Forget vanity for a moment, I need to talk to everyone about road safety. First, let’s get this out of the way: I’m definitely a little chunky; I’m not comfortable with my body, which should speak to how important this is that I’ve posted two pictures of my hip and belly. These are not my only physical injuries, but the rest are either much more minor (scrapes), more internal (whiplash and mental health issues), or worsening of another issue (complex regional pain syndrome of my left foot). I was the passenger in the blue car (the one in the background with more damage and my driver was entirely at fault for the accident; the other driver likely couldn’t see us coming and my driver (let’s call him A) had a red light he intentionally ran.

Now, I’m not going to get into the specifics unless asked. Instead, I’m going to tell you what kept me from needing reconstructive surgery and potentially going blind, amongst other things. You see those bruises? The bruises that were turning purple-black by 11:30 am on 3/24/2017, not even 18 hours after the accident occurred? Those are from my seatbelt. I have a few others from the higher strap, but I’m not entirely comfortable showing those.
Now I want you to look at the blue car. Zoom in on it. The only portion of what would be under the hood that survived was that section of headlights that you can see. See the windshield? Almost shattered. I know you can’t see it, but the frame on the passenger’s side (driver is on the left and passenger is on the right) became bent badly enough that I was unable to easily get my foot out.
I was so scared. I blanked after that and thought maybe that was it. I was scared that maybe I would never see @thatbangtanhoeoverthere or our other friend ever again because I was over. And then suddenly a stranger opened my door and started yelling if anyone in the car needed an EMT.
I was sure I was going to vomit, but looking at these bruises, A HAD to have been going 50-60 mph (80-97 kph) in an area where the speed limit was only 40 mph (64 kph). I received a good portion of the hit, and I genuinely believe this seatbelt saved my life – or at least prevented me from going through the already cracked windshield.
Please, I’m begging you, use your seatbelts. Airbags can only do so much and I want all of you to stay alive and healthy. I don’t care about your religion, sexuality, gender identity, race, ethnicity, or anything else (actually I do, but that’s more so I can learn and be more respectful); I just want you safe and secure. Whiplash, concussions, and bruises are far from the worst things that could possibly happen.

I’m begging you, please stay safe. Please don’t just ignore this post. Please make sure you and your friends/family/those you feel safest around can see this. I tried to stop it from happening… I’m just lucky I took preventative measures by buckling up.
Be safe everyone ❤

and if the sun don’t shine on me today

So Erica @startofamoment came up with a bunch of AWESOME prompts. This is my take on: ‘ “Peralta, I swear to God, if you get blue soda in my car, I’ll kill you.”
“Okay, but can I still eat my pocket donut, though?”
Jake and Amy go on a road trip, minus the complicated relationship but still with the poorly disguised feelings.’

This is set at the end of s2, in the place of Johnny and Dora.


Amy Santiago likes order, neatness, and logic. Her life goes by in colour-coordinated socks, and alphabetised movies, books arranged by height, the lemon kitchen cleaner she’s used since her mom bought her a bottle the day she moved into her first apartment. Even her desk, as she looks at it now, is tidy. Papers stacked up neatly, desk decorations arranged just right. So why, why, does she have a dumb smile on her face this whilst watching her partner pulling donuts out of his pocket and eating them, each in one sugar-dusted bite, as he stares at his computer screen? There are clouds of sugar on his desk, and probably they’re going to come over to hers too, and she’s going to have to spend ten minutes cleaning the stickiness from her keyboard. But she can’t stop watching the deep furrow in his brow as he stares at the screen, eating donut after donut without looking at them.

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Sugar bowl facts

After couple of years sugaring this is what I’ve observed regarding SD/SB sites

-what I’ve recently read and which is 100% accurate, anyone worth of knowing won’t be in such sites. Full. Stop.

-most of men that have profiles are in best case upper middle class guys. You won’t find a multimillionaire sitting behind his computer chasing girls online. Would you? I wouldn’t. Reality is all of true rich men have access to upscale bars, clubs, restaurants, country clubs, lounges where they can meet dozens of beautiful women, DAILY. In worst case he will book a girl trough established agency (his assistant will) if he is more of an introvert or has no time for socializing.

-top income on these site is NOT above 200k after taxes. And majority of those men are MARRIED, which means his wife has access to his cards/accounts and has knowledge of his financial behavior, do you think she won’t be suspicious if all of a sudden large amounts start missing from his account? Of course she will. Other are divorced with couple of kids, which means ALIMONY. So don’t expect mind blowing amounts spent on you.

-if he offers out of the blue 10k + apartment + car, most likely it is a SCAM. In order a man to be eligible for such spending on someone else his income should be at least 700-800k after taxes. In average, a man won’t spend more than 20% of his income on you. How do y'all think a man who earns 200k-300k will just drop half of his money on you? He also has daily/monthly/yearly expenses of his own. He’ll just go broke because of you? NO. Be realistic.

-there probably is one who is able to spend such amounts on you as mentioned above but finding him on these sites would be a pure luck. Like jackpot once in a blue moon.

-if he doesn’t discuss your allowance and what exactly he can offer in first few messages, he is probably not a legitimate SD, or just a Splenda most likely salt. A real SD knows the game. Don’t fall for that “make me a proposal/offer”. That’s BS.

-if he only offers to communicate via Skype he is almost sure a SCAM. Never settle for this type of communication, either he can video call via Viber or FaceTime. Say you don’t use Skype. Not negotiable.

-if he isn’t ready to provide his photos in first few exchanged texts, DROP him. There is no valid excuse for this. Unless he is on Forbes 100. Or running a Fortune 500 company. Which isn’t close to impossible. Always choose video call over exchanging photos. (What i recently witnessed was a man who sent me photos of a dead US businessman, he probably thought if we are from Europe I won’t know this) -luckily there is google image search

-ALWAYS and I repeat always try with google reverse image search. Also look up his number.

-if he refuses to tell you his full name there is a good reason behind it, a BAD one. Leave him.

-Under NO circumstances negotiate the sexual part of an arrangement, he exactly knows what he will be getting. You get the “dos and donts ” question, block him, real SD never asks such questions over the phone.

-make sure you discuss about his stated budget. Ask if those are his spending habits or he would be actually willing to spend that on you. Does that include only your allowance or it includes all of the monthly expenses he would have regarding you (e.g. Trips, dinners, gifts, shopping sprees etc)

-don’t be shy to ask anything you want to know prior to your meet, if you have any doubts or unclear stuff, ASK.

-if you are traveling/flying out to meet him make sure all of your transportation/flight tickets/hotel room is paid in full, IN ADVANCE, with email confirmation of the receipts which are NON REFUNDABLE. He can always cancel your hotel booking for example.

-if he asks you to fly out but to buy your own tickets and he’ll reimburse you when you meet, NEVER do this!!! Real SD would never ever propose such situation, or he will send you money prior to your meet so you can purchase it, if he doesn’t want it to be shown on his credit card.

-always bring your own money to a pot date, no matter if it’s just a coffee date or dinner or flying over to other city/country. Remember, he can walk out on you any time and leave you out to dry. Imagine if you don’t like him really and need to for example take another room, take your ticket earlier, take a taxi home etc, possibilities are endless. Make sure you are SAFE regarding funds.

-NEVER send more than 4 photos (2 showing your face and upper body and two showing your body from different angles/poses) any of these men asking for more are pic collectors. Whenever you can choose a video call over exchanging photos.

-if you meet him and he looks different than his photos LEAVE immediately. EVACUATE. Code RED. You think he is providing something substantial if he can’t even provide a proper photo of himself? NO.

-Never ever agree to unprotected sex. No excuses are valid enough. Even though you are in a long term arrangement he probably is seeing other women too. Unless he’ll provide you a STD check (HIV, HPV, HEP a, b, c too) not older than 48h prior to your rendezvous, from a clinic you personally chose. Medical checks, reports can be forged.

-make sure that you first get your end before giving him his part of the bargain. FIRST THE MONEY THEN THE HONEY. No peep shows, no trial periods, no compatibility checks. You see a meal you never tried in a restaurant, decided to order from the menu, you didn’t really like it, yet you still have to pay for it? YES.

-Do not fall for the first man that texts you, sugaring REQUIRES patience and practice.

-Do not settle for exclusivity unless all of your monthly expenses are fully covered plus there is spending money left, and enough for at least a month if he drops you out of the blue. Don’t think you will ever be his one and only.

-When he says NO DRAMA in his profile text that means no drama from you, not from him. No PROs or ESCORTs means he can’t afford one or he can’t afford to be screened, because he has something to hide - something BAD.

-if he is not able to meet in few days after your initial conversation he is most likely a TIME WASTER, or if he books you a ticket and not confirm two three days before the actual meet do not go, unless you want a free trip and have an interest of your own visiting that place.

-if he offers less than a 5* hotel accommodation, drop that cheap ass, he probably is just a SALT.

-when he states most important things for him are connection and affection he has no intention of compensating for your time.

-there is no UPPER age limits for being a sugar baby, you think he wouldn’t date J-Lo ? Yes he would but he can’t afford it! When guy says he prefers very young girls it’s because he knows they are easier to trick and have lack of experience.

-REMEMBER: if something is too good to be true it’s because it usually is. Don’t fall for words, SEEING is BELIEVING.

-if he somehow gets uncomfortable when getting a bill in the restaurant or makes comments on prices or starts making a face, never see him again, no real SD will make a comment over couple of bucks. If possible, check how much he tipped the waiter.

-if he says along the way he isn’t into luxury and prefers something more humble/down to earth, leave that mofo, YOU ARE a LUXURY.

-if he is too demanding compared to what he is providing, he is actually using you, do not fall for that (ask for way to many photos/text exchange etc)

Always keep this small reminder in your head.

Happy sugaring!!!


This needs more views. It is super cute, the song is awesome and the video is beautifully done. Watch it over and over again and give it some love.