My dog Brahmer (bray-mer) is such a dork

Edit: When you don’t pay attention to him (look at him but don’t pet him) he will start wailing and howling to get your attention

One thing about him is that he HATES water and getting wet. So when I was washing dishes today he was behind me watching the running faucet with his ears all perked up but the instant something splashed he would run away 😅 and come back 5 seconds later and do it again

And today I brought out the dreaded vacuum cleaner; at first he confronted it but then ultimately hid behind me while I vacuumed. It was kind of cute because he was peering around my leg with his little ears straight up the whole time I was vacuuming, and whenever I changed direction he would too so he was always right behind me. He had to keep tabs on that vacuum XD

Brahmer is a silly doggo