blue tailed lizard

I am SO happy

So about 4 days ago my brother was working in the yard and he was getting rid of this big old plastic pot we had that was already falling apart. To fit it in the garbage bag he had to smash it into smaller pieces with a shovel.

But when he dumped out the dirt….

…eggs. Ten little eggs.

My mom brought them in to show me. Not knowing what they were or if they were dangerous or not, she asked me if I wanted to take one and open it up outside to make sure it wasn’t full of baby bugs or something. I told her that they were definitely reptile eggs but she was still giving them the ‘I-still-don’t-trust-that-they-aren’t-bugs’ look.

I knew there was no way it was full of bugs and I wouldn’t be able to get it off my mind if we cut one out and killed it. But then I remembered candling.

If you don’t know what candling is, it’s when you put a flashlight under an egg to check if it’s fertile or not.

So I told her to hold on and I ran to get a flashlight.

Lo and behold they were not bugs.

It was our first time ever candling anything so we weren’t exactly sure what to look for. The only videos I had ever seen for candling an egg was a video talking about how some geckos lay eggs without a mate but there is a rare chance they could be fertile anyway; the eggs in the video were always empty though. So we checked all the eggs and they were all alive and responsive. I managed to convince my family that I was 99% sure they were lizards of some kind.

Since we kind of accidentally destroyed their nest and a storm was coming we set out to give them somewhere safe to hatch.

 We got a pot and filled it with damp dirt like the one we found them in but smaller. After candling each egg, we made a divot in the dirt and placed each egg half in and half off, careful not to turn them too much and damage them.

My mom did some research and found that the eggs needed to be kept somewhere with good humidity so we got a plastic book crate, drilled some holes in it, and filled the bottom with wet paper towels.

The mystery eggs were put in the garage where it was just as hot as outside but safe from the huge thunderstorm.

Day 2 of eggs and nothing happened. We didn’t think anything would happen just yet but we were all a little worried that we were doing the wrong thing. It was my day to go finish up cleaning up the dirt and shards from the broken pot in the yard when I found another egg.

I picked it up and it wasn’t as firm as the others. In fact it was leaking. I called my mom and candled the little guy. He was just as alive as the others were. There wasn’t much room in the new incubator with the other eggs so we got a tiny beta fish tank we haven’t used in years and fixed it up for the egg. We put it in the garage next to the others.

Now this egg had me worried. He had been out in the storm with a damaged egg. I would go out and check on him throughout the day. Not a thing happened and I was starting to worry that he didn’t make it.

Day 3 of eggs was interesting. I went out to check again on little egg 11 with my mom. She asked how the others were doing and wanted to see. It was fogged up on the inside so I shone a light through and saw it. A head! A little baby lizard head poking out of the egg! 

The incubator was taken inside and everyone was gathered around the table. We would all switch from watching the eggs, to someone doing research, to checking the eggs, to setting up the empty tank we had, to checking the eggs again.

All together 4 little lizards were hatching. They’d kick for a bit in their eggs but then fall asleep because it was so tiring. 

After a while my mom got concerned about one that hadn’t opened its eyes in ages. It wasn’t moving. I picked up the egg and put it in my hand. I rubbed the shell and gently gave it little tugs. Then out the baby came!

This little guy came out healthy and fast. After a brief look-around he ran out of my hand and back into the pot. Then over the edge of the pot to explore the hides we fit in. 

After 4 of the babies fully hatched and we figured out what we were going to do, we put the incubators in the spare tank we had so we could keep an eye on them. At that point it was a little past 1:00am and a 5th egg started to hatch.

Day 4 of eggs and lizards we went to the local pet store to get something that these super small babies could eat. Luckily, Petco carries super small crickets and meal worms. We loaded up on reptile supplies: bus, vitamin dust, hides, heat lamps, you name it we probably bought it.

Upon getting home my mother and I readied the tank.

At that point all but two eggs had hatched. One we thought wasn’t going to make it because it didn’t react when I candled it, and the other was number 11 who was found a day late and broken. We decided to move the two into one incubator instead of two while we moved 9 of the lizards into their temporary home.

When we look for them they were hiding in the incubator all curled up together under a plant we had put in. They actually seem to do that everywhere they decide to hide which is kind of surprising to me. I thought they were going to all be really territorial with each other. But they seem to like each other more than I thought they would.

After a few hours, number 11 hatched and he was just as healthy and fast as the others despite being through the storm earlier. Not too long after that, the last egg hatched. He was much smaller than the others but equally as fast. We added them both to the tank with the others and they hid as quick as a ninja.

Day 5 of lizards was mostly setting up heat lamps and lights and worrying if they were okay. They stayed hidden under rocks and brush. We never saw them eat so we went back to researching.

Day 6 of lizards and they are alive and well! They’ve taken a liking to the new heat lamp and have been scuttling around there all day. I even saw one eat a cricket! 

Even the smallest of the bunch was enjoying himself in the warmth :)

I will continue to take care of them until it comes time to release them back to their natural habitat. I’ll keep you all updated. It’s such a strange and wonderful learning experience :) 

Reptile hobby

The more and more I get into this hobby and fall in love with every aspect of it the more depressing it is in an entirely different way. When I first went to repticon 3 years ago I saw all of these cool morphs and colors and I was kind of like a kid at a toy store.

I watched AnimalBytes tv and hung off of every word Bryan said and I had my favorite snakes and morphs. I would tell all of my non reptile friends about everything on the show and annoy the hell out of them. I would see pictures of snakes together in a cage and I thought they were cute friends. I was making plans for everything I wanted to do and how many snakes I could have and it was great! Then the more I started digging there was this small voice coming from what I assumed were ignorant people.

Then I came to tumblr and started seeing people so passionate for the first time about THE ANIMALS and not money or a snake breeding empire. It turns out that the voice that I was hearing was the voice of reason but I didn’t fully understand or comprehend the gravity of these situations until I was in reptiblr for a while. Reading blogs like @wheremyscalesslither @crispysnakes and other extremely knowledgeable people on here educated me enough to know that I had to relearn everything I thought I knew. I had no idea that there were morphs with neurological or physical health issues like the spider morph. I had no idea that people were so actively supporting something that was so obviously wrong or even by their arguments questionable at best.

I learned the proper way to house and take care of my animals and even though I cannot have as many as I originally intended, I know now that it’s better to have 3 healthy snakes with proper husbandry and enrichment than having 8 that aren’t having a higher quality of life.

I guess I’m saying that there is an extremely sketchy possibly even dark side to the reptile community that is honestly the face that welcomes you into the hobby. I just hope people that are new to the hobby come in with an open mind and do your research. Find people that are knowledgable and people you know you can trust and let them help you. No one is infallible so still make sure to read up and do your homework.

This isn’t a game, you are caring for another life and you have a responsibility not only to keep them happy and healthy but to keep bettering yourself as a reptile keeper. You never know everything and you might even need to reevaluate what you thought was law. That’s what separates the people that care about the animals from the people that care about HAVING the animals.

byeolegy  asked:

Hello! I am sure people have messaged you about your lil babies, but they're blue-tailed skinks! Blue-tailed skinks love the heat and everything just like lizards so good job on the heat lamp! Just make sure they also have a place to escape from the heat in case it becomes too much. Also a water bowl large enough for them to get into is highly recommended because they like to get wet. Take care of your lil babies!!

Thank you so much! You’re actually the only person to message me about them so I really appreciate it! :)

This is the set up we have right now so I hope it works:

On the right side we have the heat lamp with lots of wood to hide in or bask on. The left is the cool side/ the side we spray down with water to keep it humid (turns out they like to lick the water off of the glass), some rocks and plants to hide under, and the water bowl. So far I’ve only seen two drink directly from the bowl but I think they’re starting to get used to their surroundings. :)

Thank you again for checking up on them!

Things me/my family have done/said part 4

Sadie: I noticed Bast was acting strange earlier, so I went to check up on her and found out she was trying to eat a blue tailed lizard of sorts. I helped the poor lizard outside while Carter dragged Bast into another room

Percy: I could make 12 cookies, but I could also just make one really big cookie.

Annabeth: But you hate math. You’d have to calculate how much longer you have to leave it in the oven, what temperature to leave it at, and how much cookie you need to achieve maximum largeness.

Percy: 12 cookies it is then

Rachel: Melatonin gives me weird vivid dreams

Leo: Hello beanstalk

Jason: Sup squirt

Annabeth: Tails I win, Heads you lose

Hazel: I’m going to be very disappointed if a place called the Rattlesnake Saloon doesn’t serve anything made of snake.

Clarrise: Do it. It’s good, helps build character

Reyna: I will stab you

Leo: That’s… nice?

Thalia: We need to go to the Harley dealer and get my name on a leather jacket, as long as they don’t replace the T with a cross

Nico: Who needs stability when you can live life on the edge?

Gaia: Woah, look at those mountains.

Percy: Those aren’t mountains.

Gaia, pointing at the North Georgia Mountains: Then what do you call those?

Percy: Earth Acne

Hylla: When I was little, I legitimately thought that interstate signs were actually the speed limit

Hylla: Which sounds awful, considering there is 475 and stuff

Hylla: But if you’ve ever been in Seattle traffic, you know for a fact that I-5 lives up to that idea

Piper: I hate you, I’ll stop being your friend

Drew: First of all, how dare you. Second of all, I dare you

Annabeth: Truth or Dare?

Leo: Dare

Annabeth: I dare you to stop dragging me into Truth or Dare, I just want to play in the sandbox you weirdo

Khione: No you see, thing is with snow - they’ll never find the body

Jason: What the heck, it is literally recess

Khione: No one

Jason: Yeah, the tropical depression is probably going to hit us.

Percy: Maybe he’s just really sad that he couldn’t be a storm or hurricane

Annabeth: I started to read this book series during winter break… 6th grade winter break. And I wanted to finish it, I HAD to have the most books read out of my entire class. Well my mom wanted me to clean my room, so when I had just gotten to page 10 of the second book, she took it away. She told me I wouldn’t get to it back until my room was clean. When she left, I took out book three and started reading because screw you, that body sized pile of ex-homework under my loft bed can stay body sized, I needed to know what happens next.


Feeling sorta bummed out the past few days, so clearly it’s time to cheer myself up with some photos and a blitz of layers set to screen.

1. Cole, in blue. Both babies are pretty chill but Cole even moreso, and he napped on my hand yesterday. If he keeps this up he’s destined to become a top snugglesaurus.

2. Justice, sitting near the front for food drop tonight

3. Rosalind, also in blue, will probably eat anyway like a chowhound moocher

4. An anole and a bebe spiny lizard facing off by my work window. The new house could be nicknamed Lizard Haven. I’ve stumbled over nearly stepping on an anole, two different types of skinks and a gecko so far. Ridiculous.