“Just Friends” Massage

Prompt from @pilar-at-the-disco​: “Maggie massages Alex after an alien attack and calls it, "just friends”“

Oh dear sweet Maggie trying to convince herself about this "friends” thing. Bless.

Heads up, though: Cadmus hurts Alex, badly (it’s not very graphic, though), and scares her - a lot - in the first part of this, and it’s referenced throughout. It’s overall a very fluffy piece, but just fyi.

Alex has earned her fair share of bruises.

At any given time, she can usually count at least five on her torso, and she’s long since forgotten the uninterrupted color of her shins since they’re so often patched with various shades of black, blue, red, purple, green, and yellow.

But this attack had been different.

This attack had really knocked the wind out of her in more ways than Alex knew how to count.

She’d taken bullet for people, and she’d taken beatings for people.

But the thrashing that she’d taken to protect Kara today?

The lackeys from Cadmus hadn’t just hit her. They’d talked to her. Talked about the things they’d do to Kara, to J'onn, to Eliza. To James, to Winn. To Maggie.

She didn’t even know how they knew these people.

But they did.

And they told her, as they were kicking her in the ribs, all the things they’d do to each of them in turn. All the things they’d like her to watch.

In the end, Kara, J'onn, and Maggie had busted up the operation, had come in guns a-blazing – in Maggie’s case, anyway – and the only thing Alex remembered before passing out was the feeling of panic bleeding into sweet relief; the feeling of pride at seeing Maggie break the nose of the man who’d been working her over with a sharp swing of her elbow.

She’d woken up under Kara’s watchful eyes, her bed in the DEO surrounded not only by her sister, but by J'onn, James, and a very, very red-eyed Winn. And Maggie, pacing behind all of them, stitches above her left eye and looking like she could throw up at any moment.

Alex immediately tried to sit up.

Of course she did.

Four pairs of hands went to stop her. Maggie just stopped pacing and turned to look at Alex’s face. Turned to stare at her conscious form, to convince herself that they’d gotten to her in time, that she was alright; that she was alright.

Alex eased herself back down with Kara’s help, and found that it was easier than she expected. She felt incredibly stiff, but not the sharp pains that she usually woke up with after beatings like that.

J'onn smiled knowingly, and went so far as to sweep a stray strand of hair off Alex’s forehead. “We’ve been improving our healing technologies; you should be stiff, but your bones are already basically healed.”

“How long’ve I been out?” Her voice sounded like she hadn’t used it in months, and tears flooded Kara’s eyes as she smiled down at her sister.

“Only a few days, Alex, everything’s ok – ”

A few days –

“Told you she’d take it like this – ”

“Kara, they were threatening you, all of you, my mom, they said they were gonna – ”

Of all the voices the raised to try to comfort her, Alex’s sought one in particular. Winn had stepped aside to let Maggie take his place next to Alex’s shoulders, and it was Maggie that Alex turned to, Maggie’s voice that Alex singled out of all the others’.

“Danvers, you’ve got a damn good team backing you up. Your mom’s safe, and look at us, look. We’re all safe, Danvers. Everybody’s okay, Alex. We’re all safe. You’re safe. You did a damn good job, holding on like that until we could get to you – ”

Maggie’s voice broke off in bitter rage and grief that they didn’t get there sooner, couldn’t get there sooner. Alex noticed, but also didn’t. She reached a slow, shaky hand out to Maggie’s stitched forehead.

“They hurt you.”

Maggie shook her head. “I’m fine. Come on. We’re gonna take you home, okay?”

Alex let her head fall back on the pillow, into Kara’s open-palmed embrace, and she nodded with her eyes closed.

She felt rather than heard her friends – her family – whispering over her, and then she felt nothing.

When her eyes cracked open again, she was in her own living room, on her own couch. Soft jazz was humming in the background and someone was moving around in her kitchen.

“Kara?” She tried to sit up, and succeeded this time, but thought that the stiffness really might be the death of her.

“Danvers! You’re awake!”

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I Will Not Bow
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For LaurisWorld
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Artwork © Alkraas
Character © LaurisWorld

Programs: SAI; Photoshop | Tablet: Ugee M708

Wow, this took longer than I thought it would, still hope you like it!
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Peace Sign Wall Art Mosaic Peace Sign Flower Power Hippie Art Hippie Decor 60’s Art Retro Decor Rainbow Color Decor Boho Art Woodstock

This Peace Sign is made with Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow and Light Blue Stained Glass. The center features a Flower Design with Blue Petals and a Red Glass in the center. The glass has been water tumbled to give the smooth effect of Beach Glass.

#peacesign #peacelove #hippie #bohoart

The Houses as Your Friends
  • Gryffindors: doesn't give in to peer pressure, wants to be vegetarian but loves meat too much, never replies to messages, stresses over everything, has so many embarrassing stories, literally queen.
  • Hufflepuffs: laughs at inappropriate times, doesn't like people seeing them sad, procrastinates so badly but still manages to get everything done on time??, cries when they're ignored, can't help but make you smile.
  • Ravenclaws: instagram game strong af, has no clue about what to do in the future, best laugh ever, doesn't know when to act seriously, weird secret talents, resting bitch face, you can trust them with your life.
  • Slytherins: doesn't care if they're annoying, super touchy, tries too hard, somehow friends with everybody, eats so much but still super slim?? literally laughs at everything, secretly a sweetheart.

Finally sharing all my cover variants for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic!

This actually all started when I did the Green & White Rangers prints for Gallery Nucleus. Those were then turned into covers which then turned into a whole series of covers spanning 8 months.

Lots of learning and challenges with these but I’m very proud to have contributed in a small way to something I was absolutely crazy about as a kid. 


What if the Lions were Paladins???? 

Their personalities are similar to the actual paladins and lions;;

Black is a natural born leader, calm and collected and supportive!! But tends to be a bit bossy but hey it’s his responsibility to keep everyone safe!! He is Brazilian.

Blue is cheerful and likes to have fun, almost a bit too friendly(even with strangers) and a natural people person, but he finds it hard to know if people find him annoying or not;;  He is Mexican!

Red is smol and angry, he finds it hard to trust people sometimes;; The only one he listens to is Black(he’s always following him around, senpai notice me). He’s the fastest and very reliable in battle! He is English.

Green is the smartest out of all of them and tends to be the one that comes up with the best plans!! Is he a boy? a girl? IDK who cares he can kick your ass. They are Japanese. 

Yellow is that big brother you wish you always had!! He’s probably the nicest person you’ll ever meet, and that makes it hard for him to say no to things(he can never refuse he’s tOO NICE) He is African American!

This is just my interpretation!! They were super fun to draw ;v; 


au where everything is the same except the lions are fun sized when they arent kicking purple alien butt >w>