Bart: Where do animal crackers come from?

Jaime: Bart, it’s 3 am.

Bart: Wouldn’t it be crazy if when animals died, they turned into animal crackers?

Jaime: We have school tomorrow, cariño-

Bart: This is important nova, doesn’t it make so much more sense that animal crackers come from the deceased creatures of the animal kingdom instead of a factory?


Jaime: … Do you mean “novio”?

I’m sorry

image: the “who can say fuck” meme with Young Justice characters

says fuck, but sparingly: Dick, Jaime, Karen
says fuck all the time: Conner, Artemis, La’gaan
has accidentally said fuck before and regrets it: Cassie, Tim
has not said fuck before but can if so desired: Zatanna, Barbara, Mal
has not said fuck before and refuses to say it: Kaldur’ahm, M’gann
legally can not say fuck: Gar, Billy Batson, Bart
would have said fuck but died before saying it: Wally, Jason

What we’ve learned from Jason’s dialogue in Injustice 2

Now that I’ve pitted Jason against everyone in Injustice 2 and listened to their dialogue, I’ve found very interesting plot points. Whether the Injustice comics are going to follow them or ignore them completely to create a brand new story, this is what we have about Jason Todd (aka Red Hood) in the Injustice universe. Fanfiction writers, feel free to use this information ;)

  • Jason is a neutral character but leans towards Batman’s side. He tells Dinah that they’re on the same team, but he also states that he goes his own way and that he is his own boss. 
  • He states numerous times that he hates the regime (You’ve gone far enough Superman. There’s wrong and then there’s worse. You still represent the regime? I’m not with the regime). 
  • Even though he agrees that some criminals need to die, he doesn’t want to kill all of them. (Even I have limits. There’s far and then there’s too far. I’m not out to kill every criminal.)
  • It’s implied that he used to be on Superman’s side but betrayed them, as seen with Wonder Woman’s dialogue (You’re a traitor and a criminal.) and Cyborg (Turned on us fast enough.)
  • Strained relationship with Batman. Bruce asks if he plans to disappoint him again, that he’s too reckless and claims that he’s blind to what he became, Jason tells him that he’s the hero Gotham deserves and that Bruce should step aside.
  • It is hinted that Bruce wants him to go to his side, as Dinah chastises him for being a jerk to Bruce and Vixen tells him that he would have welcomed Jason back with open arms. Jason doesn’t believe them.
  • He doesn’t like Kryptonians, probably because of Superman’s tyrannical reign, he doesn’t trust people with so much power. He tells both Supergirl and Power Girl that there aren’t good Kryptonians.
  • Batman trusts him enough to train both Blue Beetle and Firestorm. 
  • He’s on bad terms with Damian and warns him that he used to think like him.
  • It is hinted that he’s looking for redemption from his dialogue with Darkseid (Redemption is hard to find for killers like you.)
  • He considers himself as someone with nothing to lose. 
  • Jason is young. His age was not confirmed, but Superman calls him a kid (same dialogue he uses with Beetle and Firestorm who are both 18 years old), Black Adam calls him a child. Considering his high pitched voice, it is probable that he’s around Damian’s age biologically (who is around 18/19 years old).
  •  Everyone knows that he was the second Robin.
  • He’s a self-proclaimed anti-hero and Outlaw. (Outlaws can be heroes too!)
  • He actually says “You only live twice!”.
  • Mentions that he was dead a lot (I’m a dead man walking. Been dead, done that.)
  • Harley thinks he’s cute. She calls him ‘Robin Hood’. 
  • Catwoman doesn’t seem to like him, she tells him that she always knew he was trouble and calls him a murderer. Jason doesn’t resent her, but he actually sounds sad when he asks her to show him what made her impress Bruce so much (probably longing for Bruce’s approval too, since both he and Selina walk the gray line but Selina got to stay by Batman’s side).
  •  Even though Jason claims to work by himself, when he faces a villain he says that he’s going to bring their head to Batman.

My 80’s X-Men/Justice League International mash-ups:
•Kitty Pryde & Lockheed + Booster Gold & Skeets = Booster Pryde & LockSkeets
•Nightcrawler + Blue Beetle = NightBeetle
•Colossus + Captian Marvel= Captain Colossal
•Rogue + Martian Manhunter = Martian Roguehunter
•Storm + Batman = BatStorm (the Dark and Stormy Knight)
•Wolverine + Lobo = Wolferine (aka Lobogan)
•Cyclops + Guy Gardner, Green Lantern =
Cyke Gardner, the Quartz Lantern (aka Guyclops)
•Rachel Summers, Phoenix + Dr. Fate =
the Phoenix Fate