Star Light, Star Bright

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Star Light, Star Bright
Ship: Shooting Star/ Guardian Angel!Jimin | Reader
Description: When you wish upon a star, you never really think he’d come to visit.
Warnings: Fluff, Intercourse, Fingering, Slight Cum Play, Slight Dirty Talk, ANGST
Word Count: 7,595
A/N: Fluffier (sorta) than my other writings, and maybe not as dirty. It’s still there though. I was starting to think I’d never get around to writing this but I’m so glad I finally finished!

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The M/M Shipping Thing: Misogyny, the Male Gaze, and Feminist and Queer Representation

Follow up post to this one, here. Read this to see my thoughts on the importance of allowing women to see men through a lens where male sexuality is something to be celebrated, not feared. Seems like a lot of people can relate to this, and I just love talking about it so have some more of my thoughts.

First of all, it’s a numbers game…

Going off of this point by @colt-kun which I’ve copied and pasted here. This gives a great overview of a purely statistical analysis of why m/m ships are more common.  

“There’s also the sheer numbers to take into account.

Take the first Avengers movie as an example (because frankly its one of the few recent blockbusters with two female speaking roles). Two females, Black Widow and Maria. Then eight males, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Loki, Fury, Coulson.

Not counting polyships/selfships for ease of math, and using the characters cisgender identities bc that is what they are largely seen as (no disrespect meant to any trans/nb interpretations)

Possible f/m ships: 16 (35.5%)
Possible f/f ships: 1 (2.2%)
Possible m/m ships: 28 (62.2%)

That’s not even accounting for screentime, character chemistry, interaction times, etc. thats just the NUMBERS.

When there’s a large disparity in character gender then yeah, you’re going to see a heavy inclination to m/m ships because that’s really ALL THATS POSSIBLE. The fans have a natural desire for more story and romances, they want to world build and AU. We’ve done that since stories were first told.

So of COURSE you’re going to see a lot of women - of all sexual orientations - leaning towards m/m pairings because when there’s only potatoes at the buffet… you eat the potatoes. Think of all the shows an movies with only one female character in a cast of men. Is it really difficult to see WHY there’s a lot of m/m ships there?”

Mainstream media is male-centered and male-dominated.

Going beyond just the numbers the fact is that in the majority of popular films and TV shows many of the female characters aren’t well-rounded or on screen as much as most of the men. There is a tendency for women to be the secondary characters or maybe to have one main female character. This makes it hard to really relate to and invest in a lot of the female characters out there. Not that people don’t, but it’s not going to attract a huge following.

Take Supernatural (low hanging fruit I know) where even if there are a large number of women that appear throughout the series, there aren’t many that stick around(and let’s not even go there with all of the deaths and how sexist that is right now ha)or interact with each other in a way that would lead to a lot of shipping. Even in my lovely Hannibal fandom, the Marlana ship which people love and people write for just isn’t going to have as much of a following just based on the fact that they aren’t the main characters. And Marlana is a good example of a w/w ship where they aren’t objectified, don’t die, and still it’s a secondary focus. There obviously are some exceptions, but they are few and far between.

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 = personal favourites, (A) = angst, (F) = fluff, (M) = mature

➜ Jin

For Love & Money (F) 
1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|14.5 (M)|15|16|17||notes? 
Forced Marriage!Au

Hungry Games (F)

Seven Seconds in Heaven (A/F/M)  ✦

24/7 Marriage Counselor (F) - Service Series

Annihilation of You Part 1|Part 2 (F, Slight Crack) Soulmate!Au, Evil Genius!Au, Post Apocalyptic!Au

➜ Yoongi

Princess ‘n the kNight (F) Royalty!Au Princess!Au

Chocolate Confessions (F) Valentine'sDay!Au

DreamCatcher (F/A) ✦

Student Council Prez (F) Prologue|1|2|2.5|3|4|4.5|5|6|6.5|7|7.5|8|9|9.5|10
High School!Au

First-Date BAIT! (F) - Service Series 

Yoonji - She’s Testosterone|She’s Testosterone 2 Crack Fic!

➜ Hoseok

For Everything (F/A) Bad Girl, Good Guy! AU

Play Pretend (A)

Cupid’s Blind (F/A) Angel!Au 

Season’s Grieving (A) (ft. Jimin)

Sunshower (F/M)

The Breakup Bureau (F/A) - Service Series

➜ Namjoon

God of Destruction (F/A/M) ✦

Ghost Messenger (F/A) - Service Series

Russian Roulette (A)

➜ Jimin  

Till Death Due Us Part (F/A) ✦

Polar Opposites Part 1|Part 2 (F)

Azure Blue (F) Fairy!Au Lilac Hues (Sequel)

Heartbreak Insurance (F) - Service Series

A Mark of Betrayal (A) (ft. Jungkook)

➜ Taehyung

The Last Time (F/A) 

Bound to Vengeance (F/A) Caretaker!Au Disability!Au 

Rent-a-Boyfriend™ (F) - Service Series

➜ Jungkook

Falling for Evil (F/A) Fairytale!Au

I Will Not Lose! (F) Magic!Au

Date in a Box (F) - Service Series

A Mark of Betrayal (A) (ft. Jimin)

His Name 1|2|3|4|5|6 (A) Multiple Personality!Au

➜ OT7

Generation Series Generation 1|Generation 2|Generation 3|Generation 4|Extra (A)

Christmas Drabbles 2016 (F/A) | Festa 2017 Drabbles

A Bed of Roses 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8 (F/A)

The Seven Kinds of Love (F/A/M) ✦

Service Series (F/A) ✦

  • Yixing: F is for friends who do stuff together.
  • Chanyeol: U is for u and me.
  • Yixing and Chanyeol: N is for anywhere and anytime at all down here in the deep blue-
  • Kyungsoo: F is for fire, burn down the whole town!!
  • Minseok: U is uranium bombs!!
  • Kyungsoo and Minseok: N is for NO SURVIVORS!!
  • Minseok: Why are you both under the table?
  • Chanyeol: We're scared.
  • Yixing: Are you gonna hit us?
  • Kyungsoo: Oh, Yixing we'd never hit you.
  • Chanyeol: What about me?
  • Kyungsoo: Like I said, Yixing, we'd never hit you.

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Flowers in French

Fleur - flower (f)
Azalée - azalea (f)
Gypsophile - baby’s breath (m)
Campanule/jacinthe des bois - blue bell (f)
Bouton d’or - buttercup (m)
Arum - calla lily (m)
Oeillet - carnation (m)
Chrysanthème - chrysanthemum (m)
Jonquille - daffodil (f)
Dahlia - dahlia (m)
Marguerite - daisy (f)
Pissentlit - dandelion (m)
Myosotis - forget-me-not (m)
Géranium - geranium (m)
Hortensia - hydrangea (m)
Lavande - lavender (f)
Lilas - lilac (m)
Lys - lily (m)
Souci - marigold
Gui - mistletoe (m)
Pivione - peony (f)
Coquelicot - poppy (m)
Tournesol - sunflower (m)


Yesterday I hit 1k followers, which is so mindblowing for me, because I run this blog for only 7 months and I never thought that I will gain that many, but here we are!I appreciate and love all of you so so much, for sticking around with me for that long, it means a lot!!

So, I decided to make a follow forever, where I will basically tag some really nice people which I love and appreciate, to say thanks!

I can’t tag all my mutuals bc it would have been huge, sorry, but if I am following you and you are not here ily ♡

Also, my loves @therealjacksepticeye , @danisnotonfire , @amazingphil

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