blue switches

Happy Nintendo Switch and BotW release everyone!!!! (im like an hour early but im off to grab my switch, so it can’t be helped!)
This month has gone by so fast, but I’m so glad I was able to keep my promise to myself and actually draw zelda every day!
Expect to not hear from me for like a month while I explore every corner of this new hyrule <3 


Converse High

You know how to break the stalemate of WWII FPS games? Let us play as everyone but the Americans and British, a campaign where you start as a Polish soldier holding the onslaught of the German army, only to be immediately relocated to try and contain the soviets; then as a Finn throwing molotovs at T-26′s, sniping cold and confused soviet soldiers, and shooting down bombers over your home city; then you move as a French soldier at the outskirts of Dunkerque, trying your hardest to hold your line while the BEF gets evacuated.

Then out of the blue you switch sides, now you’re a Japanese soldier invading Hong Kong, Singapore, The Philippines; now a German at Barbarossa, North Africa, an Italian in Greece, then now you’re a Cretan partisan shooting a fallschirmjagers, a yugoslavian partisan shooting at the SS, a french partisan kicking the germans out of Paris, and for the final missions, a Soviet at Kursk, an SS at Budapest, and finally, the same polish soldier you began as fighting for the soviets at the Battle of Berlin. 

Because fuck me, the Anglo side of the war has been done to death. 

What We Know About Purple

This is so long omg, sry.


He just wanted to do something exciting for the fans, respect that!!!

1. The announcement was made on the 1 year anniversary of Prince’s death.

2. The announcement was made in movie theaters across Chicago.

3. The initial release date for whatever is happening was on 4-28-17, but was moved up to 4-27-17, which is Patrick’s birthday.

4. Pete has previously stated that “someday we need to make the purple one” in regards to fob’s previous albums on Instagram.

5. Fob filmed a music video around two weeks ago, which was stated by a fan in the area who witnessed filming.

6. Pete backed this up through his now-deleted-tweet that said something like “this week was 😑and the next is😎” around the same time of the music videos filming. (I don’t remember the actual wording of the tweet, but it was something like that).

7. This now makes sense that the video he was talking about was probably either an actual music video or the teaser released yesterday.

8. Purple is probably an album because of all these previous statements above and the many hints both Pete and fob have dropped.

9. This is also the start of a new era, which is defined by the gif of a purple wave that is now of fobs official website and their new twitter layout.

10. Pete has a string of tweets that have the emoji 🔮, which is purple, and sound like lyrics. (Documentation of these are on this site somewhere)

11. The album is probably titled something like “young mania” or “young maniac” because of Petes current twitter name which is “yng mnc” with purple emojis in between.

12. The teaser for the movie theaters was also in a purple color wave and started off with the words “Mania Entertainment”. This is a music production company.

13. Late last year and into this one there was some drama about fob maybe leaving island, their current label to our knowledge, so maybe this is their new label? This is backed up by some of Pete’s tweets during late 2016 and early 2017.

14. If this is new music, it is probably a mixture of previous fob music styles with something new. This is because all of their previous albums have been red or blue, which switch every album cycle and red and blue mix to make purple.

15. They have a show scheduled in Brazil in September of this year.

16. It has to do with the ocean because of the theater teaser and the wave gif on fobs site.

17. DCD2, Pete’s record label, has been tweeting more actively lately. Idk if this means anything, but it would also add more credibility to the whole “leaving island thing”.

18. Island Records hasn’t tweeted anything about the fob news to my knowledge, so maybe they really did leave the label?!!?

19. I’ve seen some speculation on this site that this is their last album. This is because all of the previous albums fall into either a blue or red theme in order (tttyg-blue, futct-red, ioh-blue, fad-red, greatest hits bnd-blue, srar-red, abap-blue). Purple breaks this cycle and thus may be their big finale. All the hype going on alludes to this as well.

(If this last point is true I will die)

And lastly, whatever this is, I can’t wait. It’s definitely something new and I want to be supportive in any way I can 😊!

Thanks to anyone who read through this long post. It means a lot.

If anyone else has more info feel free to add onto this post.

Ngl….the thought of Lance having to pilot the Red Lion makes me so uncomfortable. It feels unnatural…I don’t think it would be good for either Lance or Red tbh. Red is really attached to Keith, Lance has insecurities circling Keith and the idea of being his replacement. I feel like Lance and Red’s bond would feel forced for both of them and it would cause a lot of issues with the team trying to form Voltron.

Something I noticed from the trailer: We see that Keith is in the Black Lion in one shot, but the Lion isnt active. Hunk and Pidge are in their active lions in the same shot, looking a little distressed. 

So either Keith fails completely to pilot black, or we get to see Keith failing a bit before succeeding maybe?