ibelieeveeineevee  asked:

May I ask a question of dogs? My lil Pom Starr is in love with sleeping under our beds and just hanging out down there despite having her own dog beds and (depending on the person) being allowed on the people bed. She even hoards toys under there and hangs out under the bed in the daytime when people are in their bedrooms. My brother’s Blue Heeler also likes relaxing under my bed when she’s around. I’ve never met other dogs who do this, like our other Pom. Is this a bad thing or just a quirk?

Totally just a quirk. They’ve found places they feel comfortable - maybe because it’s cooler, or because it’s enclosed, or maybe because they’ve learned people in your house tend to put half eaten-snacks down on the floor next to the bed when they can’t see the dog is in the room - and it’s just different. There’s nothing to worry about with that being their snoozing spot of choice.