blue tounged skink


This is one of the Blue Tounged Skinks that is at the store i work at. He is the sweetest little thing, but what people do to animals makes me so angry. This poor guy has no toes, and rot-like stuff literally cemented to the sides of his mouth. He can barley open his mouth and cant walk around easily. I spent over 30 minutes just trying to get the stuff off his mouth and nothings getting it. Even if you don’t like reptiles you have to feel sympathetic for them, they are still animals, they have lives.
Animal abuse needs to stop >:l


Hazel’s failtastic roach hunting.  She loves her roaches but they’re crafty, crafty creatures (and also fell off the table a lot or just ran under her feet and hid).  I really need to work on my camera set-up, too …