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17- : “Your smell is… intoxicating. If I stay I’m going to knot you.” With Alpha Hanzo and his omega crush who invited him over and forgot their heat was starting soon

“Okay okay…everything is good.”

A happy, triumphant smile settled on your lips as you looked over your living room, a giddy warmth pouring through you. You had brought several cushions and blankets into the living room for the long night of movies you had planned for the night ahead. The table was covered in various snacks, foods and drinks; a bowl full of clementines, a few containers of their preferred takeout, several bottles of tea from a Japanese supermarket both sweetened (for you) and unsweetened (for Hanzo), a bottle of sake the two of you had been working on and several other small snacks the archer had deemed ‘acceptable’. You combed a hand through your hair, hands smoothing down your shirt and re-adjusting your knee-length skirt to make sure you looked presentable.

You were positively delighted. For several weeks, you and Hanzo had been having these little get togethers, all your courage mustered up to make the first move at courting the Alpha. Hanzo was ever the gentleman, polite and respectful to a tee but it left you off balance. His expressions and mannerism were hard to read even as an empathic omega, making it difficult to guess if he found you just as attractive as you found him. But there were moments where you did get to see his smile or hear his quiet laugh or catch his eye and that made the chance worth it. Looking around once more, you couldn’t help but tap your bottom lip gently as your mind tried to quietly remind you of something. What that something was, you couldn’t quite put your finger on and no matter how hard you racked your brain, you couldn’t pull it to the forefront.

“Oh! Coming!”

The sound of the doorbell pulled you out of your thoughts, your feet carrying you towards the door as you tried to calm your beating heart. Letting out a soft breath, you pressed your palm to the keypad and smiled as it whooshed open. A wider grin split across your face as you laid eyes on Hanzo, the man nodding his head at you before a slight frown tugged at his lips. He was dressed in a tight blue t-shirt and well fit black jeans, your mind flickering between admiring his body and questioning what was making him frown. Self-consciousness tickled at you, making your smile falter as you stepped to the side and motioned for him to walk in.

“Hi Han”, you stated warmly, rocking on your feet lightly as he hesitated to step in. His eyes locked onto you, then your place before dropping back down to you as he still remained outside the door. Was everything alright? Was there something wrong with the place? Self conscious questions boiled up but you crushed them down, with a shaky grin and the push of your hand through your hair. “Uh…How’re you?”

“I am…”, Hanzo hesitated before answering, finally taking a step through the door and shivering visibly, your brow furrowing in concern. You attempted to reach out and touch him on the arm, just to make sure, but he managed to avoid the touch as he walked further into the place. “I am fine, Y/N.”

“Oh”, you asked, retracting your hand, nibbling on your bottom lip nervously, fingers fidgeting with the hem of your shirt. “W-Well that’s good! I have the holoscreen set up and I got snacks and dinner already set up…so uh…you ready?”

He didn’t answer but nodded his head instead, his movement stiff as he settled down onto the couch. He crossed his legs and stared straight ahead, not sparing a glance your way as you settled down on the other side of the couch from him. Your couch was a small two seater so there was minimal space left between the both of you, but you respected his wishes to purposefully not touch you. You turned the show on, reaching out and grabbing a clementine, peeling it quickly and handing it over to Hanzo, something you had done since you started these holo-nights. He paused before taking it from you, cautiously plucking the clementine from your hands, shuddering when your fingers grazed his.

“Thank you”, he said shortly, his eyes focusing back on the screen once more, a clear indicator that he had nothing more to say.

“You’re welcome”, you murmured softly, eyes dropping to your lap before your nose scrunched up slightly.

The both of you continued to watch the show although you really couldn’t focus on what was happening. A small ball of sadness began to settle heavy in your chest, your eyes constantly flickering from the screen to your lap. You had really thought things between you and Hanzo had been going well, the energy between the both of you typically amicable and pleasant, if not lightly flirty. You wracked your mind trying to think of something you may have done wrong or something you didn’t do that may have possibly offended the man.

But you were completely unable to pull something to the forefront, your mind completely distracted by the man next to you. Even in your bothered state your brain reminded you of his attractiveness, his desirability. Toes curling, you sighed softly before turning in your seat, your knee bumping into Hanzo’s lightly. There was no point in beating yourself up, it would be better to directly find out what you had done wrong and apologize if you had offended the man.

“Hanzo”, you started, voice gentle and apologetic as your eyes turned up towards the taller man. There was a pregnant pause before he turned to look at you, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat as his eyes locked with yours. “D-Did I do something wrong? If so, please tell me! I…I really like what we’ve got going here…and I wouldn’t  want to mess that up.”

A guilty look passed over his face, his eyes darting away from yours, his hands curling into a fist on his lap. You couldn’t resist reaching out to the man, grabbing his hand and squeezing slightly, moving closer and whining very softly to indicate your apology. Hanzo went stiff before a low, rumbling groan vibrated through the man, his light brown eyes darting back to yours. His eyes practically glowed, an apparent hunger lingering in them making them extra bright.

“Your smell is…intoxicating”, the Japanese man stated, his voice tight with control. “If I stay I’m going to knot you.”

You felt a blush burn through your cheeks before realization came slamming into you, eyes going round as you stared up at Hanzo. That is what you had forgotten! Your heat had been set to start any day now, your mind barely registering that you had started nesting in both your bedroom and living room. You suddenly understood why the archer may have been awkward; holding onto a rope of self-control despite being alone and completely entrenched in the scent of an omega’s heat. Even now, with your hands touching his, knees touching and bodies practically touching, he still hadn’t pounced on you. Just as always, he was absolutely commendable in what he did.

The ball of sadness dissipated and gave way to a feeling of pure relief, the smile returning to your lips as you squeezed Hanzo’s hands once more. Your eyes dropped and darted away, your face burning even brighter before they returned to his. Desire and heat made your tongue feel a bit looser, scooting closer to the man and leaning against his side, a coy yet pointed movement.

“I…I wouldn’t mind that.”

Sooooo, because I’ve been feeling a little ropey today, I decided to binge watch a TV series that I had managed to miss first time round, ‘Thirteen’ and ….

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, I’ve been absolutely blown away by it - I literally could not stop watching. Just completely compelling, edge of the seat, biting your fingernails stuff. Incredible story, incredible performances.

(and yes that is Richard Rankin, as a very convincing policeman, and Jodie Comer, who is currently in the White Princess I believe)

Most definitely one of the best things I have watched all year. Sooooo if you are in the UK, and you haven’t watched it, make sure you catch it on BBC iplayer, it’s available until June.

(P.s. From now on, in any TV show that has policemen, can they make sure they are Scottish, bearded, dressed in blue tight fitting shirts that show off a nice physique, and maybe have a scene in a shower where the water cascades down the face…..? Oh and hire Richard Rankin. Please and thank you. 😏😉😬)

A/N: might went a little overboard with this because i’m a sucker for steve adoring tony oK

“Go kick their ass, baby!” Steve cheered as he watched the Avengers fight the giant lizards roaming through New York on his tablet in his hospital bed. “Ouch, nice shot, babe, good job.” 

“Are you just going to cheer on Tony the whole time, Cap?” Clint asked through the comm in his ears. 

“Probably,” Steve shrugged. He felt he didn’t need to suggest any form of strategy since the team seemed to handle it perfectly well. “You know Tony’s in charge when I’m not there.” 

Steve had been bedridden for the past week since he took quite a hit during their last fight with Hammer’s robots, but he was perfectly fine watching his boyfriend kick ass. There was just something in the way Tony moved during a fight that never failed to capture Steve. God knows how many times he forgot to catch his shield after he threw it just because he was watching Tony move around. He makes fighting look elegant even as he wears a bulky suit of armor, it’s as if the fight is his dance and the battlefield is his stage. 

Steve is utterly transfixed.  

On the screen, Tony shoots a lizard square in the chest, making it crumble to the ground. Steve whistles, “Nice aim.” 

“Steve,” Tony whined but Steve can perfectly picture him blushing inside of his helmet. He always gets like this whenever Steve compliments him or show his affection so publicly and Steve is very vocal about his adoration for Tony. Tony asked him why one time and Steve had replied with a shrug, like it was so obvious and said, “I’m just proud because I have you as my fella. You’re amazing, baby, of course, I’m going to show off a catch like you.” 

As expected, Tony smiled and bit his lip hard enough that Steve thought it was going to bleed as he hid his blush into the crook of Steve’s neck. 

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Brown hair and dresses

Summary : During research, you remember back to when you and Sam first met.

Pairing : Sam x Reader

Warnings : Smut, Unprotected sex, mentions of body weight shame, dirty talk.

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You sigh out a bit, flipping through more pages in the book. Glancing up at Sam with his nose basically in a few of the other books. You laugh a bit before turning your head noticing Dean play around on the laptop. A faint smile comes upon your lips at the memory of meeting them.

‘Y/N, wanna go in here?’ Samantha mentions pulling you and Tyler along. You take a quick glance up at the store name not quite remembering it anyways before you walk in the store, seeing people go in and out of dressing rooms. Noticing a few people standing by the cash register talking to employees, not noticing the group by the back yet.

‘Let’s try on some dresses, we haven’t done that before’ you nod quickly letting a forced smile come upon your face thinking back to your ex. You look down at your outfit choice, just a pair of leggings, a oversized tank top  that hangs off your body enough to hide your stomach and a green military knock off jacket.

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Chasing C(h)atwalk C.2

I’m about to start school again and I’m honestly using up the little free time to write as much as I can. SORRY.

Once again, the Project Runway AU I can’t seem to get out of my head. LOL

ALSO. As explanation. Since we know that reality television cuts and edits things to their liking, I’m trying to put it so that we see what the audience actually sees on some of their episodes. This would be an actual episode. <3 

Previous Parts. 

Prologue | 1  | 2  | 3  | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Link to AO3

Chapter II. #Adrinette.

“It’s starting!”

“I’m coming!” Alya called out, tapping her feet as the microwave finished popping the bag of popcorn she’d just thrown inside. “Is it recording on the DVR?”

“Yup” Nino answered, before letting out a booming laugh.

“WHAT HAPPENED?” Alya’s voice was loud and panicked, coming from the kitchen of their apartment.

“Just the summary from last week. You have time.” Nino’s voice came from the living room, where the TV was already broadcasting the highlights from the previous episode.

Finally, the microwave beeped, done with her popcorn and Alya opened quickly, pouring the contents of the bag into an awaiting bowl, before racing towards the couch where Nino was already waiting at. With the popcorn safely set between them, their drinks poured, it was time to watch their best friend be humiliated on national television.

“My poor friend,” Alya looked at the screen, where a very flustered Marinette was measuring an extremely oblivious Adrien on screen. “This was the best and worst thing that could have ever happened to her.”

Nino snorted, leaning back on the couch as the show actually began.

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Complicated Relationships - Kyle X Reader


Request: Imagine request: you were new to the coven. But you came just in time to meet Kyle at the party Madison was going to. After the incident happened Madison and Zoe always fought over Kyle. But you were stuck in the middle. You liked Kyle but didn’t know if he liked you back. Since Zoe and Madison were always caught up with trying to win Kyle over. Your the normal one who helps. Until one day you confront them both and Kyle reveals who he really loves which is you. There surprised. And so are you.

Author’s Note: This is my first Kyle story and my first time writing about Coven so I hope you guys enjoy, happy reading :)


To say my life had become complicated as of recent would be an understatement. I recently discovered that my family bloodline leads directly to the Salem witch trials meaning I’m a descendent of a line of real witches. I hadn’t found out in the most conventional way that I carried the bloodline either. A girl at the school I used to attend was screaming at me which wasn’t an unusual occurrence but this time she decided to get physical and went to throw a punch and I closed my eyes to block my eyes from a certain hit to the head but no punch came. Instead when I opened my eyes I found her out cold on the other side of the cafeteria, a pool of blood spreading from underneath her head and all eyes planted firmly on me.

That night as I lay in bed unable to sleep due to the events of that day when I heard a knock at my door. I heard one of my parents go to answer it and then footsteps that echoed throughout the house and proceeded to reach my door at which they halted to a stop. Suddenly, the door was flung open to reveal my parents standing next to an elegantly dressed red head and two body guard looking men. I got out of bed as the two men proceeded to grab me by both arms and force me out of the house and into a long, white limousine.

Once we set off the red head, Myrtle Snow she said her name was, explained everything. About the ancient bloodline, the movement of witches from Salem to New Orleans and most importantly the coven. The place they were taking me, a witch sanctuary residing in New Orleans where I could actually be accepted and taught to control the power that caused my high school ‘accident’.

When I arrived it was almost dinner time and I walked in to find five people sitting around a dining table. They introduced themselves as Cordelia, Nan, Queenie, Zoe and Madison and I immediately took a liking to Zoe. She had only been at the Coven a few hours more than me and was just as quiet and I could relate to her quietness so I knew that we would get along. I wasn’t at dinner for even 10 minutes when Madison starts talking about some frat party she just got invited to.

“Do either of you own any clothes that don’t come from the Gap?” she asks bluntly and I realize she’s talking to Zoe and I.

“Um… no.” I stutter and Zoe nods her head to my answer as Madison sighs.

“Well you can both borrow something of mine then.” She says leading us up to the room she now shared with Zoe and picking out two expensive looking outfits for us to wear.

When we were done getting changed Madison wore a short, tight fitting blue dress whilst Zoe had on a slightly looser black dress and I opted for a loose fitting white dress that came to just above the knee and had lace across the entire top that extended down the sleeves.

“No one’s going to notice you in that Y/N.” Madison laughs as I just look to the ground instead of starting an argument with her seeming as I only just met her and didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot.

“I didn’t want to wear something that didn’t feel like me.” I said and she just gave me a mean sneer.

After a few minutes we arrived at the party that wasn’t actually too far from where we all now lived and fought our way into the massive house crammed with drunk college students and gate crashers alike.

Soon enough I became separated from Zoe and Madison and decided to try and find a spot to just become invisible and hopefully run into one of the girls soon enough. I was walking towards an appealing looking corner when I first saw him standing there. I could tell that he wasn’t too sure about this party himself based on his demeanor which was confident but also in a I’m-not-just-another-wasted-frat-boy kinda way. He looked up from where he was standing and our eyes met as a feeling I could only describe as butterflies rushed through my veins and I immediately found myself standing at his side.

“I haven’t seen you around here before,” he smiles flirtatiously before extending his hand, “I’m Kyle.”

“Y/N,” I say moving my hand across to shake his, “and I’m actually new to New Orleans so that’s why you haven’t seen me before.”

“Boarding school?” he asks and I start wracking my brains to think of an appropriate answer that doesn’t involve the mention of witchcraft.

“Of sorts.” I say trying to figure out whether I should just outright lie or not, “Madame Robichaux’s Academy For Exceptional Young Ladies.”

“Sounds fancy.” He laughs, “You don’t seem like the type to be at a party like this.”

“Usually I’m not but my friends managed to drag me here.” I explain and he nods understandingly.

“Well I’m guessing Madison Montgomery is a very convincing party pusher.” He jokes as we go to get some glasses on punch that probably had some variety of alcohol in it and that’s how it started. We talked for a solid hour about everything we wanted to and it just felt so natural. It felt like there was no one else in the room but us until we were interrupted by Zoe.

“Hey Y/N I can’t find Madison anywhere.” She says and I can tell by the worry in her eyes that she’s been searching for her for a while.

“It’s okay we’ll help look.” Kyle says and the three of us start searching for her together but she’s nowhere to be seen on the first floor so we walk up the stairs to check all the rooms until we finally reach a room that sounds occupied. Cautiously Kyle opens to door and all of his frat brothers came running out causing him to chase them down telling them to stop as we run into the room to help Madison.

“She’s been drugged.” Zoe says rushing to her side as we make sure she’s fully conscious before starting to help her off the bed and down the stairs to the front door so we can get her some fresh air but by the time we reach the entrance she’s fully capable of walking on her own and calmly walks onto the road behind the fleeing bus of her attackers and with a simple wave of her hand, the bus flips onto its roof and the engine explodes into flames and all I can think about is Kyle and I know deep down in my heart that he’s dead and I’m never going to see him again.

Three months later Kyle had been back from the dead for almost three months and things had gotten better with his erratic behavior but it seemed the better he got at understanding what had happened to him the more erratic the feud between Zoe and Madison became over who was going to end up with him.

Thankfully I didn’t have to sleep in the same room as them though as I had been sharing with Queenie since my arrival at the Coven which was probably the best thing that’s happened since my arrival in New Orleans. Queenie was quite easily the most comforting person here to talk to and she always knew just what to say.

“Would you like me to bitch slap them?” She asks as we listen to another fight over Kyle between Zoe and Madison.

“No I’ll just let Fiona throw them against a wall.” I laugh and go back to studying about divination.

“Do you like Kyle?” She asks and I look at her with sad eyes.

“Yeah I really do.” I sigh and she looks at me questioningly.

“Then why don’t you go do something about it?” she says and I know she’s right even though I don’t want her to be.

“In a perfect world I would,” I huff before continuing, “But you know how much Kyle’s been through. I’m the only familiar face he has that isn’t using him for some ulterior motive and even though if I told him I liked him I would really mean it but still, he needs someone to just be there, no strings attached.”

We sit there in silence just listening to Zoe and Madison screaming at each other before I decide it’s enough and if I want to protect Kyle then I have to start protecting him from them as well. So I get up from my bed, give Queenie a confident smile and storm off in the direction of the argument.

“Can you guys just shut up?” I yell which makes the room go silent as the two girls stare at me shocked, “Do either of you even care about Kyle?”

“Do you?” Madison mocks, getting up and lighting a cigarette, “If you cared you would be involved in this fight, not stopping it.”

“So the only way I can show that I care about him is by fighting over which of us is going to sleep with him?” I say getting agitated, “You two need to show some more respect for him. He’s been through a lot but both of you are too selfish to care about that. He’s a human being he has feelings too and if you really loved him you’d back off and help him get back on his feet after everything that’s happened.”

“And we’re just supposed to listen to you?” Zoe asks and I find myself questioning why I ever saw her as a friend, “How do we know that this isn’t your way of getting Kyle to choose you.”

“You know what? I do like Kyle, I love him in fact. But you know what you do when you love someone? You do whatever you can to help them and keep them safe no matter the consequences. I’m not just going to be selfish and expect him to decide between us like it’s a game or something.” I say getting ready to leave and go vent to Queenie which had become a regular occurrence when I felt someone standing by my side and I turned to see Kyle standing a small distance behind me, “How much of that did you hear?”

“Enough to know I made the right choice,” he smiles as Zoe and Madison look at him expectantly for his answer but he turns to face me, “It’s you Y/N, it’s always been you. From the day we met until now, no one’s ever treated me like you do, you care, you get me and I… I love you.”

I stare at him in shock for a minute unable to form words and I look briefly over to Zoe and Madison who are staring at him in confusion and shock as well. As soon as my brain processes the situation I run into Kyle’s arms and engulf him in a tight hug.

“Can I talk to you in private for a minute?” I whisper to him and he nods as we leave the room with Zoe and Madison’s eyes following us the entire way out, mouths still gaping open from shock.

I lead Kyle out into the hallway near the staircase and stop him midway so we can talk.

“What did you want to talk about?” he smiles wrapping his arms around my waist in order to pull me closer.

“I just wanted to do this in private,” I smirk before leaning in and pressing my lips to his in a kiss that has been long due for both of us. Pulling away I smile up at him and he plants soft kisses on my nose and forehead.

“I love you Kyle.” I whisper and he just smiles.

“I love you too, Y/N.” he whispers back pressing his lips to mine once more as I feel the beginning of the relationship we’ve  been longing for since the moment we met and for the first time in what feels like forever, I feel happy, I feel complete and most important of all, I feel at home.

A Day Off

Request: Alex Summers x Reader Content: Fluff, nfsw and some language. Plot: Alex, your boyfriend takes you out on a date and during the dinner things get a little heated between you too. Warnings: Some sex, public touching/groping and swearing.

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A knock on your door startled you from setting your hair in the mirror opposite the door. “Y/N! It’s Alex!” The person who you now identified as Alex called out. “Come in.” You called back. “Hey.” He said once he opened the door. “You ready?” “Yup” You replied, popping the ‘p’. Turning around you gave him a once over, openly checking him out and you weren’t disappointed, he looked damn fine in his simple black and white suit, it hugged his muscles in all the right places and your insides clenched from just looking at him. He looked like a god, and with that award winning smile, all you wanted to do was take him right there and now. Smiling back at him you nodded your head to further confirm that you were in fact ready and motioned towards the door. Looking at you with, what you could only describe as hungry lust driven eyes, Alex opened the door and held it for you to walk past. You were silently parsing yourself for your choice of clothes for this dinner, you had worn a tight body fitted navy blue dress that hugged all your curves excellently and showed of all your important features. You both walked down the corridors of the school towards the exit and into Alex’s car. The past few days had been a handful, after stopping the almost war and the professor having recovered somewhat from his injury, the school had started to flood in with new students which had meant more work time for all of your meaning not much time off. Today had been the first day off you all had gotten in months and in a sort of celebration Alex had asked you out to dinner and you had of course agreed, he was your boyfriend after all. When you finally arrived at the restaurant Alex handed the keys off to the valet and held his arm out to you like a gentleman, which you grabbed on to and then walked inside. Apparently Alex had already made reservations so the receptionist grabbed two menus and led you both off to the more scheduled part of the restaurant and to a booth. After settling down and ordering your drinks and food, Alex and you feel into a nice conversation. At some point during the conversation Alex’s hand came to rest on your thigh and he begun to rub slow circles on it while ever so slowly bringing his hand upwards towards you centre. You almost moaned out loud at the sensation. “Alex!” You hissed through your teeth"What are you doing! We’re in public!“ Alex didn’t even bother replying to you as he slipped his hand further up and gently slid them over you core and then hovered them there, not doing anything. You held his hand, trying to urge him for more friction, you were in to deep now, drowning in your own bliss that you no longer cared that he was touching you out in public you just wanted him to touch you. The waitress came back and placed you food on the table and at that exact moment Alex began furiously rubbing at you core, you almost yelled out loud at the sudden friction and had to bite down on your lips hard, though a strangled moan still slipped past just as the waitress placed your plates down, she gave you a funny look to which you just smiled at her and then she walked off and you let out a gasp of relief and annoyance as Alex stopped his torture. He turned to you, gave you a sly smirk and bought his fingers to his mouth and licked them clean then bent forward and kissed you hard on the lips, you could taste yourself on him and you moaned again slightly to which his smirk got bigger. Leaning forward next to your ear he whispered, "Eat up doll, your going to need you energy for what I have planed for tonight” and nipped and tugged your ear before leaning back and beginning to eat as if nothing happened, all while leaving you a flustered mess. ( Part 2 or no? This is my first smut so I would love some feed back!)
Her Voice, His Vice

Summary:  On a hunt for a vampire with the Winchesters in a cliché karaoke bar
Characters: Dean Winchester x Female Reader, Sam Winchester
Word Count: 1,501
Warnings: None really. Sassy reader. Flirty Dean. Some fluff
Author’s Note: This is for @mamaredd123’s 100 challenge! Congrats on your milestone and thank you for letting me be a part of it! My song was “Vices” by Miranda Lambert, Dean, and “Bottled toilet water? Why do you keep spraying it?”

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Of all the places a hunt would take us, it would be a karaoke bar. This was not what the boys wanted to deal with. Apparently a vamp chooses it’s victims by the best singer of the night, luring the victims to their deaths with the promise of him being a manager and getting the victim a record deal. How cliché could this vamp get?

You knew Sam wouldn’t get up to sing and even if he would, it wouldn’t sound like anything other than a moose yelling. Dean would be a great contender if he sang seriously, like he does around you and Sam on occasion. He honestly has a great voice. He just won’t sing in public unless he is drunk which wouldn’t help your case any. This left it all up to you.

You hated singing in public. You’ve never enjoyed being the center of attention but it was the only way you knew of to protect anymore innocent people from being involved. You knew your voice could easily catch attention, and tonight you were volunteering yourself to be bait.  Dean despised the idea but had to agree that it was their best shot. He had heard you sing numerous times, when you never realized he was around. He didn’t want to make you stop. Your voice soothed something down in his soul. Something magical in your voice that kept the mark on his arm from flaring, keeping the rage and urge to kill down to a dull thrum in his veins.

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