blue vest


This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you wear a suit.

That is probably the most gorgeous piece of clothing I have ever seen in my life - no fucking joke. The tailoring is perfect, and I mean perfect. The pants are tight but not too tight, the shirt just passing the jacket sleeves, and a close-fitting waistcoat underneath: textbook. 

I mean, it’s just a delight to look at. The deep blue, in an irresistible sheeny fabric, with those splendidly lustrous silk lapels… Oh my god, I have lost the ability to function. 

You are one classy motherfucker Thomas.


“How you turn my world

You precious thing.

You starve and near exhaust me.”

Custom Labyrinth hand-painted pleather vest, with hand stitched beading. Picture of a (rather adorable) movie outtake from the Jim Henson Archive.