Clothes worn by the victims
  1. Rachel Scott
  2. Daniel Rohrbough
  3. Kyle Velasquez - Blue and green coat over a white shirt, black pants, and black athletic shoes.
  4. Steven Curnow - Short sleeve blue shirt, blue jeans, white socks and brown and black boots.
  5. Cassie Bernall - Green, short sleeve shirt over a black shirt, light blue jeans, white socks and black boots ( Velvet Doc Martens).
  6. Isaiah Shoels - Short black sleeved shirt, green slacks, and white socks with white athletic shoes.
  7. Matt Kechter - Gray long sleeved shirt, blue jeans, white athletic shoes, white socks, and a ball cap with the letter “M”.
  8. Lauren Townsend - Blue top, denim pants and dark boots.
  9. John Tomlin - Dark T-shirt, denim pants and white/black tennis shoes.
  10. Kelly Fleming - Black shirt, denim pants and white/black tennis shoes.
  11. Daniel Mauser - Tan shirt, denim pants, and grey/black tennis shoes.
  12. Corey DePooter - Gray shirt, denim pants and brown leather boots.
  13. Dave Sanders - Blue and white dress shirt, T-shirt, gray slacks and brown shoes.

( Taken from the 11k pages 11240 to 12502. Couldn’t find the reports for the first two victims since they were located outside :/ )


Fashionista Lena Luthor ✨

I do business but I also make the pussy pop severely look left
We have a lovely fuchsia coat with a bold lipstick to match, a lovely black top and geometric earrings that complement, what I like to call, a business bun. Perfect attire for taking your girlfriend on a kombucha lunch date.

My ex ask me where I’m movin I say on to better things look right
Beautiful royal blue coat with a matte reddish lipstick perfect for when you want to let you ex know not only do you love your girlfriend but you rep her colors whenever you go out. Wearing the hair down and going for a smokey eye will not only make your eyes pop but will make your superhero reporter girl pop a vein with jealousy when people flirt. Excellent look for flexin on your ex and taking your girlfriend to a nerd convention.

anonymous asked:

Femrc stealing/borrowing Cassian's blue coat as a disguise to hide from Han Solo or anyone who wants her to go on some insane mission with them. She flings her own coat at Cass as she dives under a table or into a crowd of pilots and escapes. Maybe Cass finds her later still tucked into his jacket and decides he really likes her in his clothes. Sfw or nsfw, dealer's choice. I just really wanna snuggle Cass in that coat.

Okay, I know what happens canonically but we’re gonna pretend here that Scarif didn’t happen lol

“Hey Y/N, do you want to do the Kessel run with me, I’m trying to beat my record of twenty-one Parsecs,” Han asked you. You looked at Han in disbelief, was that man insane? Twenty-one parsecs was already ridiculously quick for a route like that, and sure you were a good copilot but you weren’t that good.

“Umm, I’m sort of busy.” You fumble over making an excuse, though Han could be pushy about things like this. He had already pulled you into some of his crazy schemes in the past and you weren’t to keen on another one, your heart couldn’t take anymore.

“Oh come on, I know you have the time-“ You cut him off, “No I don’t!” And you begin immediately walking in the opposite direction. That’s when you run straight into Cassian, specifically straight into his chest.

“Hey Y/N, what’s the rush?”

“Uh…” You start off, turning to look behind you to see Han, who was still walking towards you. Couldn’t he just give up on it already?

Thinking quickly, you grab Cassian’s coat, which is tucked under his arm, then putting it on you and disappearing into the bustling crowd of pilots. He watches you in confusion, why did you need to steal his coat?

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“If you could order a crime as one orders a dinner, what would you choose?”

“A very simple crime. A crime with no complications. A crime of quiet domestic life… very unimpassioned — very intime… Supposing, that four people sit down to play bridge and one, the odd man out, sits in a chair by the fire. At the end of the evening the man by the fire is found dead. One of the four, while he is dummy, has gone over and killed him, and intent on the play of the hand, the other three have not noticed. Ah, there would be a crime for you! Which of the four was it?”
- Agatha Christie, The ABC Murders