blue v neck

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that gifset you reblogged of noel where he's wearing a blue v neck do u kno why hes so emotional on the last 3 gifs bec i want to lean into my computer and fucking hug him and idek what's going on

He has beard envy. Everyone else can grow a beard. He had a beard when he went there, then they asked him to take it off. He doesn’t wanna talk about it.

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It was a hard decision for the blond but Sanji finally decided today was the day to get a tattoo. It took him a while to decide since people would get hated so much for “dirtying” their bodies with any design no matter what it meant. But this meant a lot to him and it was already engraved into his soul, haven’t it on his skin won’t do to much of a difference.

He wore a blue v-neck as well as rugged black skinny jeans, most men didn’t like them but he loved the feeling that he wasn’t much wearing them and more had another layer of skin. They came in handy whenever he got into a fight, would stretch nicely and there was no bagginess to slow him down.

Walking into the parlor he saw a black haired male who looked like either hasn’t slept for days or had natural bags under his eyes. “Hey.” he held up a piece of paper which had the tattoo design he wanted on it. “Think you can do this for me?” Sanji didn’t bother being formal, not wanting to waste it on someone who most likely doesn’t give a shit and a half about him.