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I’m Here

Characters: Jim Kirk x Reader

Summary: @yourtropegirl asked for smut with the blue survival jacket, and i was happy to oblige.  Set during Beyond, Jim gets back from his fight with Krall to find you, his girlfriend (also a crew member on the enterprise), safe and sound. sexy times ensue after you decide to peel the jacket off of him ;)

A/N: wow this one got a tad angsty…it was just supposed to be smut. but you get angsty smuff.  also, this perfectly lined up with Jim’s birthday in the movie, so yay! birthday angsmuff! (why do i have to make everything an emotional crisis?)

Warnings: nsfw, smut, unprotected sex, a smaaaaall captain kink. maybe.

Words: 2290

tags: @daybreak96 @feelmyroarrrr @sistasarah-sallysaidso @jimtkirkisabitch @outside-the-government

(also i just realized the zipper is a little starfleet logo HOW CUTE)

You didn’t remember how long you’d been here, pacing in the lobby of the hotel that Starfleet had put you and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise in. You were still in your dirty and torn uniform, still covered in a thin layer of dirt, still incredibly sore and in need of a bath.  But you couldn’t relax until you knew if Jim was okay.  After the Franklin had crashed on Yorktown, you and the rest of the crew had been rushed out of the wreckage and put through a debriefing before being transported straight to this hotel.  You hadn’t even had a chance to see Jim before he was gone, chasing after Krall.  

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Press Play

FINALLY! The next one-shot in the klance YouTuber AU! The next thing I post probably won’t be a part of this AU since I work on a ton of stuff and I still need to finish a lot of it, but I wanted to post this today as a thank you!

I’m not going to link the other one-shots, just know that from now on these one-shots will be tagged with ‘klance youtuber au’ on my tumblr. The series can be found on my AO3 here.

This one is how Lance and Keith first met!! Most of the one-shots in this AU are gonna be entirely fluff, unlike the last one, but who knows? I’ll probably find a way to incorporate more angst at some point. I hope you guys like it!

Keith hated crowds, and he knew he always would. The feeling of being in a space that wasn’t quite big enough for all the people in it made him extremely uncomfortable, especially since he always felt everyone was staring at him, for some reason. Talking to one person he didn’t know was bad enough, but being surrounded by them? A nightmare, as far as he was concerned.

Stupid VidCon. Stupid Shiro and his stupid, stupid YouTube channel. Why would anyone want to document their life on video for an audience, anyway? Sometimes Keith wondered how they were even friends.

And it didn’t help that he was completely, hopelessly, lost. The directions Shiro had given him made absolutely no sense! Apparently he was supposed to ‘look for where Allura’s selling makeup’, but Keith didn’t know who Allura was, much less where she sold her line of 'limited-addition lipsticks.’ The only thing he knew about Allura was that at some point she’d taught Shiro how to successfully do winged eye-liner, and now he wore it all the time.

Keith sighed, and looked back down at the notepad in his hand, with the list of Shiro’s instructions for where to go. They still didn’t help. And, to make matters worse, Keith forgot to look where he was going, and bumped straight into someone else.

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A Blind Path Home, Part 2

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.

Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?


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anonymous asked:

daveed drabble with him and reader living together and he just shows up with a dog one day pls! ik that's a super weird request lol

It’s not a weird request at all!! It’s super cute! I hope you like it!

Originally posted by endless-puppies

You jumped at the unexpected clap of thunder as you lounged on the couch trying to watch Netflix to pass the time. The rain had been relentless all day and had only gotten worse as the evening progressed. You checked your phone again hoping to see a text from Daveed. He was supposed to be home 45 minutes ago and still you had heard nothing. 

“I’m sure he is fine… he is probably hanging with Oak or Rafa until a break in the storm,” you reasoned. Not that it looked like it was going to let up any time soon.

Worry grew with every passing moment and when another roll of thunder rumbled through the sky you decided that a text wasn’t enough and called his phone. Straight to voice mail.

“Okay… don’t panic… he’s fine,” you mumbled, “I’ll just call Oak and see if he is there.”

“Hey (Y/N)! What’s up?”

“Hey Oak,” you said trying not to sound to worried, “Is Daveed there with you?”

“Diggs? No, he left almost an hour ago. Why?”

“Oh um, he just isn’t home yet so I figured he might of been hanging out with you because of the storm,” you said as your lip quivered a bit.

“Hey I’m sure he is fine. He will be home any minute.”

“Yeah… well thanks any way Oak. I’ll talk to you later.”

You hung up the phone and stood up and walked to the window. With the rain you couldn’t see the street well enough, anyone walking along the sidewalk looked like a blob through all the rain beating against the glass. Letting out a shaky breath you tried to calm yourself down. Daveed was an adult and knew how to handle himself, he would be fine. 

“Baby?” Daveed’s voice rang out as he shut the door behind him.

You whipped around quickly and felt relief rush through you at the sound of his voice. He was standing in the entry way to the living room looking sheepish and soaking wet. His curls hung limp and were dripping water, his jacket was saturated, and you spied a trail of water across the wood floor. 

“Thank god! I was so worried. I tried to text you and to call you and you didn’t answer and Oak said you had left a long time ago and with this weather…”

“Hey shhhh. I’m sorry my phone died and I sorta left my charger in the dressing room and well…”

“Daveed… why is the front of your jacket moving?” You questioned looking at the front of his jacket that had a suspicious looking moving lump under it.

“Oh that is just…” Daveed seemed nervous as you stared at him, “Don’t be mad okay.”

You raised an eyebrow as your worry for Daveed’s safety melted away into suspicious curiosity. He slowly unzipped his jacket and you jumped back slightly as a head popped out of the opening he had created. It was a puppy, a soaking wet brown lab puppy. Daveed gave you a pleading look as you looked between the puppy and him.

“Now I know this is kinda sudden, but I was walking home on my way from stopping at Rafa’s for a few and he was just sitting in an alley shivering and trying to get out of the rain and…”

A wide smile spread across your face as you scooped the puppy out from inside of Daveed’s coat, “You poor thing! You’re soaking wet.”

Carrying the squirming wet puppy down the hall you rummaged in the laundry and pulled out an arm full of towels and Daveed’s favorite blue zip up onesie. You carefully wrapped the dog up in a towel and carried the rest out to Daveed who was still standing in the same place shifting from foot to foot nervously.

“Here baby. I grabbed you some towels and a change of clothes,” you said cheerfully, “Why don’t you take a warm shower before you get sick.”

Daveed wandered into the living room and watched as you laughed at the puppy attempting to defeat an old sock on the floor. 

“Soooo are you mad?” He asked as he sat next to you.

“I’m surprised, but no I’m not mad. I’m just glad you are okay,” you replied before giving him a kiss.

He was fidgety and drummed his fingers on his legs as he watched the puppy growl at the offensive piece of fabric. You glanced at him and gave him a questioning look.

“Is there something you want to say Diggs?” You laughed.
“Can we keep him?" 

You burst out laughing at his innocent and hopeful question, "I’m thinking yes. He is going to need a name though.”

“How about Thunder?”

“That’s corny as fuck Diggs,” you laughed, “I love it.”

“Well, that was cute.”

Originally posted by brokencxstiel

Written by Christina

Category: Fluff

Word Count: 2,448 

Request: “ Hi there. I really love your blog and was wondering if I could have an imagine with Peter? Where Tony is a family friend of Adrianna’s and he is very sarcastic in trying to set me up with Peter without Adrianna realizing it and it just gets all cute when Peter becomes all dorky and flustered when Tony brings her to the Avengers Pad to help with some of the mechanics. And the ending ends with Tony catching Adrianna and Peter in a kiss  Thanks, Love 💓 ” - from @misshollander1

A/N: I’m really sorry this took so long for us to do. We got a lot of requests at once, so it kind of got buried in our Google docs. I hope you guys enjoy it. As usual, please feel free to let us know if you have any feedback. :) 

Adrianna Emmons beat out the best and brightest engineers, many of whom had way more experience than she did, but she, somehow, managed to get a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at eighteen years old, which led to her employment at Stark Industries. Her family goes far back with the Starks, back to Adrianna’s grandfather working with Howard Stark on the redevelopment of Dr. Abraham Erskine’s famous 1940’s formula. Working with Tony Stark was challenging, but Adrianna loved it. She loved building something new everyday, and working with the latest and greatest tools, as well as interacting with the world’s leading scientists and engineers.

Adrianna plopped the stack of papers onto her lab desk, straightening her glasses. She flipped open the specs for the next random modifications that Tony Stark gave her. She saw a diagram for some kind of wrist band with a miniature pressurized fluid cartridge, with a lever that fits into the wearer’s palm. She crinkled her brow. This wasn’t a typical Tony Stark device. She flipped through more of the specs, seeing an elastic mask with mobile eye covers. She gaped at the complex circuitry that was needed for the mask, which essentially had micro motion sensors that sensed the wearer’s eye lid and eyebrow movement, causing the mask to move with them. This definitely was not a Tony Stark tool. Why would Mr. Stark need an elastic mask and a web shooter? He had the Iron Man suits. She bit her lower lip and picked the phone on her lab desk, and held it to her ear, pushing the extension in for Mr. Stark’s lab.

“Mr. Stark’s lab, Pepper speaking,” The crisp voice of Pepper Potts filled Adrianna’s ear.

“Hi, Pepper, it’s Adrianna,” Adrianna answered, scanning through the rest of the specs Tony gave her. “I have some questions for Tony regarding the new modifications he gave me.”

“I’ll hand the phone to him,” Pepper said. Adrianna admired another specification for a full-body elastic and lycra suit, with an extensive amount of flexibility, allowing the wearer to complete complex acrobatics. She turned the page, and saw the details for gloves of the suit, with microscopic pores in the palms and fingertips. What was the deal? Adrianna wondered, contemplating what Tony had planned.

“Yo, M&Ms,” Tony shouted, using the childish nickname for her, based off of her last name of Emmons. “What’s up?” Adrianna heard the clanging off something metal falling off a contraption and Tony mumbling several swear words under his breath.

“I had some questions about the new specs you gave me this morning,” Adrianna answered, leaning on her foot.

“Shoot,” Tony said, his voice slightly muffled. He was probably working some new Iron Man mask.

“These specs aren’t for a new Iron Man suit,” Adrianna said, scanning the specs again. “Everything is composed of lycra or elastic, there is no armor on this suit whatsoever, the mask has expanding and contracting facial lenses, there are micropores in the fingertips of the gloves…” Adrianna’s voice trailed off, her whirling thoughts impairing her ability to speak. “What are these for, Tony?”

She heard a loud crash and she winced, knowing Tony was working on a new suit, or at least new flight boosters.

“They’re for a new recruit,” Tony groaned in response.

“A new recruit?” Adrianna repeated, planting her spare hand on the desk. “What new recruit? You didn’t tell me.”

“I didn’t realize that you wanted to know every single detail about my daily decisions, M&Ms,” Tony shot back at her, more loud clanging almost cutting his voice out. “You know, I went to the bathroom at around five a.m. this morning, and then Pepper and I had this-”

“Ew, please stop,” Adrianna said loudly, desperately not wanting Tony to finish his sentence. “I was just confused on why you didn’t clarify.”

“Just stop being so nosy and do your job, M&Ms,” Tony said. “Friday, go get the kid.” With that, Tony ended the call, leaving Adrianna with more questions than answers. She sighed and put the phone down on its stand, staring at the pile of specs. She should get to work since there were around fifty pages of information for her to decipher.


“Look, I’m just saying that I am perfectly capable of-” Peter said. It was irritating to him that Mr. Stark wouldn’t let him help with the modifications on his suit. Well, there were so many modifications, and they weren’t even touching his old suit, Mr. Stark was basically building him a brand new suit from scratch. Peter wanted to see the process, because of he was at Stark Industries. The Stark Industries! There he was, standing in Tony Stark’s personal lab as Tony completed finishing touches on one of his Iron Man suits.

“Look, kid,” Tony interrupted, waving a screwdriver at Peter, “We’ve been over this; I’m giving you an upgrade. Or rather, one of my engineers is. She-”

“She?” Peter repeated, his spine straightening and his eyebrows shooting up, almost off his forehead. “Did you say ‘she’?”

“Yeah, she,” Tony confirmed, focusing his attention back on the suit. “Adrianna. Smart kid. Known her since she was a fetus.” Tony glanced at Peter, who had a look of awestruck wonder and curiosity on his face.

“You could meet her. Friday,” Tony said, the volume of his voice increasing when he addressed the AI.

“Yes, Mr. Stark?” The AI responded, making Peter flinch. Oh my gosh, that is so cool! Peter thought, looking for the speakers that blasted the AI’s voice into the lab.

“Where’s M&Ms?” Tony asked, dropping the screwdriver he was using and picking up a soldering gun, holding it against the suit, causing sparks to fly everywhere. Peter opened his mouth to comment on how Mr. Stark should use a welding mask, so he didn’t get a spark in his eyes, but Friday answered Tony’s question before Peter could get a sound out.

“She’s in the main mechanics laboratory, Mr. Stark,” Friday responded.

“Great,” Tony said, still soldering something in his suit. Peter just stood there, staring at Mr. Stark, unsure of whether he should go see this girl engineer, or if he should try to help Mr. Stark with his suit. Peter’s spider sense went off, letting him know that something was hurtling towards him. He held up his hand and caught a large monkey wrench. He glanced at Mr. Stark, who was standing there was a smirk on his face.

“Go away,” Mr. Stark said, waving Peter towards the door. “Go see M&Ms.” Peter smiled and darted out the door, curious and excited to meet a female engineer named M&Ms. Maybe she would have some advice for him about colleges.


Adrianna slipped on her prescription safety glasses, her regular glasses sitting on the table next to the specs for the circuitry inside the mask. She hunched forward, stabilizing her elbows on the table as she began to solder the wires together, focused on her work. She made good progress; sewing the suit, gloves, mask and shoes in about two hours. The mechanics for the wristbands, which she discovered were web shooters, took another hour. The trickiest part was the wiring the micro motion sensors in the mask since they were small and their circuitry was incredibly intricate. She finished soldering all of the wires for one of the lens. She put down the soldering gun, holding the mask up. Now she needed to see if the micro motion sensors worked. She was just about to pull the mask over her own head when someone tapped on the desk.

She jumped, almost dropping the mask, staring at the person who knocked on the desk with wide eyes. A boy. A cute one. To make matters worse, he looked to be around her age. She looked the boy up and down. He had brown hair styled into a modern take of a comb-over, a navy blue zip-up, jeans and a unit circle t-shirt drawn as a pizza. He had a soft jawline, giving him a slight babyface appearance. His eyes were what got her heart pounding like a drum. They were the riches brown she had ever seen, and they were wide as they drank her in. Maybe his heart was racing as much as hers was.

“Hi,” Adrianna squeaked out.

“Hi,” the boy said, his voice quiet.

“I’m Adrianna,” She said, turning her gaze back to the mask.

“P-Peter,” the boy said, stuttering in the most adorable way possible.

“What are you doing here, Peter?” Adrianna asked, risking another glance at him. He was staring at her as if she was the most precious piece of art in a museum.

“”I-I’m uh, um, I’m here for the, uh, um, s-suit,” Peter croaked out, pointing quickly at the mask in her hands before shoving his hands in his pockets. Or, at least he tried. One hand landed in his pocket, but the other one missed, sliding down his leg. Since he applied so much force on his hands, his hand missing the pocket caused him to stumble forward. Adrianna flinched, leaning away slightly as Peter tumbled towards her. The hand that missed his pocket shot out, landing on the table in front of Adrianna, stopping him from colliding into her. The result was Peter towering over Adrianna, staring at her with his gorgeous brown doe eyes. Was this Tony’s new recruit? Adrianna thought. 

“S-s-s-s-sorry,” Peter stammered, his eyes staring at her lips, which were parted slightly. Adrianna fixed her gaze on the neckline of Peter’s shirt, which had fallen open a little bit since he was leaning forward. She could see the gentle divet of between his pectoral muscles.

“It’s ok,” She mumbled, tearing her eyes from Peter’s muscles. Peter straightened, putting his hand slowly in his pockets. Thankfully, this time both of them hit their target.

“So, you’re here for the suit?” Adrianna asked, hoping her voice wasn’t going to betray her still-thumping heart.

“Y-yeah!” Peter said enthusiastically. “Are you finished?”

“I was just about to test the micro-motion sensors in the lenses in the mask,” Adrianna answered, holding the mask to Peter. “Do you want to try it?” Peter nodded and seized the mask from her hands, pulling it over his head. Adrianna focused on the lens, trying not to imagine Peter’s heart-melting eyes under them. The eyes started to expand and contract, rapidly. She smiled.

“Great! They work!” She said excitedly. Peter pulled the mask off, the motion messing up his formerly-groomed hair. He looked even cuter with messy hair.

“That is awesome!” Peter said, the biggest smile breaking across his lips. “Thank you so much!” Peter’s eyes met Adrianna’s again.

“No problem,” She said quietly, giving him an equally wide smile.

“Hey, Parker,” Tony’s voice rang over the intercom.

“Yes, Mr. Stark?” Peter yelled, his gaze fixed on the ceiling.

“Cap’s about six hours from Germany. We need to leave. Now.” Tony said his voice firm. Adrianna pursed her lips, trying to think of why Captain America being in Germany would be important.

“On my way!” Peter shouted, darting towards the door. Before he left, he turned to Adrianna. “Thank you, Adrianna.” He flashed a sweet smile at her before he turned on his heel and ran to wherever he was going. She sighed, resting her elbow on the desk and propping her head on her hand. About a second later, she heard several thumps and saw Peter sprint back into the lab, running to Adrianna. She straightened, feeling her brow furrow in confusion.

“Peter, you’re supposed to-” She started to say but Peter interrupted her.

“I forgot something,” Peter said. He reached her and grabbed her face, slamming his lips against hers. Adrianna felt the world stop, even if it was impossible, as she closed her eyes and savored the kiss. She raised a hand and rested her fingertips on Peter’s stomach, feeling a set of surprisingly firm abdomen muscles. Peter gasped a little and pulled away from her, staring at her. There was a moment of silence as both Peter and Adrianna recovered from the kiss. There was a slow clap, causing them to jump. Peter faced the doorway, holding Adrianna behind him, so she could be protected from the ‘dangerous’ genius, billionaire philanthropist standing in the doorway, clad in his Iron Man suit, leaning against the door frame, slow-clapping.

“Well, that was cute,” Tony said, straightening. “But we have to go now.” With his comment still in the air, he flew off, the sound of his modified boosters echoing down the hallway. Peter stepped away, blushing.

“I, uh, I should go,” He mumbled, motioning towards the door.

“Okay,” Adrianna said, pursing her lips. “The rest of your suit is already on the jet since Tony said you might need it on short notice. Peter glanced at her as he walked to the door, with a look of wonder in his eyes.

“Thanks, Adrianna.” Peter’s voice made her heart melt and she smiled wide. Peter started sprinting when he reached the doorway.

“I’m coming, Mr. Stark!” Peter shouted, his voice fading down the hallway.

Adrianna smiled, admiring Peter’s dorkiness. 

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Hey! I really love your writing, and so I wanted to request 3 or 11, or maybe both in one story? If you haven't done them yet? Thank you!

“It’s three in the morning.”

Flug sat at the edge of his bed, in his pajamas, glaring flatly at his boyfriend, who was standing in the doorway. The eldritch was grinning maniacally, wearing quite an unusually ensemble compared to his usually get up; he wore a red newsboy’s cap instead of his top hat, a thin, navy blue scarf, a maroon zip-up hoodie, and black skinny jeans.  

“Do you think I don’t know that?” Blackhat chuckled. “Just get dressed and meet me in the hall.” Once Blackhat had shut the door, Flug groaned and flopped back on his bed; he could not believe that for once, Blackhat was going against his usual ‘Flug you need to get your sleep’ tirade to drag him somewhere unknown in the middle of the night. So with sleep still clinging to his consciousness like cobwebs, he forced himself to his feet and over to his closet.

Putting on actual clothes was far too much for the doctors tired brain to handle, so he slipped loose grey sweatpants over his boxers, and a black hoodie over his tank top. Then he fumbled with putting on his converse before stumbling towards the door.

“Where are we going that I need to get dressed for?” Flug inquired once he’d stepped out of his room. A hand lacing through his was the only answer he got before he was being tugged down through the mansions many hallways.

A door’s lock clicked, and Flug wondered where they were in his hazy state. Then he was being pulled outside into the cold night air. As an icy wind stung Flug’s face through his bag we was suddenly jolted into awareness, and he shivered.

“Blackhat!” He exclaimed. “Where are you taking me!” Blackhat looked back at him with a mischievous smirk, but once again he didn’t answer. So, Flug followed, unable to stop while his boyfriend was holding onto him so firmly.

When the were almost at the edge of town, Blackhat stopped and turned to face Flug. Then he pointed at a window of a nearby shop and snickered. Flug looked to where he was pointing and gasped.

“Are you being serious right now, Blackhat!” he hissed quietly.

“What do you think?” Blackhat whispered excitedly.

“We could get arrested for this.”

“And?” Flug seemed to mull the question over before answering.

“And… I am SO ready for this!” Blackhat handed the doctor a pair of leather gloves.

“Let do this.”

Then the pair descended on the jewelry store as common thieves, smashing through glass cases and stuffing valuables into pockets and the small bags that Blackhat had brought with. With the flick of shapeshifted tentacles, the cameras were smashed, and the alarm that had started blaring was broken. Laughter broke out between the villains as they heard a distant police siren wail.

Then, with feet thumping against the concrete at top speeds, the pair took off from the scene of the crime and to the outskirts of the town. Adrenaline pumping, breath coming out in short pants, Flug felt alive. He could see the way that Blackhat was smiling and knew that he was feeling the same thing. They hadn’t done a crime so petty in years, but it felt so exhilarating to go back to their roots.

Once in the cover of a copse of trees, on a hill far from the buildings below them, Flug collapsed in uncontrollable laughter.

“Holy shit, Blackhat!” He huffed out between gasping breaths. “I haven’t had that much fun in what feels like forever! What gave you the idea to do this even?!” Blackhat sat down beside him, and was cackling like a madman himself.

“I was walking through town the other day, and I saw that jewelry shop, right?” He started. “So then, out of nowhere, I remembered that when I was first starting the company, I used to rob places like that to get funds for my plans, and- and you tagged along that one time and we-” Blackhat doubled over and had to collect himself before continuing. “And you almost got us caught cause you’d never robbed a joint before!!! But it- it was so funny that I told you that it was the best time I’d ever had doing something illegal!”

“I remember that, oh jeez, I thought you had been going to kill me before you said that!”

“I know! You had been shaking in your sneakers! But anyways, all these memories came back, and I thought to myself; if that was so much fun, why did we stop?” Blackhat answered his own question. “Because we didn’t need the money anymore! But then I thought, why the hell not. Let’s take Flug out in the middle of the night and go be old fashion villains! Go be small time criminals again instead of just the high-and-mighty business villains that we are!” Flug had calmed down by now and was watching his boyfriend fondly. “So, that’s why I dragged you out of bed at three a.m.”

“I may regret this in the morning, but I am so glad that you did,” Flug breathed out. “And it’s probably the action high talking, but I love you so much right now.” Blackhat raised an eyebrow at the scientist and shifted closer to slip his hand underneath Flug’s bag and cradle his cheek. Then he lifted the bag ever so slightly to lean in and kiss him.

Flug scrambled to reciprocate, but then a cold wind blew over his exposed neck and his whole body shivered and jolted away. Blackhat as laughing again, this time at his boyfriend plight.

“Here, let me help you,” he giggled. Then he took off his scarf and wrapped it around Flug’s neck before scooting backwards to lean up against a nearby tree. Blackhat motioned for Flug to come over, and so Flug crawled forward to snuggle himself into Blackhat’s chest between his legs.

Flug looked up at sky far above; thousands of stars painted it’s surface without the lights of the city or the moon hiding them. Blackhat raised an arm to point at a cluster of them asking,

“That’s what you humans call the Big Dipper, right?” Flug nearly started vibrating as excitement overtook him for the second time that night.

“You remembered, Blackhat!!” he shouted.

“Well of course I did! You only told me like 5 times where very constellation is!”

“I just… I didn’t think you were ever actually listening to me nerd out over space…”

”I’m always listening to you, Flug. What else would I be doing?” Flug suppressed a snort.

“Planning more jewelry store robberies?” At this, there was the soft clink of small metallic objects.

“Well why would I be doing that when I could be getting to know you better,” Blackhat said. Then suddenly there was a shiny silver band hovering in front of Dr. Flug’s face. “And besides, planning jewelry store robberies is only fun when I know you going to be there with me. So the question is, are you?”

Hesitantly, Flug took the ring from Blackhat, and before he put it on he asked,

“Sir, is that a proposition?” Flug turned his body so he could see the slight upturn of Blackhat’s lips. The eldritch lifted his left hand to his face to show off a flashing silver band.

“More like a proposal.”

**screams to the void** This story took an unexpected turn, but hoo boy do I love it. My anon friend I really hope you enjoy this as much as I do, and you get some bonus art cause I felt like it! Thanks for the request

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22, Gency!

  22. Aquarium Date

Do I dazzle with my impressive array of fish facts or do I just make Genji and Mercy make out? Decisions, decisions….

It was strange, seeing Genji in civilian clothes. He didn’t bother wearing shoes, of course, but everything else kept throwing her off. She was used to the sight of the green glow of his heat sinks, or the neural indicators glowing in his torso and back. He was wearing a dark blue zip-up hoodie with the hood up. It was a bit baggy on him since it was borrowed from McCree as were the awkwardly fitting jeans, and the black shirt he was wearing was tight and short on him because it was borrowed from Lúcio. His visor was reflecting against the glass of the open ocean tank. Mercy leaned her head on his shoulder as an enormous sunfish swam by.

“You sure know how to kill two hours,” said Mercy, smiling as she watched the fish, “I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to a place like this.”

“To be honest, I wanted to come here because I have never been to one, myself,” said Genji, as Mercy hooked her arm in his.

 Mercy glanced over at him. “Really?”

 Genji shrugged, “My parents did not tolerate many distractions.”

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The Different Shades of You and Me: Starless Night

 Fic Request: Lydia has been aware of her feelings for Stiles for a while now. She’s trying to hide them but each interaction with Stiles only makes them stronger until Stiles gets injured during a supernatural showdown her feelings finally come tumbling out.

A/N: Hello everyone, I’m back with another story to give you the feels. It’s been a while so if yo haven’t already, go check out the other stories in this series there (x) Enjoy and don’t forget to reblog!

Starless Night

It was three o'clock in the morning, and Lydia felt like she couldn’t blink. She sat on Stiles’ bed with her knees up and under her chin. The covers were fixed neat and taut under her and his pillows were fluffed and untouched.

After their argument earlier in the day, Stiles decided against Lydia’s wishes and accompanied Scott on a trip to stop yet another supernatural threat. Scott made it clear to the pack that it was something he had to do alone, but Stiles refused to comply.

“Lydia, Scott is my brother, I’m not letting him go on a suicide mission alone. I have to help him,” Stiles shouted at Lydia across her bedroom.

Lydia stomped on her carpet with her bare feet. “Then I’m going with you.”

“No you’re not. You’re going stay here where I know you’re safe.”

“You don’t get it, do you? You are human, Stiles! You don’t have healing powers, or superhuman strength. What if you get hurt?”

“No, you aren’t listening. If you keep on insisting you come with me, I’m not going anywhere. Lydia if you keep me from leaving, and Scott dies out there, I will never forgive you,” Stiles fumed.

Lydia gulped. “Please, don’t go,” begged softly.

Stiles walked to the door and opened it. “He’s my best friend,” he said, before slamming Lydia’s door behind him.

Now Lydia was curled up on Stiles’ bed, twirling strands of her own hair between her fingers. She breathed in his scent that filled the room as she fought her drooping eyelids. She was numb and still when she heard a knock on the door.

I’m sorry, Sheriff” she sniffled. “I’ll show myself out,” Lydia sat up on the bed and turned her head to the door.

Standing there, blood on his cheeks and his clothes was none other than Stiles himself. His blue hoodie was zipped up and his hands were in his pockets. Lydia’s heart began to pound in her chest. “Hi,” he mumbled.

Lydia closed her eyes and put her head in her hands. Her breaths faltered as she breathed in and out. Stiles closed the door behind him and walked over to Lydia slowly, making the floor creak under his feet. When he placed his hand on her shoulder, she jerked away from him. “Stiles, don’t.”

Stiles gaze dropped to the floor as he turned and made his way into his bathroom. He entered and shut the door, causing Lydia to shudder in her place.

She didn’t believe it. With all of her being, she thought he was dead. As she sat in his bedroom alone, Lydia was coming to terms with the fact that she may never see the boy that she loved ever again. But when he entered the room, she was so relieved, but so angry at the same time.

From the other side of the door, Lydia could hear the water running in the sink. She frowned and stood from her place on the bed, taking angry strides toward the bathroom. Lydia wrapped her hand around the metal knob and swung the door open.

Stiles was leaning against the sink with a wet towel in his hand. His hair was dripping wet, and his face was clean. The hoodie he wore before was now on the floor and in the sink was a white t-shirt stained with his blood. Lydia stared in horror as her eyes landed on the huge gash across Stiles’ torso. “What the–”

“Lydia, I’m fine, alright? Deaton patched it up at the clinic, I just need to–” He sucked in a sharp breath as he wiped away dry blood from the wound. “I just need to clean it.”

“I knew you shouldn’t have gone. I told you not to go!” Lydia shouted.

Stiles placed the wash cloth in the sink and began to wrap the bandages around his abdomen again. “Lyds, don’t worry about it. This is my punishment for having a werewolf best friend I guess,” he laughed as he secured the end of the bandage by his waist.

Lydia’s eyes widened. “Is this just a joke to you? You could have died, Stiles!”

Stiles rolled his eyes and pushed past her and back into his bedroom. He made his way to his dresser and shuffled through the drawers for a clean shirt. Once he wrapped his hand around one, he turned to face the girl in the door frame of his bathroom. “Just because I don’t have supernatural powers doesn’t mean I should sit back and watch. Scott needed me.” He threw the shirt over his head and pulled it on top of his bandages.

“What about me Stiles? Did it ever cross your mind to think about how I felt?”

“I know how you felt,” he muttered, undoing the buckle of his belt.

“I don’t think you do. Stiles,” Lydia yelled, walking closer to him. She whispered, “When you left, it felt like I couldn’t breathe.”

Stiles stared at the girl. Lydia searched his face for any kind of emotion, but when one began to form, it was one filled with anger. He placed his hands on the drawers slammed them shut, causing the objects resting on the top shelf to shake. Lydia jumped back.

“I was the one out there, face to face with death. Me,” he was almost yelling now. “You go out and fight all the time!”

“I have powers Stiles! You’re—”

“Useless?” he threw his arms up in the air, spinning around to face his door.

“Human!” she shouted back. “I don’t do it for fun Stiles! I do it to protect you, because I love you, you asshole!”


Tears spilled from Lydia’s eyes and rolled down her cheek. She quickly wiped them away, but her eyes were already red and her lips trembling. “You heard what I said, I’m not going to say it again,” she muttered, dragging her feet back to sit on his bed. She sat with her hands in her lap.

Stiles’ heart was racing fast, and his face wore an apologetic expression. He slowly lowered himself down next to her as she sniffled quietly. The boy reached and wrapped his large hand over her small ones. “You know I love you, I have for as long as I can remember,” he chuckled, trying to get her to smile.

Lydia broke their hands and lied down on her side, clutching one of his pillows under her head. “That’s what scares me the most,” she said. “What kind of life can we have if both of us are constantly putting ourselves in danger for the sake of the other?”

Stiles crawled up next to the girl, allowing her to rest her head on his chest. He noticed his body was getting sore, and the numbing agent on his abdomen was wearing off. A wince of pain escaped his lips as he moved, catching Lydia’s attention. She immediately realized what was happening, and she moved away from him abruptly. “It’s okay, come here,” he beckoned. Lydia then rested her head on his shoulder, and she felt the crook of his neck was made especially for her.

The pair lied with their legs side by side, and hands intertwined under a beam of moonlight on the starless night. Lydia stared blankly into the darkness of the room that began to envelope them. “What are we going to do,” she mumbled into the fabric of Stiles’ t-shirt.

Stiles took a deep breath and laid this head back onto the headboard of his bed. He closed his eyes and squeezed Lydia’s hand firmly. “We’ll figure it out tomorrow.”

A few Random Awesome Con Reflections

In retrospect I realize that the subject line above makes it look like I’m there. I’m not. 

However, I HAVE sifted through all the fan photos etc. which are super adorable… like really, how are all of you so cute?! Like I know you, dear follower reading this are thinking: “she’s not talking about me, I wasn’t at awesome con, and I am not cute.” but just going through the pictures and using that as a general sample of DT fan cuteness, I can conclude that the fandom at large is easily 95-98% adorable. Thusly, you, dear follower, by sheer statistical fact, have a cuteness factor in the high 90′s, which is at least 40% cuter than the average scummy human out there. Congratulations!… But anyway, I digress…

Aside from your cuteness I was struck by a few things.

  • Firstly, and most importantly I can’t believe how much hands on groping people get to do when they pose for pictures with DT. I mean, call me a pervert (fair) but there’s an impressive amount of square inchage pressed all up on DT loveliness. 
  • Pretty much everyone doesn’t seem to be checking out his arse, or flipping his collar to read the labels on his clothes, and if you doubted my assertion that I am not in fact at Awesome Con, that should be all the proof you need.
  • He apparently talks about his ratty sneakers, I’ll be looking for more details in that.
  • He’s wearing his blue bespoke Liberty of London shirt which I identified back in Dec. 
  • He also wears his blue zip up jacket (I love that jacket on him) which I’ve been trying to identify for a while with no luck. There’s a con question for you all!
  • His hair IMO is A+++
  • I’ll get to those socks, likely in another post after Tuesday (I’m about to head out camping for two nights). Although if people want to flood my inbox with observations and identifications that’s fine too. :)
  • A LOT of the photos from the con are pretty crotchtastic. I’m just saying, those black denims are noice!
  • Ok I’m going to stop, these observations are really crossing the line into stalkerville and I’m a happily married woman.

Anyway, Love to you all and more thoughts on Tuesday!

Character Bio: Sawyer Blue

Sawyer is a 17 year old poet, blogger and lover of all things literature but especially classics. She’s white, 5″11 (very tall for a girl), has blue eyes and dark brown, almost black, hair. She writes heavily alongside her best friend and fellow blogger, Rose White, choosing to explore her feelings and ideas through words. Her poetry is fuelled by a desire for the truth (the truth of the world, the truth of her own feelings), her everyday successes and sorrows, and a large amount of coffee.

Because of her love of poetry, she never goes anywhere without her journal. She carries little pocket-sized molekskines about with her, filling each one with notes, poetry and sketches before buying another to replace it, keeping them all in boxes in the attic of her childhood home. This is perhaps one of her most defining features - people would almost certainly comment on it if they saw her without a notebook. She plans to go on to university to study Literature but after that she’s not sure on her goals. Something in her hungers for adventure that she doesn’t think she’ll find in any traditional job. 

Instead, she has dreams like back packing across Europe, like staying in the Tumbleweed Hotel for a few months and spending her days writing and drinking red wine by the Seine, of doing a bookshop tour of Dublin, even just of seeing the world outside her state and the couple of brief holidays she’d been on with her mum.

Sawyer has very little family to speak of, growing up with only her mum and no father in sight. She’s curious about this but not upset: her and her mum have grown incredibly close over the years and she’s been told a little about her father but, knowing that it upsets her mum to discuss, she’s happy to avoid the conversation rather than assuage her curiosity. Though Sawyer now stays away from home during the term time at a fancy Arts school - Kingsbridge High - designed to prepare her for college, she still comes home during the holidays and misses her mum greatly. 

Her personal style is one she’s taken great care to develop over the years, wanting to convey just the right amount of “pretentious creative type” mixed with “leave me alone.” In the end, you’ll usually find her in black converse, skinny jeans, a band tee and her favourite jacket - a blue and black checked, zip up hoodie, with a black hood she can pull down over her eyes. Her style is probably her own concession to vanity as the rest of the time she takes little bother in her appearance - her hair is simply brushed and then “left to do as it wants” something she is fairly sure it would do whether she allowed it or not, and she very rarely wears make-up. If she does it, it would be a tiny bit of mascara and lip gloss.

She’s grown up with no knowledge of magic to speak of, having inherited her gifts from her father’s side. When the Coven finds her, she loves being adopted into this far larger family and finds that being among them soon feeds the need for adventure she’s always felt (a need perhaps fuelled by her love of stories, and wanting to be like the heroines in the books her mother read to her as a child). Her exact gifts remain unknown for much of the book, eventually surfacing when she is put under extreme duress. The rest of the Coven each takes the time to teach her and test her in their own specialist areas. 

The one part of being found by the Coven that she struggles with, is having to keep the secret from her mum. She introduces some of her new friends to her, but knows she can never reveal the secret of magic for she would not be believed and that would crush her more than the secrecy. 

Sawyer is also bisexual, describing herself as having a larger interest in girls than in boys although she has had boyfriends in the past (for a long time she believed herself to be straight, naively thinking that if she liked boys that was the only option available to her). She is out to her mother and Rose along with a few other friends, most of whom have been nothing but supportive. She doesn’t consider her sexuality to be a big secret and would probably freely tell people should it come up, but chooses not to flaunt it knowing that in a small school, even one as liberal as her arty one, if people took against her she would have nowhere to hide. 

Her anxiety disorder - Generalised Anxiety Disorder or GAD - is one more thing that makes being open about herself tricky for her. Sawyer has constant fears of being rejected or abandoned by those around her, and many irrational fears of being a failure, of looking stupid to strangers, of bad things happening. Often she is unable to pinpoint exactly what it is she is afraid of, instead simply feeling dread settling on her chest. She struggles with the occasional panic attack but since starting self-compassion techniques is beginning to learn how to handle these if not how to get rid of them. 

Both her bisexuality and anxiety are own voices.

Her biggest flaws are perhaps how stubborn she can be and her fears. She would move and grow a lot further as a person if she worried less about how the world was viewing her, and sometimes her fear of abandonment leads her to lash out and try to push people away rather than be the one abandoned. Being stubborn, she sometimes struggles to let up and admit that she was wrong, even if having analysed it herself, she can see that she was.

However, her anxiety can also be a strength to her in some ways. Having worried about every possible way something could go wrong and planned what she could do to cope, when things do take a wrong turn, she is often the first to get back up and start fixing things - provided that her nerves are not already shot to hell, in which case she is likely to need some breathing room.

Sawyer Blue is the main narrator of The Fairytale Of Sawyer Blue otherwise known as #queerwitchstory. If you want to know more about her my inbox is open for questions.

Wounds and Contusions [p.p] (1/?)

Originally posted by last-nirvana

Title: Wounds and Contusions (One Shot)
Fandom: MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Characters: (Tom Holland) Peter Parker x female reader, mentions of May Reilly, mentions of Flash Thompson
Warnings: brief mention of physical abuse, tiny spoilers for Captain America: Civil War,
Word Count: 1,272
Short Description: You’re a classmate of Peter’s and you worry about him when you see all of his cuts and bruises.

Disclaimer: not my gif. Also, excuse how it’s totally irrelevant to the one shot, I just really like the gif :)

[Y/N] = your name
[L/N] = your last name

There had always been something about Peter Benjamin Parker that you thought was intriguing. Perhaps it was the fact that somebody as exceptionally intellectual as Peter was constantly bullied for being, well, exceptionally intellectual, or that he was shy despite having no reason to be. The few times you had spoken to Peter, you had immediately noticed that he was witty and kind, two attributes that usually made people want to befriend somebody.

Still, the students of Midtown High School deemed him somewhat of a social outcast, especially by the school bully Flash Thompson. The sad part of the situation was, in your opinion, the fact that Flash had once been a really good person. You used to be friends before high school, and before his father, resulting in Flash’s own violent temper, physically abused him.

For the most part, Midtown was a good school. It was a school that liked to focus on Science and Technology, which weren’t necessarily your best subjects, but it was the best school in Forest Hills, Queens. The teachers were good and Flash’s band of bullies never bothered you in particular. In fact, Flash was completely neutral around you, even smiling once in a while. Why you didn’t know. But there were others that did.

Finishing your physics homework, you observed the pencil you were using for long enough to realise that it didn’t actually belong to you. Then, as you observed it even more carefully, you saw that somebody’s initials were scribbled on the end with some sort of fine liner. “P.P.” Peter Parker.

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Fic: Voices Carry ch. 11

We had a nice week of peace in the last chapter of this story but now we’re jumping back into the action. Enjoy!

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Two weeks after Sara returned from S.T.A.R. Labs, she was nearly fully recovered from the bullet wound to the stomach she’d received from Malcolm Merlyn. She was off of the pain medication and Leonard was spending less time at her apartment — Avery was confused about why he wasn’t there to make breakfast with her anymore.

The day Merlyn’s plan went into action was a Friday. Avery didn’t have preschool on Fridays, and Sara wasn’t back at work yet, so she was enjoying spending time with her daughter.

Sara was sitting on the couch with a book and Avery curled by her side. She was having a quick snack before dinner and watching a Disney cartoon while she ate. Sara had long since tuned out the TV show — she was pretty sure Avery had seen this episode at least four or five times already, not that she remembered.

Hello Central City.”

Sara jumped, startled by the gravelly voice that had interrupted a princess song about kindness and love.

“Avery, go to your room,” Sara demanded. Avery’s eyes furrowed in confusion.

“What about my show?” she asked.

“It’s a commercial,” she said. She lifted Avery up off the couch and stood her on the floor, nudging her towards her bedroom. Avery shrugged and obediently left the living room.

Sara turned her attention back to the TV to see not an animated princess in a red dress, but a dark, dimly lit room. The video was obviously being filmed with a phone, and not a good one, because the quality was grainy and the man, his face covered by a black mask and hood, was very close to the camera.

“I apologize for interrupting your scheduled programming, but I figured you’d appreciate a spoiler about what comes next,” the man said. The electronic sound to the voice along with the manner of speech confirmed Sara’s suspicions. This was Malcolm Merlyn hidden behind a mask and a voice modulator, “In just over two hours, your city is going to be subject to the wrath of what I like to call a Markov device. What’s a Markov device, you might ask? It is a machine that can trigger an earthquake so powerful it will level your entire city. You have two hours to get your affairs in order before your entire city is brought to the ground.”

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Just A Job?

Title: Just A Job?

Character(s): Actor Tom

Chapter Number/One Shot: Part 1/3

Rating: T

Genre: Fluff/Romance

Summary: In desperate need of money, Lexie agrees to help her paparazzi friend get the perfect shot of Tom Hiddleston. She just never expected what would happen afterwards.

Warnings: None

Author Note: Because apparently I’m on a roll with this whole writing thing. And I saw a similar prompt and I wanted to explore it. Enjoy!

“Remind me why I’m doing this again?” I muttered as I adjusted my blouse.

Liam shot me a knowing glance. “Because you’re desperate for money and I need a shot.”

My nose scrunched up as I gazed across the street to where the target stood. Poor Tom Hiddleston. He had no idea what was about to happen. I actually felt sorry for him. From what I’ve heard, he was one of the sweetest celebrities you could possibly meet. And here I was, considering doing such a horrible, twisted thing. And all because I needed a few bucks.

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lust or love [LUKE HEMMINGS SMUT]

love comforeth like sunshine after rain, 

but lust’s effect is tempest after sun.

love’s gently spring doth always fresh remain;

lust’s winter comes ere summer half be done.

love surfeits not, lust like a glutton dies;

love is all truth, lust full of forged lies

“hey babe” he spoke gently through the phone.

“hey. how was your day?” i answered

“we just got back from the studio” he let out a loud, muffled sigh through the phone, and i could just picture luke running a hand through his hair, “and now i’m laying on my bed”

“long day?”

“mhmm” he groaned. i could hear some shuffling on the other end of the phone, thinking he was just trying to find a comfy position on his bed, “you’re beautiful”

“ can’t even see me”

“i don’t need to see you to know that you’re beautiful as ever”

i completely ignored his harmless flirtations because it was a regular thing between the two of us. 

“are you busy right now?”

“no, why-”

“i need you”

“luke, i’m right here”

“but i need you” the sound of his fly going down could be heard through the phone.

“stop it” i didn’t want to do this. not here and not now. we had had sex countless times but never anything of this nature.

“babe, i’m already so hard for you. i need to do something now”

“can’t you just come over?”

“thats like a half hour drive. i need this now”

i groaned knowing luke would win in the end no matter what i could say. instead of pissing about it, i thought i could get some of my own fun out of this too. i put the phone on speaker and leaned back onto my bed.

“what are you wearing?” he barely whispered.

“one of your old band tees” i looked down at the raggedy old shirt which barely covered my bum. there was a loose thread and i began playing with it.

“mm thats so hot. i wish i could see you”

“you could, if you came over right now”

“but i need to cum now” he chuckled at his play-on-words that he cleverly made up himself. “can you take that shirt off for me, my love?”

“mhmm” slowly pulling the shirt over my head, gently placing it beside me. 

“now what are you wearing?”


“fuck. i like that”

“i know you do babe”

“tell me about your boobs”

i cupped one of my boobs in my hand and massaged it lightly before running a finger in a small circle around my hardening nipple. “my nipples are so hard for you”

“holy shit” he cursed under his breath. by now i knew he must’ve been stripped completely and his hand furiously pumping his hard length.

“what are you doing luke? tell me exactly what you’re thinking”

“i-um..uh. i’m rubbing my big hard cock. oh baby i wish it was your pretty pink pussy wrapped around me. my hand is nothing compare to you” he was out of breath.

“luke” i moaned as i trailed a hand down to my core and rubbed circles on my clit.

“fuck. don’t moan my name, i’m going to cum”

“i want you to cum for me luke. cum so hard for me babe”

“i-need-you” he panted you, “i need you to cum for me too”


“fuck it, i’ll be over there in ten” his voiced was filled with excitement and anxiety.

“i guess i’ll see you in twenty”



“i’ll drive carefully, i promise”

with that, he hung up the phone in a rush. i put the shirt back on and waited for luke to show up. it had been a little less than ten minutes before there was a loud knocking at the door, obviously luke.

i swung the door open and he burst through, shoving past me. he was in a navy blue hoodie, halfway zipped up, his chest peaking out. it was clear he rushed out of his house. his hair seemed a little damp and he was wearing sweats.

“oh hi luke, do come in, make yourself at home” i joked sarcastically.

“very funny,” he rolled his eyes before turning to go back to my bedroom, “lets go”

“eager, aren’t we?”

“no i’d rather just get this over with” his tone was pretty serious and thats when i felt like he was using me. we were both using each other but he took it a bit too far this time. taking advantage of me.

i silently went into the bedroom with him. he stripped and laid out on the big bed, resting his hands behind his head. his length was still semi-hard from his early activities.

“help me out?” he winked at me.

i nodded and climbed between his legs, making myself comfortable on the sheets. his blue eyes bore into mine sending shivers down my spine. even though his gaze was filled with lust, all i could see was love. maybe it wasn’t his love for me, but my love for him.

“i’ll always be here. to help you. whenever you need”

“there’s my good girl” his hand stroked through my hair, smoothing it out. ever so gently, pulling me down to his hardness. 

my hands grasped onto his thighs and i dug my nails into his legs. i wrapped my lips around the throbbing tip. swirling my tongue around the underside, luke let out a low groan.

“more” his hands pushing me further to suck on his entire length. i did as he said and bobbed my head up and down, hollowing out my cheeks, just the way he liked it.

once he was fully hard, i lifted off of him. leaving a light kiss on the tip before i pulled away. 

“god, you’re so good baby girl” he smirked up at me.

i started lifting the hem of the shirt up, but his hands stopped me. his fingers tracing over mine, pulling my hands away from the shirt

“it looks wonderful on you. keep it on” his hands slipped under the shirt and squeezed my boobs, in attempt to pull me down closer to his body.

i was hovering over his large frame and i put my hands on either side of his face. he pulled me in for a quick peck on the lips. nothing more, nothing less.

to get the show on the road, i sat back up, straightening my back. i reached down and grabbed his length to guide him inside of me. i dragged the tip along my entrance so he could finally feel how wet he made me. 

“mm” he moaned with his eyes shut as his length entered me “i love it when you ride me, but i think a few things need to change" 

before i knew it, he flipped us around so that he was now hovering over me. i felt so small beneath him but it was nice. he was protecting me almost.

"i really want to kiss you right now” he breathed into my ear.

“then do it”

he leaned down so his lips ghosted over mine. he kissed me with so much passion; passion that i never knew existed between us. i was just his sex tool.

his eyes were still shut as he pulled back, “god i-” stopping before finishing his phrase.

“get in my already luke" 

i held onto his broad shoulders when he began thrusting into me. each thrust deeper than the previous, exploring new depths and new nerves. never has it felt this good. 

"faster” i choked out. i tried to sound as normal as possible with my breath caught in my throat.

“i can’t” he reached over and bit onto my shoulder.

“yes you can luke. faster” i brought my hips up to meet his

“stop that” he demanded, using his hands to push my hips back down to the bed, “i don’t wanna cum yet”

what a shock. luke was always trying to finish as soon as possible, what was he waiting for. the sweat was building on his brow, signalling he was tired and ready to release.

my grip on his shoulders slacked and he noticed, “i want you to cum first” kissing my lips lightly once more. 



“you never-”

“because i love you”

The Image-Inducer

Originally posted by leftarmbucky

Kurt Wagner x Reader

The Image-Inducer

Author: Morgan

Prompt: There literally wasn’t one, but I was having feels, and I really need to write this, just to take a little break from the sea of prompts. I’ve been watching X-Men Evolution and Kurt has his little image-inducer watch from Xavier that makes him appear normal, so like this still takes place in the Apocalypse universe, but borrowing that little tidbit from the cartoon.

Warnings: None?

“Hey Kurt, we’re going to the Homecoming game!” Jubilee poked her head into the room of the blue mutant. “Wanna come with us?”

“Vhere is it?” he asked, looking up from his Bible.

“At the human high school. It’s just a few miles from here. Scott and Peter and Jean and Ororo and Warren and I are going! It’ll be fun, I swear!”

“I’m…” Kurt caught a glance of his reflection in the mirror. “I’m okay…” he said sadly. He couldn’t go to a school full of human kids looking like this, no matter how badly he wanted to.

“Kurt, are you sure?” she asked softly. “I reeeeaaaly want to introduce you to my awesome friend (Y/N).”

“I’m sure,” he nodded, eyes scanning the bible verses in front of him. Jubilee sighed, pulling out a box from behind her.

“Okay, I didn’t wanna do this, but you’re giving me no choice.” She shook her head. “Hank made this. It’s a prototype, but it can make you look normal if you wear it.


“Really?” he looked at it curiously. “It looks like a vatch,”

“It is. Kind of.” Jubilee helped Kurt put it on his wrist. Immediately, he appeared human. He looked in the mirror, excited. This couldn’t be real.

“Five fingers?” Kurt looked at them, but when he tried to separate them, he found he couldn’t.

“It looks like you have five, but you still have three.”

“Zhis is amazing!” Kurt mused, unable to look away from himself. All his life, he had imagined what he would look like if he had been human, but here he was. He still looked like him, but now he wasn’t blue. His ears looked normal, so did his fangs, and instead of amber, his eyes were brown.

“Come on, silly. We don’t wanna be late,” Jubilee led him out the bedroom door and back to where the others were waiting.

“Jubilee, where’s Kurt?” Scott asked, his eyes searching the stairwell. Kurt smiled widely. It had really worked. Even his own friends didn’t recognize him.

“Right here, Scott. Recognize me?” he smiled. Peter took off his goggles to do a double-take.

“Dude, what happened? Why aren’t you blue?” Peter asked, zipping up close to look at him.

“You gave him the watch?” Jean asked Jubilee. She nodded.

“Wouldn’t come because of how he looks.” she explained in her mind. Jean nodded sadly. Kurt was always so happy and nice. It was so hard to watch him struggle with his appearance. They all accepted him for who he was, but sometimes it just wasn’t enough. Sometimes the staring and pointing and laughing was too much for the little blue teleporter. It reminded him too much of the circus where he was more of an exhibit than a performer.

“Well we don’t have all day. I’ve never been to a homecoming game.” Ororo said.

“Me neizher. I’m very glad you talked me into it,” he smiled at Jubilee. She nodded.

“No problem.”


The sea of high school kids was something Kurt had never really seen before; this many kids in one place. Almost as soon as they got to the student section, Jubilee waved over her friend.

“(Y/N), this is Kurt. Kurt, this is (Y/N).” she introduced.

“Nice to meet you, Kurt! I’ve heard so much about you. Jubes here goes on and on.”


“Yeah,” you nodded.

“Well, (Y/N) here is single-”

“Jubes!” you elbowed her, blushing.

“So I’ll just leave you two alone then~” she sing songed, leaving you to stand with the others.

“I’ve never been to a football game before,” Kurt said, watching the players run across the field.

“Really?” You asked. He nodded. “Yeah, I don’t usually go, but Jubilee said I had to meet you.” You paused. “I’m really glad I came.”

“So am I,”


You and Kurt talked the whole game, barely ever stopping to actually watch it. But then again, who goes to the homecoming game to watch? Sometime over the course of the night, your hand found its way into his. It was a bit chilly for an autumn night, but you had brought a blanket and draped it around the pair of you.

The game ended. The home team won. Confetti fell through the air all around you. Peter rushed over, standing beside Kurt.

“Aww, aren’t you two cute?”

“Vhat do you vant, Peter?”

“Aren’t you going to tell her?” he whispered. Kurt’s eyes went wide and he shook his head.

“Tell me what, Kurt?” You asked softly. Somewhere in your mind, you already knew.

“That he’s-” started Peter. Kurt shooed him away, deciding to do it for himself. Peter dashed off.

“Come vizh me, under zhe bleachers,” Kurt told you. You raised an eyebrow, wondering what he was doing, but you trusted him, following him into the shadows beneath the bleachers. There was no one there, just him and you. You looked up at him, waiting to see what he was doing.

Kurt fumbled with the strap on his watch. It was quite the task with only three fingers.

“P-promise you von’t scream,” Kurt whispered before taking it off. His nervous eyes met yours.

“Why would I scream, Kurt?” You asked softly.

“Promise,” he insisted, shaking. His heart was racing, preparing for rejection.

“I promise,” you stated, eyes locked on his. He swallowed thickly, slipping off the watch. A ripple of blue spread through his body, revealing his true form, pointy ears, three fingers, amber eyes and all. Your eyes caught his tail, swaying behind him. And despite all of this, all you could do was smile. You hugged him, your arms wrapping around his shoulders.

“Y-you aren’t scared?” he asked, gently wrapping his arms around you.

“Of course I’m not scared, Kurt. You’re amazing and kind and cute.”

“Y-you zhink I’m cute?”

“Yes. I really do.” You nodded, pulling out of the hug to look at him. Your hand touched his cheek, your thumb rubbing gentle circles in his blue skin, gently tracing over the scars there. “Listen. I really like you. A lot.”

“I…” he smiled, blushing a deep shade of purple. “I really like you too,”

“I think some of our friends and I are going to get ice cream, if you want to come with us,”

“I’d love zhat! Could I…Vould it be alright if I…?” his eyes flicked from your eyes to your lips and back again. You gently pulled him down for a kiss. He craned his neck down, carefully pressing his lips to yours. He hummed in content, thoroughly enjoying the sweet, soft feeling of your lips on his.

“There you are!” Jubilee walked over just as you pulled apart. “Come on! Let’s go get ice cream!”

You took Kurt’s hand and led him over to the group. It was a rather large group, mutants and humans alike.

“Well look who finally got a girlfriend,” Scott smiled. “And without that dumb watch.”

“I guess I don’t need it,” Kurt shrugged, squeezing your hand gently.

“You’re right.” you said, catching his eye. “You don’t.”