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FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 5 | 5.1.15

indian summer tassel garland by paperfoxla

one last summer-vibe find for this first friday in may — a playful tissue paper tassel garland in pinks, blues, teals, and golds. frilly and fun!


My autism support class and my youngest art therapy class read ‘A House for Hermit Crab’ by Eric Carle and made their own hermit crabs with shells and model magic. They decorated the shells with stickers like our protagonist decorated his shell. 

 I think next time I’m going to have them make a little water and sand/sandpaper scene on cardboard and glue their little guy onto it…I feel like these guys will just break if they take them home as is. The water would be blue cellophane and tissue paper glued to the cardboard.

SouvNear Napkin Holder White & Blue with Flower Design - Decorative Centerpiece Tissue Organizer - Perfect Ceramic Kitchen Accessories - A Gift for Every Mom

SouvNear Napkin Holder White & Blue with Flower Design – Decorative Centerpiece Tissue Organizer – Perfect Ceramic Kitchen Accessories – A Gift for Every Mom Product Features SouvNear Mother’s Day 2015 Gift Deals – Super Sale at Reduced Prices! A fine product…

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ϟ :3c

((For the whole, touch a scar on my muse thing that I am anSWERING FIVE DAYS LATE WOW))

((also i am sorry this turned into a small drabble))

Slim fingers brushed along thick - the first time that they’ve done so in a sweep. Is that how long it’s been since they’ve last seen each other? A sweep? It was longer than Alexar thought it’s been.

And yet… it didn’t feel like it was a sweep.

Caeli’s fingers brushed over his knuckles, pausing over a deep knick between two of them, the skin long since smoothed over and harded into scar tissue. Blue eyes looked up at him inquisitively, but he just smiled as he enveloped her hand in his.

Pulling it up, Alexar pressed her knuckles to his lips.

“I missed you.”

Blue Crystals Bathroom by rubiered featuring a toilet tissue holder ❤ liked on Polyvore

Fferrone design cluster light / Dot Bo polka dot shower curtain / Shabby chic bath mat, $38 / Superior egyptian cotton hand towel / Blue bath accessory, $15 / Sonoma life style blue bathroom accessory / Toilet tissue holder / Blue accent table / Lucite furniture

Excuse me blue tissue box, but I’m going for a specific aesthetic in this bathroom. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.

Sewing with Sew Crafty Online!

Last week I was the happy recipient of a bag of goodies from the lovely Sammy at the Sew Crafty Sewing Centre. They’ve recently opened an online store, in addition to their real-life emporium based in Maidenhead, so wherever you are you can get your hands on all the treats in this blog post!

Here’s a run-down of my favourite treats from my goody bag - lovingly wrapped in sky-blue tissue paper, of course!

1) Wooden heart buttons (I may have to make a new button back top just to showcase these!)

2 & 3) Pink & white geometric ribbon & “Love to sew” printed ribbon (great for adding a finishing touch to a handmade gift)

4 & 5) Lime green crochet trim & mint green sequin trim (these might be my favourite things from the goody bag - green is absolutely my favourite colour!)

6) Craft needle set (have you ever seen such beautifully packaged needles? I may be getting some of these for Mr Frocks’ mum at Christmas!)

7) Flowery shank buttons (Did you know that buttons with the bit that you sew through on the back are called ‘shank’ buttons? I didn’t until I looked it up just now. You learn something new every day!)

8 & 9) Dashwood studio spotty cotton & Riley Blake ‘Snapshots’ cotton (Okay, maybe these are my favourites…they’re 100% cotton so they wash really well, and the patterns are just gorgeous!)

10) Sew Crafty also stock a range of Rebecca Stoner designs - I love this pin cushion card!

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