Blue, Gold and Red

A/N: This is pretty short, but here’s one of your prompts- a soulmate au! Enjoy!

He’s twenty four, and he hasn’t seen colour. He lives in a monochrome of black and white.

Everyone around him throws around the words green, blue and yellow, but Jughead doesn’t even know what to associate those words with.  He watches as people around him gasp in awe, delight and wonder, and part of him yearns to join them. The world of colour seems like a happy universe to be in.

He’s not colour-blind, no- he just hasn’t met his soulmate.


Jughead Jones sits in Starbucks, typing away on his macbook. New York is a busy place, and Starbucks is the last place you’ll ever find him in, but everything else is full and he needs his coffee. He needs to finish this article and email it to his boss by tonight, and he needs to meet his deadline.

He sips his pumpkin spice latte (He does enjoy them, but he’ll never admit it) as he stares at the blinking cursor on the bright screen, debating how to end it. He’s been working for an hour and a half now, and his time here at the coffee shop with annoying carols playing in the background, will soon come to an end.

Six sips later and and document proofread, saved and emailed, he shuts his laptop with a sigh of satisfaction and puts on his coat. It’s freezing now, and the snow outside is falling heavily. With a nod to the barista, he moves to the door.

He glances at the Christmas captions on posters around the entrance- “Share joy, “Cue the sleigh bells,” and can’t help but wonder what colour the poster is- he’s been told that christmas colours are red, green and white- but it’s not like he can tell the difference. His mind and heart flutter once again, wondering when his soulmate would come around. He thinks about her everyday.

But he pushes the feeling down and steps out into the biting cold, the snow crunching beneath his boots and the snow falling in crystals on his black leather jacket. He shoves his hands into his pockets,breathing in the smell of cinnamon, peppermint and coffee, mingled peculiarly with the smell of exhaust fumes and car pollution. The skyscrapers tower above him, lit up by the offices, the sound of taxi cabs, people talking and carols permeating the environment.

He closes his eyes, tilts his head up and clutches his satchel- his laptop is still warm.

Moving to New York is one of the best decisions he’s ever made. He loves the undeniable energy. He may be alone in all senses, but when he’s walking down Broadway, he doesn’t feel it so much.

Suddenly, he’s crashing into someone- maybe closing your eyes and strolling down a very busy street wasn’t the best idea- and he hears an indignant, “Hey!” He opens his grey eyes and the first thing he sees and feels is a hot liquid on the left side of his chest and arm- it’s so hot it’s almost scalding, and he winces.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” The person he’d bumped into asked. He looked up, about to reply, when he realises something’s different.

The girl’s hair isn’t grey. It’s- he doesn’t know what it is. It’s not any shade of black, white, or the fifty shades of grey in between. (He hates that book. And the movie.)

But it takes a while to process the… difference. He doesn’t know what to call it. Is this what’s supposed to be colour?

He looks at her again, and notices her eyes aren’t the usual shade of grey he’s accustomed to. They’re beautiful.

Then her skin- it’s beautiful, too. Everything about her is. Her lips, her teeth, her clothes, everything is perfect. Her hair is up in a high ponytail, not one strand out of place.

He realises she’s confused, too, perplexity and awe written all over her face, and Jughead knows that she can see it too. He won’t let himself believe it until he hears it himself.

“Can you see it?”

She nods, biting her lip and her eyes welling up. She’s not upset, though- a smile as wide as his is plastered on her face.

They turn three-sixty degrees together, taking in the vividness that’s inundating him; but he can’t and won’t stop- he realises the sky is the same colour as his jacket, the snow is the same shade as the pearly teeth of his newfound soulmate- he can’t imagine going back to his boring world now, not when he’s only had a taste of this. It’s like a drug- he experiences soare mething psychedelic, and he could immerse himself in this moment forever.

It strikes him that he doesn’t know the name of the girl standing next to him yet. Their hands are already intertwined, and he squeezed hers.

“Jughead Jones,” He says, happier than he has been in a long time.

The girl conceals a laugh- his name is ‘Jughead’, he knows. Her laugh is music to his ears.

 Suddenly, he can place the colour of his eyes- he doesn’t know how, but his instincts are taking over.They’re blue. His gaze travels down to her lips. Red. Her hair? Golden.

So the golden girl opens her red lips and her blue orbs disappear for a fraction of a second under thick, heavy lashes, and Jughead’s already falling in love. He’s found the woman he’s going to be with till he dies, and he’s already head over heels for her. She gives his hand a squeeze, as well, as she says the name that would be the centre of his attention for years to come.

“Betty Cooper.”

There and OT4 in the bed and the little one said “Get me ice cream”

I can’t draw people, too many at once, plz send help. ANYWAYS this is my OT4 aka the “Logo Ship” because if red/blue/green/yellow isn’t in so many logos side eyes google, ebay, windows etc. So yup, the official “birth” of this.

Theres a 60% chance this won’t be finished, but I did the thing. Sorry not sorry for the terrible annotations that I put on the sketch layer like to fool I am, I just hope more people like this pure and wholesome ship


I am so in love with my new hair, which as an added bonus, glows under black light. ❤️
My hairdresser is amazingly talented.


Hey I hope you are doing fine and here is Allura and her tiny fluffy lions to cheer you up because everybody needs big fluffy cats.


What if the Lions were Paladins???? 

Their personalities are similar to the actual paladins and lions;;

Black is a natural born leader, calm and collected and supportive!! But tends to be a bit bossy but hey it’s his responsibility to keep everyone safe!! He is Brazilian.

Blue is cheerful and likes to have fun, almost a bit too friendly(even with strangers) and a natural people person, but he finds it hard to know if people find him annoying or not;;  He is Mexican!

Red is smol and angry, he finds it hard to trust people sometimes;; The only one he listens to is Black(he’s always following him around, senpai notice me). He’s the fastest and very reliable in battle! He is English.

Green is the smartest out of all of them and tends to be the one that comes up with the best plans!! Is he a boy? a girl? IDK who cares he can kick your ass. They are Japanese. 

Yellow is that big brother you wish you always had!! He’s probably the nicest person you’ll ever meet, and that makes it hard for him to say no to things(he can never refuse he’s tOO NICE) He is African American!

This is just my interpretation!! They were super fun to draw ;v; 

The Houses as Your Friends
  • Gryffindors: doesn't give in to peer pressure, wants to be vegetarian but loves meat too much, never replies to messages, stresses over everything, has so many embarrassing stories, literally queen.
  • Hufflepuffs: laughs at inappropriate times, doesn't like people seeing them sad, procrastinates so badly but still manages to get everything done on time??, cries when they're ignored, can't help but make you smile.
  • Ravenclaws: instagram game strong af, has no clue about what to do in the future, best laugh ever, doesn't know when to act seriously, weird secret talents, resting bitch face, you can trust them with your life.
  • Slytherins: doesn't care if they're annoying, super touchy, tries too hard, somehow friends with everybody, eats so much but still super slim?? literally laughs at everything, secretly a sweetheart.