Game Over. Would you like to respawn? 

This took way to long 
I’ll post the individual versions later 

which of the OUAT characters should you fight?

emma: fight her and basically you get a punch in the face. but now that she’s the dark one, you’ll get something much darker than that, probably a darker black eye. hahah ok sorry, too soon. just stay away, dark!emma coming at ya.

belle: maybe you’ll win but you’ll feel bad about it.

rumplestiltskin: now that he’s not the dark one anymore, you gotta line up just to get a chance to fight him. lots of people wanna beat his ass and take revenge now that he’s powerless. aw. watch out for that cane, tho.

snow white: i understand. snow white is very… uh, fightable. she screws up a lot so u kinda always have a reason to fight her. didn’t say you’ll win though, she has a newborn baby so rn, she is ball full of irritated, angry, sleep-deprived energy. so just a warning: fight her and you could be the person she takes it all out on. yikes.

hook/killian: tbh he’s the guy everybody wants to fight. its got sth to do with the devlishly handsome face i guess. it’d be fun to fight him actually but pro tip: only four things happen to those who fight killian - 1) he outwits you 2) he outhandsomes you 3) he outlives you (survivor af) …or 4) you manage to hurt him but u get a punch from emma

charming: you may win if swords don’t come into play. but never underestimate the nicey-nice face. he may… ahem… stab you in the back. heh heh. alright, sorry i know, also too soon.

regina: are you a worthy opponent? i guess i’ll just say try? she might acknowledge your existence out of boredom… probably.

robin hood: he seems like a big softie but idk cause no one knows yet what he’s capable of so yea go fight him so we find out.

roland: but???? how can you even come up with the thought that you’d wanna fight him????? what kind of person are you?????

blue fairy: YEASSSS heck yea heck yeaaaa fight her!! please!!! do it now!! i’m getting some popcorn! take that suspicious bug down

Blue Charm Variation

A bit different take on the famous all-round salmon fly The Blue Charm.  This one is pretty small fly in modern standards since it was tied on a #2 vintage hook.  Most featherwinged flies you see today on the internet are from 2/0 upwards. It’s kind of misleading since they were tied in all shapes and sizes back in the days.

People always complain about not being able to find large enough toppings for their flies. I have the opposite problem since good toppings for smaller flies are even harder to find IMO.

Tied this one with a waxed Dacron gut so I can fish with it next summer.

Tag: Silver twist and Yellow Floss
Tail: Topping and Indian Crow
Butt: Black Ostrich herl
Rib: Black Floss
Hackle: Natural Black with Doctor Blue around the shoulder
Wing: Dark Turkey underwing, White-Tip Turkey, Bronze Mallard and Teal, a Topping over all
Sides: Jungle Cock
Horns: Blue Macaw
Head: Black Berlin Wool