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Brad Simpson Imagine: Cute Times with Bradley

Request: I really loved your tristan and millie imagine it was all cute and fluffy and yeah haha um could I have a brad one something being cute like that (so not typically cheesy) where he just really loves you and youve been together for a while

“(Y/N) are you ready?” Brad shouted upstairs
“I’ll be down in a minute I shouted, rushing around in my room looking for the new perfume and the bracelet Brad’s family had given me for Christmas. We were off to his family’s annual summer barbecue, it was lovely because all of his family got together, even the boys from the band, and they all just chilled. I’d been with Bradley now for around 3 years so I’d been too quite a few of these barbecues, however I never got to see his family as much as I would like which is why I was really looking forward to going and spending some time with them. I walked down the stairs in my blue flowery dress, wedged heels and my hair in loose curls, much to Brad’s amazement.
"You look beautiful” He mumbled
“Thankyou Bradley” I smiled, kissing him on the cheek “Are you ready?”
He nodded and we set off from the house, hopping into the car and turning the radio up full blast as we jammed out too Uptown Funk. 

Pulling up at his house, it was decorated with lights and we could already hear the 80’s tunes blaring from the speakers in the garden. As we walked up the driveway and knocked on the door, Brad’s mum came rushing to greet us, hugging Brad and then me.
“Here they are, my favourite little couple, oh how I’ve missed you" 
We were led into the house and immediately Brad and I were separated. He went to speak with his cousins whilst I made my way around his family members, saying hello and making general conversation. I also ended up on karaoke with Nat, his older sister. It was such a laugh, we get on so well and I think that means a lot to Brad. I then went outside and played with his youngest cousin on the swings, pushing her and watching her as she pretended to be a fairy princess. I joined in too and we even did a duet from Frozen, she was Elsa and I was Anna. I hope Brad didn’t see, I’d never live it down, Finally, I ended up talking to Con and James, two of Brad’s bandmates and two of the more familiar faces at the party tonight. All of a sudden, my hand was grabbed and I was dragged away from James and into the garden. It was dark now and the fairylights lit up the tree house that Brad used to play in when he was younger.
"Where are we going?”
“Up there” he pointed as we both began to climb
Once we made it, the view was beautiful. The clear starry sky was something like I had never seen before. We sat with our legs dangling over the side of the tree house and my head resting on Brad’s shoulder. 
“I’m so lucky to have you” He mumbled
“I’m lucky to have you too Bradley”
“I wanted to get you on your own because I feel like I haven’t spent enough time with you tonight”
“Oh it’s okay, I’ve been keeping myself entertained”
“I believe you have…Do you wanna build a snowmannn?" He mimicked
"I was hoping you hadn’t seen that” I replied burying my head into his chest.
“Nah it was cute man, and it meant the world to Ella, she looks up to you a lot”
“She’s a good kid”
“I can’t wait for us to have our own children one day, you’ll be the most amazing mum, god I’m so lucky to have you”
Our conversation was then interrupted by the ladders of the tree house shaking and Brad’s mum shouting up 
“I can see you two love birds up there, don’t make me come up and get you”
“Coming mum” Brad shouted as we both giggled and made our way down to go and spend the rest of the night with his family