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PLEASE talk about the kind of shit Bitty and Tater would get up to without Jack or someone more level-headed there to restrain them.

lisTEN Tater and Bitty have like, not a single impulse control between the two. Oftentimes people get fooled by Bitty’s politeness, need for a clean kitchen, and preference for people not to spit on the ground (LOOKING AT YOU, NURSEY, YOU GROSS COLLEGE BOY) and think, this is a reasonable and level headed young man! they are wrong. 

Tater: B! What if I get huge soda bottles, big ones, and shake them. 

Bitty: D: that makes it go flat though, do you not like the fizz?

Tater: *shakes his head* No, no. I strap them onto me and shake them and then BOOM! I fly. 

Bitty: Hmm, I don’t think so…

Tater: :((((((

Bitty: You’re too gosh darn heavy! Strap it on me! 


Tater: B! B! Guess what!

Bitty: I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?

Tater: *shows a picture* new motorcycle! I see it, I like it, now it’s mine!

Bitty: *fans himself really hard because he LOVES those bikes* oh dear

Tater: You one of my best friend. First person I ask to ride with me. 

Bitty: Mister Tater! I am delighted and honored! 

And then they proceed to ride the motorcycle WITHOUT A HELMET until they get pulled over by a cop, and tater’s telling the story to the team later and jack hyperventilates because HIS BOYFRIEND WAS ON A MOTORCYCLE WITHOUT A HELMET.

One day jack walks into the kitchen to find Tater with tears streaming down his very red face as Bitty feeds him pieces of what looks like mini pie and asking “how about this? is this spicy enough?” 

“I’m feel dying and my soul return to heaven. Not enough. Do more.” 

Tater: What I’m be for Halloween? Has to be sexy. 

Bitty: Haha what about a stripper

They look at each other and an electrical moment passes between them

Tater: I’m go shave my legs now!!! 

Bitty: Yes you do that and I’m going online right NOW to find the perfect costume!!! 


Bitty: here let me shave you! 

And then when Tater’s practicing his routine, he routinely asks Bitty whether it’s sexy enough. He’s not doing it very close to Bitty (bc Bitty’s personal space expands when there’s stripping involved by ppl other than jack)

Tater: Weird to ask Jack, you know. He my teammate.

Bitty: I completely understand, and oh dear this is making me blush! *giggles* 

Tater: *performs another body roll*

Bitty: *giggles* 

That one time Bitty went to the hospital because Tater thought it would be a funny prank to empty out a windex bottle and pour blue gatorade in it so Bitty can shock everyone, but someone accidentally switched the bottle so Bitty drank a mouthful of actual windex. 

I feel like Tater’s like the one person who finally convinced Bitty to try weed? Like in the sense that Tater’s never tried it because the fear of his parents is strong, and Bitty’s only had contact high before and never bothered with actually trying it himself. And Tater is curious bc it seems like a lot of the college athletes are high and he wants to try! And Bitty because oh well, if you want to try it I’ll do it too! 

They chose a time during the off season, so that Tater won’t get in trouble. And Bitty makes the most delicious weed brownies in existence. And then Tater promptly forgets that they’re weed brownies and eat wayyyy too much and Bitty’s too high to deal with him and Jack comes home to two grown men giggling over his couch. (Tater’s okay, bitty made sure not to bake too much.) 

That one time Tater wrenched his shoulder dabbing with Bitty on the ice. 

When Bitty was super drunk and Tater handed him a banana and Bitty deepthroated it in front of everyone and then promptly choked and almost died. 

That time they were lighting fireworks with their bare hands and didn’t get injured at ALL. 

Georgia had to give a little talk to Jack about how tater and bitty should never be left alone, and maybe Jack can thirdwheel some of their hangouts a little bit more?

Jack: I’m the one dating Bitty, you know. 

Georgia: He’s an amazing person, but I also need his friendship with Tater to change into something less life threatening. 

I worked so hard for this Gatorade.

So, I’m feeling not great & I really wanted my favorite color of Gatorade from the vending machine. It was $1.75 & I had $1.15 in nickels and dimes. I found 1 dime in the change door of the other vending machine.

There is almost no one here because it’s a Monday & the office is closed tomorrow. So I started knocking on cubicles. The first person had 1 dime. The second person had 3 dimes, 2 in her wallet & one in the bottom of her purse. Then we walked around until we found a dime sitting on the desk of my cube mate who is on vacation. I left her a sticky note that said “I owe you one dime & my un-dying gratitude.”

So, 5-10 minutes, 3 social workers, and some un-authorized borrowing later, I am happily sipping a Blue Gatorade.

NHL!Bitty, Part XII -  ‘A Stanley Cup Wedding’

The Schooners win game seven and dethrone the defending champion Falconers to claim Seattle’s first national title. 

Eric was definitely not expecting Jack to propose immediately after losing.

(A rework of the ‘Game 7 PVD vs SEA’ prompt that totally retcons some NHL!Bitty stuff, so timeline-wise: the Falconers took the cup Eric’s second year with the Schooners. The Schooners win the following season.)

NHL!Bitty Masterpost

Game Seven. Third period. Eric’s running on adrenaline, blue Gatorade, and rage.

Jack and the rest of the Falconers first line are racing to catch up, but Eric is ‘criminally fast’ (thank you ESPN for the lovely descriptor), and it’s almost too easy to whip the puck to Carter and wait for the siren.

Snowy can’t stop it. The Schooners will win in regulation. 

For a brief, terrifying moment, Eric sees Morin’s breakaway as the death knell of his relationship. He has flashes of Freshman year and he thinks ‘Jack is going to hate me’.

Eric closes his eyes and waits.

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things you should all know about the lightning thief musical and why it was amazing:

  • they stayed true to the books ( some people may ask me why I say this, well… the movies are nothing like the books )
  • lots and lots of Luke. like, seriously. Luke was very much present in the musical and it was such a nice change of pace cause these days so many people forget Luke and his story and why he’s so important to the pjo storyline
  • the characterizations were pretty accurate !!! ( I’m gonna do a writeup on this later ) and not only did we get Annabeth / Percy / Grover but we saw Katie, Silena, and Clarisse as well
  • for those who couldn’t see it, the musical had little dialogue / plot drive outside song !!! so look forward to that CD coming out since the songs themselves are absolutely amazing and pretty spot on
  • they reference the other books. at one point theres a joke about “you don’t see a son of Hades or a daughter of Zeus running around now do you?” and the dam jokes are, indeed, present — among others! ( plenty of humor for adults to which good shit )
  • there’s this really great song that takes place around the campfire which basically summarizes to “fuck the gods” cause everyone complains about their parent, including our favorite horse man
  • while the storyline moved very fast, it was also very fluid
  • theres a song about Thalia and the way they had it acted out honestly made me tear up and Percy’s reply to it was “wait I’m not the only one” which broke my heart because Grover just went “she died”
  • when Percy first sees Annabeth after he fully wakes up he yells “THATS MY DREAM GIRL !!!” at her then realizes what he said and proceeds to half trip over himself
  • have I mentioned Luke ??? well, in the end he basically hijacks the tune to Good Kid ( which does have a reprise in Hades ) to tell Percy he’s basically useless then literally stabs him in the back I’m not crying you’re crying
  • Percy: why does he hate me what did I do? // Mr. D: you were born
  • [ Luke voice ] protip, if you’re a son of Poseidon and you want to be alone, don’t sit by the lake.
  • Percy straight up called Grover a furry
  • the song with Charon actually killed me I want it on repeat for the rest of my life
  • [ Hades voice ] one does not simply walk out of Hades actual quote
  • if that wasn’t Bianca I’ll eat a shoe
  • Annabeths song ??? literal wonder I am so happy it happened and it really gave something to grab onto for her which I didn’t expect and totally approve of. it also strongly spoke of how she wants to build something permanent without straight up coming out and saying it so tbh really well done
  • right after the show the twitter dropped a news bomb that suggests a second musical next summer and I screamed ( they also came back on stage after the performance )

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sterek + “I just kissed your forehead, chill.”? <3


“I just kissed your forehead, chill,” Stiles said, rolling his eyes as he plopped down in the comfy armchair by the other end of the couch, folding his legs to set his ankle on his knee. He picked his biochemistry book up from where he had set it on the floor, resting it on his thigh as he cracked it open, flipping through the pages until he found his desired page.

But Derek could not chill. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Because Stiles had just kissed him.

Yeah, sure, Stiles had a point, he had just kissed him on the forehead, but still! It was still a kiss! Regardless of where exactly it was!

The important part was that Stiles had just kissed him! How could he be expected to chill after that? It just wasn’t feasible.

He had been ass over elbows for the hyperactive, unbelievably intelligent, too-curious-for-his-own-good teen since the first time he had met him. At least, he had been unconsciously. It had taken him a little while to realize it and once he had, he immediately launched into a vigorous campaign of self-loathing and self-denial, reminding himself at every turn why his feelings were stupid and wrong and irrefutably unrequited.

For quite some time, a few years, in fact, Derek had downright hated himself for his attraction to Stiles, having sworn off love and romance and attraction years ago, once after Paige’s untimely death and again after the fire that had claimed the lives of almost his entire family. But then Stiles had waltzed into his life, trespassing in more than one way, and tossed all of his plans to live the rest of his miserable life alone right out the window

Over years of working together, even before they were officially pack members or even friends, and regularly saving each other’s lives, the initial spark of Derek’s interest had been stoked into a slow, constantly burning fire that resided somewhere deep in his heart. Now, every time he so much as saw Stiles — or heard his voice, or received a text from even, or even just remembered something about him ― a warmth radiated through his body that felt like a ray of sunshine coursing through every fiber of his being, rushing through every vein and capillary in his body.

Derek was pretty sure he was in love with him.

He loved the way Stiles never held back with anything he did in life, thrusting himself into whatever he chose to do, whether it be researching the most recent supernatural threat, or ferreting out as much information as he could about reports of hunters, to diving headfirst into his college courses or learning how to make all sorts of healthy foods to keep his dad’s heart healthy. He loved Stiles’ razor sharp wit, never at a loss for a snappy rejoinder or sarcastic remark, in spite of whether or not it was appropriate to be making such sardonic comments, or perhaps because of it.

He loved Stiles’ selflessness, at time disturbingly willing to lay down his life for those he cared about, leaping into harm’s way more times than Derek could, or at least more than he cared to, count. He loved the way that Stiles wasn’t afraid one bit to be himself, never paying any mind to those who sought to discourage him or put him down, growing more and more confident with each and every passing day.

Hell, it was useless to list everything he loved about Stiles because he loved everything about him.

Every nuance of his facial expressions ― the way he furrowed his brows when he was concentrating, the way his lips twisted up at the corner when he smirked, the way his temple twitched when he was angry. Every behavioral quirk ― the way he dotted his i’s, the way he chewed on the drawstrings of his hoodies and the sleeves of his obnoxious flannels, the way he hummed under his breath when he did the dishes or folded his laundry.

The only problem was that he didn’t love Derek.

Derek had, quite foolishly, convinced himself that he might actually have a chance with him when Stiles had officially made the announcement that he was bisexual, but the newly out teenager had never made any indication whatsoever that he had interest in him. That had been over a year and Derek had since given up all hope that Stiles might ever harbor any romantic feelings for him, resigning himself to a life of unrequited pining, sure that Stiles would never show him any ounce of affection that wasn’t purely platonic.

And then he went and kissed Derek like it was no big deal. Granted, it was only on the forehead and he had a valid, non-romantic, strictly platonic reason to do it.

With the moon tucked away in the shadow of the earth during a late autumn lunar eclipse, Derek was just about as human as Stiles was, leaving him vulnerable to all sorts of things like regular bullets without the wolfsbane and other types of weapons. Apparently, it also meant that he was able to contract human illnesses. Like the common cold.

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A bunch of people asked me to make a tutorial about how I did my glowing lyrium potion, so I finally made one! It works for any kind of glowing potion you want to drink so you can use any liquid. It’s also really, really, really easy. 

  1. Supplies - pick your Lyrium (I used Blue Gatorade for my first potion and am using blue vodka for this tutorial because I am an adult), waterproof LEDs (that waterproof part is important, I used plain white ones but any color will work depending on your potion, I recommend getting a bunch of these because sometimes you get a dud, and they glow for 8+ hours but they do fade over time), glass bottles with corks, non-toxic glue, leather or clothe cording, a knife or tiny scissors. 
  2. Clean your bottles and your LEDs. 
  3. Hollow out the inside of your cork with a knife or scissors. You want a little space for the LED to snugly sit in. 
  4. Attach the LED to the cork with a touch of non-toxic glue. Turn on the LED at this point too. 
  5. While the glue sets up, fill your glass bottle with your lyrium or potion.
  6. Alternatively, if you don’t want to mess with hollowing the cork and gluing the LED into place, you can also just “frost” over the bottom of your glass and drop the LED straight in. The LED sinks and the “frost” disguises it. I used a touch of white acrylic paint to frost it. It took about 30 seconds. 
  7. Back to the cork method! - Once the glue has dried and the cork is secure, pop it back into the bottle.
  8. Wrap your leather cording around the neck of the bottle to disguise the LED hanging there. 
  9. And done! Go drink your lyrium like the drug addicted Templar you are! 
ddadds cult ending

what if the reason robert became self-destructive and turned to substance use is because he was held captive by cult dad and psychologically shattered

so he’s so, so determined to not let that happen to player dad. your character won’t have to go through this alone and terrified, sweating in the dark as shadows slither up the walls, as voices whisper uncertainty and malevolence. 

he gets his knife collection, he gives amanda a nerf gun full of holy water and teaches her how to use it. “and remember, kiddo, punch with your thumb OUTSIDE your fist. you’re gonna need all your fingers at college, don’t want to break them.”

they go demon hunting.

the dark place knows him. knows how helpless he was, how broken. 

“hey, robert. remember when i made you think that someone was coming for you? no one cares, though. no one would give a fuck if you died.”

“hey, robert. remember when you were so desperate for something to drink that you-”

when he falters, remembering the sense of utter aloneness and abjection, amanda doesn’t.


the entity has other bodies, other names. but today, they work together and drive back the darkness. today, for the first time in his life, robert can fight back. (did amanda just call him… her dad?)

player dad, even though he’s only been held in the dungeon for a day, is still messed up. the demon’s mark burns on his hand, and the venom burns in his blood.  robert manhandles him into clean sweats, makes him drink blue gatorade (the best flavor) in between nightmares. 

“amanda, amanda- no- leave her alone- oh god, amanda…”

“look at me. he can’t hurt you, he’s not going to hurt her. you’re safe. you’re okay.”

and when the shadows start hissing and writhing, robert and amanda pull out some holy books and start shouting back. 

player dad wakes up from a week-long illness which he only vaguely remembers, his hand stiff and bandaged. why is robert’s toothbrush in his house? why is amanda calling robert pop pop? he senses that, somehow, a long nightmare has ended. and that they’re a family now. it’s too good to question, so he never asks. 

The Road Ahead

Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: G,  Word Count: 1546
Friends to Lovers, Road Trip, Pining, POV Stiles

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It happens in Nevada. They’re two weeks into their road trip, getting gas at a small gas station at the edge of the desert. Stiles is in the car, fingers drumming on the dashboard, waiting for Scott to finish paying. He’s opened the windows in the hope to get some fresh air in, but all that’s getting in is fresh sand, so he starts rolling the windows back up. As he does, he glances to the side, through the dirty windows, into the gas station. Scott is smiling at the attendant, who looks like he has no idea what to do with so much sincere happiness directed at him, and the only thought going through Stiles’ mind is: I really want to kiss him.

Stiles straightens in his seat so fast the car groans its complaints at the sudden movement. His heart misses one, two, three beats, then stumbles in its hurry to catch up.

He wants to kiss Scott? His best friend?

He looks up to where Scott is just stepping out of the gas station. Scott catches his eye and grins.

Yep, definitely want to kiss him.

‘You okay?’ Scott asks as he slides back behind the wheel, a small crease of worry between his eyebrows.

‘Fine. ‘S just hot,’ Stiles mumbles. He wipes the sweat off his forehead, then wipes his hand on Scott’s shoulder.

‘Ew,’ Scott says, laughing, trying to get as far away from Stiles’ hand as he can.

He starts the car, and dust billows up before the tires find traction. Some of it drifts in through the not quite closed windows. Stiles leans back in his seat to stare out into the desolate landscape.


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Auston Matthews - Sick Day

(A/N: I’m so sorry for the long waits guys. I have 14 requests going right now and can only write on the weekends. School always, always comes first.)

Warnings: mentions of being sick/throwing up

Originally posted by calgaryinferno

You woke up to the distinct sound of gagging and throwing up coming from the bathroom. With a groan of annoyance, you walked in to find your boyfriend’s head shoved in a toilet bowl as he threw up again.

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"And then, she threw up on me!" (I'm not the original sender but I thought this would help 😂)

“And then, she threw up on me!”
“Ewww,” the other children groaned as Heather Chandler recounted the events of Ram’s seventh birthday party.
“She’s so weird,” Heather McNamara laughed. “She probably threw up on you on purpose.”
“It was disgusting,” Heather Chandler said, cringing. “Then she started crying after, like a baby!”
All the second graders laughed, and Veronica resisted the urge to cry again. JD stood next to her, Martha behind her.
“You’re the stupid ones!” Veronica shouted, stomping her foot on the ground. “It was an accident. You guys are mean on purpose!”
“I’d rather be a brat than a loser,” Heather Duke said rudely. “Besides, at least brats dolls are pretty.” Everyone laughed, causing Veronica to get even more upset.
“Brats dolls are ugly,” JD said.
“My mom says they look like prostitutes.”
All the children stared at him, confused.
“What the heck is a prostitute?” Heather McNamara asked. Heather Chandler scoffed.
“It’s probably just a name he made up to make us look dumb.”
“Come on, Veronica,” Martha said quietly, tugging on Veronica’s shirt. “Let’s just leave.”
Veronica huffed and turned around, walking angrily back the classroom.
“I’ll be right back,” JD said. “I have to go get something.”
Veronica nodded and sat down miserably on one of the bean bag chairs and curled up, her head on her knees. Martha sat next to her, comforting her with a hand on her back.
“You’re not gross,” Martha said. “They’re all dumb.”
JD suddenly came running into the classroom a few minutes later, looking flushed and nervous.
“What did you do?” Veronica asked curiously. JD smiled deviously.
“Look what I snuck out of the nurses office,” he said, pulling a bottle of blue cough syrup out of his pocket.
“Gross,” Veronica said, wrinkling her nose. “What are you gonna do with that?”
JD grinned and ran over to the cubbies, quickly going through Heather Chandler’s back and pulling out a bottle of blue Gatorade. Veronica’s eyes widened.
“No way,” Martha gasped. JD grinned and nodded. He took the Gatorade bottle and ran over to the window, pouring it out the side and poured the entire bottle of cough syrup into it.
“Let’s see who throws up now,” he said.
Veronica laughed and hugged him tightly, causing him to blush slightly.
“You’re a genius!” She said happily.
“I just hope we don’t get caught,” Martha said quietly.
At lunchtime, however, the three of them decided it didn’t matter if they got caught. Seeing Heather gag and spit out a mouthful of cough syrup right on Heather Duke’s dress made it all worth it.

AU: Uni Shawn - Thoughtful

a/n: This imagine similar is to Playful because it has 4 different scenes regarding thoughtfulness in a relationship. Thank you to everyone who sent ideas in for this imagine. I was only able to use one since I already had the other three ideas written, but I really appreciate your suggestions and I may use them in the future, so thank you! 

Your name: submit What is this?


On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, you start your job at the front desk of the library at seven in the morning, which is a bit too early for your liking. This morning in particular is a rough morning for you. You were up until nearly three in the morning trying to finish a paper so having to be awake at 6:30 wasn’t at all enjoyable.

The library is nearly empty this early in the morning, which makes it even harder for you to be able to keep your eyes open. You’re doing some work on the library computer, and out of the corner of your eye, you notice someone enter the building. You don’t even look up from your computer, too tired to bother shifting your attention away from the screen in front of you. Only when the figure stops at the desk do you bother to look up.

You’re thoroughly surprised to see your boyfriend standing there. His hair is messy, like he didn’t bother to fix it before he left his dorm. Just the sight of him half asleep, but standing there in front of you brings a smile to your own tired face. “Morning y/n,” He says, when you don’t say anything right away. Despite the tiredness in his eyes and the fact that he isn’t used to waking up so early in the morning, he still is smiling brightly at you.

“Good morning baby, what are you doing?” You whisper to him leaning over the desk.

“I brought you coffee.” He responds, holding out the venti starbucks cup that you were too distracted to notice until just now. 

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