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U2 Instant Karma / Happy Xmas (Vertigo Tour Live From Portland) [Multicam Made By Mek]
Instant Karma & Happy Xmas (War Is Over) Filmed at Rose Garden - Portland, Oregon, USA on 19th December 2005. Audio source by sharebear. See also: http://mek...

the lennon love fest of 2005 began in NYC on october 8th. bono took susan’s ‘we all shine on’ sign and clutched it to his chest during ‘streets.’ we were elated. he told her later that he kept it. (photo by @the-megs:)

‘blackbird’ and ‘sgt pepper’ had made consistent appearances, but beginning around john’s birthday there was also ‘across the universe,’ ‘you’ve got to hide your love away,’ ‘all you need is love.’ the love progressed into a full cover of ‘instant karma’ the next month. hearing this happened when i wasn’t there broke me in two. the snippets ramped up again in december: ‘happy xmas (war is over),’ ‘help,’ ‘she loves you.’

in semi-related desperation, i added two more shows. i’d been on stage three times this tour alone, i’d seen and experienced more than i could have ever asked, but there was a hole in my chest. i went to salt lake. bono sang ‘norwegian wood.’ i went to portland. in the midst of a GA ice storm, i came down with a fever/flu, cheryl had an allergic reaction that made her sick, and her and ally’s tickets turned out to be fake. somehow we all wound up inside (me shivering and aching) where we needed to be.

during ‘streets’ bono saw the back of my hand, where i’d written ‘let go’ (as i had every show that tour). he spoke the phrase three times during the bridge, shocking and delighting me. he sang ‘help,’ fulfilling my teenage dream of wanting to hear this happen in person. after that moment, after ‘one,’ the band gathered at the front of the stage and susan held up another 'we all shine on’ sign. bono scrambled, talking to the others, edge shouted into the underworld at dallas, and this fucking happened. “we’d like to do something for john lennon. i’ve been thinking about him these past few weeks.” fever be damned, i’d died and gone to heaven.

(also, i might add, this was my first in-the-flesh sighting of edge’s blue tele, which was A NOTABLE EVENT. i got stupidly excited again in phoenix the other week when the cream one crapped out in the middle of ‘vertigo’ and dallas handed him the blue one. i am looking forward to ‘get out of your own way,’ oh yes.)

DREAMY SUMMER - Listen on 8tracks

a collection of dreamy, sun-soaked songs that should be listened to in the car on full volume with all the windows rolled down while on a road trip with all your friends ~✿~✿~✿~

Postcard Radio - Froth | Donut - Jaws | L.S.D. - Skegss | Free - Tomorrows Tulips | Sunlight - Yuno | Honey - Swim Deep | Drag - Black Sea | Cherry Picking - Girlpool | Party At Sunday - Cosmonauts | Blue - TELE/VISIONS | Lust For Life - Girls | Out In The Way - Beach Fossils | Beach Rats - The Growlers | Blister In The Sun - Violent Femmes | Sure As Spring - La Luz | Had Ten Dollaz - Cherry Glazerr | Daydream - Beach Fossils | Before The World Was Big - Girlpool | Sea Lion Goth Blues - The Growlers | Single Fins & Safety Pins - Japanese Motors | Saccharine Sunshine - Froth |  Alison (Slowdive Cover) - Beach Fossils | Catamaran - Allah-Las

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James Burton Telecaster - as requested! 

Fender Artist Series James Burton Blue Paisley Flame Telecaster 
(To see the alternate red version of this guitar, click here

[Source: Best Pick Guitars on eBay] 


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  4. Gibson Dave Grohl DG-335s - one in gold and one in Pelham Blue.


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