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give me a detailed description of your last date with your SO(s)?????

Nico: Will and I actually had a date in the back of his car. It included a picnic, movie on his laptop, and uncomfortable yet amazing car sex.

Will: That was really fun. I’d do that again.

Jason: Okay, so Piper and I went and saw the new Fast and Furious and then went to eat at this Italian place. It was actually really nice. Percy and I went to this cheesecake factory and he bought me blue brownie cheesecake. I didn’t know that was a thing but, I’ve been blessed.

Percy: I took Annabeth to go see a DiVinci exhibit. She totally nerded out and rambled about what a genius DiVinci was or whatever. I didn’t get it, but she seemed happy, so I was happy.
Also, I did not buy that blue brownie cheesecake for Jason. I bought it for myself, and he ate it all!

Sometimes, I think we get lost: lost in our thoughts, lost in love, lost in life. And we spend our entire lives just trying to find ourselves again, to find that person who we once were or that person we want to be. Some people, they find themselves fast, they find out who they want to be, what kind of people they like, whether they like their coffee black and their tea strong. Others, they take their time, and it may take them years to perfect how they tie their shoelaces, find out how they prefer their coffee, what smells are soothing, and what sounds agitate them. And some of us, we never find ourselves, we stumble over a little of everything, we’re clumsy and indecisive, trying to figure out whether we like blue over black, cheesecake over pie, tea over coffee, or even if it’s a little of both. We struggle to establish who we are in a world full of strong opinions, and instead of finding ourselves, we just get lost inside a sea of personalities and opinions and views that are not our own.
—  a diary of a thousand insecurities

ultimatedisneyblogOn this particular day, everyone was rushing like mad for it was the king’s birthday. & he had invited a long list of dukes and duchesses, lords and ladies to celebrate the day with him. While the queen was in the kitchen, hard at work, baking the royal birthday cake. Oh this was no ordinary cake, it was a blue cheesecake, the kings favorite! Blue cheesecake! Yuck! All of a sudden, the mouse queen appeared! “Hey sister, gimmie some of that cheese. I’m a queen too! and I want something to eat! ” - The Nutcracker Prince.

Gotta Catch a Mall

My local mall, Sawgrass Mills, has two gyms I’ve found so far.

Horses of Hearts (outside the PF Changs) and Cheesecake Angel (On top of the Cheesecake Factory).

The PF Changs is firmly held by Team Mystic (GO BLUE), but the Cheesecake Factory…

There was a war on.

There was a crowd of girls gathered around their phone, cheering as the gym turned grey (Think they were Team Instinct). The Gym rapidly went from red to yellow before finally settling on blue, while two guys by the Old Navy ground it up to level 3. I slipped my magneton in for a defender bonus.

I dunno if anyone inside was even aware there was an invisible turf war going on.