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When aesthetic meets human

I know for a fact that perfection doesn’t exist. Yet it still baffles me that I long it. Deeply. I wanna be perfect in so many ways. I want to mix my passions together into a pile of perfect mess. Long, blonde hair. Not completely straight nor completely curly. Wavely. Soft curls. Like fresh snow in your hands. Blonde, an innocently perfect color. A cute, small face, translucently pale skin, adorable nose, slight freckles, high cheekbones, round, big, blue eyes, amazingly long lashes, full, rosie lips, perfectly straight pearly white teeth. A ballerina’s body. Tiny arms, toned flat stomach, long, lean legs, cute tight butt, small feet. Kinda short. An adorable mess. One that looks graceful in anything. Oversized sweaters, skinny jeans, boots, dresses, leather jackets, coats, leggins. All of it black. The first impression you get when you see her is that she’s “quiet, shy, dressed in all black”. Mysterious, yet elegant and gorgeous. She rarely lets her hair loose, always puts it in a ponytail or a braid. Her make up is simplistic to almost invisible. It enchances her features, making her look extraordinarily and simply beautiful. She’s always careful with what she says, her shyness rules and controls her actions, thoughts and emotions. She never smiles a full smile or laughs or talks louder even though people tell her to do so. She’s wrapped up in her little bubble of aesthetics, art, books, literature and music. A wall is built around her. She uses metaphores to speak, she can recite poetry like it’s a lullaby you sing to your kid every night, like it’s a simple ‘hello’. But at times she says something that’s not like her at all. A funny, direct sentence, she teases you back instead of smiling shyly, her lips finally making that full smile and her laughter being heard for the first time ever. She’s smart. Her glasses make her look like a bookworm, like a person who hides under her blanket at one in the morning to read Tolstoy or Austen or Shakespeare. Her wall that she built after so many years hides her true inner self, what she really is. If you forget about it all, the black clothes make her look like a badass. And her shyness, her slender body and her graceful moves give off a completely different impression. But after all those layers of shyness, quietness, gracefulness and carefulness hides the true girl. She’s a dancer. Her friends know her as the hilarious, sarcastic girl, who mimics everyone and can make anything fun. Who’s adorable just by existing, let alone smiling, laughing, doing things. A person with such beautiful mind, who’s able to create sentences so deep you could drown in them and sentences so funny you could pee yourself. Her mind travels through different worlds and dimensions, illusions, times, places. She’s so unique, so different. People love her for who she is. Because she’s one of a kind.

Good Omens fandom circa 2013 gothic
  • you ask for a fic rec. it is the third you’ve asked for this week. “the titanic one” they say. “crown of thorns” they say. “the sacred and the profane” they say. you’ve already read all of these. these are the only recs ever given
  • is that aziraphale and crowley or carlos and cecil or hannibal and will or dean and castiel? you will never be certain
  • you think there were characters in the book other than aziraphale and crowley, perhaps. you can’t remember, as you reblog another piece of reposted air conditioning art from deviantart 
  • That Damned Fancast has been posted without credit yet again. You’ve never seen it posted with credit. Perhaps there is no one to credit.
  • Crowley has a black shirt with a red tie and is ambiguously not white. Aziraphale has curly blond hair, blue eyes, round glasses, and a sweater vest and is white. Always. Forever. Unendingly.
  • Someone says they heard there was going to be a movie. The link they provide is years old and long discredited. The next day, someone says the same thing with the same link. 
  • You’ve never seen Supernatural but you can sense a major event a mile away by the crossover fanart
  • A playlist begins. Even though it claims to be angsty and indie, half way through “Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy” plays. You expected no less.
  • AUs grow like weeds, each flourishing with fanart and headcanons for a day before withering into nothingness
  • There are only three quotes: the one about gay monkeys, the one about dolphins, and the one about War being like a forest fire.
The Rising Signs
  • Aries Rising: Sporty-Fashion, angular face, round eyes. (Blue eyes have no depth, brown eyes are more burgundy colored, and Green Eyes are darker. Most likely to have Hazel Eyes).
  • Taurus: Baby face, expensive fashion taste, often accessorizes and may wear a lot of make up if feminine. Big eyes. Looks younger than their age.
  • Gemini: Soft face, "Resting Bitch Face Syndrome", mixed fashion taste. Eyes don't have much depth. Looks older than they are.
  • Cancer: Soft face, cute. Best Smile. Comfortable fashion taste, probably wears the same jacket everyday. Wears their passions (If they like art, they draw on themselves, if they're a guitarist, they carry their guitar around, ect).
  • Leo: Expressive Face! Eyes with lots of depth, most likely to have orange colored eyes. Beautiful. Elegant fashion taste. Wears lots of colors. Quality over Comfortability.
  • Virgo: blank face but angular. Expensive fashion taste - very elegant as well. No depth in eyes.
  • Libra: Almond shaped eyes and a very calculated expression. Usually considered cute. Often uses this to their advantage. Eyes always have depth.
  • Scorpio: Dangerous but cute. Angular face and big eyes. Either extremely dark fashion taste or a shit ton of colors... it depends on their mood. Depth in eyes, most likely to have stormy blue eyes.
  • Sagittarius: Angular face, probably odd hair style. IDGAF-Fashion. Depth in their eyes, also likely to have stormy blue eyes.
  • Capricorn: Angular and long face. Eyes don't have much depth. Fashion taste is very well put together and classy. Wears neutral make up if they're feminine. Calculated expressions and may seem a bit disgruntled.
  • Aquarius: Somewhat condensed face (less chin) and looks wiser than they are. Trendsetters of fashion. They tend to wear what they think feels right. May wear the same leather jacket all year round. Depth to eyes, likely to have orange eyes.
  • Pisces: Cute, big eyes. Eyes will either be filled with wonderment or filled with calculated wisdom. (Usually changes with age). Is usually that cute grandma that gives life lessons all the time. Blue eyes have no depth, brown eyes have a little, and they may change colors in certain lighting. (Like, noticeably more than others).
  • *Note, your Venus and Sun signs also add into the equation of how you look, and don't forget genetics. So, this is just a small bit of what you may look like, and your Venus or Sun may cancel out some of these things.

i’m just really tired™ of seeing fanon armin. yes he’s on the shy side and yes he’s nervous/overwhelmed most of the time but he’s not some bumbling ‘omg i’m so shy… look at how cute i am w my big round blue eyes n my feminine figure’ like please. he’s seen some shit and his resolve is stronger than most, treat him as such 

i feel like talking about my si so here we go

Name: Iris

Age: 16

Year: 3rd

Gender: Cis female

Star sign: Pisces

General appearance: Short lightish brown curly hair that is shaved on one side and is to the chin on the other, blue eyes, round face, p chubby, wears the uniform shirt buttoned down a bit (kind of like Jared’s) and the vest, refuses to wear the skirt unless she absolutely has to. Wears only comfy clothes when she is out of uniform

  • she’s super stubborn and won’t let down even if she knows she’s wrong (she’s! the! worst!)
  • she tends to watch more than talk in conversations unless she’s with people that she feels really comfortable with (which is a rare few)
  • she always has the stupidest questions on her mind like “Have you ever thought about how languages are just noises that we associate with meanings??” , people usually get tired of it fast
  • she’s the mom friend™. Reallllllly caring about her friends’ safety
  • she finds the stupidest things funny. She has laughed for ten minutes just at the word tree
  • she can’t stay still. She drums her fingers and bounces her leg way too much. Even if she’s watching a show, she has to be drawing or else she’ll just keep on tapping the screen until its over.
  • she’s such an animation nerd, holy shit. she’s in love with everything about it, especially the movement
  • she draws e v e r y w h e r e. no piece of paper is safe
  • oh GOD she’s lazy. She will not get up if she doesn’t have to
  • She watches every cartoon known to man, and is more than a little obsessed with them

Please ask me about her sometime!! I love talking about sis

Get to know Fayne

Art by @0okamicasha

➥ What is your character’s full name ? Fayne Firestar
➥ When were they born ? 13th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
➥ Do they have any brothers or sisters ? yes! One of each. They are twins.
➥ What kind of eyes do they have ? Deep blue, large and round eyes. Limbal rings are a very bright blue (in contrast to her dark iris).
➥ What kind of hair do they have ? Straight, naturally black, though it is usually dyed some color. Most of the time it is blue, most recently it is blue and green. Length also varies, though default is long, about shoulder blade length.
➥ What is their complexion like ? Tanned skin with extremely dark blue patches of scales (similar to a crock’s scales).
➥ What body type are they ? Hour glass for sure. Thick thighs, thick arse, thick rack, smol waist. Though most of her thickness is muscle. Those jumps help out yo.
➥ What is listening to their voice like ? Probably annoying, though I’m sure it depends on the atmosphere. Normally she is loud and can sometimes forget where she is. Other times she is quite quiet. Until she gets what she wants.
➥ What do they hate most about themselves ? She often questions her own morals and how selfish she can be, especially recently with what happened to her ex-lover.
➥ Do they have a favorite quote ? Not really.
➥ What sort of music do they enjoy ? She loves anything she can dance to.
➥ Have/would they ever cheat(ed) on a partner ? Technically yes, she was once in an orgy without Dante, though told him immediately after.
➥ Have they been cheated on by a partner ? No, her lovers are too good to her.
➥ Have they ever lost someone close to them ? Her father, who became MIA after the Calamity.
➥ What is their favorite sound ? The sound of her pleased husband. (Take that as you will).
➥ Are they judgmental of others ? No, she tries hard to be open. (But she can hold a grudge).
➥ Have they ever been drunk ? Yes. Lots of times.
➥ What are they like when they stay up all night ? Probably a little loopy and maybe a little cranky.
➥ Have they ever been arrested ? Nah.
➥ What evokes strong memories for them ? Sounds, most likely. Hearing something always seems to catch her attention better than seeing something. Growing up in Limsa Lominsa, she’s heard lots of sounds.
➥ What do they do on rainy days ? Either watch the rain or go out and play in. It’s also a good time to nap.
➥ What religion are they ? None, really. If she prays it’s to no one in particular.
➥ What word do they overuse the most ? “yeah?”
➥ What do they wear to bed ? Nothing if she can help it.
➥ Do they have any tattoos or piercings ? No tattoos but snake bites on her lips. When she had ears they were pierced too. She is considering piercing her horns as well (where people can see them).
➥ What type of clothing are they most comfortable in ? Usually something loose and easy to move in. If anything bunches up against her it’s around her torso or right around her hips, and only that can be so tight.
➥ What is their most disliked food ? Probably fish, to be quite honest. Living in Limsa for so long kind of ruined it for her.
➥ Do they have any enemies ? She is sure she has more than she cares to remember, but there is one in particular she is so afraid of having.
➥ What does their writing look like ? Chicken scratch. She never learned to properly read or write.
➥ What disgusts them ? Liars and bigots.

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Writing Game #1

Prompt: Daddy!Tom alone with the baby for the first time while his wife goes back to work

“We can do this, can’t we buddy?” Tom grinned as he leaned over the top of the crib. Round blue eyes stared back at him in wonder, chunky legs kicking wildly in the air. “We don’t need your mommy at all, do we?”

Joshua was only a few months old, but the mere mention of his mother brought the infant to tears. Tom’s eyes widened, cursing under his breath as he quickly scooped his son up and into his arms.

“No, no, shh,” he cooed. “It’s okay. Mommy will be back soon. But I’m right here. We’ll have fun, just you and me.”

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anonymous asked:

-raises hand- I see the SU cast pretty much the same way, but here's my bit on Pearl: to me, she is the most stereotypically "white" character on the entire cast. She's high-strung, uptight, pale as snow, has hugely round blue eyes, and is overly apologetic for the gems' treatment of another race. It actually sort of bothered me (as a white girl), but I also saw myself in her (for better or for worse), plus her appearance: tall, thin, but also no boobs or hips, like me.

I’m just so enamored with the fact you had to insert your opinion when I specifically said white head-canons of Pearl bother me and it’s a sensitive spot?? The ONE SINGLE headcanon I openly stated to not liking, you had to come and talk over me? Like I know this will offend and I’m sorry, but this is such a white thing to do…
I hope you didn’t expect me not to argue because oh boy I’m sorry, but I can’t let this one go because of the way you went about it.

Because it’s not like being high-strung, pale, and uptight can’t be associated with Asians? Like being tall, thin, and having no boobs can’t be associated with Asians? Like the “overbearing helicopter mom” isn’t something A LOT OF ASIANS deal with in their own families (directly mirrored in Connie’s life with her own mother?)

And whatever kind of white guilt you’re projecting onto her, however much you see yourself in her, I see my mother in her. I see my friends’ mothers in her. I see a mother who struggles with a new culture that, even after YEARS living here, she can’t get used to. She can’t get used to the weird rituals and weird terminology and slang. She can’t get used to the people and the way they’re too touchy feely. She can’t get used to the food– god the food is too tasteless or too greasy it’s nothing like what they make at home so she’d rather not eat it at all. She still eats with her chopsticks or with her hands and talks too loud and god! Ama! Americans aren’t that stupid they can hear you talk trash about them! 
I see a mother whose eyes light up at the smallest opportunities to talk about her home, and without prompting she starts telling you about the culture of your lineage that you never got to be a part of. She tells you about the detailed origins of the Mid Autumn Festival or Diwali or Eid. She’ll tell you about the war she lived through before she got to meet you, the people she lost in order to get here.
I see a mother who is trying so hard to guarantee the success of her son because she came all the way here and gave up love and honor and pride to give him a chance in the land of opportunity.
I see a mother dealing with mental health issues that she doesn’t know how to handle, a mother with a lack of self worth in the face of being “fresh off the boat” and knowing she embarrasses her child. She just wants to be better and give us the world and she’s trying, she’s trying so hard. I see a mother who is healing and needs lots and lots of love from me. Love and support I used to deny because she was “annoying” and “never shut up.”
She’s working so hard and doing what she can but everyone just wants her to speak better English, act more white, because there’s no difference right? She’s practically white right? and her situation is “universal,” so many housewives go through this, why do you have to make it about race, right?

It’s fine to see yourself in her but does she gotta be white for you to do that? You have a ton of other characters to pick from who are undoubtedly white. You have plenty of Asian characters getting white washed in live action movies to choose from like honestly! Way to take a fun head canon for a cartoon and turn it into a fight for ownership in a world where Asians rarely get to own anything.


[Fairytail chapter 431&432]

XD Lucy’s Tauros form is udderly the best!!!!! And *squeals* Juvia and Gray are reunited yes!!!!!!!!!

Lol the stomach virus!!! [you know what I’m talking about if you read the chapter] Gosh the bitch wielding the Black Plague would be the first to go, if I were on the battlefield. There is no way I’d be able to fight with a terrible case of diarrhea. Food poisoning is the worst! How could Lucy even stand? I have a very high pain tolerance but when it comes to the stomach bug I’m am a complete baby.

Totally irrelevant at the moment ,but I wonder if Happy will be able to transform into a human like Charle later on. I can totally picture him as cute little boy (like Romeo ) except with light blue hair ,and big round eyes.

Wells, I couldn’t help but think of it since the last time I saw Charle’s transformation. I wanted some more Natsu and Lucy teamwork action , but ah the chapters were still awesome. My Nalu shipping self still enjoyed them ,and atleast we had some Gruvia . Anyway’s I can’t wait for the next two chapters. They are going to be awesome!