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Erased de Kooning Drawing

What do you need to transform a de Kooning into a Rauschenberg? 1 month and 40 erasers.

In 1953, Rauschenberg asked artist Willem de Kooning, an Abstract Expressionist painter whom he admired, for a drawing to erase. De Kooning agreed, selecting a drawing that he thought would be particularly difficult to rub out. Rauschenberg claimed that it took him a month, and about 40 erasers, to complete the job. He kept the erased drawing in his studio for two years. In 1955, when he was invited to submit a drawing to show at the Elinor Poindexter Gallery, Jasper Johns persuaded him to exhibit it. Johns placed the drawing in a gold frame and produced the work’s inscription.

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[Robert Rauschenberg with Willem de Kooning and Jasper Johns. Erased de Kooning Drawing. 1953. A de Kooning drawing, graphite, and other media on paper, erased by Rauschenberg and mounted in a gilded wood frame with label inscribed using a metal template in blue ink on paper by Jasper Johns. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Purchase through a gift of Phyllis C. Wattis. Photo: Ben Blackwell. © 2017 Robert Rauschenberg Foundation]

anonymous asked:

what's flushed face color of Pale and Template?

Let’s start with the simple one. 

For Template: it’s blue. Just like Error c:

Now the hard one.

For Pale: In his emotionless state, he’s not able to blush because that would require emotions, right? If he were to flush however, it would be grey. As soon as he consumes emotions, the color would be the same as the emotion he absorbed. If he had all the emotions, he’d flush in rainbow colors, just like Ink C:


Party Showcard Template

So I made this kinda for fun. If anyone wants me to make one, I’m open for limited requests. Just send an ask with your info or something like that.