(Request: can you write an imagine where the reader dyes her hair blue and spence is surprised?)

Show: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Warnings: None

“(Y/N)? You home yet?” You heard Spencer call out as he closed your apartment door, throwing his set of keys into the glass bowl on the nearby table.

“Just a sec, Spence.” You answered from the bathroom.

You had just finished drying your hair after dying it. You had always wanted to dye your hair a bold colour and last week decided ‘why the hell not’. You had decided to go for blue and the process was pretty simple once you had bleached your hair. You were extremely happy with the result and relieved that the colour had come out a nice shade.

You ran a brush through your hair once more, smiling at your reflection in the mirror.

“You’re taking long in the bathroom, (Y/N). Are you okay?”

“I’m great! Just stay there - I want to show you something.” You told him.

“Now I’m nervous.” You heard him joke and gave a chuckle.

“Close your eyes.”

“Yeah, this doesn’t help with my nerves at all.”

“Just shut up and do it.” You laughed. You gave him a few seconds to cover his eyes before creeping up behind where he sat on your couch, placing your hands over his eyes. “Okay, open them.”

He let his hands fall from his brown eyes, eyebrows furrowing when he didn’t see you in front of him. Tilting his head back to look at you, his mouth fell open.

“Wow. Uh..”

You grimaced. “You don’t like it?”

“No, no. I-I do.” He positioned himself so that he was kneeling on the couch with his knees. “I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“You know how I’ve always been obsessed with unnatural coloured hair and your job just keeps reminding me how short life is so I thought 'why not?’ ” You played with your hair, still obsessing over the new colour. You noticed Spencer smiling at you. “What?”

“It’s just the way you talk about it so passionately, heh. It’s beautiful, just like you.”


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