blue's personal yay


….my friend ordered HYYH pt 2 and …by some miracle…got Taehyung’s photocard. and as my luck would come, most of my friends’ biases are /not/ my bias and even more so luckily, her bias is the one i alwayssssss get the photocard of (aka sunshine aka hobi hobi) so when i told her hey yo i got hobi for that album, she EMS express shipped Taehyung over to Korea LOL in a nice “tae’s protection box” ;;A;; i have such great friends /cry

This is why I love my Daddy
  • Daddy: Hey, little one!
  • Little one: Yes, Mr?
  • Daddy: You have been such a good girl lately I'm so proud of you!
  • Little one: *SQUEALS AND HIDES*
  • Daddy: I'm serious, I love you princess!
  • Little one: I LOVE YOU TOO *makes nonsensical little noises while wiggling around*