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•Why did you choose your URL? I used to be really thirsty for Marx and I was going to do paladinofnohr but it was taken lol can you imagine calling me pal instead of cav!?! But yeah basically I wanted a fire emblem related name and also waned to express my thirst so yeah!

•If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?
Those golden kites from Fates are really cool

•Favorite color? Blue > Green > Purple

•Favorite song?
Lololol basically any song by Lorde or Lana del Rey are my favorite songs. Also I really like Sia and Beyonce.

•What are your top 5 favorite fandoms?
I only interact with the fire emblem fandom so I’ll just do fav series: Fire Emblem, Zelda, Splatoon, Smash Bros, Pokemans, honorable mention Xenoblade!

•Why do you enjoy Tumblr?
I joined because I wanted to immerse myself in fire emblem content cause I was really feeling the hype over the summer. Now I still like to see fire emblem art and meet cool people!

•Tag all 9 of your Tumblr crushes - I don’t have any but here are some of the people I really enjoy talking to (I know most of you have been tagged but whatever I just want you to know you are really cool) @random-senpai @tmelart I don’t know what your URL is right now sorry Mel XDDDD @sleepy-kamui @dancing-aqua @amagicrobot @mizusas @dandantsunkun @scare-bear-draws @tactfiction

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  • 1. Drink: Milk.
  • 2. Phone call: My mom
  • 3. Text: Jesse
  • 4. Song you listened to: “Yeah Yeah Yeahs” by Maps
  • 5. Time you cried: Lol a couple days ago I was chopping onions. XD
  • 6. Dated someone twice: Nope
  • 7. Been cheated on: Nope
  • 8. Kissed someone and regretted it: Yes
  • 9. Lost someone special: My grandma
  • 10. Been depressed: Nope
  • 11. Been drunk and thrown up: BAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHA … yes.
  • List 3 favorite colors: 
12. Midnight Blue 13. Crimson 14. Black


  • 15. Made a new friend: Yupp.
  • 16. Fallen out of love: Nope
  • 17. Laughed until you cried: Oh, it’s been a while since someone made me laugh that hard. I need to find funnier friends. XD
  • 18. Met someone who changed you: Yup.
  • 19. Found out who your true friends are: Yeah … I guess.
  • 20. Found out someone was talking about you: LOLOLOL No one every talks about me.
  • 21. Kissed anyone on your fb list: Yup.


  • 22. How many ppl from your fb list do you know irl: I’d say a good majority of them. Maybe just a couple I know from just the internet.
  • 23. Do you have any pets: A dog! 
  • 24. Do you want to change your name: Nope.
  • 25. What did you do for your last birthday: I went to visit my family in New Jersey!
  • 26. What time did you wake up today: ahhaha 10:30 ish, I really slept in.
  • 27. What were you doing last night around midnight: I had just finished watching the movie Alien with my housemates.
  • 28. Name something you can’t wait for: When I finally graduate college. lol
  • 29. Last time you saw your mom: Last week
  • 30. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I dunno maybe just feel like I’m actually making progress somewhere instead of always feeling like I’m in a deep hole that I can’t get out of. I dunno.
  • 31. What are you listening to rn: Nothing.  There’s actually somebody playing some Spanish music outside my place. Lol so I guess that.
  • 32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Nope.
  • 33. What’s getting on your nerves rn: Retail customers. Only a leetle bit. haha
  • 34. Blood type: Hoh, I should know this.
  • 35. Nickname: Too many, just look them up in my bio.
  • 36. Relationship status: Single like a pringle!
  • 37. Zodiac sign: Leo
  • 38. Pronouns: He/Him
  • 39. Favorite tv shows: Too many, Parks and Rec, The Office, the list goes on.
  • 40. High school: You wanna know where I’ve beeeen?
  • 41. College: You wanna know where I’m attt?
  • 42. Long or short: This is about hair? Lol Short-ish.
  • 43. Height: 5′-6″
44. Do you have a crush on someone: Mmm, I guess.
45. What do you like about yourself: I like that I love to laugh.
46. Right or left handed: Right handed
47. First surgery: Never had one.
  • 48. Piercings: None
  • 49. First best friend: Matthew M. and Adam S. from East Rutherford, NJ! 
50. First sport you joined: Hah, none. I’m like the least athletic person around.
  • 51. First vacation: I think it was a family roadtrip down to Florida when I was just a beb.


  • 52. Eating: Nope.  I did have Pork Cassoulet for dinner though.
53. Drinking: Nope.
  • 54. I’m about to: Waste some more time on Tumblr.
  • 55. Listening to: Nothing.


  • 56. Kids: Maybe
57. Get married: Yes
58. Career: Yes


  • 59. Lips or eyes: Eyes
60. Hugs or kisses: Hugs
61. Taller or shorter: Taller
  • 62. Older or younger: Older 
63. Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous
64. Nose, stomach, or nice arms?: Nice arms.
65. Sensitive or loud: Sensitive
  • 66. Hookup or relationship: Relationship
67. Troublemaker or hesitant: Troublemaker. 


  • 68. Kissed a stranger: Nope.
  • 69. Drank liquor: Yes.
70. Lost glasses/contacts: YES, MANY TIMES.  I lost a pair once in the seat of a tricycle in the Philippines.
71. Had sex on the first date: Erm … depends on what your definition of sex is.
72. Broke someone’s heart: Oh, I hope not.
73. Turned someone down: Yes
74. Cried when someone died: Most definitely.
75. Fallen for a friend: Yup, it’s a bad habit of mine.


  • 76. Yourself: Yes.
77. Miracles: Yes.
78. Love at first sight: Uhhh … kinda, but leaning toward no.
79. Heaven: Yes
  • 80. Santa Claus: No
81. Kissing on a first date: Sure.


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Name: Meg

Nickname: Megs, Meggy, Meggymoos, Smeg, Prince moist babe (my friend likes to call me things that make me cringe and it sticks XD) and Rainbow

Star sign: Taurus BISHES

Gender: Genderfluid

Height: 5′9 (cuz I’m chubby and kinda tall it’s awesome for bear hugs ^-^)

Favorite color: Dark blue annnd black

Time right now: 8:33pm

Average hours of sleep: Between 0 and 1 zillion years..yuup I will never be not tired

Last thing I googled: Odeon cinema to book tickets for deadpool!!

Number of blankets I sleep under: My duvet..thats about cold someone cuddle me in my sleep >.<

Favorite fictional character: Probably Christopher Boone from ‘The curious incident of the dog in the night time’. I highly recommend this book and the theatre version as it’s an awesome emotional rollercoaster about an autistic boy on a mission to solve a mystery and the way he sees the world in his eyes. PREPARE THE TISSUES PEOPLE! But srsly if you do end up reading/seeing it or have read it then send me your reviews cuz I’d love to hear them!! :3

Favorite books: Harry Potter,The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime, all Michael Morpurgo books, TABINOF, The mysterious benedict society, The unwanteds annnd Goodnight Mr Tom (sad shizzicles).

Favorite bands/singers: Muse, Greenday, Fall out Boy, Panic at the disco, My Chemical Romance, Arctic Monkeys, Halsey Twenty one pilots,  Ed Sheeran, Jamie Lawson, System of a down, Bon Jovi, Nirvana, Slipknot, BMTH (some you may not know but I love) Tracy Chapman, Rod Stewart, The Who, Razorlight, The Specials, Madness, UB40, The Pogues and sooo onnn XD

Dream job: It was to be a photographer but cuz I’ve already got an animal business then anything with animals. I don’t really have any life goals but to be happy and find someone to love and make them just as happy as I’d ever hope to be…as well as spoiling them rotten :3 Any takers? XD

What am I wearing right now: Marvel superhero pj trousers annnd my star wars shirt which I love dearly X3

When did you create your blog: Uhhhhhhh 4 years ago..probs..

Current amount of followers: 1,260

How many people do you follow: 3,894

What do you mainly post about: Anything I find amusing/important or stupid as fluff..and rambles to your hearts content.. 

Do you have any other blogs: Recently yeeeus actually! It’s @dan-is-literally-toriel!! ^O^

When did your blog hit its “peak”: Around christmas and early January as I posted a few funny phan shizzcles and had never gotten over 100 notes and was blown away and I just ended up following everyone who liked/reblogged and ended up with a load of people following back which I really wasn’t expecting as I’m nobody important, neither am I creative but I appreciate each and everyone of you.. even if I don’t deserve you guys but I am very much grateful for your company ^3^ *hugs everyone of you if you wanted that is and throws rainbows at you* good day *bows*

Who is you most active followers: @lebookster, @harmonicgalaxies, @shadowkitsune annnd @ugh-canteven

What made you join tumblr: I think I saw Dan or Phil saying to follow them on Tumblr or something XD

Do you get asks daily: Sometimes from me faves, you know who you are :3

Why did you choose your URL: Obvs cuz I’m a gay llama surfing rainbows 24′7

I tag: @lebookster @harmonicgalaxies @happypandaparade  @shadowkitsune @ugh-canteven @black-paradise2022 @memecannot @killerdawgrox @all-time-fro @danosaurusxrex @thegraceofebonee @absolute–trash @vivianlovecupcakes @stargazinghowell @okeyzoe1 @ohnoposts @thebestthingisphil @efreeman4 @thetributethatvolunteered annnnd @peppy-panda

Sorry if you’ve already done one/don’t want to do one or I didn’t tag you and you want to then go ahead!! *disappears into a glitter explosion* 

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I was tagged by @rammstein4ever thank u c: 


1. Drink: coca cola

2. Phone call: my dad

3. Text: to my mom - “I have to go up this weekend with my guitar”

4. Song you listened to: Du Hast - Rammstein

5. Time you cried: Today, because my cousin got an electric guitar and I’m jealous XD


6. Dated someone twice: No

7. Been cheated on: yes? idek long story

8. Kissed someone and regretted it: no

9. Lost someone special: Yes :/

10. Been depressed: Yup [right now]

11. Been drunk and thrown up: Nope

List 3 favorite colors: 

12. black 13. red  14. blue


15. Made a new friend: YES!! SO MANY :D

16. Fallen out of love: No

17. Laughed until you cried: So many times XD

18. Met someone who changed you: Hmm yes possibly.

19. Found out who your true friends are: Yes, for sure I have

20. Found out someone was talking about you: yeah

21. Kissed any of your tumblr friends: nope, sadly XD


22. How many ppl from tumblr do you know irl: around 4 or 5

23. Do you have any pets: a cat and a dog

24. Do you want to change your name: Yes. I want to have it changed legally to Richard

25. What did you do for your last birthday: I actually don’t remember tbh

26. What time did you wake up today: 10:30

27. What were you doing last night at midnight: sleeping

28. Name something you can’t wait for: To know what I want to do with my life and to go to Germany

29. Last time you saw your mom: about an hour ago (she had to go out for something)

30. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I wish I actually knew what I want to do after high school

31. What are you listening to rn: Links 2 3 4 - Rammstein

32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Probably idk

33. What’s getting on your nerves rn: school and my extra curricular 

34. Blood type: I have no idea

35. Nickname: Reginald 

36. Relationship status: taken c: 

37. Zodiac sign: sagittarius 

38. Pronouns: he/him

39. Favorite tv shows: White Collar, How I Met Your Mother, Steven Universe

40. High school: Not saying… too personal for online

41. College: Hopefully a fine arts one in Germany

43. Long or short: uhhh depends on what we are talking about

44. Height: 5′5″ ish

45. Do you have a crush on someone: Yeah, my gf c:

46. What do you like about yourself: my hair, music taste

48. First surgery: haven’t had one ;p

49. Piercings: just my ears for right now

51. First sport you joined: I think it was baseball idk

52. First vacation: my familys cottage


53. Eating: these chip like things called Bissli

54. Drinking: coca cola

55. I’m about to: watch Richard Kruspe guitar videos on YouTube

56. Listening to: Der Meister - Rammstein


58. Kids: No idea at this point

59. Get married: sure

60. Career: I have no fucking idea :/ illustrator, guitarist, and something else with it for more income??


61. Lips or eyes: Both but eyes more

62. Hugs or kisses: hugs 

63. Taller or shorter: Taller

64. Older or younger: Older

65. Romantic or spontaneous: both

66. Nose, stomach, or nice arms?: STOMACH omg my weakness XD

67. Sensitive or loud: Both i guess

68. Hookup or relationship: Relationship

69. Troublemaker or hesitant: both


70. Kissed a stranger: Nope

71. Drank liquor: yes

72. Lost glasses/contacts: nope. i don’t have

73. Had sex on the first date: No

74. Broke someone’s heart: Maybe ? yeah probably

75. Turned someone down: yup

76. Cried when someone died: YES

77. Fallen for a friend: Yeah.


78. Yourself: idfk

79. Miracles: idk

80. Love at first sight: No

81. Heaven: nope

82. Santa Claus: I wish he was real so my parents didn’t have to struggle around Christmas time

83. Kissing on a first date: Sure

[lol some of my answers are the same as Allen’s cx ]

I tag @inmyminditakeahold <3 , @plekleyostrich , @i-fucking-prefer-the-drummer , @horsemeth and anyone else who’d like to do this :)

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Name: Natasha

Birthday: April 10

Gender: female

Sexuality: Cute stationery? XD

Relationship status: single and not ready to bingo (song ref)

Zodiac sign: Aries *\(^-^)/* (Chinese: Dragon)

Siblings: A brother

Favorite color: It really depends on my favourite colour of the time… Now it’s pink, blue and purple.

Pets: Used to have them but they died of old age :<

Fave bands/artists: There’s A LOT but one of the top few includes ONE OK ROCK and Tori Kelly ^^

Sleep: Idk like none? (7 hours at most now ;-;)

Type of phone: iPhone 6

Love or lust: Love.

Lemonade or iced tea: Iced tea I guess

Cats or dogs: this is a hard one… DOGS

Few best friends or a lot of casual friends: Few best friends

Day or night: Night

Text or Call: texting

Makeup or natural: Natural

Ever met a celebrity: Yup :D

Spoons or forks: Forks

Truth or dare: Truth

Smile or eyes: Smile :-)

Shorter or taller: Taller

Intelligence or appearance: Intelligence

Chapstick or lipstick: I use neither but chapsticks sound more useful

What color shirt are you wearing: Dark grey (a friend bought it for me yesterday XD)

Musical instruments you play: None and I don’t intend to learn.

City or country: City

Last song you listened to: Hollow by Tori Kelly

Last book you read: This compilation of Horror Stories

Favorite old song: There’s a lot. One of them is Beyonce’s Dangerously in Love

Favorite TV show: I don’t watch TV but I’m gonna say Ellen anyway

Last thing I googled: Workout Headphones (hmu if you know any good ones)

Number of blankets i sleep under: One. I can’t let the win directly blow on me haha

Favorite fictional character(s): A lot stop making me choose T-T Okay the most recent one is Sonic from One Punch Man

Favourite book(s): Slumdog Millionaire, I forgot the rest… I need to start reading again haha

Dream job: Entrepreneur!!!

Favourite Holiday: Year End Holiday

Say something in your local slang: Can I pon school tomorrow? Damn tired sia…

Interesting future events: Stepping down from CCA and Prefectorial Board!!! (Is that counted? HAHAHA)

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^Awesome blogs you all should check them out

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Name: Angel Elena Susawa. 

Nickname: faggot, idiot, stupid, etc. 

Star sign: Libra.

Height: 5′ 3″.

Sexual Orientation: Asexual.

Favorite color: Aqua blue ʕ•̫͡•ིʔྀ

Current time: 9:47 am.

Current location: um…my living room couch XD 

Average Hours of sleep: hmmm, about 5 (but I slept 8 today).

Last thing Googled: Japanese smiley face…ʕ•͡ω•ʔ

Blankets I sleep with: 1, I cannot handle more than 1 blanket, I freaking hate sleeping with multiple blankets (personally) it annoys me so much.


Favorite books: A Series of Unfortunate Events (do you think, I give a shit if these books are written for children, bc I don’t).

Favorite Bands/musical artists: Real Friends, Cage the Elephant, Melanie Martinez, and Tokyo Police Club.

Dream job: Unrealistically- literally sitting at my future house in Seattle with the person I am falling for rn and doing obsoletely nothing and somehow we’re making the money roll in. Realistically- anything to do with film really. 

Three random facts: 1) @halliehallieboballie is currently sleeping on my couch next to me. 2) I have a macbook air (which I am using to type this post) 3) I wear a lot, a lot, of bracelets. 

What I’m wearing right now: a “The Goonies” t-shirt, black skinny jeans and colorful socks ʕ≧⌄≦。ʔ

When I created my blog: like, the middle of October 2015.

Amount of followers: 131.

What do you post about: literally anything, I’m a shitposter.

Any other blogs: I used to have three but I deleted them throughout my life. 

When did your blog reach it’s “peak”: when I achieved 69 followers (my next goal is 420)

Two most active followers: @aesthetically-pleasing-nerd and @skullsroseies

What made you decide to get a tumblr: I wanted to be, one of those people, but now I don’t XD  

Do you get asks on a daily basis: HAHAHAHAHAHA, HAHA, HAHA, haha, ha, no.

Why did you choose your URL: well, my name’s Angel, and I’m a ghost, and I’m also a fox, so…

I’m going to tag @senpaicanunot @skullsroseies @laurel-is-so-kawaiicore @im-just-some-random-fangirl @arizonateawithmeth 


I was originally going to wait until my birthday (September 19th) to do this, but screw it! I’m gonna give you guys some things about me

Name: Hilary

DoB: 9/19/91

height: 5′3 (I’m that short XD *falls off my bed laughing*)


Hair- Brunette (long currently; planning on cutting it soon)

Eye color: blue


*I have epilepsy (to best describe it, it’s a bitch to live with, even with medication)

*I love collecting sea shells whenever I visit the beach in Tampa, FL

*My favorite kind of video games and movies are horror

*In terms of music, I prefer oldies (even going as far as Frank Sinatra era), rock and video game soundtracks

randomguy319 asked:

That anon is a jerk and a troll. Don't listen to them. I don't have much to offer in the way of attention but I'm feeling jittery today and my anxiety is screaming at me for not doing everything at once. =_= Lemme see here...questions! What colors do you like? If you were a fantasy mage what element would you use more often? Do you like snow? Are you really surrounded by wine bottles? XD

Thank you so much.  <3.  Honestly, just one friendly message heavily outweighs the really shitty one.  Now that I’m clear-headed, I think they found my post via the #actuallyNPD tag and was deliberately rude to me because they know that narcissists can often be hyper-sensitive.

My favorite color is purple, and I don’t like pink, but I like it with purple.  I really like sets of analogous colors - my favorite set to use in watercolors is teal, blue, and violet.

Fantasy mage… I feel water pretty deeply, but I think my temper would make fire a bit more advantageous to me.

Oh, no, I hate snow!  I hate the cold!  Snow is just a visual reminder that it is way too cold.

Hahahaha, actually, I’m probably more often surrounded by rum bottles.  I’m not a big fan of wine.  The first witchy thing my husband and I collected together was rainwater funneled into a sake bottle, hence the blog title.  I always think it’s funny when people instead envision that the blog name means I’m being flooded in wine, lol.

Thanks for reaching out.  ^u^.  I can’t really tell you how much I appreciate it.  Is there any help I can offer you, regarding your anxiety and jittery feelings?

I was tagged by @curiouslilbird  Thank you!

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NAME: Handle name? MsRandom1401, Real name? *CENSORED*  (ask me privately or check my other internet accounts if you REALLY want to know)

NICKNAME:  *CENSORED* (same as above :3)

STAR SIGN: Capricorn 

GENDER: Female

HEIGHT: 155 cm ( 5'1ft )

FAVORITE COLORS: Sky blue, Tardis Blue




LAST THING I GOOGLED: “155 cm feet” -  to convert my height from centimeters to feet & inches XD


  • 0, If there’s a black-out so I can’t turn on my room’s air-con
  • 1, If I turn on my room’s  air-con at its regular temperature
  • 2, If I set the air-con a little bit too cold XD


Prepare for a pretty long list :)) (In no particular order):

  • Ben Whishaw’s Q (James Bond)
  • The Doctor (every single one of them, Doctor Who)
  • Clara Oswald (Doctor Who) 
  • Ace McShane (Doctor Who)  
  • Martha Jones  (Doctor Who)
  • Donna Noble  (Doctor Who)
  • River Song  (Doctor Who)
  • Charley Pollard  (Doctor Who)
  • Megumi Noda (Nodame Cantabile)
  • Chiyo Sakura (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun)
  • Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service)
  • Tintin & Snowy (Tintin)
  • Asterix (Asterix)
  • Hibiki Kuze (Devil Survivor 2)
  • Sherlock Holmes (Either from “Elementary” or BBC’s Sherlock or Robert Downey Jr’s)
  • Joan Watson (Elementary)
  • Alice (Kamisama No Memochou)
  • Professor Layton & Luke Triton (Professor Layton)
  • Katsuragi Keima (The World God Only Knows)
  • Gaby Teller (The Man From U.N.C.L.E)
  • Illya Kuryakin (The Man From U.N.C.L.E)  
  • Minako Arisato (Persona 3)
  • Naoto Shirogane (Persona 4)
  • *I think I can make this list way more longer but I’d better stop now*

FAVORITE BANDS: I’m not into any bands as far as I concerned. Sorry ><

DREAM JOB: Illustrator with some side of programming. Some sort of general artist, maybe? I like to be a jack-of-all-trades person

WHAT AM I WEARING RIGHT NOW: Just simple over-sized shirt

WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG: in 2013, I forgot the exact date


WHAT DO YOU POST ABOUT: My current fandom’s stuff, my artworks, artist advice & resources, my artist inspiration (tagged under “favorite tumblr artist”), classical music (mostly the jokes), my ask’s answers (u don’t say :)) ), a very small amount of programming stuff, and the rest are a small bunch of random things that I found interesting and/or important

DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS: Nope, but I plan to make an art blog so I finally able to have a proper art portfolio :)

WHEN DID YOUR BLOG REACH ITS “PEAK” (WHEN DID YOU GET MORE FOLLOWERS, HAVE POPULAR POSTS ETC):  Sometimes I get a ton of reblogs & faves on my fanarts (esp. DW ones), sometimes I’m not that lucky :))

WHO IS YOUR MOST ACTIVE FOLLOWER: @imarwood is the first person that pops up in my mind (Although I do believe there still some other followers who maybe as active as them). Thank you, tho ;)  

During my first semester, one of my first assignment is to make a blog and run it for a whole semester so we can learn the basics of running a blog. So, following my sister’s advice, I made a tumblr :D  

DO YOU GET ASKS ON A DAILY BASIS: Nope!  But I always happy to get a nice ones since I think I really enjoy talking with my fellows in tumblr :)

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: *copied from my last answer to a similar question*  Because I think I don’t have a specific thing(s) that identifies with me for a long time & my interest is constantly changing at random things and pace so I take “MsRandom”. And then, I add “1401” from my birthday date & month as an extra step :D

20 Followers to tag!  Prepare yourself :D

@imarwood @pseudoradical-desu @cellogirl22 @unibazooka @mogamoka @colepaldi-in-the-tardis @alydicea @curiouslilbird @sexysylvestermccoy @queereight romanoff-in-the-tardis  hyliantimelordin221b  alexthehellartist  itslucyhenley 
@meisiluosi  whovian-skills4life  hyperiosrises 
@poeticnightdeadlywords * then I got lazy & only tag 19 people, mwahahah XD* 

(As always, You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to :3)

xxlacie asked:

153, 150, 134, 118, 85, 81, 59, 13

13.Favorite Color?
   -Pastle blue,green..pastles in general..and more blue  OwO

59.Do I have strange phobias?
    -Yes, angoraphobia (I forgot how its wrote) its about Open large places that are crowded TwT …and im scared of big fluffly spiders..and centipedes…

81.My tops 5 blogs on tumblr.
  - I follow 76 people…I adore them so much equaly >\w\<

85.What would be the question i’d be afraid to tell the truth?
   - on how I feel on the inside ..!

118. Had a crush on some one of the same sex?

  -Yes! xD thank you tumblr.

134.What do I want for my birth day?
    - a Tennis ball! OwO I spend my daily hours locked in my room a tennis ball would e a great addition to entertain me!

150.Meanest thing somebody said to me.

-Anon hate..saying  I should die..and that some blogs don’t like me ..that I should delete my blog ect TwT

153.My closet Tumblr friend.
    -People who talk daily to me and are very kind to me : @xxlacie and @ask-azusa-kanato O\w\Oo

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Birthday: February 24th
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: Single
Sibling: 0
Favorite Color: Dark Blue, Coral and Silver
Pets: 0, but I would like to have a cat
Sleep: 6-8 hours. Longer on weekends. 
Type of Phone: 
Love or Lust? love!!! <3
Lemonade or Iced Tea: Water XD
Cats or Dogs: Cat :3
A Few Best Friends or Lots of Casual Friends: Both
Coke or Pepsi: Water (again)
Wild Night Out or Romantic Night In: Romantic night. I’m the classic type, I guess
Day or Night: Day is cool and all, but at Night is when my real life begins….this probably sounded dirty, but that was NOT my intention
Text or Call: text
Makeup or Natural: natural all the way!!!!
Ever Met a famous celebrity: Nope
Smile or Eyes: smile :D
Light or Dark Hair:dark is perfect, but dyed White is realy awesome to!
Shorter or Taller: taller
Intelligence or Appearance: Intelligence 
Chapstick or Lipstick: Lipstick
City or Country: city
Last Song You Listened to: Cry Out by One Ok Rock
Favorite Animal:Bat
Favorite Video Game: 
Favorite Character from Anything: Roronoa Zoro, Sakata Gintoki or Robin ( can’t just pick one!)
Favorite Pokemon: Ninetales
Do You Prefer Being Active or Relaxing: Relaxing ( i’m a lazy lady)
Coffee or Tea: Tea
Your Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Favorite Season: Summer
Tag 11 people you want to know better. i will tag
@chicalmeida @calinska @caturdayfreak-deactivated201512 @harleyquinn1234 @mynamesnightwing @kawaiinohime @parfaitfangirl @miaherondale @jejesart @fennethianell @what-the-fuck-khr

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About Me Tag Challenge ~

Tag 10-15 people you would like to get to know better!

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Name: Masha

Nickname: Mashan, MJ, Dima, army buddy

Birthday: September 27th

Zodiac: Libra Sun, Aries Moon

Gender: female

Sexuality: straight

Favorite Color: turquoise, yellow, blue and red

Time Right Now: 4:48 pm

Lucky Numbers: 13 probably. 11, 3 idk

Last Thing I Googled: birth chart reading XD

Interests: drawing, goofing around, listening to music and watching series, learning new things and new lyrics XD doing secret covers

Average Hours of Sleep: smth like 8 hours

Number of Blankets: only one

Favorite Fictional Character: let it be Jim Hawkings

What I’m Wearing: purple leggins, dark jacket and bright blue socks XD they are warm

Number of Followers: this blog has 149 followers, but my art blog @maryandjims-art has 314! THANK YOU, GUYS!!!

Why Did You Choose Your URL?: Because this is the OTP which lead you to know me. Although I’m searching for a new url, a good one, this one is pretty unconvinient

Who Is Your Most Active Follower?: @seokjinhun, a great friend!!!

What Made You Decide to Get a tumblr?: i couldn’t use it if I hadn’t get it XD Anyway, to share my art was the main reason

I tag @thefutureiscarnivore, @relatable-kpop, @ximaginational, @thereinalulu, @holyjeon, @greasykookietree, @greaselizard

Got to know me tag

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name: Hasti 

nickname: Misha ( yes i was at some point obsess with supernatural and my friends gave me my fav. actor’s name as nickname !)

star sign: Aries

gender: female

orientation: straight

favorite color: Red,Black, blue, purple

time right now: 2:30 AM (HAHA I HAVE NO LIFE) 

average hours of sleep: 5-6

lucky number: 24,32,4,8,16

last thing i googled: Fafsa question cause i had to do it and didnt know what to answer for one of the questions XD

favorite fictional character: Harry Potter, katniss everdeen,cassie sullivan, Thomas, AND Tracy Whitney from if tomorrow comes (def recommend the book )

favorite books: Harry Potter series, if tomorrow comes, 5th wave,Girl with a Pearl Earring,  Hunger games, divergent and many more

favorite bands: GOT7, Winner, BTS, Twice

dream job: Cardiac surgeon (possibly pediatric cardiac surgeon but not sure about that part yet! the goal is to get into med school first!) 

what i am currently wearing: Pijamas and shirt!!

height: 5′7″

number of blankets i sleep with: 2

when did you create your blog: over winter break!

current amount of followers: 47! love each one of them!

what do you post about: mostly GOT7 and Jackson but BTS and Running man and Twice and other groups show up every now and then and some posts that i find funny!

do you have any other blogs: Nope

when did your blog reach its “peak”: still waiting for that moment bruh ! 

who is your most active follower:I think @gparkitrighthere or @markificent ! it is a tie between these two lovely people! 

what made you decide to get a tumblr: my roommates are BTS die hard fans and i always was that nerd who would study and never understand what they are talking about ! i was into Kdrama for a very long time and i decided to educate myself about kpop by following blogs that are about kpop on tumblr and that is how your girl made her tumblr page!! 

do you get asks on a daily basis: nope i never do asks because nobody will ask me anything anyways !! lol 

why did you choose your url: so JMU introductory classes to a subject always have 101 as the section number so i decided got7 lover should be a subject and i named myself got7lover101!

Tagging Anyone who would like to do this! and @honestly-th0ugh @bukurowarrior @markificent @markbutton @gparkitrighthere @tuna-wangs @bangtanseyeliner @igotgifs @jenniferchiang @softuans @wangnation852

Answers by Rebelnote

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1. DRINK: Crystal Light

2. PHONE CALL: A place I applied to for scheduling a job interview :)
3. TEXT: “Beginning of the weekend before you start drinking vs monday morning after the weekend of drinking lol..” hahaha I had to explain a meme to my mother xD

4. SONG YOU LISTENED TO: “Angels Fall” by Breaking Benjamin
5. TIME YOU CRIED: Yesterday

6. DATED SOMEONE TWICE: Actually, no. Why bring your dead dog to the park to play?
10. BEEN DEPRESSED: Every day
11. BEEN DRUNK AND THROWN UP: When I was a teenager, I very seldom do now

12. Black, Royal Blue, Blood Red

15. MADE A NEW FRIEND: Unfortunately
16. FALLEN OUT OF LOVE: I convince everyone else I have…
18. MET SOMEONE WHO CHANGED YOU: Yeah…but then someone went & changed her..
19. FOUND OUT WHO YOUR TRUE FRIENDS ARE: Damn straight. Me myself & I

22. HOW MANY PPL FROM YOUR FB LIST DO YOU KNOW IRL: All of them except this one fine ass Euro boy ;) 23. DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS: Yes. A cat & a dog
24. DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR NAME: Like hell!!! I hate my name. It doesn’t suit who I am, I feel..
27. WHAT WERE YOU DOING LAST NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT: Sexting someone I’m not even interested in


29. LAST TIME YOU SAW YOUR MOM: .5 seconds ago

30. WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WISH YOU COULD CHANGE ABOUT YOUR LIFE: I wish I never met him. I wish he never existed. He is the only thing I regret in life, because nobody & nothing else truly ruined me like he did.
31. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW?: "It’s Been A While” by Staind
33. WHAT’S GETTING ON YOUR NERVES RN: Not experiencing anything new & exciting…my life is so drawn-out & mundane right now…

34. BLOOD TYPE: O negative

35. NICKNAME: Dani
36. RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single as actual fucking hell
37. ZODIAC SIGN: Aquarius. 
38. PRONOUNS: She?
39. FAVORITE TV SHOW: Supernatural, Bones, Friends, the older seasons of Degrassi TNG, That 70′s Show
40. HIGH SCHOOL: Graduated in 2011
41. COLLEGE: Lol epic fail of 1 semester xD at least I passed, I guess..
43. LONG OR SHORT: I’m a gutter-brain so I immediately picked long without a second thought lmao
44. HEIGHT: 5′10″
46. WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF: I see more than most
48. FIRST SURGERY: When I was 3 I had to get a tumor removed from my eye
49. PIERCINGS: Just ears
50. FIRST BEST FRIEND: His name was Gage lol we were preschool nap buddies & grew up together
52. FIRST VACATION: I’ve never gone on vacation beyond my summer home I grew up in, so I’ll just say Pentwater, MI I suppose lol

53. EATING: Pussy
54. DRINKING: Bleach
55. I’M ABOUT TO: Get back to my Soul Silver game  
56. LISTENING TO: “Far Away” by Lo Key

59. GET MARRIED: Honestly, I more than likely won’t. 
60. CAREER: Who knows.

61. LIPS OR EYES: Eyes
62. HUGS OR KISSES: Deepthroating
63. TALLER OR SHORTER: Doesn’t matter
64. OLDER OR YOUNGER: Haha tbh I find myself more fond of younger men..
66. NOSE, STOMACH, OR NICE ARMS?: I’m a sucker for arms
68. HOOKUP OR RELATIONSHIP: It really depends..
69. TROUBLEMAKER OR HESITANT: Troublemaker. He’s gotta match the fucked up shit I do.

70. KISSED A STRANGER: Yes. lol omg
71. DRANK LIQUOR: Ohhh yes
75. TURNED SOMEONE DOWN: Fuck yeah haha
77. FALLEN FOR A FRIEND: Yeah, ‘cause I’m a dumbass when I follow my heart over everything else…

78. YOURSELF: I don’t even think I exist
79. MIRACLES: “YES!!!!” 80. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: I used to never believe in that until I saw him & then went on to let him ruin my life lol
81. HEAVEN: Maybe…
82. SANTA CLAUS: My parents never taught me to believe in him. They always told us the presents were from them lol
83. KISSING ON A FIRST DATE: Depends on the guy

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Rules: tag 20 followers/ um … I do not know more … (no I am) …

Name: Alessandra ( WTF my name XD)

Nickname: Aless, Ali, Al,Leless, senpai,at worst you choose anyone !!

Starsign: Scorpio ^^

Gender: Female XD

Orientation: … hum… I…

Favorite color(s): hum… Orange, blue, purple…

Time right now: 12:26 XD

Average hours of sleep: 6 hours ^^

Lucky Numbers: 2-9-3

Last thing / Googled: HOW TO DRAW HANDS !!!! DX

Numbers of blankets: ……….. UH

Favorite Character: huuuuum… Alexa the cat (oc) Luna the mouse (oc 2) Roxy the Fox  (oc 3) Freddy, Mangle, Toy Chica, BonBon (Fnaf) Lucy (Fairy Tail) 

Favorite Band: Chi-chan, Moro , and me ^^

Dream Job: Artist or Stylist XD

What I am currently wearing:shorts and a shirt XD

Imma tag: SOMEBODY!!!!!! XD

Tag Thing (that i forgot to do a million years ago oops)

I was tagged by @subarkenorris i didn’t know u tagged me so long ago and I’m finally gonna do it!!

Write your name using song titles

Rolling girl by Hatsune Miku

All out of love by Air supply

Caramelldansen by Caramell

Heart realize by Noragami op. 1



2-Why did u pick your url? 

Sorry I did’t choose it, it cames automatically when I Register here on Tumblr, I’m planning on change it someday…

3-What is your middle name?

why to ask I’m not that important anyways u_u?

4-If you could be in any fairytale/fictional Being, what would you be?

Lucy so I can flirt Natsu xD

5-Favorite color?

Light blue or magenta.

6-favorite song?

All of them lol.

7-why do you enjoy tumblr?

I can post all my dirty thoughts and nobody cares. >:3

8-Tag 9 (or a million like i did) mutuals- @duckie520 @flanpu @snarky-gourmet @nezumi-kun @ackersexual @notanotherheichoublog @leviskinnyjeans @levis-gorgeous-ass @mikayuu-madness @erensjaegerbombs sorry for the tags guys I hope it doesn’t bother! ^_^


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-Tag 20 followers you want to get to know better

Name: Samantha
Nickname: Sam, Samy, Sammy, Nana xD
Star Sign: Pisces
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Favorite Color: Baby blue, navy blue and lilac
Current Time: 06:03 PM
Average Hours Of Sleep: In college 7-7.30, In vacations 12h
Last Thing I Googled: mikels compresor de aire nca 2 adaptadores it was lthis Sunday
Favorite Fictional Character: Cinder, Thorne, Iko, the Weasley brothers, Minho, idk xD
Current Amount Of Followers: 34 

Dream Job: Writer

Height: 158cm
What Do You Post: EXO photos and memes, Luhan, TLC, Funny shit xD 
Do You Have Other Blogs: Yes, @ikopersonalitychip is my TLC side blog
Who Is Your Most Active Follower: @jins-food-porn (do you count?) XD
What Made You Make A Blog: I as bored and I find the best fanart and photos in here
Why Did You Choose Your URL: Lu for Luhan my UB, lady for My Lady’s EXO song and In for Jongin my 2nd bias

I tag:






and @joyfuljongin

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Name: Rin
Nickname: Rin, Rinny or anything that @torinted came up with, Charmin Rin-chan @yukinihonto​ this is so embarassing why did you came up with that nickname xD 
Star Sign: Capricorn
Gender: Female
Height: 5′1
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Favorite Color: Blue

Time Right Now: 10:15am
Current Location: my room

Average Hours of Sleep: 4-6 hours

Lucky Number: 7

Last Thing I Googled: Deadpool movie

Number of Blankets I sleep under: 0-1

Favorite Fictional Characters: μ’s

Favorite Book: Harry Potter Series

Favorite artists/bands: μ’s 

What I’m wearing: White shirt and blue shorts
Random fact: umm I have a fairy tail poster in my room

When did you create your blog?:June 2015
Do you have any other blogs?: None
When did your blog reach it’s peak?: uh I don’t know
Who is your most active?: ???
What made you decide to get a Tumblr?: Love Live :>
Do you get asks on a daily basis?: No

Why did you choose your URL?: Dashing umi is my weakness

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Name: Cyrus 

Nickname: Cy or Ol Panda 

Star sign: Pisces 

Gender: Female

Height : 5ft 6

Favorite color : pastel blue.

Current time : 12:54 PM

Last thing i googled : Um……colossalcon 2016

Number of blankets used is: 4……I get really cold ;-;

Favorite fictional character : Most red haired fictional characters are my down fall xD 

Favorite book: Manga…..DGM and Samurai Deeper Kyo 

Dream job: Some type of artist but that won’t happen anytime soon xD   

Wearing: Yoga panda and flannel 

Other blogs: @cyrusmarie @noahroadchan and @badlydrawnlaven

most active follower: According to my activity @discoverforhumanity is my most active…….honestly no surprise there

why your url: Originially I was bookmanlavirabi because of my love for Lavi from the series. -allen was because I incorporated the Allen muse to my blog :) 

Tagging @discoverforhumanity @the5thapostle and @blackswordsmanoftheorder