blue lagoon iceland

Can you spot Misha Collins? (Hint: He may be in the picture, behind the camera, or still in the showers.) 

This is what’s known as an “establishing shot.” It’s used to set the scene and tell you where the action is taking place. We’ve buried it several images into our album,  well after the location has been established, because we are innovators. 

Not everyone knows this, but Hafnarbudir is a magical factory that dispenses cotton candy up into the Iceland sky early every morning. It melts by noon, though, so you have to get up pretty early if you want to get a proper sugar rush to start your day. 

Though the Blue Lagoon is a wonder of the world and incredibly beautiful, we’re sorry to report it does smell a little bit like demon morning-breath. (Don’t ask us how we know.) #SulphurSpa 

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