so happy. so so so so happy.

this ain’t zoomed they were that close

I took so many photos and videos but this one is one of my favorites.

how my ass wiggled its way all the way to the front next to ppl who camped outside since 6am, I’ll never know

but I did

and I had eyesex with Jungshin Chingu all night

and they were more perfect, cute, funny, and talented than I could’ve ever imagined possible. seriously they are all perfect. so kind, humble, and you can tell they were SO happy to be playing in New York* for the first time. Yonghwa’s eyes even watered at the end. I might write a full fan account soon but as I’m sitting here in this shabby hotel room in the heart of Times Square during this crazy New York City blizzard

I’ll just say

it was definitely one of the best nights of my life


Blue Moon in LA – “Tattoo”

The intro! OMG the intro. So awesome.

Seriously, how will I be able to enjoy the studio version when I’ve now experienced this?

Jungshin’s slapping is just ugh so awesome. One of my favorite bass techniques. Then Jonghyun’s face-melting lead guitar solo near the end. And Yonghwa’s crazy screamo.


Definitely one of my faves of the night.

(fancam cr: YanisRei)