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New Video! Made a cake that looks like Dipper’s Hat today! Dipper is a character from the cartoon series Gravity Falls! :) 

Aftermath: Chapter One

Owen let out an aggravated sigh as he lowered himself onto Claire’s pristine blue velvet couch. His fingers made quick work of untying his mud splattered boots and pulled the heavy leather off his sore feet. His socks followed quickly after and he grimaced at the purple and blue bruises that littered his feet, letting him know that the rest of his body surely looked the same. His vest slipped over his shoulders easily, followed shortly by his pale blue shirt. Halfway through unbuttoning the soft cotton, he realized he didn’t have a change of clothes. All of his belongings were on Isla Nublar, which was closed down until further notice.
I bet Claire has something lying around here I could borrow.
Heaving himself up from the couch, Owen padded down the dark hallway and came to Claire’s bedroom door. He raised his fist and tentatively knocked, waiting for her to answer. When a couple of minutes passed with no response, Owen cracked the door open and peered in. He could hear the shower running in the en suite, signaling him that Claire was in the shower. He walked into the room slowly and headed towards the dresser perched on the other side of the room, when he heard it for the first time.
Owen turned his attention to the open bathroom door, steam filling the room as he listened intently. Then it happened again, a loud sob filled the relatively silent space. Taking a step closer to the bathroom, Owen knew that it was Claire he was hearing. The sobs grew louder and more frequent, concerning him as he cautiously set out towards the bathroom.
When he heard a clattering noise and what sounded like someone falling, Owen practically leapt to the entryway if the bathroom and knocked on the doorframe.
“Claire? Are you okay?”, concern laced his voice as he turned his face away from the shower, not wanting to invade her privacy.
“Owen?”, her voice was small and weak radiating from the shower. “W-what’re you doing in here?”
“I, uh, heard you crying and I wanted to make sure you were okay.”, Owen said quietly. “Are you? Okay I mean?”
Claire sniffled as she sat on the shower floor, her knees pulled up to her chest and her auburn hair floating in front of her face. She tried not to let another sob escape her mouth when she answered him, not wanting to embarrass herself any further, but she couldn’t help it. A loud sob cracked through the air as she gave Owen an answer.
With two long strides, Owen was standing next to the glass encased shower, debating what to do next. He didn’t want to just go in there, that wasn’t something he thought Claire would appreciate. But when the door slid open a little bit, her porcelain tinted hand pushing it ever so slightly, Owen was conflicted about being a gentleman and being a good friend.
Little cliffhanger for you all! Thanks for all the follows and reviews I totally appreciate. I’m going to try and make my chapters longer, but expect another chapter very soon!!