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Keith: “….?”
Lance: *blushes and coughs* “Here…”
Pidge: *laughs* “Happy Birthday, Keith. Honestly, this was all Lance’s idea. You should’ve seen him scrambling on what to get you,”
Lance: “W-what? No! I-I just…never leave a Paladin behind right? E-even if you’re in the Blade now and all…and well…here, dumbass,”
Keith: “…” *laughs softly and smiles brightly* “Can’t believe you guys remembered…thanks guys,”

//*hears people whining and complaining that I’m procrasinating on work of Inktober and animatics* Hey, hey, hey! It’s mah bois birthday! What better way to celebrate than to draw :P Anyways yeah, Happy Birthday Keith <3 May you have all the love and happiness despite with everything that happened *tears up* Oh dear god, he’s growing up so fast!

hi so here we r again bc aquamarines a disaster imo. i hate her perfectly round flat face i hate her perfectly smooth flat hair i hate that she doesnt have a neck i hate that she doesnt have a midsection i hate that her gloves look photoshopped on i hate that her palette is exactly lapis’s palette i hate her design a lot

so i fixed it

Why Donut is awesome

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-The first person in Blood Gulch to successfully take the flag.


-Basically saved Tucker’s life by telling the rest of the BGC of his whereabouts.

-He was so dedicated to the above he almost died of Dehydration to do it.

-He forgave Washington for shooting him, for no reason. (Really, he had no reason to forgive him.)

-One of the leading factors in the BGC going back to save Carolina and Epsilon.

-Not only did he do the above, he actually went to fight along side them even though he missed everything. (I’m pissed no one talks about this, he has no idea what they have been doing and he still fights an army of Texs for their sake.)

-Saved Tucker from two space pirates on Chrous.


In conclusion: Donut is a hero and should be treated as such.