blue wax


I know it’s not food, but my oh my wax sealing is sooo satisfying to watch.

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Ah candles, they’re a wonderful tool for magick but they’re messy as hell. And if you’re anything like me you’re going to find melted candle wax on every freaking surface in the house. But you don’t need to leave those little bits and pieces of wax to waste. Scrape it off of your altar/old spell jars and stash the wax in some kind of container. You can then use those multicolored pieces to custom decorate your tea light candles!


The best time for:
  • Cursing 
    • Tuesday/Saturday
    • Evening
    • Dark Moon
  • Protection
    • Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
    • Noon
    • Waxing Moon/Full Moon
  • Cleansing
    • Monday/Saturday
    • Dawn
    • Waning Gibbous/Blue Moon
  • Banishing
    • Saturday
    • Dusk/Evening
    • Waning Crescent/Third Quarter/Full Moon/Dark Moon
  • Binding
    • Tuesday/Saturday
    • Evening
    • Waning Moon/Full Moon/Dark Moon
  • Healing
    • Monday/Thursday/Sunday
    • Dawn
    • New Moon/Full Moon
  • Enhanced psychic power
    • Monday
    • Midnight
    • Full Moon/Blue Moon
  • Love/Friendship
    • Friday
    • Morning
    • New Moon/Waxing Moon
  • Manifestation/Power 
    • Monday/Tuesday
    • Noon
    • Full Moon/Black Moon
  • Success 
    • Thursday/Sunday
    • Morning/Noon
    • Waxing Moon/Blue Moon
  • Luck 
    • Wednesday
    • Noon
    • Waxing Moon/Blue Moon
  • Wealth
    • Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday
    • Noon
    • Waxing Moon
  • Peace
    • Monday
    • Dusk/Midnight
    • Waning Crescent/New Moon
  • Courage/Strength
    • Tuesday/Sunday
    • Noon
    • Waxing Moon/Full Moon
  • Intelligence/Wisdom
    • Monday/Wednesday
    • Morning
    • Waxing Moon/Full Moon/Waning Crescent
  • Spirit Work
    • Tuesday
    • Twilight
    • Full Moon/Blue Moon

compiled from my personal collection of correspondences

updated on 5-29-17

my first spell jar!! i made this to help my sister sleep, because she often has trouble with nightmares and such.

-sea salt
-lavender {i used the leaves, not the flowers}
-rosemary {i used both fresh and dried}
-bay leaves
-small piece of paper + pen

-blue thread {to bind the paper + decorate jar}
-blue wax to seal
-lavender oil

i layered the ingredients, with each layer i focused on my intent to help sophie. i drew a sigil for a peaceful sleep on the paper in blue pen, and then rolled it up and tied it with the blue thread. i also carved the sigil in the wax i sealed the jar with, and then rubbed some lavender oil on it to bless it, and create a soothing scent. hope you like.

this is my very first spell jar and i hope it helps my sister!💙


I finally found out how to make pre-made wax seals :D And they came out great ! Yay !
Sure, I still need practice to make them look bigger, but for now, here they are. For those wondering what they will be needed for - Decoration for the cards and some projects I have in my mind (still a secret) ! ^^

Lesson 28: Cosmic Witchcraft 101 - Part 5

By: Teacher Nova

Live class date and time: 03/30/2017 at 6:30pm CST

Now that we have covered some of the basics, I’d like to delve into the actual practice of cosmic magick using spells.

Planetary Intent:

  • Banishing: Sun, Saturn, Pluto
  • Beauty: Venus
  • Binding: Saturn, Pluto
  • Cleansing/Purification: Sun, Moon
  • Communication: Mercury, Jupiter
  • Confidence: Mars, Jupiter
  • Courage: Sun, Mars, Jupiter
  • Creativity: Moon, Venus
  • Cursing: Saturn, Neptune, Pluto
  • Divination: Moon, Uranus, Neptune
  • Dreams: Moon, Neptune
  • Energy: Sun, Mars
  • Fertility: Moon, Venus
  • Happiness: Sun, Jupiter
  • Healing: Sun, Moon
  • Hex-Breaking: Saturn
  • Independence: Mars, Uranus
  • Invisibility: Moon, Neptune, Pluto
  • Legal Matters: Saturn
  • Love: Venus
  • Luck: Mercury, Jupiter
  • Manifestation/Power: Sun, Mars, Saturn, Pluto
  • Meditation: Moon, Neptune
  • Mental Clarity: Sun, Uranus
  • Mental Power: Uranus, Neptune
  • Peace: Moon
  • Prosperity/Wealth: Mercury, Jupiter
  • Protection: Mars, Saturn
  • Psychic abilities: Moon, Uranus, Neptune
  • Relaxation/Calming: Moon, Neptune
  • Sexual Relations: Venus, Mars, Pluto
  • Spell-breaking: Saturn, Pluto
  • Strength: Sun, Mars
  • Success: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
  • Travel: Moon, Mercury
  • Wisdom: Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
  • Wishes: Sun, Jupiter


Lunar Phases

  • New Moon –  new beginnings, health, cleansing, inner harmony, peace, love
  • Waxing Crescent – growth, wealth, prosperity, luck, attraction
  • First Quarter – balance, decision-making, challenges
  • Waxing Gibbous – motivation, positivity, success, attraction
  • Full Moon – power, cleansing, charging, healing, divination, emotions, psychic awareness, enlightenment, banishing
  • Waning Gibbous – reassessment, letting go, clearing away, cleansing, releasing, undoing bindings, opening up, making amends, making space
  • Third Quarter – letting go, banishing, breaking bad habits
  • Waning Crescent – achievement, rest, peace, deep wisdom, completion, banishing 
  • Dark Moon – retreat, reflection of self, destruction, banishing, justice
  • Blue Moon – achieving goals, focus, major wishes and dreams, divination 
  • Black Moon power, manifestation

Days of the Week

  • Moon - Monday
  • Sun - Sunday
  • Mercury - Wednesday
  • Venus - Friday
  • Mars - Tuesday
  • Jupiter - Thursday
  • Saturn - Saturday
  • Uranus - Wednesday, Saturday
  • Neptune - Thursday, Friday
  • Pluto - Tuesday

Planetary Hours

Planetary hours utilize the seven classic planets including the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn (although the other 3 planets may be used as well). The first planetary hour of any given day will correspond to that day of the week: for example, the first planetary hour on Saturday will be the hour of Saturn, beginning at sunrise on Saturday and ending before sunrise on the following day. The time that the sun rises is different for everyone, so planetary hours are location-specific.
To calculate planetary hours, you need to know what time the sun rises and sets in your area. The length of daytime equals the time between sunrise and sunset, so figure out how many minutes are between the two, and divide by 12. This will give you the length of time between each planetary hour. Do the same for nighttime (the time between sunset and sunrise the next day).
You can also just visit to calculate planetary hours for your location: click the link, click “edit” next to the location and date on the page, choose your country/city, and click “Save Preferences.”

The general order of planetary hours based on the Chaldean Order is as follows:
• Saturn
• Jupiter
• Mars
• Sun
• Venus
• Mercury
• Moon

The Chaldean Order is listed from the slowest moving planet in orbit to the fastest, although, we’ve since discovered that the Earth and other planets actually orbit around the Sun, the Moon orbits the Earth, and that the Sun is a fixed object.
Because this system was also put into place before the outer planets were discovered, they usually are not included, but I have still found ways to use them in my personal practice.
The outer planets are said to be “higher octaves” of the “lower octave” planets - the associations of lower octave planets are basic, and the higher octave planets take those associations to a more in depth level.
Low and High Octave Planets:
Mercury - Uranus
Venus - Neptune
Mars - Pluto
With that being said, I like to associate the outer planets with their lower octave counterpart when it comes to using planetary hours and even “day of the week” correspondences.

A collective list of “the best time” to do certain spells - includes days of the week, planet, and lunar phases

  • Cursing - Tuesday/Saturday, Mars/Saturn, Waning/Dark Moon
  • Protection - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, Mars/Jupiter/Saturn, Waxing/Full Moon
  • Cleansing - Monday/Saturday, Moon/Saturn, Waning Moon/Blue Moon
  • Banishing - Saturday, Saturn, Waning Moon/Dark Moon
  • Binding - Tuesday/Saturday, Mars/Saturn, Waning Moon/Full Moon
  • Healing - Monday/Thursday/Sunday, Moon/Jupiter/Sun, Full Moon/Blue Moon
  • Enhanced psychic power - Monday, Moon/Neptune, Full Moon/Blue Moon
  • Love/Friendship - Friday, Venus, New Moon/Waxing Moon
  • Manifestation/Power - Monday/Tuesday, Moon/Mars/Pluto, Full Moon/Black Moon
  • Success - Thursday/Sunday, Jupiter/Sun, Waxing Moon/Blue Moon
  • Luck - Wednesday/Thursday, Mercury/Jupiter, Waxing Moon/Blue Moon
  • Wealth - Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday, Mercury/Jupiter/Sun, Waxing Moon
  • Peace - Monday, Moon, Waning/New Moon
  • Courage/Strength - Tuesday/Sunday, Mars/Sun, Waxing/Full Moon
  • Intelligence/Wisdom - Monday/Wednesday, Moon/Mercury/Uranus, Waxing/Full Moon
“May The Spirit of The Sea Protect Me” Spell Jar

A spell jar for protection from negative spells.

Originally posted by zarb

What You’ll Need

  • A jar
  • Salt Water
  • Beach Sand
  • A gull feather
  • Abalone Shell or Limpet Shell
  • A sigil of protection
  • A blue candle

What To Do

  • Put sand in first and then the water in the jar. (this represents the ocean.)
  • Burn your sigil in the flame and put the ashes into the shell you chose.
  • Then, swivel the ashes around in the shell and then pour the ashes into the jar.
  • Take your gull feather and fan the flame with it towards the direction jar (carefully) while chanting “Oh Mother Sea, I ask that you protect me.” as many times as you need.
  • Seal the jar and pour the blue wax onto it.
  • Place this jar near your bedside on carry it around in your pocket.