blue thunder marching band


Around two months ago, Boise State University flew me out to produce this short promo video for recruitment purposes. Also, fun side note: InfinityCords marches with this group.


Halftime 10/9/10 (by ThunderMB)

This features the most annoying song in the world as well as two jazz/big band hits. C:

We weren’t a perfect band- sometimes our sand and marching technique sucked, but we had fun and our audience did too.

We never perfect shows because we had to learn an average of 3-4 field shows a year. o.o

This was one of my last shows and some of the most interesting drills we ever had the privilege of marching in the final piece.


MAACO Bowl Las Vegas Pep Rally 2012 (by Robert Machado)

Fans and alumni were invited to join team representatives, cheerleaders, and the bands and mascots at the Maaco Bowl Las Vegas Pep Rally under the historical lights at the Fremont Street Experience. Interactive contests, the battle of the bands, and the various dance-offs entertained fans in attendance.

So this was a sort of spontaneous shoot, as Maria (infinitycords) told me she was coming into town with her college band and thought it would be cool for me to film the pep rally. I had a really great time shooting everything, as well as seeing the ridiculously spirited BSU crowd.