Sonic the Hedgehog (Art Remake) by LunarMew

Remake of a very old artwork from September 2006.


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Bring It On

The first comic I ever drew was about Sonic the Hedgehog. I drew it when I was about eight or nine, sat at the back of church one dull Sunday (which means it’s really depressing that, almost twenty years later, I still can’t get him to look right - I’m certainly no Tyson Hesse, that’s for sure).

Back in the 90s, Sonic was famous for his ‘attitude’. At the time I didn’t know what that meant, but I think I do now. It’s about rising to a challenge and standing up to the badniks who want to step on you.

I take courage from that.

A big super huge thank you to everyone who’s supporting me on Patreon, I would definitely not have had the time to draw it without your help. You guys are the best.