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Ambush the Dads to show affection. They clearly love it

I saw ‘Team Dads’ and ‘sons,’ and the only thing that came to mind was ‘Huge uncomfortable group Hug’

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Got good shangst recs? I know there's a week soon, but do you have some favorites for what's out there right now?

HECK //SMACKS DOWN DOOR/ I actually don’t have much bc a lot of the Good Shance Content is fluff, which bles? but also darnit I’m goign to struggle w this one

First of all FIRST OF ALL if you haven’t read Closer to Your World you are missing out big time,,it’s so cute I died reading it, and preeeeetty much all you need to know on the shangst side is that Lance goes on the Kerberos mission instead of Shiro 8 ^ )the author promised a sequel, but right now it’s more or less an open ending and listen I AM DYING EVERY DAY


ok next– I’ve Been Saving All My Summers For You is A/B/O verse w/ wait for it..asexual omega Lance :DD NOTE THE RATING OK it goes beautifully!! Everything is handled sfw and it’s rly cute and Good

and then the last one,,Chasing Pretty Thoughts (explicit) I admittedly haven’t thoroughly read yet :-( but it’s suuper super well written, and 30k words, and there is definitely langst, at least, so uh,,,,,,read the tags and have fun!


when ur fave is too much and makes u emo//

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Tumblr, I understand why you have a ten image limit, but it’s annoying as balls. Human gem edits to get out those headcanons. Will do the fusions next, here’s a preview of those with Garnet bc it couldn’t upload her(or Holly Blue but shhh) with the rest

[Aquamarine and Topaz]


How I feel about “cycle”


                        ❝IT WAS A SWORD!
                                                          ❝You  S H A T T E R E D  her with a sword..❞