blue tailed lizard

Reptile hobby

The more and more I get into this hobby and fall in love with every aspect of it the more depressing it is in an entirely different way. When I first went to repticon 3 years ago I saw all of these cool morphs and colors and I was kind of like a kid at a toy store.

I watched AnimalBytes tv and hung off of every word Bryan said and I had my favorite snakes and morphs. I would tell all of my non reptile friends about everything on the show and annoy the hell out of them. I would see pictures of snakes together in a cage and I thought they were cute friends. I was making plans for everything I wanted to do and how many snakes I could have and it was great! Then the more I started digging there was this small voice coming from what I assumed were ignorant people.

Then I came to tumblr and started seeing people so passionate for the first time about THE ANIMALS and not money or a snake breeding empire. It turns out that the voice that I was hearing was the voice of reason but I didn’t fully understand or comprehend the gravity of these situations until I was in reptiblr for a while. Reading blogs like @wheremyscalesslither @crispysnakes and other extremely knowledgeable people on here educated me enough to know that I had to relearn everything I thought I knew. I had no idea that there were morphs with neurological or physical health issues like the spider morph. I had no idea that people were so actively supporting something that was so obviously wrong or even by their arguments questionable at best.

I learned the proper way to house and take care of my animals and even though I cannot have as many as I originally intended, I know now that it’s better to have 3 healthy snakes with proper husbandry and enrichment than having 8 that aren’t having a higher quality of life.

I guess I’m saying that there is an extremely sketchy possibly even dark side to the reptile community that is honestly the face that welcomes you into the hobby. I just hope people that are new to the hobby come in with an open mind and do your research. Find people that are knowledgable and people you know you can trust and let them help you. No one is infallible so still make sure to read up and do your homework.

This isn’t a game, you are caring for another life and you have a responsibility not only to keep them happy and healthy but to keep bettering yourself as a reptile keeper. You never know everything and you might even need to reevaluate what you thought was law. That’s what separates the people that care about the animals from the people that care about HAVING the animals.

She shared grass-of-Parnassus with Elizabeth Bishop because it grew near the bluebell’s sog, and in Nova Scotia too. It was a part of the inherent poetry of names: lady’s slipper, sundew, jack-in-the-pulpit, forget-me-not, goldthread, buttercup, buttonbush, goldenrod, moonshine, honeysuckle, star grass, jewelweed, milkwort, butter-and-eggs, lion’s heart, Solomon’s seal, Venus’s looking-glass, with some names based on likeness, plant character, or human attitude, such as virgin’s bower, crowfoot, Queen Anne’s lace, Quaker lady, wake-robin, love vine, bellwort, moneywort, richweed, moccasin flower, snakemouth, ladies’ tresses, blue curls, lizard’s tail, goosefoot, ragged robin, hairy beardtongue, turtlehead, Dutchman’s-breeches, calico, thimbleweed, and finally bishop’s cap; or because they were critter-connected much as mad-dog was, hog peanut, gopherberry, goose tansy, butterfly weed, bee balm, moth mullen, cowwheat, deer vine, fleabane, horseheal, goat’s-rue, dogberry; or were based on location and function and friendliness like clammy ground cherry, water willow, stone clover, swamp candle, shinleaf, seedbox, eyebright, bedstraw, firewood, stonecrop, Indian physic, heal all, pitcher plant, purple boneset, agueweed, pleurisy root, toothwort, feverfew; or were simply borrowed from their fruiting season like the mayapple, or taken from root or stem or stalk or fruit or bloom or leaf, like arrowhead, spiderwort, seven-angled pipewort, foamflower, liverleaf, shrubby fivefinger, bloodroot; while sometimes they gained their name principally through their growth habit, as the staggerbush did, the sidesaddle flower, prostrate tick trefoil, loosestrife, spatterdock, steeplebush, Jacob’s ladder; although often the names served as warnings about a plant’s hostility or shyness the way poison ivy or touch-me-not did, wild sensitive pea, lambkill, adder’s tongue, poison flagroot, tearthumb, king devil, needlegrass, skunk cabbage, chokeberry, scorpion grass, viper’s bugloss, bitter nightshade, and lance-leaved tickseed; or they were meant to be sarcastic and cutting like New Jersey tea, bastard toadflax, false vervain, mouse-eared chickweed, swamp lousewort, monkey flower, corpse plant, pickerelweed, Indiana poke, and the parasitic naked broom rape, or, finally, gall-of-the-earth–
—  William H. Gass, Emma Enters a Sentence of Elizabeth Bishop’s

I set the little family of Blue Tailed Lizards free in the wild. It’s such a good feeling knowing you saved something. I was happy to have had the chance to study them hands on, and even more happy to release them on that bug filled mossy log! (: