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Some of yall: More Zircon! More Yellow! More Courtship!

Me: *a finger on some shriveled up monkey paw curling inward* OK

Have some emotional “just reformed” embracing because your lawyer wife accidentally cracked her case TOO wide open and got both your asses poofed in the process and was afraid she’d never see you again.

In The World

Katsuki Yuuri is a puzzle, one Viktor is always happy to go back to, sliding long fingers over the pieces. Yet every time he thinks he’s worked it out, he realizes there’s no edge to the puzzle, no end, and everything rearranges.

“Yuuri,” he calls, “what’s this?”

The dark mess of hair and pajamas emerges from the bedroom, rubbing his eyes. “Origami.”

“Was there some kind of craft fair near our house yesterday?”

“I made it,” Yuuri mutters. An intricate dragon, out of soft blue tissue paper, and Viktor’s fiance made it. “I needed something to do with my hands while I waited for the dashi to simmer.” For Yuuri, that’s the end of the discussion. No further explanation, just another piece of Yuuri’s history plucked mysteriously from the void. 

Yuuri can juggle. He can play piano. If his hands are steady and he’s given the right pen, he thoughtlessly sketches out calligraphy. When he sings to himself while Viktor soaps his back in the shower, he drifts between styles: Broadway showtunes, operatic Italian, Japanese lullabies. Knitting. Jump-rope. Shadow puppetry, when they’re feeling foolish under the covers of their king bed and waiting until they’re ready to… 

Viktor thinks he wouldn’t be surprised if Yuuri was capable of magic– but then Viktor would be lying to himself, because he was surprised when Yuuri pulled quarters from out of thin air, made Viktor’s ring disappear for a few moments from beneath a cup.

What can he not do?” Yurio hisses, half delighted and half serious, when he bites into homemade cake. Viktor wants to tell him he doesn’t know the half of it– he’s never played darts or cards with Yuuri, unlike poor Viktor Nikiforov. “How. How is it possible.”

“Darling,” Viktor probes, when he finds Yuuri spread over their living room floor one evening, whittling away at wood while sitting in his splits. “How do you… how do you know how to do all these things?”

“What? Oh, this?” Yuuri says, gesturing with his knife and carving that has only started to resemble Makkachin. “It’s silly.” Viktor wants to strangle him, quiet the easy dismissal– preferably with his lips. It’s not silly. You’re brilliant. “We got a lot of different people, coming through the onsen. Sometimes, if the room wasn’t ready yet or they asked for company, I sat with them. I didn’t like…” he pauses, bites at his lip, and scrapes off a shred of wood. “Talking is difficult? I’m not entertaining, that way. But everyone likes teaching, so I picked up a few things.”

A few. Their apartment is a shrine to Yuuri’s many accomplishments, both world-record-holding and minute. Origami and sketches and trophy cases, gleaming. Viktor is the religion’s most ardent follower.

“We’re going to have so much fun when we retire,” he realizes.

“Hmm?” Is Yuuri’s only reply. Makkachin’s tail is emerging beneath his hands. “Also, do you want a massage later, Vitya?” He doesn’t even have to ask. Viktor pads over, sits behind him and wraps arms around his fiance’s steady waist.

“Do you know what I want to be the best at,” he hums into Yuuri’s neck.

“You’re already the best at skating,” Yuuri states bluntly. Nipping at his neck, Viktor wordlessly scolds the current world record holder. Yuuri laughs, the steady strokes of his whittling knife faltering as he twists to catch Viktor’s lips. “What, Vitya?”

“I want to be the best at loving you,” Viktor whispers, and it’s a skill he’ll spend his entire life perfecting.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Series- Can’t Help Falling in Love with You 

Relationship:Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: It’s Tom’s birthday and Jaxon gives his gift to Tom followed by the Reader giving him a a surprising gift.

Warnings: Swearing cause I love swearing IRL. Plus Tom swears too :,) Funny fluffiness, Dad Tom, SO much cuteness.

Word Count: 1,000+ 

A/N: Made the photo edit myself :,)

[Reader’s POV] 

“momma where’s daddy?” your four year old son Jaxon whispers.

“he’s reading in the living room honey” I whisper back leaning down kissing his mop of curls on his head. He’s starting to look like Tom more and more each day. Your heart aching at wanting to have another child.You loved every moment seeing him grow up and being a stay at home mom even if you were sick.

“I wanna give him his gift”Jax whispers looking around holding the bag to his chest. He had red,white and blue tissue paper sticking out. Of course you were the one to help him stick the tissue paper in.

“Careful my little star, you’ll squish your gift” I rub his cheek holding the cake pan with one hand. The tea kettle whistling grabbing my attention. I head over to get Tom’s tea ready. The four of you were spending the morning together. Tessa was sitting in the kitchen waiting for food to drop. She always did that cause at some point I always dropped something. FIlling up Tom and I’s tea cups I set the kettle aside.

“Jax! where are you lil man?” Tom’s voice comes from the living room.  He must have been taking a break from his script. Even on his birthday he got caught up with a script.

“Hold on daddy!” his little body scurries past you out of the kitchen almost making me  spill the tea.

“Shit” I gasp as hot tea hits my thumb.Thankfully it was your cup that spilt a bit and not his.

“Daddy I have a present for you” Jax says holding up his gift to Tom from the doorway. Tom looks up from the script setting it aside.

“Here’s your tea love” I whisper kissing his cheek as I set his tea next to him on the table.

“Thank you darling, I was just about to ask for tea” He smiles pulling you back to kiss your lips. Pecking his lips one more time before pulling away.

“Jax worked very hard for your gift babe” I explain as Jaxon walks forward with Tom’s gift. Sitting across from Tom in your chair. Pulling out your phone you open up instagram to start a live stream. Thankfully it started working just in time.

“C’mon lad let’s see it” Tom grins as Jaxon hands him the gift. Tom pulls out the card setting it on his thigh.

“Daddy do you like the colors?” Jax asks looking up at Tom.

“Only the best colors ever am I right?! Such a great job on the tissue paper” He grins sending a wink your way.

“Daddy,I saved up all my pennies.. I helped mumma with washing Tessa,picked up my toys so you or mumma wouldn’t trip on them an-and my legos so you wouldn’t say swear words anymore so I could get your gift..” Jax smiles sitting down next to Tessa.

“Is that why the swear jar is missing darling?” Tom asks in disbelief looking between your son and the camera.

“Tom he swore in front of me when he dropped his Spider-Man toy down the stairs!” you defend yourself laughing at his reaction.

Shit” Tom muttered.

Thomas!”I glare at him from behind the screen. His eyes looking like a kid in fear. You used your mom voice on him. It always worked on him and Jax. Looking at your screen it was blowing up from comments.

“He said shit mumma!” Jax pointed at his father giggling.

Jaxon Zander Holland” I groan smacking my head with my hand. These two would be the death of me.

“Swear jar, both of you after Daddy opens his birthday gift” your voice stern as Tom groans.He runs his fingers through his hair causing his biceps to move. My attention being slipped away because of that. Hearing a laugh I look back to Tom as he sends me a wink. Opening the card he starts to attempt reading it out loud.

“I know my handwriting isn’t as good as yours daddy so mumma typed a translation for you..” his head drops in embarrassment.

“Your handwriting is better than mine was your age, don’t worry your handwriting will be better in time..” he reaches tilting his chin up.

Daddy, I love you soooooo much just as much as I love Tessa, maybe a little more. You’re Spider-Man but being my dad you’re my number one hero..” Tom’s voice wavers at the end. He has a smile with tears in his eyes.

“Thank you Jax for the lovely message.. Now let’s see what your hard work payed off to.” He wipes the tear away as he opens his gift pulling out the tissue paper.

“Open it up daddy!” Jaxon says excitedly jumping up and down.

“Wowwww look at this! Darling look what he got me” Tom smiles pulling out a Spiderman glove. Attached to it was a silly string can.

“I saw the video of Aunt Zaya spraying you it was funny cause you swore like you do when you step on my legos! I s-saw that glove when I-I went to the store with Aunt Zaya.. now we can play together!” Jaxon goes to his backpack pulling out his own glove.

“Man this is the best , let’s test it out shall we?” His grin grows as he looks over at you. Watching as his hand slips into the glove with ease. Taking the cap off he raises his arm towards you flicking his wrist.

“Tom, you wou-” String hitting you makes you flinch.

“Thomas!!” A laugh escaping my lips as I fumble with my phone. You quickly save the video before setting your phone down.

“Don’t worry I’ll protect you mumma!” Jax jumps in front of you shooting his string.

“Oh my herooo” I place my hand on my heart as Tom gets sprayed with string. Tom gets up heading towards us as Jax takes a Spidey like stance.

“Trying to take my lady away are you lad??” Tom gets up picking him up and onto his shoulder as Jax tries spraying him. Laughter fills your home as Jaxon gets tickled.

“I will get you!” Jax wiggles in his grasp,legs flailing trying to get free.

“Easy there killer, how bout I let you decorate Daddy’s cake? I put all the stuff you need on the table” Picking him up off of his shoulder and setting him down.  He takes off towards the table near the kitchen. Pulling out the chair he climbs on top of it grabbing things in his hand.

“Now that I have your attention, I have a gift well gifts for you actually” You explain kissing from his jaw to his lips. His arms pulling you close to his body, warmth engulfing you.

“Well well well, do I get some mind blowing sex tonight?” he cheekily grins reaching down grabbing my ass. You let out a laugh as you pull back. Walking over you pick up your bag that you set aside earlier.

“Thattttt but, here this is your gift”

    Watching him open it finding the letter inside. His face looks confused as he opens the paper. Eyes moving as he reads the letter, eyes getting big after more reading. Our eyes meet as a cheshire cat grin prominent on his face.

“You’re serious darling? This isn’t some sick joke right?” tears fill his eyes as he places his hands on your cheeks.

“I’m very serious Tom” you let out a little laugh as he places his forehead against yours. Tears slipping down your cheeks. This moment was perfect.

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"Damen, with his sugar daddy instinct" OMFG I'M LAUGHING SO HARD AT THIS


In the purest way.

Like the guy canonly got Laurent a horse, a fort, A KINGDOM like damn. Damen is the type of guy who would do anything for the person he loves. And if it means buying them stuff, he’ll do. Anything to make them happy.

Like we were discussing it with @randomstufffromotherblogs and if Laurent ever mentions liking something Damen probably got him 10 of it.

Like Laurent mentions really liking that type of Veretian jacket ? Even if Damen is internally like “why ? So so many laces…” he still calls for Charls to ask him for his prettiest blue tissue that can be used for that particular type of garment and takes advice then order the making of the prettiest jacket they can for the King and then he gift it to Laurent, with a surprise: there’s 5 jackets at the end, each with its particularity, but all somptuous. And he added a cape for each, on Charls’ advice, to go out.

Damen sees Laurent having fun with his feathered hat in TAOFC ? He buys him any feathered hat he sees that’s pretty and blue.

Even in modern AU. “This shirt is kind of cute” Damen later *gifts Laurent 10 of this shirt*
Laurent learns to be careful about mentioning what he likes around Damen if he doesn’t want Damen to take it as a signal to buy him that.

I’ll Take The Grave // Jimin x Reader.

Résumé: You cognized very well the consequences of dating a vampire, but you did not expect your own self to betray you under the effect of blabbering mouths, to the point that you could no longer handle your indifference among them you decided, you’d take the grave, for Jimin.
Length: 3 729 words.
AU: Vampire.
A/N: omg you know that angst that eventually turns into fluffy fluff that turns into smutty smut? yeah that’s exactly what’s in this

Originally posted by mvssmedia

I - Arrival to Hell

Cold and empty, you lay motionless on the once warm bed, white noise echoing in every dim corner within the cracks carved inside your head. The vacant room making it clear to you that there is no sign of other life to exist, the ghost of you long gone from your static carcass, and you did not know what to do with this corpse you were thrown into. Cells dead above gelid, soiled vessels, skin although unblemished but lifeless, paths of green and blue effloresce under soft tissues that soon disappear under the vulnerable cloth of velvet circling you like a serpent all around that you could no longer feel the molecules of oxygen slipping along your lungs, but it’s ok, it’s not like you were in need of it anymore.

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tea time for @potterwhos. prompt: flower shop

“who’s armin?” levi asks. he’s written the name so many times, it might as well be his own.

jean looks around the flower shop, eyes setting on a display of lilies. there’s a faint blush on his cheeks, and he sinks into the powder blue scarf around his neck. “someone.”

“no shit.” levi says. his remarkable penmanship has come in handy–a blessing and a curse. it made schmucks like jean’s day easier, the customer that comes in so frequently he nearly pays for levi to open the shop. on the other hand, valentine’s day and mother’s day were hell on his wrist. no amount of braces or painkillers could alleviate that pain. “she must be really special.”

jean taps his finger on the counter. he still doesn’t look at levi. “he is.”

levi hums, holds back a smile, but his interest isn’t feigned. “does he like flowers?” he finishes writing the message requested in the card, slides it over to jean for him to sign in his abysmal handwriting.

“he doesn’t seem to complain.”

“you’ve come in here every day for the past three weeks. his house must be a greenhouse by now.”

“do you think?”

“i hope he likes dumb men.”

jean finishes the stroke on the ‘n’ in his last name and glares up at levi. “do you talk to all your customers like this.”

“only the dumb ones.” levi wraps the stems of the flowers in tissue paper, carefully folds and seals the edge with a colored piece of tape.

“i could go elsewhere.”

“and what, go to yeager’s place across town? his flowers are dead within a day.” levi looks up at jean. “actually, that might work out for you.”

“fuck you, old man.”

levi shrugs, tucks the sheers back into his apron after he cuts a piece of kraft paper to wrap around the outside of the bouquet. “why are you so head over heels for this ‘armin’?”

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Why?| Bucky Barnes x Reader. (Part 4)

Summary: Reader started to question their relationship and then walks in on something she never expected.

Pairing: Reader x Steve, Reader x Michelle

Warnings: Steve x reader feeellsss

Word Count: 900+

3 years later….

Its been 3 years since Y/N left behind the Avengers, her powers and Bucky….

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Inflamed Support Cells Appear to Contribute to Some Kinds of Autism

But researchers found that when glia cells were normal, they “rescued” autistic neurons in culture, causing the latter to behave normally

Modeling the interplay between neurons and astrocytes derived from children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, with colleagues in Brazil, say innate inflammation in the latter appears to contribute to neuronal dysfunction in at least some forms of the disease.  

The findings, published in the current issue of Biological Psychiatry, are the first to demonstrate that supporting brain cells, called astrocytes, may play a role in some subtypes of ASD. But more importantly, the research, using induced pluripotent stem cells, suggests the neuronal damage might be reversible through novel anti-inflammatory therapies. 

A confocal micrograph of a stained astrocyte grown in tissue culture. Blue indicates DNA, revealing the nucleus of the astrocyte and other cells. Image courtesy of EnCor Biotechnology.

To conduct the study, scientists took dental pulp cells from donated baby teeth of three children with diagnoses of non-syndromic autism (part of the on-going “Tooth Fairy Project”) and reprogrammed the cells to become either neurons or astrocytes, a type of glia or support cell abundantly found in the brain. The cells were grown into organoids, essentially mini-brains in a dish.

Though genetically distinct, all three children displayed stereotypical ASD behaviors, such as lack of verbal skills or social interaction. When researchers examined the developed organoids in microscopic detail, they noted that the neurons had fewer synapses (connections to other neurons) and other network defects. Additionally, some astrocytes showed high levels of interleukin 6 (IL-6), a pro-inflammatory protein. High levels of IL-6 are toxic to neurons.

The researchers co-cultured astrocytes derived from the ASD children with neurons derived from normal controls. The healthy neurons behaved like ASD neurons, said co-senior author Alysson R. Muotri, PhD, professor in the UC San Diego School of Medicine departments of Pediatrics and Cellular and Molecular Medicine, director of the UC San Diego Stem Cell Program and a member of the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine.

“But more importantly, the opposite was true. When we co-cultured ASD neurons with normal astrocytes, we could rescue the cellular defects. The neurons reverted to normal functioning and behavior.”

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hey hi hello um so i had this idea and i kinda wanna write it but i really wanna share it so uh – mchanzo soulmate au where u get a soulmate mark at 18 yadda yadda but mccree gets his left arm&shoulder&chest blown off when he's in deadlock or w/e, so it's before he gets his mark. then they meet somehow and hanzo's highkey crushing so he's completely distraught when mccree says he doesn't know if he has a soulmate (all broken-like bc he's a sentimental hoe, that mccree) 1/?

but hanzo doesn’t know that jesse lost literally all of his arm that hanzo’s mark covers (maybe smth abt the dragons,,,,, bein like “this is what our Boi needs from us” but idk) and it’s a lot of pining and ust n stuff until one day mccree goes shirtless and hanzo just,,,,,, jumps him and starts observing the hell outta his arm bc it’s been so long since he’s wanted mccree and his fam is super traditional abt “u have to b w ur soulmate” n whatever so he spends like an hour 2/? observing mccrees arm (mccree is kind of just like ‘mccree.exe has stopped working’ bc hanzo’s kind of reallyfucking hot and he has this intense look on his face and he’s looking at /mccree/ w that intense look and his hands are hot and calloused and mccree Wants) and hanzo just kind of starts crying when he sees the tiniest tendrils of blue over the scar tissue on mccrees back and then they work it out and stuff and things and uhhhh Yeah thank u for listening i love u n ur blog 3/3 

 PARTNER L I S TE N YOU SHOULD WRITE IT OH MY McGOSH I WOULD EAT THAT SHIT UUUUUPPPP (although i hope that “jumping him” involves consent, but i know that’s probably not what you meant by that hahaha)
AAWWwww man this sounds so deliciously angsty and pining-y and fluffy and all that McAwesome sauce. If ya decide you want to write it be sure to send the link this way so i can share it!

Allergies are the Worst

This is day 5(?) of my 30 day One-shot Challenge. You can read all the one-shots here. I have literally no idea what happened here. Worse than the last time, like this is just random…but enjoy…

I’m allergic to flowers but I work in a flower shop – you’re a customer who’s very confused as to why I’d do that 

Allergies are the Worst


Baze glances toward the counter with a frown. They’ve been here five minutes and the cashier has sneezed no less than seven times. Even from across the room, he can tell it’s a severe case of allergies. The runny nose, the red eyes, the perpetually frazzled look. He sighs. People are idiots. Who would work at a job when they’re allergic to flowers?

“Be nice,” Chirrut scolds, slapping Baze’s chest. He continues to walk, lifting flowers to take a brief smell, before moving to the next one. He pauses. “These flowers. These are perfect.”

Baze glances at the poor boy behind the counter. “Do you think he’s well enough to do this?”

Chirrut smiles that mysterious smirk he prefers, the one that makes it seem like he has the answers to everything in the universe. Baze knows better. It’s mostly vague comments, and luck. And an uncanny ability to predict where things will be. Nevertheless, Baze follows him to the counter, just as he’d follow this man anywhere.

“Hi-ah-chooo,” the boy turns away to sneeze into his sleeve. “How can I help you?”

“Are you okay?” Baze asks, frowning at the boy. His name tag – hanging crookedly from his vest – reads Bodhi. He looks like his body is slowly killing him.

“’m fine,” he mumbles. “What can I get for you?”

“We need a bouquet with fragrant flowers.” Chirrut smiles widely, leaning forward onto his walking stick.  

“The blue ones,” Baze elaborates. He points at the bucket.

Bodhi shuffles around pulling together the bouquet. “How many flowers do you want? Do you want any baby’s breath? Any other flowers? A card?” Another sneeze. “What’s the occasion?”

“Our little sister and her husband just had their first child.”

“A boy?” Bodhi reaches for the blue tissue paper.

“No. A girl.” Baze narrows frowns. Why would he think that?

Bodhi pauses, hesitantly replacing the blue paper with a pink one.

“Those flowers speak to her aura.”

Baze rolls his eyes at Chirrut’s announcement. Of course that’s why he chose them.

“So you guys are uncles now?” Sneeze. “Oh, don’t worry about me. These are just aller-“ sneeze “gies.”

“Why do you work in a flower shop if you’re allergic to flowers?” The question is begging to be asked, so as much as he would love to talk about little Lara Andor, his precious niece, he’s following this train of thought.

“I needed a job and it was the only place hiring.” Bodhi smiles at them.  

Baze looks around for the elusive dog.

“I’ve heard the café down the street is hiring.” Chirrut turns to smile banally at Baze.

“Galactic Java? I didn’t see a sign.”

“I have an in with the owner,” Chirrut assures him.

Baze grumbles under his breath. He can’t believe what he puts up with for the sake of this man.


Chirrut grins and twists towards Baze. “I married him.”

Baze throws money on the counter for the flowers. “Bring in an application Monday.” He loops his arm through Chirrut’s. As much fun as this has been, he wants to see his niece.

Fatih, Istanbul
Selling tissues all day and all night for one Turkish Lira per packet is arduous and tiring. We had been trying to communicate through a passing woman on her way from the mosque whose walls shaded the spot we stood on. The woman spoke Arabic and just enough English to be able to communicate to me that the kids here sleep on the street in Fatih, and have no parents. One boy had grandparents to watch over him, and his picture will be posted to Tumblr. Emotions run high, and she started to cry when being questioned about where she lives….the tears at first struck me as artificial until I looked more closely. My experience with panhandling gypsies in Europe colored my perceptions here unfortunately, as they often use children as click bait and will approach with a syrupy voice full of pathos to entice tourists into giving up as much money as possible. That story is a complex and deeply disturbing one, and one that places the lives and future of the children forced to accompany them on the streets of Paris and other European cities in question. The girl pictured here appeared to be no more than eight years old–most of the kids I’ve seen are between five and ten years–and she carried some of her clothing in a bag as she holds a small, blue packet of tissues in her left hand. Her tears were real, and turned into sobs as this picture was taken. I was very surprised and at first unsure of how to react to this genuine display of deep sadness in someone else’s child….none of the artifice and disingenuousness present that I referenced above. A deeply disturbing and truthful display of emotion in front of curious, detached stares. I was able to rectify the situation with my iPhone and my camera, two very interesting and highly coveted, unattainable goodies to play around with for a bit. It was a sickening, explosively hot day in Istanbul, not in evidence in this image because we were in the shade, and the girl’s clothing doesn’t reflect the thermometer. Homeless kids are like homeless adults in that they will generally wear most of their most important and useful clothing at all times as they are unable to store it safely. It’s less likely to be stolen, but unfortunately very uncomfortable to wear on days like this one was.

Ashton Irwin Imagine

Happy Father’s Day

Today gave me reason to be nervous. Its father’s day and Ashton and I are spending it with our families and the rest of the boys and their families. So a heap of us were crammed into our place that we bought a year ago and I was nervous, I didn’t know how Ash would react to my news.

Walking back down the stairs with 2 boxes in my hand, one slightly bigger than the other, but the smaller box felt like it held the world. Walking into my small kitchen I saw my mum, talking to the other mums and I smiled at their confused looks.

“Sweetheart, did you get dad two presents?” Mum asked handing me a glass of wine.

“No I didn’t.” I looked at her hand. “And no thank you. I’m fine.”

“Did you just turn down wine?” Anne-Marie asked confused.

“Yeah. Hands are kinda full.” I played off and started walking towards the back patio where the boys sat. “Come on, you guys have to witness this.”

All the men sat together around a massive table, food and empty beer bottles scattering the entire thing. Smiling at Ashton I sat down next to him, giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Aw, did you get me two presents sweetheart?” My dad asked, catching everyone’s attention.

“Nope.” I popped the ‘P’, handing my dad the bigger present. “That one’s for you.”

“What is it?” He asked as he held it.

“Open it and find out.” I said sarcastically which caused him to roll his eyes as he opened the box.

As he ripped off the paper I started to really sweat. The smaller box in my lap was weighing me down and I was panicking. My dad smiled at the box of treasures that had become tradition in our family. Find a box and fill it with everything that reminds you of the person for that year, it was something I started when I was like 7.

“Thank you, sweetheart.” He tipped his head to me smiling. “But what’s in the other box?”

“Um…” lifting the squared box as I blew out a deep breath I moved it towards Ashton who sat next to me, arm behind my back. “Happy father’s day.”

“Babe,” Ashton laughed confused. “I’m not a father. It doesn’t count.”

He placed his half-filled beer on the table as he took the box anyway. That lightened the load of the box a little, having him take it from my clammy hands.

“Just open it okay.” I smiled at him.

Shrugging and giving a laugh he started to unwrap the box. Opening the lid of the white box he was met with pink and blue tissue paper. Confused as ever he started to dig into the box and moving his big hands out with a small plush turtle with a green ribbon around him with a note attached to it saying;
                                        My name’s Tadpole…
            I hope me and you’re Tadpole can be the best of friends.

To say Ashton was confused was beyond anything. Giving a nervous laugh I took them off him and sat them in front of him on the table.

“Keep going.” I pointed towards the box.

Shaking his head and pulled a bit more tissue paper out before he found it and stopped; his breath catching.

“Y/N?” Ashton kept his eyes down at the content in the box. “Is this…?”

“Yep.” I smiled. “Next father’s day, I just hope you’re a little more excited for the three of us to celebrate.”

“Holy shit.” Ashton breathed out and looked up at me.

“Oh god you’re crying.” Michael said. “Dude, that’s not punk rock.”

“Shut up.” Ashton weakly said, tears falling as he picked up the small picture. “Shit… I’m gonna be a dad.” Ashton whispered to me.

“What did you just say?” My dad’s voice cut the moment between Ash and i.

Drawing our attention back to everyone at the table they all looked confused, like they’d been told something they couldn’t believe they just heard. Ashton just laughed, loudly and pulled me onto his lap, placing one of his big hands onto my stomach which held a tiny bump that had been forming.

“I’m gonna be a dad!” Ash said in-between laugher.

“And I’m gonna be a … grandfather.” My dad now looked a bit freaked out. “No, I’m too young to be called a grandfather.”

But nobody cared, my mother and Anne-Marie were crying, coming over to give us kisses and hugs, but Ashton refused to let me go. His warm hand never leaving my stomach.

“I’m gonna be a dad.” He whispered again as everyone congratulated us.

“Happy father’s day, Ashton.” I stood on my toes and kissed him.

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Jonerys AUs (4/100): Backpacking Across Europe

Jon is all set to spend the summer after his senior year backpacking across Europe with his brother Robb-but Robb cancels at the last minute and sends along one of his friends, a girl named Daenerys Targaryen that Jon’s never met before, to go with him instead. At first Jon can’t stand her-she hates staying in hostels and wants to spend some of their precious money on hotel rooms and she has to stop in every. Single. Jewelry. Store. Along. The. Riviera. 

 Dany isn’t too happy to be with Jon either. He’s determined to rough it and he always looks like he’s permanently unhappy. But she owed Robb a favor and she couldn’t exactly refuse-besides, her family used to be one of the most powerful in Europe and she can still get things for free if she throws her name around the right way. 

 But as they spend their days touring ancient ruins and examining amazing works of art, they find that some of the most enjoyable memories are ones they never planned to make.


Jon was on his sixth round of Candy Crush when the door to the jewelry store finally opened and Dany stepped back into the plaza, carrying a small blue bag overflowing with tissue paper. “Ready?” He tried to sound cheerful, even though he’d been spending so much time in the hot sun he thought he might get a stroke. But that was better than waiting inside an Italian gift boutique in his jeans and shirt with the hole in the sleeve with all of the employees eyeing him like he might decide to break something just for the hell of it. 

She nodded, pulling her sunglasses up against the sudden glare. “I got you something.”

That made him stop short, almost tripping over a flock of pigeons that had gathered in front of the fountain in the center of the cobblestoned square. It was idyllic, the perfect place to stop and take a picture-but even at this early hour it was flocked by tourists and he felt it wasn’t worth it. That was one nice thing about Dany; she wasn’t obsessed with selfies the way Robb was. Like him, she didn’t see the point in letting everyone in the world know where he was every moment of every day. “Really?”

She rolled her eyes. “Yes, really. I’m not cruel.” She reached into the bag, digging down into the layers of tissue paper and coming up with a small box. He opened it carefully, revealing a pin of a sparkling glass of Italian soda. “It’s supposed to look like the one you spilled all over me at that one restaurant the night you got sloppy drunk.” 

Yes, yes, and then you practically had to carry me back to the hotel and sit up with me all night while I puked out my guts. He’d heard the story before; she liked to bring it up every time he annoyed her. 

He could have brought up the time she left her bag at the Louvre and they’d had to spend half an hour in security getting it back, or when she fell out of the town car and directly into a puddle and she’d had to wear his suit jacket for the rest of the night. But he didn’t. Because while they had been annoyances at the time, he was surprised to find that he remembered them just as vividly as he did Buckingham Palace or Neuschwanstein castle. 

Not to mention the one time she’d actually let them go camping and she’d spent the night in his tent because she was convinced she’d heard a bear outside hers. 

“Well, thank you,” he replied, after realizing the pause between them was beginning to turn awkward. “It’s beautiful.”

“Of course.” They started walking again, past an old building painted a sky blue. “You know Jon, I’m beginning to think that I’ll miss you when all this is over.” 

“Yeah. I’m beginning to think that too.”

Two and a half weeks ago, when they met at Heathrow airport both jet lagged and irritable, he could never have imagined missing her. But things were different now and times had changed. Maybe they’d changed for the better. 


Next will be a Comic Con AU since SDCC is this weekend! 

anonymous asked:

I was wondering, what is CodotVerse Two-Face like appearance wise? I personally love when Harv is an unusual colour like he is in the animated series, even though it's not realistic

My Two-Face is practically a Blu-Face.

CV!Harvey had acid thrown into his face (like most Dents), and it was blue in hue, so I didn’t think it would be a terribly far stretch for the acid to turn his scar tissue blue (considering he left it completely untreated) as well.

Even if that doesn’t make sense, I still like the idea.