even more human zircon headcanons!

  1. blue is always tired, although she sleeps for 8 hours at night, but will rarely nap in the afternoon. one time she was really exhausted and lied down on the couch, trying to fall asleep. then yellow came, put blue’s head on her legs and stroked her hair until she fall asleep. it was fun for both sides, since blue rested and yellow just loved watching her girlfriend being cute
  2. they always cuddle tho. when blue finishes studying and comes to their dorm room, she rests for an hour before she starts to work, so there’s not a day when she doesn’t lean against yellow or cuddles with her 
  3. while yellow is all smirky, touchy-feely, she’s very affectionate. she kisses and hugs blue all the time, telling her that she loves her. she also got a thing for blue’s hands, most of them time she’s playing with them or kissing them. blue doesn’t mind (unless she needs her hands)
  4. yellow enjoys cooking a lot. it’s one of her ways to wind down. she makes them lunch and dinner all the time, and only lets blue help with small stuff like cutting the vegetables. she bakes the best cupcakes blue has ever eaten and the satisfaction on her face makes yellow turn into one of her “I’m the best” moods
  5. their class totally calls them “rival lovers” because, somehow, they’re always against each other in debates and other trial practices. yellow admires blue’s intelligence and is very proud of her when she wins
  6. when blue gets sick, which happens every other week during winter, yellow makes her her favorite soup, makes sure she drinks enough, and takes care of her until she feels better. blue just stays in bed all day, not even trying to move herself when she’s sick, while yellow denies that she’s sick and keeps working until she’s too weak to do anything. then she comes to blue, who have been telling her all day that she’s not feeling well, all like “okay I’m sick you win can you get me a pill please?”
  7. a bit off topic, they’re both write learners. blue also learns through listening and she records herself, and yellow learns through reading so she can sit with a book for hours
  8. inspired by @ruki-32‘s comic, yellow rarely naps, in any hour of the day. when blue is up for her morning lessons, so is yellow. in one day, blue wakes up and instead of seeing yellow drinking her usual coffee, she’s asleep on the couch. blue makes sure she’s covered enough and yellow roles on her side, clenching the blanket. blue presses her forehead against yellow’s and leaves for her lesson, causing yellow to wake up blushing

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Pride Month is almost over, but I still wanted to stick these in the tags in case anyone’s interested: Pride Cap necklaces (also available as keychains; just pick that option under “type”), a fun way to show your pride and also remember that the real Captain America would never be on board with the garbage currently going on in comics.  Pictured are the ones I’ve made so far, but I can make others in pretty much any variety of Pride colors, and I plan to donate most of the proceeds to a relevant organization, like the Trevor Project or Rainbow Railroad. If you think this is cool and/or you have followers who might be interested, please reblog!

[Image description: Captain America shield necklaces repainted in the colors of various Pride flags. LGBT+ (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple), bisexual (dark blue, purple, pink), pansexual (pink, yellow, bright blue), asexual (purple, white, gray, black), aromantic (black, gray, white, light green, darker green), genderfluid (dark blue, black, dark pink, salmon pink, white), transgender (bright blue, white, light pink), genderqueer (purple, white, green), nonbinary (yellow, purple, black, white)]

  • Steve: Dianna I have a surprise
  • Dianna: What is it?
  • Steve: You like ice cream right?
  • Dianna: Yes!
  • Steve: Well look!
  • *Steve holds up red, yellow and blue popcicle*
  • Steve: They literally gave you your own ice cream!
  • Dianna: So I can eat it?
  • Steve: Yes but its named after you, the PrinceCicle!
  • Dianna: So its mine?
  • Steve: Yes!
  • Dianna: ...
  • Dianna: Did you make this?
  • Steve: Yes, you don't like it?
  • Dianna, on the verge of tears and taking the popcicle: You should be very proud!

yellow and blue diamond: are standing completely upright somewhere in a courtyard, leaning on each other, actually just fast asleep

yellow zircon: such goddesses! in such deep thought… my mind couldn’t begin to comprehend the majesty unfolding within their minds!

blue pearl, with 6000 years experience: uh. yes. that’s what they’re doing. absolutely