smelly smell


The Doctor walking alone at night and being followed by a tiny blue-eyed black kitten.
The Doctor trying to send her away.
The tiny kitten meowing and just not stopping following him.
The Doctor giving up and taking her in his arms. The kitten climbing on his shoulders to finally fall asleep inside his hood.
The kitten meowing at night and the Doctor accidentally saying “shut up, Missy!”
The Doctor being suddenly sad because he just realised that the kitten actually reminded him of Missy, and oh, her eyes are the same shade of blue ad hers.
The Doctor putting a purple collar around her neck.
The Doctor alone in the TARDIS, cuddling that tiny small beast and thinking about Missy.

no but in response to the will-owning-a-parrot thing I feel like modern!will would own a pet shop

alyss is a law student and she comes in looking for a cat and will gives her this white blue-eyed kitten and she keeps coming back for a cat collar and a bed and a scratching post and a litterbox because she thinks will’s cute

horace comes in wanting a goldfish and he leaves with a parakeet, a ferret, and 2 lizards because he couldn’t decide

halt is the gruff bearded guy who doesn’t say much and he always brings in his german shepherd that wears a spiked collar and whenever will goes to get something from the storeroom for halt he notices that the guy takes a particular interest in the kittens