Breakfast In Bed (Tom Holland x Reader)

It was a lazy Sunday morning, you woke up to an empty bed and the smell of bacon lingering in the air.

You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes as you noticed the small yet visible indent on the right side of the bed, meaning your boyfriend had just gotten out of bed not too long ago.

You sat up and stretched your arms, a soft groan left your lips as you felt your muscles contract and wake your body up. Lazily, you plopped out of bed pulling the shoulder of Tom’s T-shirt you were wearing up. Sleeping in his large T-shirts was one of your favorite things to do but due to their size you always woke up a bit more exposed than necessary.

You trudged out of your shared bedroom as you followed the smell of the bacon and  smiled as you saw two plates full of food on a tray with two glasses of orange juice and a single rose from your backyard bush. You then realized Tom was trying to surprise you with breakfast in bed and rolled your eyes at your cheesy boyfriend but that didn’t stop your heart from swooning and your smile from spreading.

You heard a flush and the door knob to the bathroom in the hallway start to jingle so you quickly and quietly rushed back into your bedroom so you wouldn’t spoil Tom’s surprise. Just as you pulled the covers over you the door creaked open and in tip toed your boyfriend trying to balance the tray while holding the rose in between his teeth. You tried your best to act asleep and thankfully, he bought it.

You felt the bed indent next to you and then a sweet and gentle kiss to your temple as your boyfriend whispered “darling get up” followed by another kiss to your forehead.

You, playing the part, just slightly groaned acting as if you were still asleep. You heard Tom’s throaty chuckle as he started peppering your face in kisses resulting in you giggling and pushing against his naked chest.

“I’m up I’m up I’m up” you laughed as he pulled away giving you a satisfied grin.

“That doesn’t mean you could stop..” you teased as he gave you a raised eyebrow and obliged by leaning back down to pepper your face and neck in more kisses.

His soft lips brushing against your neck made you you laugh as it tickled, making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up until he finally pulled away, the both of you laughing. He gave you one final kiss on the lips and you appreciatively smiled as he turned towards the two plates of food laying next to you.

“I see you got busy this morning.” You said giggling as he picked up a strawberry and dangled it over your mouth.

“Only the best for my love.” He stated, pride and admiration evident in his voice.

You lifted your head and bit into the strawberry, its sweet juices filling your mouth and dripping down your chin causing Tom to chuckle and swipe his thumb across your chin and lips lifting it to his mouth, sucking the excess juice.

The tension in the air increased as neither of you said a word, just fed each other your breakfast in comfortable silence. You finished up the meal, Tom got up and gathered the plates taking the dirty dishes to the sink. You laid back down waiting for your boyfriend to return, playing with the hem of his oversized t shirt you were wearing. He entered with a smug smile tugging at his lips as he went to the foot of the bed and connected his phone to the blue tooth speaker.

You couldn’t help but admire his toned chest and the way his curls fell over his eyes messily. You loved the crease in between his brows, meaning he was deep in concentration and the strong prominent curve of his jawline. Your eyes trailed down to his Calvin Klein’s peeking out from underneath his grey sweats, hanging loosely and low on his hips. Sometimes you had to pinch yourself to remind you he was real, and he was yours.

“What are you doing?” You asked quirking an eyebrow up, getting a smile in response.

Suddenly “Into It” but Chase Atlantic filled the room as Tom smirked and set his phone down on the counter, crawling up on top of you slowly, holding his body weight on his arms as he looked down at you.

“Quite interesting song choice there mister” you quipped, Tom just chuckling in response before he leans down and kisses you full on the mouth.

“I thought it fit the mood quite nicely.” He responded pulling away, a smug and proud smile spreading across his face.

“Oh?” your brows furrowed together.
“And what exactly is the mood sir?”
You asked innocently.

This time you didn’t even get a response. Tom lifted a hand to your cheek, caressing it down to your neck slowly and bent down lingering his lips across yours,

“The one where I get to eat my second most important meal of the day.” He muttered before cupping your face with the same hand and sliding his thumb to your jaw turning your head to leave soft and lingering open mouth kisses along your neck.

His lips brushed your collarbone and you shuttered, goosebumps appearing making Tom smirk against your skin. Tom slid his hand from your neck down to the curves of your body, giving each one extra love and attention, until he reached your thigh.

He gave your left thigh a squeeze, picking it up abruptly causing you to involuntarily squeal and placed it around his waist giving him more leverage in between your legs. Tom’s hands started caressing your body once again, this time starting from your thighs sliding their way up, only stopping to glide his t shirt up off your body kissing a trail up the new exposed skin.

He dropped his T-shirt you were wearing on the floor next to him. You were bare in front of him, the only piece of fabric you adorned were your light blue boxer shorts, although you wouldn’t for long. Tom stood on his knees, drinking in your body. No matter how many times he had the privilege of touching and marking it, your body was his paradise and he planned on getting lost in it every chance he could.

Hooking his fingers into the waistband of your underwear, his eyes met yours asking for consent and you hastily nodded in approval. Without hesitation he slid the last piece of fabric off of you, flinging them behind him without a care where they landed.

By the look in his eye and his body language, you knew you wouldn’t be leaving the bed all afternoon. You may have had breakfast, but you were both starving and planned on feasting all day.

Game’s on!

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


Imagine: Klaus gets super jealous over you and you decide to punish, in a very hot way, him for almost murdering your best friend Stefan.


*smut, so read carefully

Word Count: 1577

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Fuel to Fire (2)

Stucky x reader

Notes: fluff, tattooing, some angst, smut (m/m and m/m/f), some vague hinting to a troubled past, swearing, alcohol 

Summary: Living their dream, Bucky and Steve run their tattoo shop ‘American Ink’ together, happily married for several years and business is going well. When a girl walks into their shop and inevitably into their lives right after they’ve received some exciting news, they have no idea how their lives are about to change with some harmless but straight-forward flirting.

Fuel to Fire (intro)

A/N: The way Bucky and Steve met is cute, okay? I think it’s adorable. 

“So, what’s up with you and the tattoo dude?” Clint says around a mouth full of pizza, spilling cheese on his shirt. He looks down, lower lip pushed out in a pout. “Aw, cheese”

“Real charming, Barton” Y/N rolls her eyes, throwing the hand towel at him that she saves especially for these occasions. “And there’s nothing going on, if you hadn’t noticed,” she puts the crust of her pizza slice back on her plate and sets it aside, “he’s married to that other ‘tattoo dude’, Steve”

Clint shrugs, “There’s couples who do that”

Y/N furrows her brow, only acting to be oblivious. “Do what?”

“Add a third party to the-.. well, party” Clint takes another bite, miraculously avoiding spilling more cheese, yet still looking like a bum as he slouches low on the couch.

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I was inspired by @potato-fan-girl writing Lance as a live streamer in this fic! So, here’s Lance taking a stupid dare for the viewers. 

“So, this is insane, but who’s to say that I’m not also insane?” 

Keith smirks as he props his feet up and leans back against his computer chair. He watches with lazy eyes as Lance motions toward the icy river behind him. 

He won’t do it, Keith thinks, and he expresses this through a quick text to the brunet.

It takes only seconds until Lance is fishing his phone out of his pocket, and Keith can’t help the light laugh that slips through his lips as he watches Lance’s face curl into a mask of annoyance as he reads the text.

“My boyfriend seems to think I’m bluffing. Well, let me prove you wrong, Keith!" 

Keith crosses his arms and tilts his head as Lance begins shedding clothes on his laptop screen. He’s predictable, Keith thinks. Lance always asks for dares from his live stream viewers then chickens out half way through. It never fails.

Most likely, Lance will strip to his boxers, toe the icy river water, then make some humorous comment about how he’s not in the mood to die today.

When Lance is stripped down to his boxers, he turns his back to face the river, and Keith’s eyes zero in on the defined back muscles jutting out beautifully against golden tan skin. His gaze trickles down the waist band of Lance’s light blue boxers as a soft blush colors his cheeks, and then Lance jumps.

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Daddy Issues

Pairing: JungKook & Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Angst

Summary: A top student, marks always high. College was not a dream for her…Except she didn’t have enough money. Her parents never earned much so they literally took care of themselves. Her boss acting as a dick towards her she quited her job. Even though she had no idea what she let herself into this was her only option.

Other Chapters: 1 -  3  -  4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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Dripping Wet

Prompt: Captain Boomerang is on a week long heist. Too make the best of it he brings his girlfriend along, almost like a romantic getaway. 

Prompt Request # 40: daisygonzalezmexican - “Wanna take a bath with me?”

Pairing: Digger Harkness X  Fem!Reader

Warnings: Explicit sexual content and language

Originally posted by robinwarx

“Babe!” Came Digger’s booming voice from inside the hotel suite. “-’Ey babe, where are ya?”

“In here!” You hummed in delight and wiggled around in the water. Currently residing in heaven, you sat back and waited for Digger to open the bathroom door to find you comfortably sprawled out in the bathtub.

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“Broken” (Chapter Seventeen)

Holla for some sweet, sort of smutty IronFalcon! 


Enjoy :)


“Alpha.” Sam surprised Tony in the kitchen early the next morning, coming around the corner and sliding his arm around the Alphas waist, lifting his red wings to hover over Tony’s shoulders in a protective embrace. “Good morning.”

“Sam.” Tony turned and kissed the Beta good morning, smiling because he and Sam were both wearing the ridiculous flannel pajama pants Clint had given everyone for Christmas last year. “You are up early, honey, what’s going on? Is everything alright? Do you need anything?”

“Everythings fine. I just wanted some time with you.” Sam bent his head to kiss Tony again, longer this time, lingering over his mouth. “Between missions, and people coming by, and you and Bruce creating high tech stuff in the lab, I feel like you and I haven’t had more than two minutes together.”

“It’s been a crazy few months.” Tony agreed and smiled when Sam kissed him again. “So what? You set your alarm for five am because you figured I would be up?”

“Actually, I set it for four thirty am because I know you creep downstairs, get into the kitchen and get your coffee and are back down in the lab like an evil scientist all within about six and a half minutes.”

“Six and a half?” Tony raised an eyebrow.  “Mr Wilson, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you were stalking me.”

“One man’s ‘stalking’ is another man’s ‘paying great attention to detail’.” Sam countered. “And Mr. Stark, I would like to pay great attention to lots of your details.”

“Does that line work on all the other pretty Alpha’s?” Tony batted his eyelashes teasingly. “Because I must say I’m flattered.”  

“I wouldn’t know.” Sam bent close to purr in his ear. “You’re the only pretty Alpha I’m interested in.”

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AUTHORS NOTE: i currently have 586 things in my ask box. 124 of those asks were for a sequel to my fic ‘Walnut’. SO HERE YOU GO KIDDOS

TW: all of them. smut mostly.

Words: 2,503

Requested: hell ya           

You were slammed on the mattress that was now hibernating beneath your spine. Your head hit a pillow, and your boyfriend’s body was hovering over yours. His torso found its way between your thighs. His lips latched onto the flesh of your neck. The room swarmed with sensuality and familiarity. Layers of cotton and denim were strayed on the hard wooden floors of Evan’s bedroom. The sheets that protected his twin size mattress were thrown carelessly. It was a battle of flesh against flesh, in hopes of winning dominance and sweet harmony.

           The feeling of Evan’s racing heart was caught between your fingers. Your hands roamed his exposed skin, drinking in the image of his radiance. His brunette eyebrows were lifted as his eyelids fluttered to a close. Your touch was like fire, burning down deep into his soul. His skin was soft. Your hands traveled to his blue boxers, slipping them down the hip bone that poked the surface of his skin. With a soft growl, he opened his eyes, staring at your anatomy once more.

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RFA + Saeran finding MC wearing their clothes/underwear (NSFW)

These two anons suggested something similar, so I combined these. And… two NSFW requests on a row, gurl… the sin is real!

Hope you like this


  • He only sees your upper half since you’re behind the balcony
  • Awww, you’re wearing one of the white tank tops he usually wears to work out, how cute! But… where is your bra?
  • “Good morning, Zenny! Slept well?” “I always do when you are in my arms, princess…” this man just woke up and it’s already being that smooth? Jesus…
  • You giggle and blush. “You’re so cute when you blush, babe.” “Cute? I’m as red as your boxers, Zenny!” now he’s blushing, do you remember the color of his boxers from last night?
  • But wait! He’s not wearing red boxers and… LORD GIVE HIM STRENGHT! You move from behind the balcony to put the breakfast on the table and he sees… YOU are wearing his red boxers!
  • “B-babe?” “Yes?” you answer without looking at him, focusing on setting the table. “Wh-why are you wearing my underwear?” “Oh? I’m sorry, I just picked the first time I found in the closet, on that note, can I have my own drawer? It’s kinda messy in your closet with our clothes all mixed…” dressed like that, you can have anything you want from him!
  • “B-but babe…” “Oh, I’m sorry! I should’ve asked you, right?” you pout. OH MY GOD! It’s 8 am, MC! Too early to unleash the beast!
  • You know this look, you always know when he’s fighting internally with the beast. “I’m sorry, Zen. I’ll change right now!” you smile and pass right beside him, heading to the bedroom, he grabs your wrist and pulls you for a deep kiss
  • He pins you against the wall without breaking the kiss, his hands already looking for the bra… oh yeah, no bra… well, better for him.
  • “How come my own clothes look better on you?” he asks while his hands play with the tank top hem. “Why are we still talking about clothes and not taking them off?”
  • “Oh babe, you’re so bold…” his lips attack yours, the tank top is so baggy he manages to take it off of you just sliding the straps from your shoulders.
  •  His mouth travels to your breasts quickly, giving you some nips. Oh… you know that fight with the beast from before? Yeah, he lost…
  • Not that you’re complaining.


  • He wakes up super down to some cuddling, but… you’re already up? Too bad…
  • He blushes noticing the pool of clothes from last night still on the floor. He should pick them, but… he looks at them and can only remember what you two did.
  • “Good morning!” you greet him, he doesn’t answer. He’s frozen to the image of you cooking wearing his blue t-shirt.
  • You look beautiful in every color, but you in blue is so mesmerizing… he’s just worried if this tee isn’t dirty or smelly. Just imagine how embarrassing it would be and… HOLY SHIT!
  •  You go to him, he notices your bare legs and his dark blue boxers as your pajama bottoms. “Yoosung, are you okay?” OF COURSE HE’S NOT!
  • “MC, is… is… this… my… my, un-underwear?” “Hum? Oh, yes, it is. I’m sorry, it was dark and I took the first thing I found in the closet.” “Why… Why didn’t you turn the lights on?” “I didn’t want to wake you up, you looked so tired…” of course, YOU let him that tired, ahem.
  • “Are you mad? I’m sorry…” “N-No! I’m not mad! How could I be mad? You look so hot and I… cute! I meant ‘cute’!” he’s trying so hard not to stare, you giggle and cup his cheeks, forcing to look at you while you give him a little peck.
  • But he wants more, so he holds you when you try to back away. His hands circle your waist, bringing you closer as his tongue shyly meets yours in your mouth.
  • You sigh in satisfaction, and boy is not that shy anymore with his tongue as one hand of his moves to the back of your head, his fingers tangling to your hair.
  • “You look so good in blue…” he says, pulling you away a little to admire you one more time. “Guess I should wear blue more often if that’s how you’re gonna react.” You play with his hair and smile, oh… he really thought he was the one in control of this?
  • “MC… do you… do you mind taking this to the bedroom?” the way you wrap your arms around his neck and kisses him can only mean ‘no’.
  • But he would still like to have the upper hand this time, so his hands move to your ass, giving it a little squeeze before going down the back thighs, making you raise your legs and wrap them around his waist.
  • He carries you to the bedroom. Well, guess that pile of clothes on that floor will gain a few more pieces…


  • She wakes up and smells the fresh coffee. Oh… what a nice surprise drinking your coffee that early in the morning.
  • You’re wearing a long-sleeve button shirt, judging from all the room in the bust are, it can only be her shirt.
  • She doesn’t mind, you two have this habit of sharing clothes, even though yours usually feel really tight in her chest since your boobs are fairly smaller.
  • But sharing panties? That’s new! She knows it’s hers because usually you wear thongs while she likes the bikini type more.
  •  This arouses her more as she would care to admit. You making coffee while looking that cute it’s too good for this hour in the morning…
  • “Earth to Jaehee!” you tease her waving your hand in front of her face. “Why are you spacing out like this?”
  • “Don’t ask as if you don’t know. Did you finally surrender to the bikini’s comfort?” “I guess, though thongs are cuter, don’t you agree?”on you? Yes, definitely.
  • “Anyway, your clothes are comfortable and smell like you,that’s why I put it,  I hope that’s not a problem…” How would this be a problem? You can’t say cute things like that looking so sexy! It’ almost a crime!
  • “The only problem here is that you look so beautiful I feel I won’t be able to get my hands off of you.” Oh wow… so bold in the morning, miss Jaehee… “Hmm, I don’t see the problem here…”
  • “Good.” She says bringing you closer, you’re so surprised by her sudden boldness you almost don’t know what to do with your hands, you start holding her forearms, then wrapping around her neck, but holding her by the waist feels more comfortable.
  •  One of her hand is in your cheek, moving your head as she wants, the other one is already undoing the buttons of the shirt. “You’re not wearing a bra, are you?”
  • You nod negatively with a wicked smile, that’s her cue to slide the shirt off of you and plant hungry kisses to your neck as you moan.
  • That delicious coffee you made would have to wait a little… okay, maybe a lot.


  • He got a little sad you weren’t beside him in the bed.
  • But as soon as he saw your back in the kitchen, that little sadness faded away completely. Of course he doesn’t need you cooking since he can always call the chef, but seeing you like this make him feel so special and loved…
  • And then he couldn’t help but smirk in curiosity realizing you were wearing his striped shirt from last night.
  • “May I ask why you keep stealing my clothes when you have the most comfortable and beautiful sleepwear in your closet?” you yelp in scare, just noticing him standing by the table looking at you with his arms crossed.
  • “They’re so fancy I’m afraid of ruining them. Plus, this smells nicer.” Cute… unbelievably cute! He heard about people being grumpy in the morning, but you’re just… cute.
  • He was about to say you won this one, then you bend down to take something out of the oven and he notices grey boxers showing up…
  • “MC?” “Yes, Jumin?” your eyes are still focused on the oven. “Why are you wearing my underwear?”
  • “Hum? Oh… don’t get me wrong, I really like those Victoria Secret’s ones, but this is so comfortable! Why is man’s underwear so much more comfortable? Ugh, it isn’t fair!” he narrows his eyes at you.
  • “You know what is really unfair? You provoking me this early in the morning before I have to leave for work.” He comes closer, his eyes locked to yours as a predator corning its prey.
  • “Provoking you? Me? Ah, come on, Jumin, it’s just und… mmm.” He interrupts you with a kiss, his tongue desperate trying to invade your mouth while his hands move to under the shirt, making you shiver.
  • You’re not feeling like having him in charge so much, so you break the kiss and start kissing his neck, he plays along and starts undoing his pajama so your tongue can roll down.
  • And it keeps rolling down his neck, reaching his chest, his abs… you tug his pajama trousers and smile playfully as find he’s wearing grey boxers too. “We’re matching!”
  • It’s still weird letting you in charge and he definitely needs to teach you a lesson for stealing his clothes but right now… all he can focus is in your mouth.



  • He is a light sleep, so when he hears some noises coming from that kitchen, he immediately wakes up.
  • Then he finds you wearing his hoodie and… nothing else? Ohoho, what a view in the morning, am I right?
  • “Good morning!” you notice him behind you and smile, he hugs you from behind and buries his face in your hair. “Yes, it’s a great morning!”
  • He presses his body against yours and feels there are some panties down there. Well, not as if this was less hot, anyway.
  •  “Someone is in a good mood, usually I have to drag you out of the bed, your lazy bum!”
  • “Well, now you should be careful I don’t drag you back there.” He tries to tickle your sides, but you shoo him away. “No! We have to eat something beside HBC at least in the morning, you know?” he pouts, but you ignore him, focusing again on whatever you’re cooking.
  •  And he knows you’re right, so he sits and just watches you. And he was really willing to leave you alone, but when you raise your arms to reach something in a higher shelf, revealing his kitten pattern boxers, he’s gone!
  • “MC?” “What now, Saeyoung?” you glare at him, only to find his eyes roaming to your body. “You know stealing my hoodie is one thing, but stealing my underwear is something I can’t let you get away, right?”
  • “So what? You’re always stealing my bras and I never say anything!” “But I do to be funny because I know I look pathetic, you can’t steal my boxers and look that hot!” “Well, I’m sorry I look so hot, are you happy?
  • He knows you’re not actually mad, you’re just teasing him. “Oh, you’re sorry? I see… but I don’t think I can’t forgive you just like this” he’s behind you again, now using his arms to lock you and corner you against the balcony.
  • “What do you want me to do, then?” “First, give me back my hoodie…” he unzips the hoodie, making you shiver. “But then… then I’ll have nothing on…”
  • “That’s the idea.” He takes it off of you and tugs your hair behind your ear, letting your neck and shoulder completely available to his nips and bites while one hand slips to inside the kitten pattern boxers.
  • Well, he warned you about dragging you back to bed, didn’t he?


  • It took him a while to get used to sharing the bed, but now he got used to it, he hates waking up without you beside him
  • Then he finds you in the kitchen making breakfast… okay, you’re forgiven this time.
  • But he can’t forgive you for wearing one of his sweaters and… one of his black boxers? WHAT THE FUCK?
  • “Hey! Who told you could steal my clothes like that?” “Good morning to you too, Saeran!” you smile sweetly, ignoring his glare.
  • “Don’t mock me! And what’s with you wearing my boxers, you pervert?” “Don’t think too highly of yourself, it was just the first thing I found in the closet.”
  • “Ugh… you’re impossible! What would you do if I stole one of your panties?” your eyes gleam “Would you really? I would recommend a pink one, you would look so cute!”, he blushes, you’re obviously not taking him seriously… or maybe you are a pervert after all.
  • Either way, he’s not pleased. He doesn’t like this invasion of his personal space, like, the most personal space he could have.
  • So he corners you against the balcony, and having you this close wearing his sweater and boxers, nothing else… he’s almost forgetting why he was mad.
  • “You’re tempting me, aren’t you?” “Ugh, not everything is about you…” you look so cute when you get mad like this… he grins.
  • “But okay, since you don’t like it, I’ll take it off!” YES! Oh… no, you mean change, right? “Well, allow me to take it off for you.”
  • He hooks his thumbs on the waistband of the boxers, you look down in anticipation, then look back at his face, reaching his mouth for a deep kiss.
  • He takes this as a chance to grind on you , his hand slowly pulling the boxers down your thighs as he moves his mouth to your neck, biting and letting a few hickeys.
  • Now he definitely forgot what he was mad about before.
bad kookie | M

“No, Kookie,” he whimpered, “don’t touch yourself.”

pairing: jeon jungkook x reader
warnings: mature content, submissive jungkook, mommy kink, mention of punishment, he refers to himself in third person, very mild orgasm denial
word count: 828

note: this is my first piece I’ve posted on here. my apologies for the writing. I haven’t written in quite a long time, so I’m a little bit rusty. I hope to post more for you all soon! one more thing: this is inspired by this tweet.

“I’ll be back this evening, Jungkookie. If you behave, I’ll return with a gift.”

Your parting words on the phone echoed in his mind as he stared down at the screen, scrolling through the text messages exchanged between the two of you the night before. You’d guided him to his release, telling him how much you missed your baby boy and what you’d to do him if you were there.

Memories of his last orgasm flooded his mind. You’d managed to make him cum quicker than expected merely because he hadn’t done anything since your departure. You told him to wait for your return, but he found himself re-watching videos you’d sent him in the past, your fingers toying with your clit as you ordered him to play with his pretty little cock just the same. He came harder than he thought he would, and your voice on the receiver this morning left him begging for last night’s events to repeat themselves.

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dressing room couch

◦ pairing: reader x hyungsik x taehyung

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 3.8k

◦ request: @everest98 - I accidentally deleted the original ask since my requests were closed at the time but all I remember was that you wanted something about Hyungsik on the set of Hwarang!! Hope you like it!

◦ a/n: The threesome part was an idea that I had as soon as Hwarang aired so I figured I’d throw it in for the request cause why not! xD Also it’s my first time writing one so rip if it’s not that good but I hope you like it anyway

m a s t e r l i s t

“God, you looked so hot in that scene,” you all but moaned into his neck, peppering his soft skin with kisses. He smelled of some kind of lotion. Hyungsik placed his hands on your hips as he relaxed into the couch with a smile. If he had known you were coming for a surprise visit, he would have kept his Hwarang outfit on for longer. He knew how much you loved it. Instead, he laid half dressed beneath you on the couch in his dressing room.

“Thanks, I figured you’d like it,” he winked and chuckled. His laugh vibrated through his body, shaking you as you straddled him. You sat up and smiled at him, your navy dress hiked up to your thighs. “I wish I had known you were coming,” he whispered, coming up to meet your lips for a peck.

“I wanted to surprise you,” you smiled into the kiss, pulling back to look at him. “You’ve been so happy to come to work, and I just wanted to see you work.” You shrugged and rested your hands on his bare shoulders.

“Well if you’re going to start coming to work, I’ll be infinitely more happy.” His grin was wide as his moved his lips to your neck and slipped his hand under your dress. His skin was cold, sending a chilled shiver through your body. Your eyes slipped shut and you hummed at the contact. He sat up and adjusted, letting you straddle him on the couch. He pulled the bottom half of your dress up over your stomach. “Grind on me, baby,” he whispered, pressing lips to your collarbone.

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Originally posted by sebastianobrien

“Quit touching me. Your feet are cold.”


“Can we have a room?”

It was very late, when they dragged their feet into the lobby of some run down motel in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Although they were very thankful they could rest for the remainder of the night.

It was the simplest of missions, just grab some much needed encrypted codes from a H.Y.D.R.A facility that was left behind when it fell. They didn’t even come into contact with any threats. The con…? They were stranded in the middle of no where thanks to Bucky who refuses to stop at any gas station to fill up. He would keep saying the motorcycle had enough to go for days, and yet all it took was twenty minutes until it shutdown completely and almost threw them tumbling with the bike.

“Room B6 floor 2.” The old hag said, her hair gelled back with many wrinkles pulling at her features. “Keep quite.” Her unnecessary comment left the couple gaping at her bold comments. Sure Bucky was very muscly and covering her with his shadow. But they never hinted they were together.

Non the less they grabbed the keys and went to the elevator. Bucky wouldn’t look her way, still pretty ashamed of the whole gas ordeal, especially since she still hasn’t said ‘I told you so,’ or send a jab his way. He was so use to how this would end with Sam, but with (Y/N) damn, she’s so different.

The elevator tugged its was the last inch or so, until it dinged and creaked its doors open with a screech from rusty metal over metal. Walking to the door, they both looked over the green paint chipping off the door.

“Open the door, Doll…” Bucky grumbled, his voice still strained from being wrong, and caused his partner to walk half a night. “I’m here,” He assured, if anything, both of them are pretty sure that the motel was haunted.

She opened the door, and the first thing she saw was the small twin bed placed at the middle of the empty room. It’s not like the room had anything else to offer, not even a couch. Just a bed and a nightstand, which from where she is standing the collected dust was about three layers.

“Dibs on the bed.” He shouldn’t have said it, he should have stayed quite. Because not only was he the cause of their unannounced stay at the motel, but he was also the reason the pair didn’t grab any change of cloths. (Y/N) had asked if she should bring anything to change into, just in case anything happened during the night and she would have wanted to change. Bucky Barnes was just asking for a jab now, he was practically begging her to just slap him across the face and throw him out the apartment.

“Sure,” She was always quite. Never putting up a fight and always played it easy. She was smart and collected, thought ahead and beautiful- “I’ll sleep on the toilet, Right Bucky?”

“We can share the bed…” Bucky offered, pushing the small girl in the room and closing the door behind him. They had some space to at least stand one behind the other, and still have space to stretch.

“Aren’t you suppose to be well mannered, why are you still not offering me the bed to myself?” She turned around and crossed her hands over her chest. Trying to be intimidating.

He scratched the back of his head and slumped his shoulders down. “My body really hurts, Doll…” This was new, where Bucky would complain. This is a new side she was the first to see, Bucky complaining and whining was a new level unlocked.

She just nodded, if anyone needed the rest it would be Bucky. The poor man wouldn’t sleep for more then three hours and then wake up and stay up till his morning run with his bestie. “Sure Bucky…” She released an audible sigh, before walking to go into the bathroom, she might as well check how comfortable that toilet is.

“Doll, we can share the bed, I was just joking.” He walked around the other side of the bed. Stripping his boots, socks and jacket off, hanging them over the rack. His shirt and jeans followed suite, just as he was hanging his shirt the bathroom door opened up, “Ready to sleep?” Bucky asked, turning around to look at his partner.

“I can’t sleep in this…” She pulled her black thick shirt and rubbed her blue jeans.

Bucky looked down at his attire and grabbed his shirt, the girl was pretty short, his shirt would most likely go right above her knees. “Wanna try it on?” Bucky asked, the loose fabric hung over his metal digits.

“Sure,” She grumbled, taking it from his fingers.

“It might smell…” Bucky winced just now remembering the red Henley was on him through the whole day.

“It smells like you,” The girl breathed. He watched her go into the bathroom, just as the door closed he jumped into bed, already regretting his choice of even staying here, the pillow was brown and smelled like Sam’s socks after workout. He tried to pull the covers over his body, but the crusty sheets felt like they had sugar spread over the middle.


“Don’t even come in,” Bucky’s disgusted voice rang over the walls. “Were leaving.” He stood up dusting his hairy feet and fixed his striped blue boxers.

“W-were leaving?” She asked disbelievingly.

“Come on-”

“Bucky it’s freezing outside, we’re all the way in Moscow.”

Without another word, Bucky put on his cloths and looked over (Y/N), Once his eyes ran over her body, she felt ashamed and went to go change, but his voice stopped her. “Just wear your pants.

“Now this is better….” Bucky grumbled, another three hour walk had gotten them to one of the cities famous hotels. He still couldn’t get a bigger bed, but he was thankful he didn’t feel any sugar sprawled over the covers.

“Come on Bucky, where do I sleep?” The young lady complained while yawning.

“Right here,” Bucky patted the small space between his stomach and his thighs. “You’ll fit just right, sweetheart.”

She didn’t complain, it was four in the morning and she was freezing her ass off, Bucky being a little shit didn’t deter her at the moment.

She sneaked up beside him, her arms instantly going over his bare torso. Her legs wrapped around his middle part and rubbed his shaft with her knee. “Doll, stop,” He held her knee in place, a low hiss escaped from between his chapped lips. She honestly didn’t mean to, she was only trying to get comfortable with as much space as the man was providing her with, but being a super soldier and having the body that can only fit a king size bed was kinda getting in the way of her sleep.

“Lets change positions,” The way he said it sounded sexy, even tho he meant changing the way they slept- nope, both ways it would still sound sexual.

He pushed her to the side and turned on his own side, taking a hold of her waist and bringing her to his chest. She still had little space, so her feet were noiselessly kicking under the soft comforter.

“Quit touching me. Your feet are cold.” Bucky grumbled, tightening his arm around her body.

“Really your complaining, your metal arm is like a brick of ice, James.” Her witty remark held so much annoyance to it, it shut the soldiers mouth. Instead, he scooted the the end and gave her as much space as she could get.

“Better.” She sighed, turning around to face his chest and snoozed out instantly.

“Good.” Bucky whispered, half afraid the women would wake up and slap him for trying to get the last word in their argument. Without much thought, he pulled her body closer to his and felt his subconscious drifting into a dreamless slumber.


I have so much stuff to publish, I was a little MIA because I needed help with spell checking and such. So I asked help from the amazing BETA : @crazinessgraveyardsandcartoons, i gave her my documents and she sent them back INSTANTLY… if that doesn’t sound like dedication then i don’t know. 

I also have a very very special story I’m planning on updating once I finish it. Also that story has a different BETA reader. 

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Hold On

Author: @randomoutsiders

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Daddy Kink, Slight Smut

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Ecstasy was the only word to truly delineate the past blur of events. Your breathing became shallow and you pulled your full bottom lip between your pearly whites. “God damn.” The words had already been flung from your lips before you could actually fathom their meaning.

Rather, it came out as a guttural moan than a sentence. “..and here I thought you didn’t know what you were doing.” You murmured, your (e/c) eyes fluttering closed with a sigh.

“Thank you baby girl,” he cooed softly, his chapped lips connecting with the flush skin of your collarbone.

A prosaic feeling proceeded to bubble inside your lower abdomen, and you arched your back to meet his balmy touch. You were positively in Utopia, and you combed your fingers through his raven hair. “You never fail to amaze me, Jughead Jones… III.” You added with a giggle, flipping the two of you so you straddled his tone torso.

Jughead rose a curious eyebrow, his calloused hands venturing to your petite waist. “I do realize that you may be tired.. but I do have a good reason for what I am proposing,” he informed you. “Round 2 in the shower?” he uttered agilely in your ear. 

Your incoming breath got caught in your throat, a shiver rushing down your curved spine. He continued to peer into your stentorious (e/c) eyes before embracing you in his arms and flipping you once again. His rough thumb felt its way over your bottom lip and dipped its way into your awaiting mouth.

His other four fingers wrapped around your throat and gave it a gentle squeeze. You anxiously sucked on his finger, letting a moan escape. “What is your answer?” A smirk danced on his swollen lips.

“Y-Yes Daddy.” You answered, whimpering as he retracted from your heated body.

You were barely clothed, only sporting a thin sports bra and your loving boyfriend’s boxers. His arms dipped under your legs and the small of your back, whisking you away to your small bathroom.

As he placed you down on the cool tile to assist in undressing you, your toes curled unexpectantly, your arms winding around his bruised neck. “What’s wrong kitten?” A frown adorned his perfect features, a curtain of worry blanketing his blue eyes as he wrapped his muscled arms around your small frame.

“The ground is cold.” You whined quietly, jutting out your bottom lip with a pout.

A small chuckle left his parted lips, and he pulled away slowly. However, his touch never stopped lingering as he hooked his long fingers under the waistband of your sports bra, pulling it off your body.

You simply kicked off the navy blue boxer shorts, grasping his face in your hands to clash your lips together for a heated kiss. He moaned quietly, earning an excited reaction from you.

Your nimble fingers ghosted over the waistband of his second pair of boxers, tugging down. He complied with your request, kicking them off and turning on the shower. As the water transfigured from cold to warm, and you both hastily stepped into the glass, confined space.

The combination of the heat from the kiss and the heat from the water aroused the both of you. You could feel how hard he was, based on how he was pressing against you.

He pressed his chapped lips to the chasm between your breasts, sucking so harshly, your back arched into his touch. This earned a smirk from him, and he proceeded to leave a trail of his love bites across your chest.

You burrowed your fingers into his mess of hair, whining softly. Your eyes were hooded with a haze of ecstasy, but you could imagine how Jughead was smirking at the moment. “D-Daddy. Please..” You begged, pulling his head closer to the delicate skin of your neck. 

“Oh, you don’t know what you do to me when you beg,” he grunted, capturing your lips in his once again. You squirmed underneath his touch, and the two of you proceeded to make love.

Your small hand grasped the cool metal handle of the shower door, and you pulled slightly. A small gasp slipped from your tongue and you stepped out of the heated space. Jughead’s strong arm wrapped around your lower region, causing friction and you moaned quietly. “I’m too tired Juggie,“ you responded, still coming down from your high.

Your eyes fluttered closed and you fell back against his firm chest. He caught you easily, kissing your temple softly. He assisted you as you pulled up the boxers, kissing you once again. A grin spread across your lips and you giggled. For you, there was no need to do drugs. For there was Jughead Jones III in your life, and he simply made you drunk off of life. 

Before you could muster up the energy to pull over your sports bra, Jughead had pulled you into his arms. He placed you onto the cold glass of your sink, and it was a sight to see.

A gloss of water had situated itself on Jughead’s skin, accentuating his gorgeous features. His bottom lip had found itself between his perfect teeth, his blue eyes tracing your half-naked figure. His hair was still glistening with water, the artificial light of your bathroom causing it to look shiny with grease.

You hummed happily, your small hands finding his shoulders as you pulled him closer to your chest. Your lips found his collarbones, and they traveled against his warm skin. You littered his skin with bruises, leaving your mark for the world to see. 

“Kitten, I need to fix my hair before it gets dry,” he tried, reaching behind you to grasp a comb.

“Can I do it?” You begged, biting your lip once again.

A smirk played on his lips, handing you the comb. “Please don’t hurt me.”

You rolled your eyes before running the comb through his unruly hair. It seemed to comply with your wishes until it found a knot. Jughead hissed in pain and your eyebrows furrowed in concern. “Hold on..” You cooed, working against the knot, making sure to not hurt him.

As you completed your ‘grueling’ task, you pulled on your sports bra and found his signature beanie. Your eyes found to his blue ones, and you tugged on your (h/c) head. He didn’t seem to notice that you were clad in his favorite piece of clothing as he tugged on his boxers.

As he straightened out, he was finally aware it, and he brought you up in his arms. In seconds you were in your (f/c) room, and he placed you down onto the plush mattress. “I’m gonna have to take that hat, because if I don’t, we’ll just have to have sex again, and I know we both don’t have it in us,” he held his hand out expectantly. 

“Oh come on!”

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Imagine# 7: Calum gets dominated.

Originally posted by hemmoxhood96

Requested: Yes

Request: Calum hood imagine where you get jealous because he’s talking to one of his model friends and shes flirting heavily. So you get home and kind of take charge with sex and have him submit ti you? You don’t have to write smut If you don’t want to, you can ignore me.

Word Count:1,409

Warnings: Smut!, Domination, jealously, cursing

A/N: I usually don’t write smut. But I made an assumption. I hope you all like it, I normally don’t do this.

“That bitch, if she touches his arm one more time,” You mumbled into the glass that was at the edge of your lip, Ashton heard from the other side of you. A small chuckle coming from him, “He would never cheat on you, you know that,” Ashton told you like you already did not know that, “I know he would never do that. But doesn’t mean that it’ll stop all these horny ass bitches from flirting with him, and see! She did it again!” You pointed a finger at her, Ashton just going back to shaking his head and pouring you more of whatever it was.

“Maybe you should go and say something.”

“It has crossed my mind, that is for sure. But I do not want to be one of those girls, that makes a huge scene in front of everyone because someone is talking to my boyfriend. I have enough faith and knowing that he would never do anything like that,” Ashton nodded his head in agreement at what you said, but it stilled boiled the blood in you watching her being so persistent at trying to get him to do something.

“Look at that, he is getting annoyed,” Luke confirmed from behind you, and he was right the stone face Calum came through finally and his eyebrows knitted together. “I will be back boys,” I beamed, placing the glass on the nearest table as I walked towards my boyfriend that was currently chewing out one of Mitchy friends.

“Seriously, you don’t keep on touching someone even after they told you to stop countless times!” Calum hollered over the music that was pumping out of the speakers, the girl face was a mixture of anger and embarrassment, since by now almost everyone was watching and paying close attention to one of the most mellow guys in the room lose his shit.

“I kept sending you signals to stop, even told you to stop. Could you just fuck off kindly, please?” He emphasized the please at the end, saying it a little more quietly since he finally took notice of everyone staring at us.

“Calum come on, you are embarrassing the poor thing,” Tugging on his shirt sleeve, a huff coming from him before he took his hand in your own. He left his cup on one of the speakers as the both of you walked out of the house, “God, I kept telling her if she could stop touching me, kept moving away little by little. But what did she do? Walk even closer to me!” Calum was ranting on and on, he didn’t even take notice by now that we were in the back seat of his car, till I took off my shoes and positioned myself on the floorboard of the car.

My hands roamed up his thighs till they came to the top of the buckle and the zipper, “W-What are you doing?” He stuttered out, tugging down his pants revealing his blue boxers that were underneath his jet black pants. “Well, I got kind of pissed off with you talking to that girl,” You admitted his you started to run a finger up and down the shaft of his penis, a low throaty groan coming from him in reply. “R-Really?” He whispered out, a small gasp coming from him as you took the tip of him in your mouth, but only the tip rolling your tongue around his tip. His hand started to push your head a little further down, pulling out his penis from your mouth, grabbing the tie that was on the floorboard of the car,     “What are you doing?” He asked in worry, grabbing his hands taking a seat on his lap, “Well I don’t want to be rushed babe, no touching, nothing.” Tying his hands behind his head, making sure to lift the headrest a little higher, double knotting the tie around his wrists. Leaning back his eyes holding a mixture of pleasure and curiosity, unbuttoning his shirt till getting annoyed and ripping it open all together, running a finger down his chest, nipping at his smooth chest. All the while giving him a handjob with the other hand, “Please, just let me fuck you,” He whispered out in a gasp, a smirk coming over your face, “Hm..I don’t know about that, tonight I decided when you cum. I am the boss,” You said, taking off your underwear and going over to the other side of the car.

Hiking up the dress a little further up the waist, spreading your legs wider putting two of your finger in your mouth making sure that they were wet while groping and foundling you’re breast with the other hand. Calum was hard as a brick, his eyes were fixated on you, the way you were sucking on those fingers and wet pussy that he could see the light shining off the wetness. Gasps and moans were escaping from you, running the wet fingers down your chest, slowly traveling down your chest, till it reached the opening.

“Oh my god, I am so tight and wet,” I moaned at as I put two fingers in, slowly starting to move them in and out of me ever slowly. “Babe, please,” Calum groaned in protest as he watched his girlfriend finger herself in the back of his car, while he was tied up and could not help in any way. “I wish my fingers were yours, or even that big long cock of yours, the way it feels me up whenever you enter from the back,” You taunted, curling your fingers at the thought of Calum in you. Pulling them out real quick when you felt the knotting the bottom of stomach, lifting up the hand that you used in the distant light of one of the streetlamps, taking a little lick of it before shoving them into Calum waiting mouth.

As he was doing that you scooted over a little more towards him, pulling out a whine coming from him in protest. Leaning over taking his cock back into your mouth once again, his hips making his cock go deeper into the back of your throat.  Moving a little closer, before taking it out completely again. Moving one leg over on the other side of his head, and the other on the opposite side. In a way it was the sixty-nine position, just a little more different since you both were in a car. And right when you re-entered his cock into the warmth of that mouth, his lips and face was in that pussy destroying it.

The way his tongue was moving in and out of the opening, his lips sucking at the lips and even nibbling a little bit. Was just overly organismic, it took ever bone and will power to move away from his experienced mouth.

“My fucking god, why did you stop!” He hollered but stopped when you shoved the underwear in his mouth, grabbing the shaft of him once again, though this time entering it into you. In all truths it felt more fulfilling than your fingers or his tongue ever could. He must have felt the same since he let out a deep throaty groan. You started out moving the lower part of the body slowly, grinding into him. He was bringing his hips upwards hitting all the right places, leaning back gripping his thighs as you started to move faster till you were bouncing all together. Coming up with a good rhythm between the two of you both, suddenly his hands were roaming all other your body. His arms wrapped around you the middle of you, bring you to lie on the seat, his hands took yours in his bringing gripping them above your head.

“Fuck me, please!” You shouted, by now you could careless about the bitch that was flirting with him and how she kept touching him. Now all you cared about was how Calum was bounding into you with your legs over his broad shoulders, the moans and groans coming from both of you. The way the car was rocking back and forth, how he was pulling the back of your hair, all that matter to you right now was how good Calum was fucking you and not that bitch inside.

“God I fucking love you,” You both said at the same time as the both of you came at the same time.