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Holiday season is upon us, which calls for a touch of luxe. I’ve teamed together with Redrebs to show you how to style a cosy yet chic daytime look that’s perfect for a daytrip or outing with friends and family. Focusing on the luxury segment, Redrebs carries gorgeous plus size eveningwear with a distinctly festive touch. I’d styled this gorgeous lace LBD from them for an evening look a while back, today I’m dressing down the most lightweight and exquisite silk jacket to show you how eveningwear can be made to work for daytime as well!

I’ve kept the look simple in monochrome with classic pieces that I rotate regularly in my wardrobe. One of my tricks to wearing an outfit in a single colour is layering textures and shades. Although I’m predominantly wearing blue (with hints of black) for this look, I’ve picked out the individual pieces to range from royal blue to teal and navy. While single shade looks can be absolutely breathtaking in their drama, mixing shades and textures makes for a more wearable iteration on the theme! When it comes to style, I’ve always taken inspiration from the costumey and the theatrical - because after all, what’s fashion without a hint of the outrageous? I feel that today’s look in black and blue draws on a lot of those elements while remaining dapper and comfy enough to spend the whole day in. My Redrebs shrug is definitely today, and I’ve chosen the rest of the pieces to complement rather than overshadow it. It’s one of those classic fashion rules that don’t need to be followed, but it’s also one of my top tips for pulling together an outfit! So whether you’re looking to glam up or dress down this holiday season, have a look at Redrebs’ collection, they’ll have you sorted no matter your style!


✶ ASOS sweat dress {similar available here} ✶ Silk draped jacket ℅ Redrebs ✶ New Look velvet crossbody bagPineapple linen crew socks ℅ TabbisocksBoohoo Tassel ankle boots

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danny-the-coolest  asked:

Lmao lucky for you I do 7u7 what songs do you listen in spanish? Btw Dakota that TØP reference was 👌👌😏😂 OTHER QUESTION CAUSE I LOVE TALKING: favorite color?

I really dont even know, Im too lazy to look

Ayla~ Navy Blue, Teal

Dakota~ Blue cuz everything is blue: his pills, his hands, his hands, his jeans

Lily~ IDK prolly blue or purple. I enjoy the color black, too

Eyeshadow for Brown, Hazel, Blue, Green and Grey Eyes

Brown eyes? Blue eyes? Green eyes? Hazel eyes? Grey eyes? Either way I’m a believer in the theory of: Love something? Wear it! There are no rules when it comes to makeup. However if you’re wanting to really enhance a certain feature certain colours and techniques can help. Generally the most flattering shades for your eye colour are ones on the opposite side of the colour spectrum.

It’s important to note that these shades don’t just have to be worn as eyeshadow! Experiment by wearing them as eyeliner or mascara. If you’re scared of bold shades try using them in sheer formulas like creams or liquids and blend them in with your fingertips. 

If you still struggle with finding your perfect eyeshadow shade to compliment your eyes try a kit specifically designed to your eye colour and examine the shades in them, otherwise purchase one! Many drugstore brands do them and the quality is often quite good.

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Relationship status: single and pretending to be okay with it but I’m really okay about it but also not because I’m approaching Spinster Aunt Age and I’d like to not be one even though Spinster Aunts are cool sometimes.

Favorite colour: blue - teal and navy, but also any shade of blue

Lipstick or chapstick: lipstick

Last song you listened to: Moonchild - Cibo Matto

Last movie you watched: Mockingjay on the bus TV

Top 3 Characters: do not ask me this, for the love of

Top 3 Ships: Ladynoir, Hiccstrid… and idk lately I’ve been binge-reading Everlark

Books you are currently reading: I have so many books I’m “reading” but haven’t really touched in MONTHS

Top 5 musicals: The Lion King, Hamilton, Legally Blonde, Spamalot, Xanadu

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