Friendly reminder that Percy’s favorite color is blue not as a coincidence or because he loves blue food or whatever, it’s his favorite color because making things blue was his and Sally’s only real way to stand up to Gabe for so long and Percy cherishes that


this is his favorite

story time when I was in fourth grade I had the biggest crush on this boy Neal and I was bold as fuck so I wrote him a note professing my love for him but I wasn’t that bold because I did this on the last day of school. & I was changing schools lol.
so I don’t remember exactly what the letter said but I wrote it in blue crayon because blue was his favorite color and I included a necklace with the killer whale on it from Claire’s. as soon as my mom pulled up to get me from aftercare I handed him the envelope, did a dramatic cart wheel away & never saw him again

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can we have some lifeguard!percy hcs please????

Sure! Here’s a few that I just deleted from the post I’m working on!

  • I think Percabeth would get together after quite a while of hardcore crushing, so it’d definitely feature Annabeth peering over her book of the day at Percy working and Percy having Jason tell him if she said anything when she was buying her brothers some ice cream.
  • And, I mean hardcore crushing. Piper secretly dropping hints to both sides and Annabeth wearing blue when she learns it’s his favorite color and Percy letting her little brothers get away with yelling a little louder just not to disturb her.
  • To the point where Annabeth claims the sidewalk is cooler on the side where she gets to walk by him and Percy makes the breaks a couple minutes longer in the hopes she’ll come to the concession stand and he’ll have to “cover” for Jason. (Who’s been rudely shoved under the counter at that point.)

There is maybe a slight ambiguity here in terms of who in the room Malcolm is talking to except…c’mon it’s Jamie. Considering 1) Malcolm’s eye-line 2) the direction of his Dramatic!Pointing! but most of all 3) the inconceivability of In the Loop Malcolm giving even the teeniest tiniest fuck what Simon and/or Toby might think about him.

And anyway we already know from the other universe where Malcolm is always  in The Thick of It

that when he’s wearing that very same blue stripey tie – his favorite in ALL universes – that he’s 100% enforcing his Very Strict Rule about who gets to LOOK.


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I'm kind of curious, do you guys have favourite painters? An artist whose style you particularly appreciate? (Example: mime is Norman Rockwell.)

Jamie (Gryffindor):

okay so this is going to sound lame and very un-Gryffindorish probably, but I LOVE Piet Mondrian. 

Now before you’re like “that guy with the squares???”

A) yes that guy

B) have you seen his earlier stuff? he does rectilinear abstractions of landscapes and city scapes and trees and from looking at them you’d have no idea what the hell it is. And before that he has painting that look like “normal paintings” but I find most of them boring as hell.

C) I know B sounds hipster as shit so know this….I love all of his Compositions in Red, Yellow, and Blue 

D) my favorite piece is actually this one

Fun fact: one day I hope to have a mini cooper with the top painted like one of the compositions in red yellow and blue instead of the checkerboard or union jack that are commonly used.


I am totally NOT stealing your answer, but Norman Rockwell is my fav. He’s the one painter I really latched onto in any art class I took, and his paintings just make me smile/happy.


Well I feel incredibly under qualified to answer this question as I know next to nothing about art, but I do know that I love Van Gogh, if not just for his art (that just relaxes me and feels raw and real and part of me somehow) but for his story. 


Daniel Dociu is the first to come to mind because of a lot of his work for the Guild Wars games. He just somehow invokes a multi-faceted and incredible sense of wonder and scale in his work. I’ve posted eight of my favorite pieces below, and please… just look at them. You’ll notice in each one that there is kind of a main focus of a landscape or a structure… and then you’ll notice that there is usually something smaller at the bottom or to the side of the piece that adds a whole new perception of the structure. What you thought was just an angry polar bear (bottom right) is actually a freaking massive polar bear carrying a damn ship on its back as people look on. Same with the ice berg (upper right, which I actually have framed and hanging in my home) where the ships around the iceberg reveal the absolute massive size of that iceberg. How big is that sleeping dragon? Well, how about you look at that tiny ship beside it? It’s brilliant.

because we don’t learn about abuse and heartbreak and love in school, i will tell you.

1. there are many ways of how people can abuse you, sexually, verbally, psychically etc. it can be a person close to you like a family member, someone from school, someone from your sport club, a friend of your siblings. whoever it may be, any way of abuse is NOT OKAY. it’s not okay for your dad to touch you at places a dad shouldn’t touch you and leave bruises everywhere others can’t see it and even though blue and purple and yellow are his favorite colors, it’s not okay. it’s not okay for your brother’s friend to beg you for doing sexual stuff because he is desperate while you’re only 13 years old and don’t know what this means. it’s not okay for the girl in your class who shouts at you every day how ugly you are, how fat you are, how useless you are. if one of those things are happening to you or did happen but you’re too scared to talk to someone about you, know that talking about this is the only way to get your selfesteem back. always remember that it’s not your fault that those things happen to you. it’s not your fault.

2. the first time your heart gets broken, you will die. you won’t break, you will tear. you will be torn open with a million knifes, slowly. it will hurt, you will bleed, you will cry, you won’t be yourself anymore for a while. you will stop eating and stop sleeping and stop socializing. you will blame everything and everyone, but yourself the most. you will cut open your skin hoping you can reach the words they left behind, you will drown yourself in the taste of alcohol that makes your stomach burn, you will go crazy. you will lose. you will fall. it’s gonna hurt, it’s gonna hurt like hell but my dear i promise you it won’t feel like this forever, i can tell. eventually you have to move on, you have to be so strong you can tell the story about your first heartbreak withouth crying, without giving a fuck. and when you’re able to do that, you know you healed. stop crying, you will find someone better, I promise.

3. love, love is magical, beautiful, sadness, madness, happiness, rain, tears, smiles. in my opinion all a human heart needs to keep beating is someone who has the same heartbeat as theirs. i know there are a billion people in this world but if you find the one you love, no matter how close or how far away they are, you will just know. you will love them through every train you jump infront of, through every raindrop that falls out of the clouds, through every sunshine, through every glimp of heaven and hell. no matter what you won’t give up because you know no one understands you like they do. yes, love can be hard, it will hurt, but if you have found the right person you are strong enough to survive every obstacle that’s trying to make you fall.


I am always proud of my friends for following their passions and being damn good at things they love to do. So needless to say, I’m uber proud of my friend and his non-traditional art work. He uses blue painters’ tape to create portraits of his favorite artists (of all genres). The last pic is of him and his portraits he made for his very own art show. I love him and wanted to show his work to y'all. 😁

IG: Freesoul_777

***please don’t delete the caption***

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Okay but what are Annabeth's and Percy's favorite things on the concessions menu? What is the concessions menu? We have taken know the food aspect of this au.

  • Annabeth’s a big fan of a good diet soda, really, since she’s there so often she decides an ice cream a day may be a little much. Still, if Jason manages to convince her, she’ll “begrudgingly” take a strawberry push up pop.
  • Percy likes to eat anything on the menu, whenever he can, whatever it is, no matter what. He generally prefers the food from inside (I’m thinking about making this a country club AU so we can have the whole deal), like pizza an mozz sticks, but if Reyna hands him an ice cream sandwich he will not complain. (His favorite is a good blue slushie though, especially because Jason always cusses him out for making him stick his hands in ice.)
  • The menu is pretty basic, nothing to write home about, mostly treats they can keep in a chest freezer,Coke products, some sunscreen (not for eating), and little candies that only kids who don’t understand how to pool like to get.

Heading to see Spring Awakening and take my guy out to dinner to kick off his birthday. Blue jeans and a blazer has always been my favorite getup. (at The Marriott Theatre)

@pudgeshenanigans 💗 for a starter

      That was definitely a person up there on the lighthouse. This was a place of interest to the large Ghoul given it was a fairly tall place he could scope out possible hunting grounds. Giget actually told him about it during a scouting routine. It was much further than their little bungalow crouched somewhere in a train station. The more places he could find to hunt, the more exciting things had become and really Stig couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check it out.

     However, it looked like Giget failed to mention that this place was already occupied by someone. If this was a home, the huntsman wasn’t going to invade. But asking nicely wasn’t out of the question!

 “Hey! He shouted, hands cupped around his  mouth, “Can I come up?

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For girly!Annabeth what do you think her go-to swimsuit would look like? Would she wear blue bc she knows Percy loves it or something else?

She’d totally wear blue when Piper says it’s his favorite color, but before that I feel like she’d wear a lot of white, mostly because my fancast for her looks great in white swimsuits. (Here’s a few pics as proof.) 

Bonus: Reading on the beach pic!

Double Bonus: Katie, Piper, and Annabeth?

DO YOU KNOW? (inspired by L&H ; written by me)

February 3, 2016

6:30 p.m. (roughly)

Do you know the way he talks about you?

About the blue of your eyes.

He says it is like the Caribbean Sea, where he took you for your anniversary.

Sometimes, he says, they are like the ocean on a stormy day, swirling dark and gray.

He says they resemble the blue of his mother’s favorite dress, the one she wore to every party because it was the prettiest she owned.

He says your eyes sometimes flash bright like the sky on a cloudless day. So bright that he has to almost squint.

He says they are the same blue as the stone on his sister’s necklace, the same blue of the stone now on his finger.

His favorite part of your eyes was the small circle around your pupils, where the blue meets the green.

He said, “It reminds me of us.” You and him.

He loves your hands.

He loves to hold them and caress them and curl them with his own.

He says he likes to kiss your knuckles before you drift off to sleep.

He says he doesn’t want to admit it, but having your hands in his was the safest feeling in the world.

Your hair.

“Angel hair,” he calls it.

He says it is soft like the fur of the calico that you found stuck between the fence.

He especially loves the small piece that curls around your ear, outlining your cheekbones.

He likes the way it looks after you’ve relaxed your breathing after a good night.

He talks about your lips, as if they are heaven itself.

He says they are softer than the blanket that his grandmother knit for him, the blanket he is saving for your own little one.

He says they are sweeter than cold ice cream on a blazing summer day. He says they are so sweet, that the bees would be jealous that only he got a taste.

He says your lips are the soft pink of the middle of the sky while the sun is setting.

he likes the way they curve into a sweet smile when he tells you he loves you more than anything.

And your smile.

The way he talks about your smile.

He says that your smile is pure sunshine, brighter than all the stars combined.

He says your smile is prettier than the lavender lilies in your mother’s garden.

He says your smile could raise the dead and make flowers bloom in the winter snow.

He loves when your smile turns into a musical laugh, especially when he is the reason for it.

After he tells me these things, he is silent.

The only sound is the light bubbling of tea boiling on the stove.

Someone is blasting old music in their car outside the window.

Finally, he says something, still staring at the blank TV screen, a light smile dancing on his lips, and the reflection of the lamplight in his emerald eyes.

His voice is soft yet raspy, quiet like that night.

He says, “I’m so in love with him. I am so in love with him.”

He smiles again, wider, dimples deep.

His eyes are glittering.

“He’s beautiful. He’s mine. My everything.”

He turns to me and grins, his teeth showing between his crimson lips.

“Do you know how much I am in love with him?”