chest. Reasoned it was probably just because he was about to ditch you and the guys without even bothering to come over and say hello.

“GET IT LAURENS!” Herc cheered, sure to embarrass him. You definitely wanted to thank him for that, instead just laughing as the woman swatted his arm and stormed off. You’d do the same as her, probably, but you couldn’t bring yourself to feel bad as John came over to your table.

“So nice of you to join us, putain.” Laf teased him. You moved you bag so he could sit.

“Saving me a seat? How sweet, Y/N” John poked your side as he sat down. “ Thanks a lot about that by the way. It was going fine right till your loud ass ruined it.” He grumbled, kicking Hercules under the table.

“We didn’t invite you to pick up chicks, Laurens. “ Alex rolled his eyes. “Drinks with our friends means drinks with our friends.” You could sense another Hamil-lecture coming on.

“ Settle this. Is a cupcake without icing a muffin or not?” You brought up their arguements again to distract Alexander before he killed the buzz.

And the night went on, laughing and drinking with your friends. But it was getting late. You finished your round, and grabbed your bag, still laughing from Laf’s last comment. “I’m calling it a night. I’ve got a free über ride if anyone wants to share”

“How’d you manage that?” John raised an eyebrow, standing up to let you out. Alex stood too, nodding at the offer of a ride.

You shrugged. “They sent a code for my birthday last week. Haven’t used it yet.”

The four men all turned to you in shock, and you weren’t sure why. “Ma chérie, what do you mean your birthday?”

“My birthday was last Wednesday.” You replied, noting John was still standing, you guessed that meant he was riding with you and Alex.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” He piped up, staring at you. He smelled like whiskey. “Y/N…” He sat back down, and you were still just so confused. You looked over at Laf,then Herc,Alex. They all had the same expression of confusion on their face. Turning back to John, he looked…angry. Like he was mad he didn’t know about it.

“It’s no big deal, I mean. I don’t really celebrate it.” You pulled out your phone, starring to load über, just to look away from the boring eyes of your friends. “I’m gonna go wait for the car outside. I’ll see you guys later,alright?” You forced a smile, looking back up. Focused on the napkin crumpled where you were sitting. The alcohol in your system was making you want to cry. You turned and walked to the door, Alex following, silent.

You threw your pillow at your bedroom wall when you got home, but you didn’t have the effort to pick it up as you fell asleep in your full makeup

John wouldn’t text you back. It’d been almost four days since the bar and you couldn’t get him to talk to you. You were getting mad, there wasn’t any good reason for him to be acting like this. It was your birthday!

“Y/N!” A voice called, on top of a knocking at your door. You weren’t in the mood, but as they repeated your name it became clear they weren’t going away.

Walking over to your door, you tried to clean the messy bun your hair was in a little bit before opening the door to- John Laurens. In a suit of all things. You nearly shut the door in his face. But you missed him, and that made you hesitate.

“What the fuck, John? You have been avoiding me for days! Why in hell are you gonna just show up here with no warning!” You snapped, trying not to yell. He blinked at you, a little taken aback. This was probably the first time he’d ever seen you mad.

John just held up a bag with tissue paper sticking out of it. “Happy Birthday? Belated.” His expression changed into a toothy smile and you wanted to melt. So you stepped aside and let him in, shutting the door behind you

“I swear to God if you haven’t been talking to me because I didn’t tell you about my birthday I might actually kill you, John Laurens. If anyone should be mad about that night it’s everyone but you, you almost ditched us for some girl you just happened to meet on your way to the table! You hadn’t even said hello! I will loose my shit if it’s because of that.” You warned, crossing your arms.

“Only kinda. I didn’t want to ruin the suprise.” You rolled your eyes, entertaining him only for now. Jesus, you picked the wrong on of your friends to have a crush on. No way Lafayette would have put you through any of this.

“Do I get to see it now or..” You questioned, noting that John was still holding on to it.

“It’s was planning on giving it to you at dinner, Y/N. I made reservations at this stupidly fancy place. The guys and Angelica are gonna meet us there. “ You shook your head as he told you that. You didn’t want a birthday party. You didn’t care about your birthday. “Hey. You give everyone the most thoughtful gifts on their birthdays,and come Christmas nobody wants to give a present after you because what’s better than that one thing that I’ve told nobody about but been wanting all year? Y/N you have no clue how obviously you wear your heart on your sleeve. I love it, but you make us look bad in comparison. Like you go next level.You’re a heartfelt asshole so it’s our turn to give back. Doesn’t matter if you didn’t celebrate them before. Can’t hurt to give it a chance, can it? It’s just a night with your friends.”

You blinked at John,smiling at his mini speech. “Fine, you win Laurens. Help me pick out something to wear.” You rolled your eyes, heading towards your room. His words were playing in your head as you skimmed over your closet.

After a while, you settled on a dark blue one shoulder dress, and finished your hair and makeup. “I’m all set.” You came into the living room where you had kicked the other out to wait as you got changed.

“Almost. Close your eyes.” You gave him a look of exasperation before complying. John came up behind you. His breath was hot on your neck and his hands briefly brushed past your shoulders as he laid something on your chest, securing it. “Open.”
Looking down, a hand flew to bring the pendant into your line of vision. “Maybe it’s a little cheesey..but, it’s your birthstone surrounded by all of ours. Mine,Angelica’s, Alex, Laf and Herc. Just so you always have a reminder, we’re all in this together. No secret birthdays anymore. We don’t have to do something big every year, but I’ll be damned if I’m not celebrating the day the world gave me you. Us.” He corrected, but you’d alright caught it, despite the welling tears in your eyes.

“I hate you, so much. Let me be perfectly clear.” You laughed, your voice cracking before you spun on your heel and caught John Laurens in a kiss, all common sense pushed to the side for just a second. Then you pulled away, realizing exactly what you’d done.

“If I ask if you were jealous of that girl in the bar, what’s the likelihood I get slapped?” He spoke after a moment of awkward silence. You laughed, shaking your head before even bothering to answer.

“Pretty close to a hundred percent there.” You smiled.

“Then I won’t ask. But can we do that again? Just so I can be sure how much you hate me.” John was grinning now, and you definitely had somethingto talk about tonight. No more ignoring texts now.

“We’re late for dinner, John.” You noted, grabbing your bag and moving to your front door, smirking at him, deciding not to let him know a bit of the dark red had smudged onto his lip. Yet.

Married, A Rucas/Joshaya Fic

—Here the fifth story of the haitus which means the hiatus is almost half over. This is the chapter many have been waiting for. This was so much fun to write. This is one of my absolute favorite stories I have written to date. And this is just the beginning. There is so much more fun stuff still to come during this hiatus series.  There a some ‘sources’ for this story at the end but read the story first. Don’t go to the end first. Don’t even think about it. Please read this story. Please tell me what you think. Please share it if you like it! Enjoy!!—

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You Meet At a Wedding (Calum Hood Imagine)

A/N: this started out as a 4/4 preference but as I started writing Calum’s part I got a little carried away.. I apologize for all the Calum feels in advance. also happy new year guys! :D

Staring at your best friend as she said her teary I-Do’s to her husband had made you want to cry. Although one half of you was very happy and excited for her, the other half couldn’t shake off the feeling that you would be alone for the rest of your life. Standing beside her as her maid of honor, you tried to picture how you would look and act on your wedding day but you couldn’t. No guy in your life had swept you off your feet as Austin had done for (Y/BFFs/N) and you felt like no one ever would. Life wasn’t like a Nicholas Sparks novel and none of your past relationships had been as effortless as (Y/BFFs/N) and Austin’s. As you were zoning out, you were jolted back into reality as you felt a nudge from (Y/BFFs/N) to take the best man’s hand and walk back down the aisle to conclude the ceremony. You quickly smoothed down your navy blue one shouldered bridesmaids dress and grabbed the best man’s hand.
(Y/BFFs/N) looked flawless in her beaded and strapless ballgown. She looked like a modern day princess and Austin couldn’t take his eyes off her the whole night; you found yourself smiling at how happy they were together. Their reception was full of laughter and dancing. It was amazing that you could watch your best friend be so happy on one of the best nights of her life. Although you were ecstatic for her, you couldn’t shake the feeling of loneliness that you had had ever since the ceremony. As the night continued on, you reserved a permanent spot for yourself at a table towards the back of the venue. (Y/BFFS/N) and the other bridesmaids could see how sad you were and had tried–unsuccessfully–to get your mind off of whatever was bugging you in the best way they knew how: attractive males. You felt so terrible for politely declining the invitations of each of the boys they had sent over. You could see how nervous and uncomfortable they were because they had been pressured to ask you from your friends. While you felt bad for saying no, your only partner for the night would be your glass of champagne. You didn’t want to dance or think about love. All you wanted to do was sit, watch people, and stuff your face with dessert.
As you sat at the table watching couples dance the night away, you felt a light tap on your shoulder. Preparing to recite your prepared speech to decline their invitation to dance you were struck by this mysterious stranger in front of you.  To say he was tall, dark, and handsome was an understatement .This man’s dark brown eyes gazed intently into yours as you found yourself visibly speechless. His tan skin was very well suited for the jet black suit and black tie he was wearing. His dark brown hair was perfectly styled, with a very noticeable blonde streak right in the middle. While your eyes were raking down his body in his suit, you heard the stranger clear his throat. “Um, excuse me. My eyes are up here.” He winked at you, causing a blush to form on your cheeks. “Awe hey, I’m sorry. I was only trying to make you laugh. I’m Calum. Cousin of the groom.” He stuck out his hand. Composing yourself you shook his hand and replied, “Y/N. Maid of honor and the bride’s best friend.” “Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you Y/N. But i have to ask, why do you look so sad? I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to be at a wedding, not a funeral.” He joked as he sat down next to you. You cracked a small smile as you mockingly glared at him. “Well, to be brutally honest this whole night I’ve been picturing how foreboding my future is going because my future consists of becoming a cat lady and living alone.” You looked down out of embarrassment. Why you had just told an attractive stranger how pathetic your life had become was beyond you. Calum started to heartily chuckle as you began to shrink farther and farther down in your chair. “Calum, it was a pleasure to meet you but I’m -” “Wait.” He interjected, grabbing your hand as you were standing out of your chair. He motioned for you to sit back down as he cleared his throat again.“I didn’t mean to offend you, I was just laughing because that statement has to be further from the truth.” His eyes full of sincerity. You stopped him before he could continue. “Calum, I’ve had a pretty rough day and I’d just like to go home. I am terribly sorry for the embarrassment and pressure that my friends put you under to come talk to me, but I’m just going to go home.” You confessed, giving Calum a cordial smile as you began to leave the table. But, before you could leave, Calum stopped you, grabbing your hand and spinning you around to face him.“To be quite honest, Y/N,I’ve been watching you all night trying to get the courage to ask you to dance. Every time I was about to approach you, some one else had asked you and you had turned them down. I promise in no way shape or form did your friends pressure me to come talk to you. I just wanted to make conversation with the beautiful girl who was sitting by herself in a corner. So please let me make your day better and dance with me?” He begged, a small nervous smile formed on his lips at the end of his speech. You were at an impasse. You could choose to leave and never see him again or take a chance and accept Calum’s invitation. Speechless, you smiled at Calum and grabbed his hand as the both of you headed towards the center of the dance floor.
“And that girls is the story of how I effortlessly got your mom to fall head-over-heels for me.” Calum cockily concluded. You peered in from the kitchen to see Calum in your family room, with your two daughters on his lap. You smiled to yourself, knowing how much he loved to tell them the story of how you two met. “Honey, I’m not quite sure it was that easy.” You joked as you entered the family room to join Calum and your daughters on the couch. “I do clearly remember how many times you stepped on my toes that night and how you spilled coffee down my dress.”’“Hey! That was an accident!” He exclaimed, causing your daughters to giggle. “But I am glad that you convinced me to go out to lunch with you the next day.” You grinned, giving Calum a light peck on the lips. “Ew!” Your girls yelled covering their eyes. “Daddy has cooties!” your daughter Violet screamed. “Sweetie, someday you won’t think boys are icky..but that day won’t happen until you’re 30.” You husband replied, tickling Violet which caused her to erupt in giggles. “Mommy, when did you know you loved Daddy?” Savannah, your other daughter, asked. “The moment he asked me to dance.” You admitted, earning an awe from your daughters. “See girls! I knew I was right!” Calum cheered, embracing you and the girls into a hug.


She was absolutely thrilled to be going on this date. Patrick finally came back and it was as if he never left. He still had a lot to prove before she willingly admitted to trusting him again.

Getting ready in her blue one shoulder cocktail dress, she was told to meet him at the place, which was a fancy restaurant with a dance floor. She waited, sipped some white wine as she waited.